B’s Log July 2012

Better late than never!

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Otome Game Review: MIYAKO ~Awayuki no Utage~

This is the Miyako fandisk. Izumi holds a party for the shigoryou and after everyone is all pooped out he shocks everyone by saying he’s disbanding their group. He also then tells Sangou that she’s gotta go around and get close with all the members to collect some magical shells and be the best shikigami like no one ever was. 😆 Oh well any excuse to get cozy with the guys works for me!

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The Otome Game Dummy Head Mic Trend

Most otome gamers probably already know about this but since there may be new visitors at this site I figured I’d give a brief run down of what it is. (Also I’m trying to give an excuse to rave about Amemakura :lol:)

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Otome Game Review: Vampire Sweetie

The daughter of an beachhouse owner Yurie Evangeline is told by her father to take care of the house and its guests while he’s out on business. However Yurie didn’t expect that suddenly she has to take care of 4 brothers, all of which are vampires. Also I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the heroine has the same name as the person who wrote this game 😆 Be warned this game’s R-18 so read at your own risk!

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