Otome Game Review: Storm Lover NatsuKoi!!

So remember that “beach school trip” thing in Storm Lover Kai? Basically this fandisk is dedicated to “expanding” it to be more than just a 1 time event. This time you spend 3 days with your guy and you get a chance to even start as “friends” and work your way up to lovers. Additionally they FINALLY gave routes to Takashi, Chihiro & the hidden character from this scenario. Unfortunately as with the previous game, it does give you the option to NTR though fortunately it doesn’t give you CGs so it’s not a requirement! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! The gang stays at a fancy shmancy time share mansion funded by Yuuto while they have fun in the sun!

Uzuki Yuuto – So in Yuuto’s Stupid Couple mode he takes her cruising on his nice boat. He seems to have a thing for Tsundere-Yuna because all the tsundere responses reaised his affection :lol:. I think maybe he’s secretly do-M cause he even agrees to wear a mankini when Yuna asks him too XDDD. They go to the summer festival together and he catches her as she almost trips in her geta. On day 3 they make a sand castle together and Yuna jokingly says “I want to see a real castle some day” so Yuuto takes her to A REAL CASTLE NEAR BY ON SOME ISLAND WTF xDDD  Suddenly a tropical storm approaches and they can’t go back to where everyone else is and end up staying together at the castle overnight. So then the lightning knocks the power breaker out and it gets dark and since Yuna’s so terrified of lightning apparently, Yuuto offers to sleep with her 8D. In the epilogue they’re back at the school and Yuuto just babbles more of his jetai’ms or whatever. Love Triangle Mode: I decided to uh “cheat” on Yuuto with Souya even though I really didn’t want to do this mode but without it like half the game is missing orz. Basically I ended up visiting Souya most of the time and Yuuto got upset until basically Souya began cockblocking during various events.

In the end you pick between Yuuto or Souya but neither NTR end gives you a CG so I decided to skip this mode for all the other guys because it just felt horrible -_-;. Fall in Love Mode: Basically you start out without having a lover and you basically have to make your dude fall in love with you in 3 days 😆 Yuna explains the ways of the “poor people” on the beach by doing such things as splitting watermelons. Yuuto then takes her on a water jet. They go to the summer festival together as usual and he says she’s the only one allowed to hold his hand. At night Yuuto takes Yuna cruising on his nice boat but  the not so nice boat suddenly it hits some large object or something and we have a replay of Titanic here. The ship begins sinking & catching on fire in various places and Yuuto tells Yuna to run for it while he tries to get a rescue boat going. When Yuna finally manages to get on deck (and I started playing the Titanic theme :lol:) Yuuto comes to get her out on his helicopter \( ^o^)/ . While they’re flying away from the burning ship Yuuto uses the opportunity to asks Yuna to be his woman and well she kinda can’t say no since he just SAVED HER LIFE LOL. In the epilogue Yuuto kisses Yuna after asking her to become his woman once more. Well that was incredibly short & anti-climatic (´・ω・`). Yuuto was his douchey self as usual and I’m glad I used him as the test subject for the NTR mode that thankfully I won’t have to repeat for any other characters.

