B’s Log August 2012


This month’s Furoku are the usual Hana-awase crap (I swear the more I look at this the less I want to play this game), an utapri uchiwa – WITH NO HANDLE THANKS LOL and some crappy Seishun bromides that I’ve been using as a bookmark while making this post. 😆 A bunch of posters below, my wall’s running out of space 8D.

Yes that’s my Hiiro calendar below there lol

I’d have Kishio sign this if I was at Anime Expo (´;ω;`)
Sorry I am not hanging up anymore UtaPri posters….

Oh look, lesbians and rapist Fukuyama Jun character :lol:.

Also who the hell is this guy? He’s kinda hot but I’ve never heard of him.

Okay lots of stuff on Diabolik Lovers this time. The scenario will be split into 3 modes:  Dark, Maniac & Ecstacy. Dark = yandere, Maniac = probably yangire clingy, Ecstasy = ぺろぺろ(´^ω^`).

Is the guy the dad lawl?

CHECK OUT DEM MILFS lmaooo. It’s really obvious why the triplets are the way they are LOOK AT THEIR MOM. Though I don’t know what hell happened with Kanato.  It’s really interesting to see the moms honestly the images really do speak a thousand words of why their babies turned out this way.  I read Kondo & Hirakawa’s cast interviews. Hirakawa said he tried his best to be as EROI as possible and mentioned that he’s the most eroi route compared to the rest. ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Kondo said that Subaru’s route is probably the most otome-ish one. I KNEW IT. SUBARUN COME AND LET ME LOVE YOU. ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ He also mentioned a lot of ear licking scenarios (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ. I read some of the sample scenarios and I must say YUI GETS ON MY NERVES lmao. I guess it’s a natural reaction but adhgslkdg it irritates me. I don’t even mind the crazy vampires anymore but most of her reactions are ITAI ITAI ITAI KYAAA sigh.

Only $200!

(Unko no prince sama cosplay yes im still bitter about debut but yay i sold it) There’s the pages on utapri all star but lol whatever honestly I’m not giving you another cent Broccoli.

I like her stockings!

Seishun Hajimemashita introduces and goes into details about the subcast. Sannodou Ouji (lolol ouji) a Leo, is basically Haruki Naoshi – the high school version. Saigou Heita is Mr. Mendokusai capricorn, Nagumo Arisu is a virgo is kinda like Mine from Amnesia but maybe less tsundere.  Rikuno Kanade, a Pisces is a lone wolf kinda like Kanata derp. Kitamikado Yukihiko is the fat kid who is clearly an otaku and keeps eating manju, a Taurus AND THANK GOD NOTHING LIKE HOMARE (|||❛︵❛.). Sorry I gotta compare this to Starry Sky cause it reeks of Starry Sky to me. Prove me wrong honeybee (or maybe not.)  I believe there will be more side characters probably in the next issue.

Butterfly Lipstick series. First guy Ichinose Kei is the same age as you,  (I guess you are 22) blood type O Aries, in the same college club as you. Kousaki Chisaka is the younger guy who is 20, a B type Scorpio. (oof) Being a Scorpio he’s bad mouthed and a tsundere :lol:. Sena Kyohei is older than you, (tho he’s actually my age derp) 28  A type Capricorn. He acts like the cool type and he’s a salary man but then he gets randy or something lol. I THINK I KNOW MY FAV. Too bad they’re all being split into separate games, not sure if I want to dump money into this – even though it’s dummy head.

As we all know by now Starry Sky’s FDs are being ported to PSP and they will cost 3980 yen for regular edition. Not sure if there will be a limited one. I’m still hoping for a twinpack or I probably won’t be buying it at all.

Storm Lover section only has some more sneak peaks of the game, walkthroughs and emails that you can read when you play the game so nothing special if you’ve finished the game I guess 😆

Broccoli’s new money chugger (or so they hope) introduces 2 new gods Balder (wasn’t it Baldur? lol) and Totsuka?? I don’t know any of the Japanese gods oh well whatever. Why don’t you keep tracing more 3D models yone \( ^o^)/

There’s a Tokimemo 10th anniversary special but I havea  feeling I’ll care about this in like 2 years when I’ve cleared my entire backlog or something. Also they’re going to be making stuffed dolls of the chibi characters apparently.

