Otome Game Review: Storm Lover Kai!!

Our heroine Igarashi Yuuna moves into a new town and transfers to Saint Louis High. As she gets used to her surroundings, she gets to meet some hot dudes at her school. If she successfully stalks them and gets them to confess she’ll get a new boyfriend however she must be careful…if she screws up in their relationship, the guy will dump her or some ho will steal him. It’s up to you to make sure Yuuna’s relationship succeeds within a span of 1 year. Welcome to Tokimeki Memorial D3P Style 😆

Mikoshiba Kyosuke – Kyochan is the tsundere ex-boxer who is good at cooking and gets excellent grades in school. Unfortunately he has the face of a delinquint and he scares babies and makes dogs bark at him. In addition to this, he also has actual delinquints come up to him and pick fights and because of his track record of fighting, he got kicked off the boxing team. Thanks to the student body president Yuuto, he was told to stop fighting and get his act together. Kyosuke from then on pretty much became a model student but I guess it was Yuna who melted his tsuntsun heart. (*´ω`*) He’s becomes such a deredere cupcake that he even makes BENTOS for her!  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q  Kyousuke has 3 older sisters and being the youngest and only male they pretty much treat him like the bitch of the house. 😆 They’re really the reason he knows how to cook since they pretty much threaten him to do it all the time xDDD. They’re also good at cockblocking and in fact they walk in on him making out on the floor with Yuna one time and after that everytime he sees them he starts freaking out XD. Kyosuke’s also really good at sports and like a pro snowboarder so during the snowboarding trip he tries to teach Yuna a bit. In the summer they kyakyaufufu together on the beach and go to a summer festival holding hands. (ノ´∀`*)ノ So in the Happy End, Kyosuke decides to resume his boxing and in order to compete, he has to lose weight. He starts going on a super diet which makes him really exhausted and Yuna starts worrying about him. He gets all pissy and yells at her saying to buzz off and she runs off crying.

His boxing coach tells him to stop being a wanker and go after her. Kyosuke tsuntsun’s  but runs after her apologizing saying that he’s just really trying his best to compete in the match. And so he wins the boxing match and says he “loves her” but then like he doesn’t say it again for 6 months because ITS SO EMBARASSINGG KYAAA FUN TSUN etc. And then in another boxing match 6 months later he becomes like #1 in Japan or something and gives Yuna an engagement ring asking her to marry him. In the Good End, Yuna goes to the gym herself begging the trainer to take Kyosuke back and the trainer tells her he wants Kyousuke to ask himself. Kyousuke bows & begs saying he wants to train only at this place and the ossan accepts him. His training now begins but unfortunately he starts getting involved in more fights again because delinquins keep harassing him. It gets so bad that they end up kidnapping Yuna to use as bait to get Kyousuke to come after her. It works and he comes and beats them up but because of this he doesn’t want to cause problems to the boxing gym again so he puts his boxing career on hault once more. Kyosuke decides then to take the pro-test another time. They study together so Yuna can make it in the same university as Kyousuke and then make out in the library (*´ω`*). I don’t know why I enjoyed the good end a lot more than the happy end lmfao xD. In the side story Kyousuke loses a boxing match but he’s not down and tells Yuna he’ll become her champion. Gahh Kyosuke was Moesuke because he was so adorable. I thought he’d be this badass jerk from the design but I guess I made the same mistake as everyone else in the game cause he’s just so ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆.

Uzuki Yuuto – Yucchin is the rich bocchama and well he’s kind of a douchebag. I mean being a douche kinda goes along with being rich so I guess there’s no getting around that lol. I mean he goes to the dentist once a month and when asked what his weakness is he goes “I don’t have any.” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He’s also the student council president and in his 3rd year so he’s 1 year older than Yuna. For some reason I don’t know if I was gettin good at the game or what but he got deredere really fast. I mean the moment I bought him some glasses INSTANTALY BAKKAPURU MODE ON :lol:. When he was younger Yuuto was bitten by a dog and so ever since he’s got a dog trauma and doesn’t like them no matter how big they are. Despite being kinda full of himself though, he gets really deredere for Yuna and sometimes he does some pretty エロイ stuff. Like when they have some tea & cake together (btw he LOVES Earl Grey but so do I xDD) he says there’s some cake on her face…and promptly licks it off which leads to them making out キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.☆━!!!  Yuto also plays the piano and asks  Yuna to attend one of his piano recitals. Since he’s a rich boy and he has to mingle a lot, he’s also pretty good at foreign languages. Besides being fluent in English, he just loves spatting out Jet’Aime (i’m sure I spelled this wrong, well so does he) in his emails and bakkapuru modes xDDD. As usual dating a rich guy you’re gonna get some jealous hoes who are like “who is this commoner girl” when Yuuto takes Yuna to his parties. Then you get the whole thing of “oh this commoner food is so delicious and oh wow what is this DOLLAR store!?!” (´・ω・`)