Tatsuhara Souya – Souya’s route took me less time since I used him to NTR with Yuuto lol.  So in his Bakapple Route, the best part began when one time Yuna surprised him in his room while he was shaving…AND HE ACCIDENTALLY SHAVED HIS GOATEE OFF. HALLEFREAKINGLUJAH ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! He looked DAAAYMNNN fine the rest of the game and it became a million times more enjoyable. They go jet skiing together and she sneaks into her room at night. To make sure Chihiro sensei doesn’t find them, he jumps under the covers with her so sensei thinks she’s just sleeping quietly. He later realizes he won’t be able to hold himself from ravaging Yuna so he returns to his room. They watch a concert by one of his band senpais but he gets all down and feels like he sucks in comparison. Yuna comforts him saying that he don’t need to act like a badass in front of her and that she loves him no matter what. They swing on some playground swings nearby and then jump off screaming I LOVE YOUUUU to each other. When Yuna jumps off Souya catches her so she doesn’t fall on her butt. Then in the epilogue I TOTALLY THINK YUNA GETS LAID lmao. In the Friendship route everyone goes exploring around the rocks near the ocean but Yuna trips & drowns. Souya jumps in and saves her but then they argue because he’s like “you should be more careful” and she’s all like “I do what I want nobody asked you to save me.” Wtf Yuna. ( ´_ゝ`) At night everyone plays old maid and since Souya loses you get to pick which punishment he gets. I of course picked the SHAVE THE FUGLY GOATEE OFF YEAAAAA 😆 When they go to the rocks the next day Yuna slips again but this time Souya catches her. They go swimming in the ocean but get swallowed by a huge wave and stranded on some small island nearby. On top of that Yuna loses her voice and has to end up talking to Souya by writing in the sand. Souya then ends up carrying her on his back out of the island & through the forest. Eventually Yuna regains her voice and they both confess their love to each other. After the trip they officially begin dating. Ah Souya’s route was so much better without the dumb goatee lmao WHY DID IT HAVE TO EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE. Seriously I hate unshaven characters lmao I just wanna jump into the game and lawnmower their faces.

Toratani Rikka – In the couple route, Rikka continues his pranks on Yuna tho I can’t tell if he’s seriously eroi or just trolling like when he licks the ice cream off her face.  Chihiro gets pissed at Rikka for drawing a smily face on his swimsuit on the crotch 😆 That night Yuna has a dream that Rikka comes to her to hump in her room ^q^…  The next day Rikka asks  Yuna to help him with his homework. As a reward clearly, Yuna asks him to wear a mankini, but he freaks out though then agrees while Yuna’s like (◉◞౪◟◉ ). When they do the watermelon splitting Rikka purposely tells a blindfolded Yuna to walk up to Kyosuke and smack him on the head lmfao. After the summer festival, Rikka invites Yuna to see the ocean at night and he hugs her from behind to keep warm from the wind while they bakkaple in love. On the last day they ask Shina for Yakisoba but he’s like “make it yourself” and of course Rikka screws up lmao. The owner forces them to work part time the rest of the day and yells at them for getting ichaicha. At the end of the day when they’re cleaning up Rikka sneaks a kiss in. In the epilogue Rikka jokingly says he wants for move their relationship fwd but Yuna has to chicken out lol. YOU DID IT WITH SOUYA WHAT GIVES MAN!  In the friendship route Rikka is busy waterguning & throwing whoopee cussions under Yuna’s butt. He says he only plays pranks on those he loves and Yuna’s like “So you love me?” and he’s like (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン  Yuna later asks him to put some sunblock on her back and he freaks out again and after doing it runs away in embarrassment ε-(*´∀`|萌| At night Rikka brings his pillow into Yuna’s room and they have a pillow fight  lol. On the 3rd day Rikka asks Yuna to go to the mountain for a brief hike before they leave. Rikka runs like an idiot and almost falls down a slope until Yuna manages to pull him back up. They manage to make it to the very top where they watch the sunset together. But then one of the poles Yuna is leaning on breaks off and Yuna almost falls off the cliff too omg ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Her hand slips from his grip so he jumps in after her and the two of them dive into the ocean. Somehow they manage to make it out alive and then the two of them confess to each other and end up making out on the beach. In the epilogue they both realize in how much pain they are in as they smooch some more. Not gonna lie, some of Rikka’s emails about pranks I wanted to be like “No. Stop.  It’s annoying seriously stop.” In real life I’d tell him to f off lmao but he did have some cute moments. Fortunately unlike the first game he only had happy endings xD.