Hakuoki Yuugiroku2 will come with reward voices like “otsukaresama” and “praise me” or whatever lol. It’s just a fanservice mini-game so I might be checking it out.

In case you haven’t heard Toki no Kizuna’s been rated Cero B! m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ Lol I guess Otomate finally realized that none of their games actually have Cero C material.  Also all the white haired demon forms look like something from Hiiro no Kakera lmao. Toki no Kizuna I’ma let you finish but Hiiro no Kakera was the longest text dump otomate game of all time.

Who is this woman? lol

I dropped Hiiro anime and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better lol. In fact they’re also now SPLITTING it and making you wait to watch the 2nd half in the fall. Lol lame, pick up the game during the summer, you will thank yourself later.

The Blue Rays come with an illustration by Hanairo Mai! Omg can I just get a poster of that Mahiron screw the derpy DVD T_T_T_T.

Vitamin X & Z keep spitting out character CDs & shit but I haven’t heard news about the Vitamin Z fandisk. Come on D3P while I still like you after Storm Lover!

Unless I am misunderstanding, Isshoni Gohan will have food quizzes. NO. STOP IT OTOMATE. THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO MAKE STAT RAISERS. Sigh. I hope I am wrong and it’s just like a 1 time screenshot to help you decide which food you wanna date or something.


DIAMOND NO KUNI NO ALICE – I HAVE SO MANY FEELS AND NOT REALLY GOOD ONES. Okay I shouldn’t talk since I only played Anniversary but since this game resets everyone’s memories of Alice I COULD PROLLY SKIP THE OTHER GAMES AND IT WOULDN’T MATTER. I’ll still play them though. Anyway here’s what I’ve gathered.  Alice falls down the rabbit hole and Peter is with her as usual but then PETER VANISHES. щ(ಥДಥщ) NOOOO!! And so Alice is instantly telepoted to the country of diamonds and the maps this time are Train Station, Grave Yard and the Hatter Mansion. Vivaldi & Gowland are gone and someone mentioned Pierce is gone too but if you only played Anniversary you never met him in the first place lmaoo. Blood:  Less pokerface and more do-S oh joy. Elliot still loves carrots but apparently he’ll be less bumbling idiot and more badass or something. Sydney Black is the exact opposite of Peter. He’s a black rabbit who FUCKING HATES ALICE AND WANTS TO KILL HER instead of loves her and wants to have her babies. Sigh. Peter щ(ಥДಥщ). He’s always bitchy and annoying and well if they get Kaji Yuki to voice him I am not buying this game. Blah. Jeriko Bermuda is a dodobird guy who works at the graveyard and is the leader of his own mafia who is the rival mafia to Blood. Dee & Dum will remain in their adult forms the whole time but will still act ‘childish’ on the inside. The diamond Queen is Christa Snowvision and all she wants to do is freeze everyone and make it part of her collection. Also she has a giant rack. Nightmare will spend most of the game as a shota but appear as an adult sometimes. Peter will be in the shadows as Sydney hogs the spotlight. Gray will be after Nightmare’s life but instead ends up being a shotacon or something. Ace will be a shota most of the time taken care of by Julius-papa orz. Boris will be a sexy train station worker and Joker will have a vague memory of who Alice is. They promise lots of endings but if you look at the cover image you can probably guess who will have major routes and who won’t. Seeing how Peter isn’t on that cover, he’s clearly just been reduced to random side character C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

Depressing man depressing. Not sure if I want anymore. Too many shotas and not enough Peter. Meh. 😦

Nothing shows affection better than a CAGE~

Yandere Heaven – BUNNY CAGE. YAY UGUU CAGE OF LOVE. Not. Lol.  It was bound to happen sooner or later. The “plot” is the heroine, Umemiya Kozue is in her senior year of high school and she’s getting ronery so her childhood friends & nurse decide to fill in the hole in her heart with thei p0n0ses (and cages.) Wakatsuki Kaname is the younger brother out of the childhood friend pair and of course he’s got a brocon and totally jelly of his older brother Arata. Arata, the older brother is a horny bastard who likes to grab and stick his hands in Kozue’s bathing suit areas! (lame analogy intended.) Enomoto Satoru is just a pedobear nurse who’s like a yangiri rapist creeper. Why are you playing this game again? Well at least they’re making it blatantly obvious what the premise is going to be about unlike some games about little red riding hoes.