So the route kinda went down hill for me when Yuna finds that Yuuto has pics of his first love at home. He tells her how he was a shota who was in love with this BBA. ( ≖Д≖;) It hadn’t been brought up since but I was like well someone’s got mommy issues…which I guess is to be expected since his mother died when he was young. Shit hits fan when daddy tells Yuuto that he has to marry some rich ojousama and not this poor little girl Yuna. In the Happy End,  Yuuto argues with his father about dating Yuna and leaving the house.  He eventually wins the argument and tells Yuna he’ll make her happy. In the epilogue Yuto moves out on his own and works to earn his own money (despite his dad still worrying about him and sending servants to him with food.) In the Good End, Yuuto’s dad wants him to take over the business and intends to return overseas taking Yuuto with him. Yuuto fails at convincing him otherwise and he starts panicking and asks Yuna to come along to his private house where he runs into his butler. The butler tells him to try talking to the dad one more time, and this time he brings Yuna with him telling his father how much he loves her. The father tells Yuuto that the problem isn’t Yuna, but his son. Eventually the father gives his speech and tells Yuuto to do whatever he wants. In the epilogue, Yuuto attends college while helping out with his dad’s work….and getting randy with Yuna on his breaks. (´^ω^`) Once again I enjoyed the GOOD end more than the happy end…I guess my definition of “happy” isn’t what D3P thinks. In the side story Yuuto takes Yuna to Hawaii for their 1 year anniversary.

Tatsuhara Souya – Souya acts like he’s Mr. Flirt and due to this a lot of people don’t take him seriously. It’s mostly because he’s just a fun guy but the one thing he’s serious about is music. I really kept comparing him to Hayato/Tokiya but since Debut shit on my hopes & dreams, this route kinda made up for it. The one thing that drove me up the wall was Souya’s goatee. JFC why would you add a goatee to a 16 year old Japanese boy :lol:. Like ok I know in America some kids mature and have beards by then but Japan? Please xD. Thankfully in a lot of his CGs the goatee was covered up by something so the CGs looked a lot nicer than his sprites xDDD. So anyway Souya likes nukos, manties and sports but he sucks at school. He hates English and often asks Yuna to help him study. He takes Yuna fishin in the summer and then they kyakyaufufu on the beach at night. He also teaches Yuna how to surf since that’s one of his hobbies too. He doesn’t like lying so while people think he’s never serious, he usually speaks his true feelings most of the time. This of course displeases his band memeber who asks him not to blatantly tell his fans that he has a girlfriend. They get in a fight because she thinks he cares amore about his music than her, when in reality he’s actually composing a song for her. (´・ω・`)

He runs after her and explains it to her and they make out in the rain xD. If you get 100% on your fitness test he takes Yuna to the amusement park and smooches her when she’s not paying attention. Souya is also Mr. MARRY ME and he mentions it in a lot of his emails and bakapple modes lol. He used to be in the orchestra as a conductor, but there was some kind of accident which he thinks is his fault. It ended up injuring the piano player Keichi and becuase of that the school orchestra wasn’t able to do their recital. He’s felt guilt ever since and that’s why he ended up running away and forming his own band. Happy End:  Yuna tells him that he’s still hung up on the orchestra thing and he blames himself that he’s the reason they never made it to the recital. He decides to stop running away from his past and goes to ask Keichi from the orchestra to give him one more chance to be a conductor. Keichi’s like “Dude I ain’t mad cause of the injury, I’m mad cause you ragequit the orchestra and went to do your band!” Souya’s like “zomg yay I’m gonna be the best conductor like no one ever was!!” So then February flies by as he practices his conducting and conducts the shit out of their recital. And because he’s such an awesome conductor, he gets an offer to pursue his musical studies abroad. He decides to accept it, and tells Yuna that he’ll return after 1 year and then he wants to marry her. While he’s gone Yuna finishes her final year of high school fending off dudes who keep asking her out.

Souya then returns around Christmas cause he ran away from his dorm to see her :lol:. He then takes her to the city Christmas tree and asks her to marry him once more as they smooch in front of it. XDD Good End: The happy end kinda flew through the entire month of February & March so going back to do the Good End was nice since I could actually play those 2 months properly. Anyway Keichi from the orchestra tells him to GTFO so Souya continues his band activities. Sadly things don’t go as planned when before a concert, their keyboardist Haru gets into a car accident and can’t play the keyboard for a while. Unfortunately at their final concert they don’t get a replacement and end up performing without it which makes the fans boo at them. BUT JUST THEN YUUTO COMES DOWN FROM A HELICOPTER WITH A FUCKING GRAND PIANO プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  Keichi is there too and he said he listened to Yuuto’s CD so he plays the piano as a replacement XD. In the epilogue, Souya gets interviewed in a bunch of magazines so Yuna goes on a buying spree. Just then they get attacked by paparazzi asking them if the two of them are dating and he’s like “YEP LOL PEACE OUT.”  In the side story, Yuna acts like some idiotic Mary Sue who’s jealous of Souya’s fans and calls him tells him that they should break up cause she’s unfit for him. He then marches to her house and shoves a wedding registry into her face asking her to marry him \( ^o^)/ . Anyway marriage-o-rama like I said lol but I still liked Souya. He was really sweet and fun to be around I just couldn’t get my eyes off dat goatee 😆