Sugai Tsukasa – So basically we’re back to “oh noes we must hide our relationship from everyone” the route sigh. Fortunately it wasn’t as terrible as it seems all the SEXXXAAY scenes were hiding in this beach trip! In fact Tsukasa takes Yuna behind some rocks far from everyone to have some hot making out time 8D. At night Tsukasa secretly takes her to see some fireflies in the forest. On the 2nd day when they’re kissing by the lighthouse, Yuuto almots catches them but they manage to twist themselves out of it. They watch the fireworks together in a secret place that Tsukasa found the year before. That night Tsukasa asks her to come out to the beach with him and he gives her a  necklace he made for her as a present, as they proceed to smooch under the light tower. On day 3 Yuna is busy trying to run to the shrine to make a wish and everyone keeps cockblocking but she runs into Tsukasa who takes her there anywya. Apparenlty if a couple comes to this shrine they will have good luck in their relationship. Yuna gives Tsukasa a shrine amulet as a present and a thanks for the necklace. They then pretend to have a traditional wedding ceremony and he says that they need to do a kiss to complete. He then apologizes for lying saying that a kiss isn’t required at all but he just wanted to make out. In the epilogue Tsukasa promise to love her forever & ever etc. In the friendship route Yuna walks in on Tsukasa after he showered so he’s completely naked. She’s like PUT THAT THING AWAY, stop lying Yuna you were staring right at it. 😆 His events were mostly copypasta from the couple route but then…I don’t know what the fuck but on the 3rd day as Yuna & Tsukasa are taking a walk they see some gang members or something. The gang members are like WUT U SAW US SO NOW WE GOTTA KIDNAP U. And so they like kidnap Yuna and beat up Tsukasa threatening to kill Yuna as they take her to some abandoned building. WHAT GAME AM I PLAYING LOL. So then her prince on a white horse Tsukasa comes and beats everyone up saving Yuna & telling her how much he loves her as a woman not as a student. Though strangely I suppose that this method of having them fall in love is a lot more plausable than in the first game where 1 months in “lets start secretly dating for no reason!” Lmao. In the epilogue, they make out in the abandoned building waiting for the police to arrive. Well Tsukasa’s route was boring as expected…except that friend route ending lol wut. Though I have to admit at least he had more kissing/romance in this game than the original!

Ikari Mio – In Mio’s couple route, during the volleyball scene he gets so excited he ends up kicking it like a soccer ball xD. Yuna then has a dream that he’s a badass gang leader. When they go to the beach together, he guys her a parfait with some pocky sticks and they do a pocky game until he kisses her. (*´ω`*) Mio asks her to put sunblock on him and like starts ORGASMING LMAOOO. This is part 1. At the summer festival Mio freaks out over grilled corn all because rikka said couples who eat grilled corn will be lucky. At night they go for a walk in the forest together and cuddle as they watch the stars. On the last day they go swimming together and Yuna tries to show him with hand gestures that there’s some  pretty fish but he thinks that she wants to make out…and so he grabs her and they make out underwater lmao xDDD. Turns out because he took Rikka’s advice ONCE AGAIN that in order to have a better relationship it needs some “excitement” so that’s why he kissed her like that. xDD He tells her then that she has to pick between him and “excitement” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. In the friendship route, they build a sandcastle together and Mio of course builds something amazing as usual. At night they go try a massage chair and when Mio gets on HE LIKES IT SO MUCH HE STARTS ALMOST ORGASMING AND THEN HE RUNS OFF IN EMBARRASSMENT (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ. This is part 2 of Mio’s orgasmic adventures ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.  The next day while Mio is sleeping, Rikka & Takumi bury him in the sand and build a Japanese castle on top. When Mio wakes up he’s so excited about such a wonderful castle on top of him he decides he’ll never leave the sand lmao. At night they go to the festival and Mio eats is grilled corn again, followed by them taking a walk by the beach. On the last day while Mio & Yuna are on a nice boat somehow Yuna falls over and Mio jumps in after her.  They end up being drafted to some random little island nearby. So then thanks to Mio’s survival skills they end up catching some fish and crabs to eat lol. Eventually Yuuto & Co. find them and get them out telling them the island is used for “practicing survival training” :lol:. After all the guys leave them alone Mio takes her hand and confesses his love. So I guess lesson learned is keep Mio away from sunblock & massage chairs (or maybe not??) and Rikka’s love advice :lol:. Though I guess in a way things turned out better than expected 8D;;. Thank god there was a lot less obsessing over the Keseran Paseran this time around!