Souja Crossroad will be a new iphone otome game that will be fully voiced. Lol iphone. The story is “idols by day, hitmen by night!” It actually sounds similar to a mobage I’m currently playing where they’re idols by day and spies by night lol. It’s not voiced but it’s written really well. Hoping this will be turned into a PSP or Android port later. Not about to go get an Itampon for 1 game.

Glass Heart princess says “you have 3 lovers”. Wait does this mean her butler doesn’t count? I hope he has a route but I guess that really does mean there will only be 4 characters to capture. The system will be kinda like in Gekka where you have to spam the stupid analog button on your PSP in order to shoot the stupid cupid arrow into the heart to have the guy go on a date with you. This is starting to get ridiculously interesting. Also the cast is very…colorful and one of them is an alien. The official staff blog mentioned recently that they plan to make the guys call Kyoko’s name if you leave it default because apparently a bunch of Japanese fangirls named Kyoko flooded them with emails. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

CUSTOM DRIVE LOOKS SO CUTE urgh I can’t decide if this wll be a good game or not. I mean it’s really playing the same scenes but changing all the accessories/hair isn’t it?? I can’t figure out how you could enjoy this for a long time. NOT SURE we’ll see.

Grimm the Bounty hunter – 3P end yes yes? Theme of it is “you get to get it on in a forbidden relationship with your targets!” Sounds good to me.

Yusa Kouji’s no longer married ladies!

24 hour Cinderella – doesn’t look like Spencer or Sirius will be dateable this time around.  SuzuKen says the game characters are very charming. I don’t doubt it! My doubt is in the system with the dumb friend events as the first game so this isn’t on my to buy list.

School Wars – OMG IS THIS GONNA BE CERO D too QUIN ROSE EH? (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟) Cast has been announced Namikawa, Fujiwara, Sakurai, NojiKen, Hino & Tachibana. Insta-buy for me lol.  Also it features eyeless side characters again lol. What’s the deal with that I thought it was only restricted to Alice series.

Hyakki Yakou will be CERO D OOOOHHH YEAAA (◉◞౪◟◉ ). Nothing else really interesting this issue. I guess it’s so randy they want us to guess with anticipation lmao.

Arabians Lost – Lol well I was really excited to play this game next week but I spontaneously ended up ordering the limited edition of the Bloody Call PSP port XD What I liked the original game and they’ve apparently added a shit ton of content enough to validate a complete replay. So yes AL will have to wait but hopefully some new guides will pop up in the meantime?
I played the Trick or Rape demo and it was REALLY BORING. ok there wasn’t any actual rape ( I guess they won’t put any R-18 stuff in the demo ) but it was j ust REALLY REALLY DULL. It felt like nothing happened, the characters didn’t interest me and the heroine (and her Asche voice ) grated my last nerve. Also the opening movie makes it painfully obvious on what all the characters’ REAL personalities are. Hiyo just loves writing these dick-in-a-box scenarios and I will be passing over this with flying colors.

I know it’s supposed to be apple jam but…

Umm I kinda suddenly lost interest in confidential money lol. I also have this odd feeling it’s gonna be delayed. The art in these CGs is starting to really remind me of the derpy art in Musketeer lol. Eh maybe it will be okay to play later but I’ll just quietly let it sit in my backlog.

LGS has also been rated cero B. BLAH lol well then again NO SURPRISES ITS OTOMATE!  Also it got delayed, no surprises part 2. Backlog you go honey.

Asaki got delayed like whoa.  I’m still having a difficult time getting used to the art. None of the new characters really appeal to me either. I kinda sit here wondering…why?

萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 JEEESUUUUUSSSS. I AM SOO EXCIITED for this please don’t fuck up the characters like you did in Fresh Ginger PLEASE REJET DON’T DO THIS TO JESUS.