Toratani Rikka – Rikka is the token shota and younger guy being 15 years old and 1 year behind Yuna. He likes American cherries and his hobby is constantly pulling pranks. He’s also very cute with kaomojis in his emails and generally just wants to have fun. His pranks get haulted though when Yuna says embarrassing stuff to him and he goes from trololol to (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. He’s also got a talent for tying cherry stems in his mouth and he says that those who can do that are good kissers. He then goes to “tie the knot” in Yuna’s mouth but clearly they end up pretty much making out 8D.  Sadly things aren’t so great for him because he has an illness that he tries to hide. He spends a lot of time sleeping in the nurse’s office but he always lies and says that it’s because he was busy playing video games or studying. He invites Yuna to his birthday party but it’s just him and his parents and he says that when he was younger he always spent time in the hospital. Yuna isn’t sure why but he changes the subject and goes to blow out the candles. His pranks start getting mixed up with phrases about death or about not seeing Yuna the following year. In the winter they go to the park and play near the fountain until Rikka falls in. When Yuna goes to help him out, he pulls her in and kisses her. (*´ω`*)

In the Sad End, Inukai sensei tells Yuna that Rikka has a life threatening disease which requires an organ transplant and he only has 1 year to live if he doesn’t get surgery. The organ donor hasn’t been found and even if found, the recovery process will be tough and there’s no guarantee the body will accept it. When Rikka finds out that Yuna knows, he tells her that the only reason he’s pulled pranks is for a way for people to remember him by. He didn’t want to die and have everyone forget his existance.  One day when they’re hanging out in the park on a snowy day, Rikka has a heart attack or something and passes out. He’s then hospitalized for a few days and he seems fine but then his parents tell Yuna that a donor still hasn’t been found and the disease has gotten so bad that even surgery can’t save him. The end of February rolls around and Yuna feels lonely but then she runs into Rikka who’s escaped from the hospital to see her. Before he goes back, they take a purikura together. Half of March passes by as Yuna visits Rikka every day but he begins losing weight and he can barely muster enough energy to talk. Some days later he seems a little better, enough to talk and he tells Yuna he’s writing in a diary to give to her so that she can read it after he dies. Yuna gets pissed that he’s saying such morbid things but he tells her that he knows he’s close to dying and tells her not to visit him anymore. She doesn’t visit him for a few days but finally decides to visit him anyway and Rikka is so happy to see her because he really didn’t wish for her to stop coming.

He then has another attack and he lies down in bed crying telling Yuna that he’s sorry for all his broken promises. щ(ಥДಥщ) He then dies midsentence and in the epilogue Yuna is reading his diary. 。゚(●゚´Д)ノ。゚ヽ(  )ノ゚。ヽ(Д`゚●)ノ゚。。゚ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚。ウワァァァン!! What did the poor kid do to deserve this, he’s the only one who gets this kind of ending OTL. If you tell Rikka you’ll be sad if he dies you’ll get his Happy Ending. He tells Yuna that he doesn’t want to die and that he’s terrified. She finds him in a classroom hitting a desk complaining that why is it him that has to feel like shit and that everyone else around him is completely fine. Yuna asks him to get the surgery overseas and he finally agrees. And so 2 years have passed and it’s the graduation ceremony that would have been for Rikka’s class but of course he’s not there to receive his diploma. Ever since he went to America he hasn’t contacted Yuna and while she’s walking around the school he comes to her on the school rooftop. HE LOOKS EXTREMELY SMOKIN’ HOT AT AGE 18 and hugs Yuna from behind asking her for a welcome back kiss. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ  In the side story it shows Rikka’s POV after the surgery and how much he wanted to contact Yuna but was forced to lie in bed like a log. He managed to call up Yuna but instead of speaking into the phone he  was silent until Yuna thought it was a prank call and hung up. He then began crying as he started his rehabilitation.  (´;ω;`) I had a bad feeling about Rikka’s ending and I had a feeling he might die but somewhere in the back of my head I kept telling myself it wasn’t gonna happen but IT DID AUGHH ALL MY FEELS ;____;. I wasn’t really a fan of Rikka since I really didn’t like his immaturity a lot but his ending was so touching I just can’t hate him (◞‸ლ).

Mishiro Takumi – TAKUMI IS MY FAVORITE I DON’T CARE IF HE TALKS LIKE AN ASSHOLE 😆 Ok so basically if you’ve played the Vitamin X series I can easily tell you that Takumi is a crossover between Mizuki and Kiyoharu. He loves  the cafeteria ebifry and in fact he only comes to school to eat the ebifry. He loves it so much that he even takes Yuna on a date to the SCHOOL CAFETERIA to eat ebifry one time xDD. He usually ends up skipping classes and because he skipped too much he ended up being left behind for a year. So even though he’s in the same grade as Yuna, he is 1 year older than her. He loves playing video games and poking around computers and he has a thing for amphibians (like Mizuki.) In fact he also has a pet lizard but its name isn’t Toge xDDD. He’s also a huge troll like Kiyoharu and while his pranks may not be at Kiyo’s level, he often says stuff that will make Yuna’s (and mine) eyes pop out of their sockets. Aside from Ebifry Takuim also loves mayonaise. In fact he will just dump a shit ton of it on anything he eats and then he decides to bukkake it all over Yuna so he can peropero her イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! They go to waterpark in August and he drags her on waterslide whether she likes it or not since he loves hearing her scream lmfao xDDD. Normally Takumi speaks all slow and stupid but it’s just because he’s being a lazy troll and when stuff gets serious, he actually starts to speak normally.

