B’s Log September 2012

This magazine is late and I’m too tired from drinking cold medicine so this time I just took my cell phone and took pics of the pages I wanted to talk about. \( ^o^)/ Oh well this will further prove that my cell phone is better than my other 2 cameras that I’ve put up for sale on ebay now.

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Otakon 2012 aka I hate Kodak

And so Otakon 2012 has come to an end. I came for Kakihara’s autograph and pretty much mission accomplished so I guess overall it was productive – except for the horrors that is my Kodak Z5120. More on that later though, let’s just start with the con report!

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Android Otome App Review: I want to heal you during the Olympics

Ever wanted to poke a sweating bishie while answering some Olympic trivia? Well now you can! 😆

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Otome Game Custom PSP Themes

I discovered a Japanese blogger who makes custom PSP themes. Not only that, but she makes a lot of otome game themes once along with anime/vocaloid etc.  ε(*´▽`*)з She does not take requests so please don’t spam her asking for any, it’s just something she does for fun. If you like any of her themes I recommend just pressing the clap button letting her know that you enjoyed whatever theme you downloaded.

I figured I’d share this link since I know I always like custom otome game themes and they’re few & far between.