I HOPE MY $100 IS WORTH IT FOR THIS PORT. Blue Moon your ossan game may be crap but BC’s source material is good NOT MUCH LEFT TO DO BUT MAKE IT BETTER. All the casual scenarios look really REALLY cute which is what the game actually needed more of. I can’t wait ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY D3P. Omg TSUBASA (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ Please release this asap lmao I WILL BUY LIKE 4 OF THEM. These will be available for Iphone & Android.

And now for this month’s rankings.

Reader’s most Looking Fwd to Games:
1. Unko no Shit DEBUT
2. Diabolik Lovers
3. Toki no Kizuna
4. Storm Lover Kai!!
5. Abunai Koi no Homo Police

Favorite Otome Game Dudes:
1. Sho
2. Tokiya
3. Otoya (FUUUUUUCK you utapri dsgdgd)
4. Souji
5. Saito (FUUUUCKuoki)

Upcoming Attractions: The same shit you saw in this issue. I’m starting to think I won’t be renewing my subscription after September 😆

Sorry I skipped all the Otomate stuff like Eyeless Kare, Hiiro 5 and WOF because I just don’t…care…I can’t see myself playing Otomate games for a few months. I’m still scarred by Amnesia FD, Hanaoni, and Miyako FD ( ≖Д≖;). I am mildly interested in Diabolik Lovers if I can force myself to get over Yui’s personality. ( ´_ゝ`) Also I’d imagine the Tokuten drama CDs that come with it will probably be dummy mic and probably the only Tokuten Drama CDs worth listening to :lol:.


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  1. Yea these magazines are pretty massive and have a lot of info in “advance” but I don’t really think it’s worth it anymore. I’m probably not going to be renewing my subscription lol.
    I definitely recommend quin rose. Now that I’ve jumped on their bandwagon it’s difficult for me to go back to Otomate’s mary sues 😆
    There’s really not “point to Yuugiroku”. It’s just play mini games while Chizuru dreams and then wakes up and does some random mini event with the guy XD;
    I doubt the diabolik lovers daddy has a route (isn’t he dead anyway?)

    And sure I’ll add you to my blogroll ^^

  2. Hello! Thank you for your review. I never knew whole news updates would be in B’Log. OTL
    Surprisingly I just found your blog OTL (again) and if you don’t mind, I’d like to add yours on my blog (which doesn’t contain anything that much.) >。<
    OMG, I’m totally a newbie to otome games. I just started playing them very recently (plus my poor Japanese skills). I never realized that Otomate might disappoint us. So far I’ve played ONLY Otomate stuffs OTL (again). (I almost knew ONLY Otomate, after all.) Aw (disappointed with myself). But lately I’m interested in Grimm and Arabians Lost, so I might pause my Otomate stuffs and try QuinRose.
    Oh, well, that’s why the sample pictures in Hakuouki Yuugiroku2 seem weird. I never knew Yone-sensei had left.
    And to tell you the truth, I can’t force myself to finish the first Yuugiroku. Beside the language that’s too difficult for me, I just felt like ‘what’s this all about!?’
    And, Diabolik Lovers, wow! If that’s the guys’ father, I hope he has a route, too! (which I don’t think he has. (what’s this paradox, by the way?))
    And I’ll definitely have my eye on Yandere!
    Thanks again!

  3. yea I’m still on the fence about Custom Drive since the yen dropped to 78 again =_= so I’m thinking to save money for all the upcoming quin rose games. they’re about to announced a sequel to oumagatoki (not hyakki but an actual sequel) so I think I’ll just buy QR games only from now on lol.

    oh and sure thing I’ll add you to my blogroll!

  4. Otomate, you should know, that you can’t get money with dumb and eyeless heroines anymore… *sigh*

    “Nothing shows affection better than a CAGE~” Yeah, of course, that’s….. WHAT…?! щ(ºДºщ) Sorry, I don’t think that we fangirls love cages… WTF… (ಠ_ಠ)

    Oh, I just pre-ordered Custom Drive, hopefully it will be a good game! The CG’s are so CUTE, so I hope it’s worth of it. I’m wondering, if the dialogues are at least half as funny as in Storm Lover.
    I think the game won’t be like: “Playing the route for the 3rd time” or something like that, since the character personalities are changeable. So each personality = different route?!
    Don’t let me down D3P!!!