A lot of people in school think he’s some badass delinquin and are afraid of him, but Yuna don’t give a fook so that’s one of the reasons why he loves her. In fact his emails to her are extremely ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・. Since he gets stressed easily he often asks for Yuna to destress him and he can’t deal with naggy teachers so that’s often why he skips school. He acts like a troll but he really does care about Yuna a lot. When Yuna gets a slight fever she goes to nurse’s office and sleeps it off but upset that Takumi doesn’t help her there. When she wakes up she finds him worried about her and then he kisses her on the nurse’s office bed saying he doesn’t mind catching her cold. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン One day, Takumi takes her to play with some kids at an orphanage. She thinks nothing of it until he reveals that he’s an orphan who was raised at this orphanage until he was 12 and then was adopted by foster parents. Unfortunately he didn’t get along with them so he decided to learn about stock trading. He was a genius stock trader in middle school on the news and eventually made enough money to move out. Prolly this is why he don’t wanna come to school since he’s smarter than whatever the fuck they’re teaching lol. At the orphanage when he was 10 there was a 4 year old loli who was his only friend, as everyone else was afraid of him. So anyway Takumi then takes her clothes shopping picking some outfits for her but she takes so long he goes in there with her (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ They go to amusement park for Christmas and he gives her a ring :3. They then kiss in front of the gates ♥.

In January, while they’re in the park he sees a loli chase a ball into the street and saves her from being hit by a car. The loli turns out to be that loli Mika, he knew from the orphanage (an she was like his sister) because she still has the pendant he made for her back then. Yuna asks him why he won’t tell Mika who he is but he doesn’t want to disrupt her current life style with memories of the past. In the Good End, Yuna tells Takumi he should tell Mika who he is. Takumi hangs out with Mika in the park and she starts calling him Takumi-chan. Yuna wants him to tell Mika about who he really is but he still refuses. On top of that, Mika’s step parents confirm that Takumi was her “brother” in the past and ask him not to tell Mika who he is. They want her to forget about her life at the orphanage because she was bullied there. Takumi says he has no intentions of telling Mika who he is but Yuna gets pissed and says that it’s not right. They go to the park afterwards where Yuna cries because she feels helpless but Takumi tells her that it’s okay because he has her now. Mika informs them that she has to move in 1 day. Takumi and Yuna come to see her off and she leaves a letter thanking them for everything and calling Takumi her oniichan. Yuna thinks that Mika knew all along but Takumi just shrugs it off saying she’s just calling him an oniichan.

And so in the epilogue, Takumi continues his stock trader work but  he also volunteers at the orphanage he was raised at. When Yuna comes to visit him one day all the kids are like “if you guys are g/f and b/f you should kiss” and they cheer on them to kiss. Takumi says he can’t refuse such a request and grabs Yuna and makes out with her right in front of them xDDDD.  In the Happy End, Mika still doesn’t wanna call her parents by their real names and says that Takumi reminds her of her oniichan at the orphanage. One day she runs from home without telling her parents to look for a strap she lost. Turns out it’s a strap her step-parents gave her for her birthday and it was the first present she got from her step mom. She finally calls her mom as “mom” and that’s when Takumi also decides that he will probably visit his step-parents as well or he’d be a hypocrite. He then kisses Yuna’s hand asking her to “become his family” and says he has her ring finger in “reserve”. In the epilogue Yuna is marrying Takumi ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!TAKUMI IS THE OTP ☆・:.,:*(ノ゚∀゚ノ)*:,.:・★ゥハァー  Oh my godd BEST END GUYS RIGHT HERE. In the side story after they’re married and Yuna moves in Takumi says he wants a bigger place…cause HE’S READY TO MAKE BABIES as he gets randy with Yuna xDDDD. (/ρ\)いやーん His CGs were so cute and sexy and sdgshglskdjgsl. Ima just end up my Takumi post here before I go into a fangirl spasm any further xDDD.

Ikari Mio – Mr. GIANT DING DONG! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Mio seemed really cute at first but the more I went through his router the weirder he got. I mean it was weird to the point of I had no idea wtf he was even talking about and if I didn’t have a guide I would have gotten most of his choices wrong. ( ´_ゝ`) He’s like your typical artist guy. He’s good at drawing and he’s almost a pro camera man but with him the lights are on but no one’s home. The first time Yuna meets him she sees him standing on the edge of a bridge and runs to him thinking he’s gonna suicide :lol:. He’s always eating vitamin supplements instead of real food (cause his parents are fucking weirdos too). Due to this he’s always starving and since he loves cafeteria curry, when it’s sold out he starts randomly passing out on the floor. He often comes over Yuna’s house begging her to feed him because the idea of “making foor for himself” never crosses his mind. As a part time job, Mio also somehow works at a maid cafe and so because of this he’s actually alright at cooking, though I wouldn’t say Kyousuke level. He has a ridiculous obsession with an illusionary animal called “Keseran Paseran” which really just looks like a dandelion mixed with a rabbit or something. I mean due to his brainless nature there are definitely some enjoyable scenes with him. Like when he takes her to the church and randomly starts making out with her. Or when he comes to her place wet in the rain, borrows her shower and when she accidentally walks in on him naked he looks at her and goes “….iyan?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then tells her that he cannot be fit for marriage and that she should take responsibility ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. He’s also now a pro bowler because when they go bowling, he crouches down and rolls the ball and gets a 250 pro score from his first game ever.

