B’s Log May 2014


Most of the stuff in this post I already posted on my twitter account but oh well why not lol.


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B’s Log July 2013


It’s been a while but because of some Alice & School Wars mini posters I decided to pick this up.

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B’s Log and Dengeki Girls Style News Nov/Dec 2012

Alright so since a few of you guys were interested I’m compiling some news bits from the magazines + around the web.

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B’s Log November 2012

Well it’s my last B’s Log issue but since I do have access to scans I may still continue doing these posts. They will be mostly text/news bit related than image heavy though I guess? Not sure if anyone’s interested in that since news spreads pretty quickly but let me know if guys are interested.

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B’s Log October 2012

Only 1 more issue left after this but I think Kino finally started carrying more than 1 issue in the store. When I walked in today they had like 2 Girls Styles and 3 B’s Log issues just sitting there in the magazine section :shock:. Maybe I will consider buying an individual issue if it has tokutens I want but seeing how next issue has an UtaPri tote bag….I am not planning to renew. ( ´_ゝ`)

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