    Btw… I would like to exchange links with you, if that’s okay for you Hinano? 😀

  5. OH LOL
    It really is a shame Yone had to leave….TwT I really hate how otomate just removed her name from the credits in the mag…
    Yes there really is better games out there….I just have to study jap more to play them OTL

    LOL i haven’t played Debut yet….Guess Ill just stay away from that one…

  6. I will explain it’s very simple.
    Hakuoki: Otomate keeps making more and more games with it when the original artist (Kazuki Yone) no longer even works there. They keep hiring noobs to trace Yone’s art just so they can milk more money out of Hakuoki products. Hakuoki was an okay game but I’ve played enough games to know that there are ones way better out there.

    Utapri: I loved UtaPri until Broccoli released debut, shit on everyone’s faces and decided to please yaoi fangirls. Therefore i now hate broccoli and utapri franchise.

    Thanks for reading the blog!

  7. I posted but comment isn’t showing….owo;;;; just say again…

    I bought one toooooooo~~ although it had tax so it was more expensive..;;;
    I really haven’t played a lot of otome games but I think it is worth looking at the magaziness

    Too bad you don’t like Hakuouki or Uta pri….i love themmmm
    They aren’t *FUUUUCKuoki*…..;-; why hate them so much?
    I mean it can get really boring but….*twiddles fingers*

    Anywhoooo I L.O.V.E. your bloggg~<3
    Keep up the great job!

  8. Lol yeah pretty much, I’m pretty upset they’re removing Peter. He was definitely one of my favorite characters (and the fact that he was, you know a rabbit, just kind of made me more biased towards him) but towards the new guy I just feel nothing but bitter hatred LOL. Yeah I agree I might not buy the Diamond game, especially if Peter’s not listed anymore :\ I don’t understand why they even got rid of Peter `-`

  9. lol yea your rage is pretty much a mirror of my own. I’m now not sure whether to throw my money at Quin rose or not lmao xD; They’re already releasing 1 game per month starting September so maybe I will just buy Hyakki & School Wars and call it a year ww

  10. “you get to get it on in a forbidden relationship with your targets!” best. theme. ever.

    And Alice…


    I just – I don’t – uhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuuuuu (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Peter was one of my favorite characters…. ; – ; I love rabbits and Peter was just so forking cuddly and I was just always like “YES YOU CAN HAVE MY BABIES PETER” of all the forking characters to get rid of WHY PETER? And why replace him with a total jackass!!?????? Ahhhgajfkl;ajfklads; I hate you QuinRose but I love you still. I don’t even know how to feel about Diamond no Kuni no Alice. I mean, why would they have gotten rid of Peter who’s like one of the Alice characters everyone remembers cause of his crazy obsession with Alice? :C I am disappoint son. I wonder if they’ll even like list a reason as to why they got rid of Peter and replace him with some crazy bitchin mofo. BLAGH. Y U DO DIS QR. Why did you have to get rid of Peter? And Pierce? ;-; Gah regardless of this TAKE ALL MY MONEY. JUST TAKE IT ALL RIGHT NOW (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡$$$$$ <(^p^<) <–QuinRose company.

    T_T guess I'll go cry in a corner now. Thanks for your review! ;v; awesome review as always but some of this news makes me want to go QQ in a corner for the next few days because of lack of characters and my soon to become empty wallet….. lmao

  11. seeing how Peter doesn’t even have a voice actor listed I’m under the impression he’ll be no different than some background fodder character or flashback material 😦

  12. …so Pierce was removed and now Peter is left in the back? WHY.JPG (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ I’m so saddened though I was so hyped about it xq Well I still am and will definitely buy the game but it kinda disappoints me now.
    I don’t want a drama with Peter on Sidney’s route or him to be laidback like that ;-;
    The art at least changed, I like it better now but Blood’s hair is too short for my tastes xD

    Thanks for the review as always :3

  13. (T∇T)アハハ・・・(_ _lll)ハハ・・・ I’m too poor to afford EMS.
    Well, maybe I’ll try ordering something from CDJ. If the bonuses are worth the shipping fee, I guess I’ll make CDJ my new friend. lololol~~~
    Thanks for the info!