I guess at this point you could say he’s an idiot savant. When they go to the aquarium together, he wants to pet the seals but he ends up grasping it until the trainer has to be like GTFO and later that night he tells Yuna he’s in love with the seal. ヽ(。_゜)ノ This was where I started rolling my eyes but the straw that broke the camel’s back for me was when he sent me an email about farts. Sigh. In the Happy End, Yuna tells Mio to enter the all Japan photography contest with his photos. So then they run into some random dude who FALLS IN LOVE WITH YUNA AT FIRST SIGHT! And he also happens to be entering the photography contest so he tells Yuna that if he beats Mio he wants Yuna to go out with him. Wtf random NPC character cockblocking. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Mio says that he doesn’t wanna lose to that guy so he starts taking pics of Yuna in jealousy. He enters one of the photos of Yuna into the contest and ends up beating Mr. Cockblocker who then gives up. In the epilogue Yuna kisses Mio surprising him since he’s always surprising her :). Good End: Mio falls into a photography slump and no matter what Yuna does she can’t seem to get him back on his feet. He then tells Yuna that photos of her are the only ones that the pro photographers complimented him on telling him that his feelings are mostly in those. Mio then asks Yuna to be his photo model and in the epilogue he takes more and more photos of them together. In the side story they’re on a trip taking photos together and they make out in their hotel room in the morning or something. I’m kinda disappointed to be honest. Everyone kept saying Mio has the best route but I found Takumi’s route before this a million times more enjoyable? Well I did like Mio at first, the shower scene floored me but the weirder he got I was just kinda like (ಠ_ಠ)by the end. It didn’t help that they brought in random NPC character for the sake of plot in the last few moments of the game lol.

Sugai Tsukasa – Tsukasa’s a vegetarian and he’s a bit “out of the times” because he’s like a man yamato nadeshiko. I’m gonna be honest and just say if you’re not gonna be fair to the “older character” because you’re afraid of “pedo themes” then just don’t give him a route. If you’re gonna walk on thin ice and “play it safe” while all the other “same age” guys are randy, then it becomes boring and unfair. And unfortunately that’s how Tsukasa’s route ended up being. He’s the math teacher/homeroom teacher for Yuna and since he’s 11 years older than her they gotta pull the “oh no scandalous relationship” card. The thing is,  he randomly falls in love with her SO FAST that not only is it weird to begin with but then their relationship doesn’t feel romantic at all to me. All his bakkapple modes felt kinda weak and weren’t really interesting or funny (´・ω・`). Most of the time they spend “hiding” their teacher/student relationship  and when they go to public places people think they’re siblings. Even most of sensei’s CGs were first POV of Yuna and she wasn’t in most of them. The other annoying part about Tsukasa’s route is since he’s the teacher, to get him to give you a gohoubi you have to get 100% in ALL the subjects. I studied my ass off as much as I could while balancing work & emails/calls and I still wasn’t able to get this accomplished until December. And then the freaking reward was a kiss on the FOREHEAD the freaking FOREHEAD. Yea not worth it, don’t bother unless you are a completionist etc. Tsukasa’s drama is that he quit the Shamisen playing that his whole family does to become a teacher so his mother thinks he “threw away his honor” etc. He only did it because he was jealous of his younger brother Satoru for getting really good in a short span of time.

In the good end,  Yuna asks Tsukasa if one day he will play the shamisen for her so he starts playing once more. Yuna then finds out that Tsukasa plans to leave this school to go elsewhere because of rumors circling about their relationship. Yuna gets upset and the two of them stop talking for a week until Inuzuka tells Tsukasa to stop being a pansy and TAKE HIS WOMAN. 😆  He then gives advice to Yuna as well but when she runs into Tsukasa she…runs away from him orz. They run to the nearest cherry tree and Yuna bitches for him not to come near her so they talk from a distance while she bawws. Sigh. ( ´_ゝ`) He says his goodbye and so a year passes and Yuna graduates. Tsukasa meets her under the same tree, and they make out under the tree while professing their love to each other. In the Happy End, Yuna insists that Tsukasa play the shamisen once more not just for her but for himself as well. And so he begins playing once more with Yuna visiting him to watch him practice. So then drama ensues when Satoru overhears him playing and bursts in going “ONIISAN YOU  SUCK SINCE I LAST HEARD YOU PLAY” followed  by raging at Yuna for defending Tsukasa. So then Tsukasa continues practicing and he gets better as he performs in front of everyone. He does a great job and so his mother asks him to once again be the shamisen representative for their family. Well there goes his teaching career I guess lol. And so in the epilogue, Yuna and Tsukasa live in their easy breezey Japanesey kimonos together, as Yuna’s been knocked up and gonna pop a baby out soon. Wow you mean they actually had sex? I barely remember them even kissing. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Anyway really disappointed with Tsukasa, reminds me of the teacher route in Kaeru Batake where I’m left wondering “Why even give him a route if it’s gonna be so half assed & pathetic.”