Mikoshiba Kyosuke – In the couple route, Kyosuke continues being his tsunderella self. He offers to put lotion on Yuna’s back at the beach and she’s all like hyaa and he’s like !?!?//// xDDD At night Yuna decides to use the outdoor bath and thinks she’s there alone but lo & behold Kyosuke walks in! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He freaks out and they sit on the opposite sides unti Kyosuke gets brave enough to ask Yuna to come closer to him. Sadly they get cockblocked by the cleaning lady telling them its closing hours and to GTFO. ( ≖‿≖) The next day Yuna and Kyosuke go outside and sleep in a hammock together and by sleep I mean cuddle until Kyosuke starts kissing her ε-(*´∀`|萌|. Later that day they have another volleyball game and after Kyosuke wins he hugs Yuna in front of everyone making them all baww in jealousy xD. At the summer festival they find some lost crying shota. The shota is scared of Kyosuke’s face as usual, but Kyosuke lets him sit on his shoulders as they carry him around the festival looking for his parents. While they do people around them think they’re a family with a child xDDD;;.  After the festival they shoot some fireworks together at the beach and then end up smooching while Kyochan tsuntsunderedere’s. On day 3 they find a message in a bottle on the beach which appears to be some kind of love letter. They find some old folks who apparently said they wrote that letter  and are now an old married couple. Afterwards they go and makeout on the bus back while everyone else is sleeping. In the epilogue Kyosuke says he wants to be together with Yuna until they’re old & wrinkly too. The two of them then do a message in a bottle together and throw it into the river near their house.In the friendship route everyone has a BBQ outside the beach house and people say Kyosuke’s being biased to Yuna. He clearly starts getting a crush on her and saves her from some nanpa dudes as well as offering to make her lovelove bentos. 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工

Yuna sees him chopping wood the next day and notices his sexay body and is like daaymmmn shits fine & stares. Kyosukes like BBBEETSUNI THIS IS NORMAL lmfaoo. He’s always helping the beach house because he’s such a nice guy XD After the festival, Kyosuke’s about to confess to Yuna but then Wakana cockblocks in midst his confession щ(ºДºщ) When she asks if they’re a couple now, Kyoskue’s too embarrassed and says they’re just friends. Yuna gets upset and runs to her room complaining to herself that she’s an idiot for thinking he likes her. Kyousuke chases her down but Yuna just says how oh they’re just friends no big deal. Kyosuke gets pissed and leaves her alone but then Yuna feels bad so she finds him outside and asks if he’ll take a walk with her. They start arguing again and suddenly it begins massively pouring so they run into some nearby shrine to take cover from the rain. They strip naked to “not catch a cold” and cover up in some blankets they find there. He lied saying there were 2 blankets but there was only 1 and since he gave it to her, he IMMEDIATELY caught a fever lmao. So then Yuna’s like YOU AND ME IN BLANKET NOW and they end up cuddling in the blanket together until morning. ^q^ The next day Yuna catches Kyosuke’s cold so he takes care of her in her room. Also by then the two of them realize they’re both in love and I guess somehow they’ve come to the conclusion that they’re now b/g & g/f lol. In the epilogue, Yuna asks Kyosuke to tell her he loves her but he babbles in embarrassment but eventually tells her he loves her. 萌え~(●´Д`●´Д`●´Д`●)萌え~ Moesuke was moe as usual haha SO PRECIOUS ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆. Their argument was a bit dumb but it was all for the purpose of them getting together so I’m awwwright with dat.