Other Stuff: Takashi & Chihiro,  I think they have endings if you break up with some guy but there’s no CGs and after doing all their scenes from start to finish and getting the “normal” end I gave up. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) There’s a special called Mr. St. Louis High where basically all the dudes do crazy confession scenes to Yuna. Yuuto confesses to her in a pirate outfit while Kyousuke dresses up as a cowboy and kisses her a million times xDDD. Rikka dresses up as some Shinsengumi dude with his sword while Souya comes “home” on a plane for her. Tsukasa becomes an omyouji and Takumi becomes some kind of ero alchemist. Mio is a caveman (?) and Takashi is some famous idol. Sensei is pretty standard in classroom after you graduated ending which to me is HIS TRUE END XDDDDD. You then get to pick who the “winner” of the confession is and they do a little bakapple mode with you. It was really annoying though because each time you wanted to see everyone’s confession you had to skip through everyone’s scenes EVERY TIME cause it didn’t allow you to save ARGH.  The endings were cute though so I did watch Sensei, Kyousuke & Takumi’s.  Also they didn’t show up in the gallery so I had to go back a 4th time to screencap all the pics orz.

THIS GAME IS SO MUCH FUN THANK YOU D3P. Everything that they could have done right they did (except the skipping but I’ll get into system complaints shortly.) Yuna was a pretty decent heroine and when the guy was getting all bakkaply with her, she was TOTALLY GETTING INTO IT TOO. He’d be like “I want to eat you~” and she’d be like “Eat me gently~” (´^ω^`) lmfaoooo. Aside from Tsukasa’s boring route everyone else was SO PRECIOUS. I think it’s obvious by now that my favorite is Takumi but after Takumi I looooove Kyousuke and if he didn’t have the damn goatee Souya was really cute too. Rikka was a bit annoying to me but his ending was great and Mio had his moments but he was a bit too weird for me lol. Yuuto was kinda douchey but he was still charming in his own way so I can’t hate him either! Biggest gripe is: WHY CHIHIRO SENSEI HAVE NO ROUTE. Seriously I would have rather had a route with him than Tsukasa…he’s so much more interesting (and randier 😆 xDDD). I’m just gonna pretend his omake CG thing is his TRUE END \( ^o^)/ . Takashi was cute too but I think he’s better as a side gag character rather than someone I want to capture lol.  The birthday system and favorite color/place system was nice too because the guys would give you birthday presents around the day you set with the “color” of your choice and they would give you gohoubi’s in your favorite “place”. The system of the game itself was actually really easy. It seemed hard at first and I did have trouble passing the first exam each time (I’d always be 1 subject short cause I’d be busy mail spamming my dude) but after that things went smoothly. Just a couple tips: You can buy more than 1 item each time you’re at the boutique. Just do a save, buy item, let the event finish, load, buy 2nd item and you now have both items lmao. You don’t really need that much money so don’t spend time working, just spend time studying for the gohoubi’s. When it asks you “Do you want to skip blah blah event” you can skip everything EXCEPT the BEACH and HOT SPRINGS events. DO NOT SKIP THOSE. Omg I realized this TOO FUCKING LATE and  now I ended up missing like 5 CGs that I’ll have to get from a friend. Due to missing all these CGs I didn’t get the bonus CG (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. Anyway thank god friend is playing this game so I can salvage any holes from her lol. But yea if you play this game don’t be like me and don’t skip the events I mentioned, but you can press the “skip” button and it’ll skip the scenes you’ve seen until it reaches the “new” one.  Anyway overall I RECOMMEND HIGHLY this game. I haven’t played such an enjoyable stat raiser in a while lmfao THIS STAT RAISER IS MORE FUN THAN MOST NON-STAT STRAIGHT VN GAMES I’VE PLAYED THIS YEAR. I can’t wait to get started on the fandisk!!! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

Oh I forgot to mention this game actually allows you to cheat and two, three or 6 time the entire cast but I love them all so much just breaking up with Yuuto once felt like a stab in my heart so I couldn’t do it afterwards (◞‸ლ).

STORM LOVER Kai!! First Press Edition / Game STORM LOVER Official Visual Fan Book / Bs-LOG Henshubu


45 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Storm Lover Kai!!”

  1. oh i never played the original so I have no idea. as far as buying everything yes you can and I did. I would save, buy 1 item, then load and buy the 2nd item and bam I got both lol. You then I think “equip” the items but they only wear certain hats during certain seasons etc.

    Again this worked on KAI but I don’t know about the original. to be honest I would dump the original and only play Kai

  2. The original Storm Lover. Oh yeah I put Kai into my psp to try since I did play a little of that, that’s why I got confused. In Kai the accessories can be turned on and off from the options menu, while in the original you need to mail the guy to tell him to put it on or off (though it didn’t even show when I told him to put it on -____-)

    But guides say if you load and buy something else you can get everything even though it didn’t work for me. Oh well. Thanks anyway 😀

  3. I’m sorry I …played this game like 6 months ago I don’t remember tbh…I think maybe when you hit the options menu you can do it somewhere there? Sorry I forgot :S

    WEird about the glasses disappearing. Btw are you playing the OLD storm lover or “Kai” ? Maybe it’s different in the original.

  4. About the present thing, how do you errr equip it on and off the guys?

    And that thing where you buy something then load and buy something else and you get both of those, I remember accomplishing that when the game first came out years ago, and now I’m getting to playing it for real but I don’t remember how to do it anymore D: It just won’t work for me.

    By the way I finished Kyousuke’s route once, with glasses, it appeared in the omake profile a few days ago when I cleared it. But today I started a new game and it disappeared from the omake profile D: But the present tassei writes 40%.

  5. oh you need to visit the part time job areas 3 times, then read the BBS about the part time job in that area. so for example visit cafe 3 times, read bbs post about cafe that syas “it might be nice to work there” then next time you go there you’ll start the part time job 😀

    if you raise the guy’s favorite stat (it will usually tell you which one after each test) then you will get a special mini scene with the guy in your “favorite spot” that you chose in Yuna’s profile.

    FOr Tsukasa though you need to like100% every single stat orz but his reward is soo not worth it lol

  6. I’m playing this right now and I gotta say the bakappuru mode got me spewing sand… ^q^ なんかきくだけでこっちが恥ずかしいよ。。。

    There’s one thing that eludes me though, I think I missed the explanation at the beginning, but how do you get a part time job? I bought Kyousuke a hat and there goes all my cash ‘_’

    And how important is raising the study stats? Do you have to max the bar to get an ending or something?

  7. Haha yup~! I bought KAI!! Gonna start next week though….still doing Amnesia;;

  8. oh wow that’s cheap. did you buy the ORIGINAL storm lover or “Kai!!” ?? Cause Kai is the remake with better art so I hope you got the new one!

    I just randomly went to my street's game shop and it had this game. I remembered how much you liked it and had to buy it!
    It was second hand and was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHEAP!!!
    I guess a lot of people don't buy otome games here;;; and that are in jap..
    Real good condition and it is only 50HKD! Around 6.45 usd I think..
    It is very cheap considering the condition and how this game was released this year~

  10. see the best part about takumis voice is its annoying as fuck but when he gets serious & sexy he speaks normally and then its like (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ lmao so yea that’s why he’s my fav xDDD

  11. Takumi would be my favorite but his voice’s really annoying, sometimes I had to stop playing and do something else because it pissed me off like hell XD what a waste, I really liked his perverted personality lol

  12. they might have had a twin pack on their rakuten shop but they dont ship overseas from there so not really worth it!

  13. Okay, thanks! It’s definitely on my “to buy” list. 🙂 Now I’m wondering if I should wait and see if maybe D3P will come out with a twin pack of Storm Lover Kai and Natsukoi (or even if they plan to remake Natsukoi?). I probably won’t be able to wait though and will have to buy them separately, lol.

  14. yea definitely. Its stat raising is really not complicated at all and stuff like sending emails is fun. ONly thing you’re really raising are your studies to be honest 😛 All the guys are precious so I recommend!

  15. I tried the first Tokimeki Memorial a couple of years ago but lost interest after playing it for a couple of days. I like the art in Storm Lover Kai, the routes sound fun, and the guys seem randier, yay! Stat raising doesn’t bother me. I just couldn’t stay interested in Tokimeki Memorial though. Should I give Storm Lover Kai a try?

  16. I haven’t played the game yet because of JAP and I want to understand everything xDD But I knew this game is a good one! And I wanted Yuuto and Kousuke, ahaha I have friends who are in love with Mio xDD

  17. they actually did that for TYB Sweet Jelly Beans. Gave Kyohei a proper route while everyone else got 1 hour bullshit fests lol. So i guess i’d rather them make it equal for everyone? I dunno why fandisks really blow lately. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a fandisk again unless the goodies that come with it are shit other than drama CDs.

  18. You’d think that if they’re afraid of Pedoes accusations, they wouldn’t make him the only dude with a Pregnant And Married ending. Tsukasa is so bland, it’s like he came out of a Mirai game, sans rape. I’m happy Chihiro got a route in Natsukoi but the game is so short. :/ It’s what I feel about fandisk-only routes, really : if they’re adding one, can’t they at least make it a respectable length since the main dudes will only get short features anyway?

  19. haha oh I see, so I guess to you Mio is an interesting specimen! When he starts talking about his keseran paseran I want to smack him 😆
    and yes I would have much rather dated Chihiro because Tsukasa is REALLY BORING lmfao. I guess I”m not into those FAAABULOUS characters or maybe I would be if they didn’t treat it like some baby thing because “oh noes pedo!”

  20. be careful of the fandisk – I’m playing it now and it’s not nearly as good lol, maybe hold out for my review before buying it!

  21. ok. dumb question lol. it’s the remake! Totally forgot about that! XD So behind on stuff~ Oh man, I think i need to go out and buy this remake + fan disc!