Mishiro Takumi – In the couple route, Takumi is eroi as usual starts with telling Yuna to eat his ears or something and sets her mails about eroi massages 8D;. While Yuna is sleeping, Rikka buries her up to her neck in the sand and she can’t get out. Takumi finds her and instead of helping her out, he puts seaweed & starfish on her orz. At the nightly fireworks Takumi shoots them at Kyosuke’s butt 😆 Later on Yuna walks into the out door bath but Takumi’s there and he says that it’s actually the “men’s hour to use the bath” but since no one else is around he tells her to come in anyway. She overstays her time and ends up overheating & passing out so he carries her to her room….and puts her clothes on for her 8D. He says that he saw everything and took pics then goes lol j/k I had one of the female workers dress you. xDDDD That night Yuna has a dream where Takumi actually speaks normally. IF ONLY DREAMS CAME TRUE! The next morning she gets an email from Takumi from the night before asking her to wake him up in the morning. She comes to his room and finds him sleeping half naked and is like what the hot 😆 She tries to wake up him but he drags her in with him and then rolls around in bed with her till he finally wakes up XD. When she asks him to put the mankini on he’s like “if you wanted to see my wang so badly I’d be glad to show it to you” cause she stares the whole time lolol. When they get some food at the beach cafe he splatters mayo all over his and then splatters it on Yuna so he can peropero her later (´^ω^`).

At the summer festival he buys her a ring with her zodiac sign. Afterwards they take a walk together in the forest and start making out until Takashi comes & cockblocks them \( ^o^)/ . On the last day, Yuna panicks because she lost the ring that Takumi bought for her. She says she’s gonna look around for it until she finds it and take the train home. Takumi tells her that it’s no big deal and he can just buy her another one but she insists to look for it and so he leaves without her. It gets dark and she can’t find it but Takumi had waited for her and didn’t go home after all. Takumi  ends up finding the ring because apparently he’s good at finding things. Since all the busses are done running for the night they end up staying at some kind of love hotel or something 8D. They argue about who gets the bed and who gets the couch and it ends up with Yuna toppling him on the couch. He tells her that he loves her more than anyone before and she’s the first girl he’s really ever taken seriously. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ Yuna says that he can sleep in bed with her if he wants and so then he then asks to kiss her and says if she lets him, he won’t stop. Yuna agrees and THEN THEY FUCK YEAAAAA ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!In the epilogue they practice taking afternoon naps together (*´ω`*). In the friendship route, Yuna finds him eating ebifry and he tells her he won’t give her any of it!  A few hours later she finds him on the beach trying to catch shrimp to make  ebifry out of lmao. At night they do the test of courage and  Yuna ends up walking with Mio & Kyosuke while Rikka & Takumi scare everyone. Yuna gets terrified and runs off and Takumi kisses her on the forehead for “good luck” afterwards. (*´꒳`*) That night Yuna has a randy dream about getting naked with Takumi 😆

The next morning Takumi freaks her out by going “look at this snake I found isn’t it cute!?” (|||❛︵❛.) He then goes “lol it’s totally a fake toy I can’t believe you fell for it trolololol” and when she takes it she realizes it’s real l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il .  Ugh Takumi’s snakes are the 1 thing I just can’t deal with =_=;. In this path Yuna loses her WALLET this time but as usual Takumi finds it. As a thanks she buys some ebifry for him as a thanks. And so in Yuna’s walking in on naked mans saga, she walks in on Takumi half naked after a shower by mistake instead of her own room. キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.☆━!!! He then grabs her and says he wants to get randy but Yuna’s like “noo I want a real relationship” and so he lets her go xD.  The final day they do the mansion a favor and go out to do some shopping.  As they return back it begins pouring rain so they sit under a bus stop booth. He asks her if she has a boyfriend but she never gets a chance to answer and they return home. She goes to see on how he’s doing but he pushes her down on his bed and starts pulling her uniform ribbon off with his mouth. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ He asks her again if she has a b/f and before she can answer he kisses her. He then says he loves her and that she’s his now but not like Yuna’s gonna resist DAT SEXY BEAST. (◉◞౪◟◉ ) They almost screw but then everyone comes back to the house and cockblocks them トリャ!!|┛*`Д´|┛。・*・┻━┻:・、。▽. In the epilogue, Takumi wants to “continue” what they were doing but Yuna’s like “can we have a little more normal conversations”..and so he speaks normally to her and she loses it \( ^q^)/ (and I did too sdgsdgsdgsdgdgfsgds////) Oops looks like I am so biased towards Takumi I wrote more than for anyone else lmfaooo xDDD. I burst out laughing multiple times in this route from his dialogue and from his emails. I also find it really funny how the friendship ending was a million times more エロイ than the lovers one what the hell xDDD.

Souma Takashi – Takashi, Chihiro & Shiina only had a friendship to love route and although short I’m glad at least they actually got routes in this game. Takashi loves yakisoba, he’s good at swimming and and kendo.  They find a lost shota and Takashi plays RPG with him lmao. They find the shota’s loli friend and the two of them say that Takashi & Yuna are gonna be lovers and that Takashi should confess 😆 Takashi gets upset that all these girls use him in their “love fortunes” instead of actually confessing directly to him and sometimes even ask him to “practice a confession” with them. He complains that he has a pure heart and they’re just toying with his feelings! That night, Yuna has a dream that she’s married to Takashi and he’s a stay at home dad (*´ω`*). The next day she finds Takashi practicing kendo alone outside. After they go to the beach and Takashi orders his yakisoba, Kyosuke & Souya accidentally smack it out of his hands with their volleyball. Suddenly Takashi gets yakisoba rage and  flips out chasing them down the beach xDD. They walk around the summer festival together and he buys her some cotton candy. He then asks if they want to “pretend” to be lovers just for this summer trip to “practice” when they have a real lover. Later that night Yuna finds Takashi beat up with the other girls raging at him because apparently he peeked on them changing. Turns out other guys tried to peek and when Takashi tried to stop them he was blamed for it so he’s just a victim. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He apparently didn’t want a huge mess to happen in the house so he just took the blame for everyone, what a sweetheart ;_;. He hears a story from some kids about some kind of mummies in the woods and decides he wants to go explore it. Since nobody wants to go with him, Yuna decides to follow him instead. Suddenly it starts raining and when Yuna finds Takashi, they both realize they don’t know the way back so they take cover in some nearby cave. Before Takashi can confess his love to Yuna,  they get attacked by some wild dogs. Takashi grabs a stick and beats them all up with his pwnage kendo skills. While Yuna tries to take care of his arm wound, she ends up toppling over on him and Takashi grasps the opportunity to tell her he loves her and asks her to go out with him. (*´ω`*) Of course Yuna agrees and so they officially become a couple. In the epilogue, Takashi says how he can’t wait to do all these couple things with her and asks if he can kiss her. Too bad we got no kiss CG (´;ω;`).

Inuzuka Chihiro – Senseiiii who I would have rather gotten with than Tsukasa. I mean he’s only like 1 year above Tsukasa so it’s dumb that Tsukasa gets to get with Yuna but Chihiro doesn’t (´;ω;`). On the beach he’s flirting with the swimsuit ladies as usual. On the first night he invites Yuna out to shoot some fireworks that some other guests left behind. The next morning she finds Chihiro taking a morning jog. He says he jogs so that he can stay in shape because if he gets fat all the ladies of the world will cry. In the afternoon Rikka invites Yuna to play on some rocks and she injures herself so Chihiro takes her back to treat her wounds. He carries her princess style and then tells her he can do an even more gentler “treatment” if she wants. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ At the summer festival Chihiro decides to drink and he wants to hold himself back, but Yuna tells him he can drink all he wants. Later that night he invites her to his room to drink some coffee and asks her to spill her problems to him. He tells her that as a student her job is to “have fun” while she still can and says he’ll hang out with her on the 3rd day to make some “everlasting memories”.  On the last day everyone plays volleyball and Chihiro kicks everyone’s asses with Yuna. However during one of the serves he tells her to get out of the way and when she closes her eyes she feels like he’s kissed her. He doesn’t say anything and she starts feeling awkward after that, avoiding looking at him. When he tries to talk to her Yuna keeps running away and eventually runs back out to the beach. She gets pissed and says that she’s the only one that’s been “affected” by what happened but he’s like “do you realize how bad I’ve been trying to hide my feelings!?” He tells her that if she wants a real kiss from him, she needs to make him seriously fall for her. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン In the epilogue Yuna kisses Chihiro saying she won’t betray him and he tells her one day he’ll teach her how to kiss like an adult~ ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ.  Nuoooooo THIS JUST MAKES ME WANT MORE FROM SENSEI. You know it’s funny the guy who voices him is like some ossan but his voice is SO HOT I seriously wish he was in more otome games (´・ω・`).