  22. Haha, well, I’m a scientist at my day job and I guess you can say that the scientific observation part is indeed what makes him imminently dateable for me. A guy tickles my sense of inquiry? Yes, guy, consider yourself targeted. (For the record, I’d think a guy kissing me because he thinks he’s kissing a keseran paseran to be hot; no, I’m not the weirdest person in my lab.) I’d think twice before saying he’s marriage material, but boyfriend material it is.

    It takes all kinds to make the world, apparently. XD

    The BBS doesn’t do much, but it’s pretty fun to read people’s reactions to the stuff that you do IMO. Gets old after a while, but I don’t see that kind of feedback mechanism very often and so it’s a pity that it gets buried behind an idiotic and arbitrary game mechanic.

    Also : Would’ve liked Chihiro-sensei rather than Tsukasa, too. It’s not even the glasses, it’s because he’s a TOTAL RIOT whereas Tsukasa is this random Faaaaaaabulous Life Wish Fulfillment Fantasy kind of character. There’s probably a market for him, but not me.

  23. I wanna play this game~ Since the play system is different that the typical usually visual novels~ I was wondering if Storm Lover was the same as Storm lover Kai?

  24. I admit I was wondering what Mio would say next too but due to that I saw him more as this “scientic observation” rather than a dateable character 😆
    I never played the original so no idea but I only checked the BBS a few times at first out of curiosity but after that I’d only look at it for the purpose of getting the part time job.
    Still though, I think Takumi will be my #1 even if he speaks like a freaking idiot XD

  25. My favourite was kinda tied between Kyou and Mio, because A) Moe for studious tsundere types, B) Mio says the DARNEDEST THINGS. Conversation with him was never boring. I was always ‘what kind of batshit crazy would Mio say next????’ which is always the spice of a good fictional relationship. But I kinda liked them all, really.

    Also, Good Job! on D3P for adding the megane/clothing option. That was my main qualm with the original game – not enough glasses/fashion senses which appeal to me, they were all so oshare even if they’re all mega dorks ffffs I have an allergy to oshare. So it’s shallow, sure, but it totally made a world of difference there. (And also, no stamina loss for checking BBSes. That was stupid, although it kinda added some more importance to the time elements.)

  26. I believe the nurse guy is captureable in Natsukoi which I am playing now =D
    Kyousuke & Takumi were my favorites so really hope you do play them as well XD

  27. Thank you for the review, I only played for Rikka and Mio, but Kyou and Takumi, omg they are so adorable, and I saw the baka couple lines in your tumblr. I was laughing and choked on my coffee. The lines are amusing xD

    Actually I hope for sensei to be capturable, like dating him and having a baka couple mode lol butwell overall this game is very enjoyable ^-^

  28. The skip button is R1 I believe? You can set the skip options in the options menu. I am playing Natsukoi now as well 8D And if you mean Shiina yep he’s back being a jerk as usual lololl

  29. I completed Sensei’s route and his gallery is complete ^ o ^! (finally!!! T u T) Kai reminds me of the originally storm lover with extra CG and more stuff put into it :O There was a skip button O . O I MUST FIGURE OUT WHICH BUTTON IT IS!!! If only I can find it T ____ T. Hooray! Takumi’s your favourite too? ;D I find his talking a bit…slow and ugh I’m trying to go through the scene but it takes around 10 mins to finish cause of his speaking T ______ T!

    PS. Are you going to try Natsukoi? It’s super fun! It’s basically all the boys at the beach with a “special” character! I’m pretty sure he made an appearance in Kai too 😉

  30. Oh Maker…Takumi… I really like his teasing personality and all but… while playin’ I can’t help to scream: CAN.YOU.PLEASE.TALK.FASTER.FOR.MY.NERVES.SAKE?! while doing his voice tone.

    HE CAN SPEAK NORMALLY!!! At some point at the game I heard him talking like a normal human being! I felt like throwing something at his head…

  31. Storm Lover Kai is the remake with completely redrawn sprites/CGs + Extra scenarios so definitely get Kai!! forget the orignial one xD;;

  32. I gotta ask, what’s the difference between Storm Lover and Storm Lover Kai? Would like to know since I’m thinking of picking them up after seeing all the adorableness on your tumblr.

  33. I’m going to save all my favorite perverts for the end haha I just started Natsukoi this morning 8D It was a bit awkward seeing the “old” sprites lol but I’ll get used to it.

  34. I mean I think Mio is funny from another route’s POV but when you try to date him/get romantic it becomes such a jumbled mess. When he’s kissing her I’m like “is he kissing her or pretending she’s a keseran paseran….orz”

  35. 立夏君が一番好きになった(やっぱショタコンなのかなw私はw)夏恋にはエロ度下がったけどね~wBut hey chihiro sensei have his route in natsukoi (im not finished with it so idont know how peverted it will be XD) As always nice review~!

  36. I cant help but like mio for some reason. Everything he does makes me roll around in laughter. Hes not exactly bf material but his route is definitely great for laughs!

  37. I didn’t play sensei lol because well, another friend was disappointed with his route that’s why I didn’t play – since you said he wasn’t that bad I meant I should go reply Storm Lover and play his route lol orz

  38. oh you actually liked sensei? XD; I found his route to be really boring ;__; All the others were great though! XDDD

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