Shiina – Apparently Shiina is actually his last name and he never did tell us what his first name is, not even in the omake voice sigh xD. Shiina is the younger guy who’s 15 and works at the beach house & the stay house part time. He acts like a snotty brat but he’s just a massive massive do-S-dere xD. Charges Yuna for everything from information, to books to instant coffee. When Yuna offers to cheer him on during the volleyball tournament he’s like “no thanks, maybe if you give me a kiss as a reward.” The owner always smacks him around telling him to stop being an obnoxious bastard to all the customers. In the evening she finds him in the guest house reading books and he trolls her saying he reads randy romance novels. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He gives her the book saying he’s done with it and then is like “oh btw you owe me 500 yen for it.”  That night Yuna has a randy dream about being married to Shiina and she can’t believe it so he says he’ll prove it to her with his body (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. The next day Shiina manages to get everyone including Yuna to help him clean the outdoor bath xD. When she visits him in the afternoon, a bunch of guys who steal a rubber tube from her that she got from Shiina’s rental place. They mess it up and pop it, so Shiina then rages at them and beats them all up saying that they’re worthless trash (;゚д゚)ェ… At the summer festival she finds Shiina is working part time as usual by making yakisoba at a booth.

Later that night, Yuna walks with him out on the beach and afterwards at the stay house he tells her he has to work his ass off to pay for his own education because he doesn’t wanna be a burden on all his brothers. On the 3rd day Shiina has a day off and asks Yuna to go hiking in the mountains with him, but somehow they end up falling into a giant hole (which was originally used to trap wild boars.) Night hits and still nobody’s come to their rescue and they start chatting, at which point Yuna says she can now tell when Shiina’s lying or not. He’s so shocked that she’s the first person who can tell this and says that lying blatantly is a bad habit of his. He then adds that before he dies he wanted to kiss a girl at least once and asks if Yuna wants to kiss but while she babbles senselessly the owner + the teachers call out to them from above. They go back to the bus home and Shiina gives her a book of his for free and then kisses her on the cheek. (♡´౪`♡) In the epilogue, Yuna’s all depressed cause she misses Shiina & all the SL guys try to cheer her up telling her that Shiina definitely liked her. Meanwhile Shiina is back at the beach house telling the owner that he can’t work anymore becuase he needs to finish his last year of middle school. He also then thinks that he should have kissed Yuna on the lips since he really liked her anyway. And so it was the end of a one summer love~. 。゚(●゚´Д)ノ。゚ヽ(  )ノ゚。ヽ(Д`゚●)ノ゚。。゚ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚。ウワァァァン!! What’s more depressing is this was also the last route of the fandisk NOOOOOOOOOOOO C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

It was short but OH SO SWEET ( ;∀;) イイハナシダナー.  Some routes were cute, some had WTF endings and well there’s Takumi and his エロイ power levels being over 9000 (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ. I was disappointed with how short it was at first but I think overall I enjoyed it a lot. I wish they had gotten rid of the stupid NTR stuff and instead just made the regular romance routes longer because the NTR stuff just felt SO BAD. I realize that there’s a lot of new non-CG scenarios in the NTR routes but it FEELS HORRIBLE. This would only work in a game like Akazukin or something where I just hate everyone and I really don’t give a crap about any of them BUT I LOVE THE STORM LOVER GUYS. Even with Yuuto and Souya who I’m not a huge fan of, IT  FELT BAD MAN. Both with the NTR guy and rejecting your current b/f at the time was like stabbing me in the heart. (◞‸ლ) I realize that’s actually one of the “top play highlights” of the Storm Lover system but nope sir, I can’t do it captain. \( ^o^)/  A few other gripes are the emails were exactly the same as the ones I saw in Kai!! so I’d already know the answer to a lot of them and it wasn’t as fun. The random bus seat system was annoying especially when you were aiming for a certain guy, you had to save/load until you managed to get a free seat next to him. The sprites were the same as the original game and I did kinda miss the newer prettier ones I saw in Storm Lover Kai.  The custom zodiac/blood type was really neat since the guys would mention it here & there and give you presents based on your zodiac sign. Oh and let’s not forget Yuna’s mankini escapades…if you think her making the guys wear dumb hats & glasses, wait till you see their reactions to wearing a mankini (´^ω^`). Anyway I guess that concludes my Storm Lover adventures and I’m really going to miss this series. I definitely recommend playing this after playing the first game!

14 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Storm Lover NatsuKoi!!

  1. lol. But I guess Shiina plans on going to St. Luis on his senior as hinted in his ending…. (or I’ve just imagined that scene?)

    1. I was thinking about that too but as hard as I tried to imagine it I’m not sure if was really hinted that way?? The owner did say “you’re going to high school soon” and then he’s like “guess it as a summer fling after all~”. If they were gonna have him go to St. Louis I would have really liked to see an epilogue of him actually being there (´;ω;`)

    1. There’s gonna be storm lover 2 but probably different characters?? Yea I’m gonna miss this series but I have hopes that the 2nd one will have just as great of a cast, dont let me down D3p!

      1. Oh really?! SL 2 would be great! 😀 😀 Hopefull there will be funny SMS’s too! 🙂

        But I’m totally excited about Custom Drive from D3P! The characters are very nice and the descriptions for the 3 main guys are great!! I mean, sadistic, tsundere, erotic traits….
        I want it soooo badly… (;w;)

        1. Custom Drive I’m on the fence on..I mean it could be fun but it feels also like it could get boring since its essentially the same 3 dudes over & over lol. We’ll see how it turns out!

  2. aw! This seems so cute! And I so agree! I would never ntr any of the Storm Lover boys! they’re all so cute! I played Storm Lovers a little bit but I want to play Storm Lovers Kai + the fan disc! I wish they sold a twin pack -___-;!

    But it really sucks that this is so short! LOL! I want to see their mankinis! Gosh! But I think I’ll have to invest in Storm Lovers Kai first and hold off on this~ >.<!

    1. Yea forget the twin pack but definitely play Kai xD;; Natsukoi is really short so unless you REALLY love Kai it may not be worth it (especially since the art is old etc.)

  3. Hinanoさん、お久しぶりになってしまってすみません(>o<")私はきのう「ストラバ快」をちょこっとプレイしました(*´∀`*)「夏恋」もプレイ済です♪「夏恋」はシナリオは3日間しかなくて短かったですけど…恭介&タクミ好きなので、楽しめました!タクミ、エロかったですよね(笑)高校卒業後とかの設定で続編出して欲しいです(*v.v)

    1. おお久しぶりです!
      ところでMr.St.Louis Highのおまけシナリオぜひぜひプレイしてください。最高ですよww とくにチヒロ先生~♥

  4. Hinano-san, i wanted to ask you some question about natsukoi, so can we get all the CG without playing the ‘CheatYourBoyFriend’ Route?
    Since this game is sooo cute, and I don’t think I can cheat neither of them. (they’re all so precious!!)

    1. Yep the cheating is totally optional and not required to get the good ends! That also includes getting all the cgs just stick to your man & you’re good to go.

      1. Nice~ that clears everything, Thank You! XD
        oh, and btw, do NatsuKoi got their op-ed single? i can’t seem to find one.. neither Storm Lover Soundtrack.. ;w;

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