  14. ooh ok i’m not sure but CDJ does accept paypal?
    i always pay EMS shipping and get the game in like 4 days XD:

  15. Does CDJ accept debit card? I don’t have a credit card. (T^T)
    It’d be nice if they do. I would like me some freebies too. Hahaha~
    But it’s free delivery to my place if I order from play-asia, so mostly I buy from that site.

  16. I prefer CD Japan as they usually have some preorder bonuses & stuff (and their point system is really nice)
    Once it shows up on CDJ I’ll probably stuff the link in my sidebar 8D

  17. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) high-5!
    I’m already stalking play-asia for the pre-order release. But noooooooo~щ(ʘ╻ʘ)щ, they don’t have it put up in the list yet.

  18. isn’t she??? XD I love it, all QR games heroines are like this I’m so glad I didn’t put off their games until next year like I originally intended to!

  19. Cero D for Hyakki? Miki Shin in a Cero D game? *nosebleeds* Take my money, QuinRose. TAKE IT. Can’t wait for it to be released! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!
    I just got my Oumagatoki yesterday! The heroine is so badass hilarious. LOLOLOLOL~~~

  20. I’m not a fan of yandere but I just love me some dummy head mic…. 😆
    Yea I’m not sure about custom drive either, the customization seems fun but story wise it seems like it would get boring quick though the CGs look really cute.

  21. believe it or not there’s probably the 30% of drama CDs, BL, vocaloid, anime and Otomate crap that I actually DIDN’T scan. The magazine’s like almost an inch thick lol

  22. I don’t even know if I want to play Diabolik Lovers! lol, I’m just not a big fan of yandere’s but we’ll see.

    I want to play Custom Drive too BUT I’m holding out on it first since I’m not sure how the game would go. The only interesting part is the customization for the boys..!

    Yeah, I hated that Hiiro no Kakera was split into 2 seasons, like, wtf. I want to play the ps3 version of the game! O;

    I actually want to play Toki no Kizuna but yeah, it’s like a mix of…Hiiro no Kakera and Hakuouki lol.

    …(,,#゚Д゚) Yandere Heaven ..well! I’d like to see a review on that!

    AND OF COURSE! UtaPuri & Hakuouki boys would be on the top 5 LIST! AND WHYYYY are Hakuouki boys STILL there? Especially Saito! (;゚д゚)

  23. I don’t know if it’ll be Cero D but maybe it will be xD;; Don’t take my word just yet!
    And yep Hino Satoshi ^^
    Its all for PSP, there’s only a few PC games coming out (and most are R-18 crap lol)

  24. AHH!~ Can’t wait till Diabolik Lovers comes out~ (I’ll probably fangirl/cry at the yandere waves all of them sadists give ^^;) :O I’m excited for Glass Hearts Princess (if that’s the name o__o) it looks pretty good from the CG!! :DD Also, super excited for School Wars!! Because Hino (if it’s Hino Satoshi) + Cero D = FANGIRL MODE ON dkaglahglanha \( ^/////^)/ LET ME HEAR DAT SMEXY VOICE OF YOURSSS~ Is it out for PSP or PC? D: ?! Awh, I wish I could get these magazines TT_____TT ! Hope you review some of the games here~

  25. You don’t know me and I don’t know you and I don’t even know if you’re ever going to see my reply, but I’d just like to say : SECOND THIS SO HARD. I never knew I needed 01 and Wakaouji-sensei and Hikami and JUST ABOUT EVERYONE in 3D until I saw it in action. But mostly, remakes on a portable device with a better screen and sound chip than a DS. ;___;

  26. Most likely not, after all princess in the battlefield is the next one in the continent series, and all the continet series games are linked in some way… mostly for the fantasy stuff and since school wars is QR going for things other than fantasy… also if IRC the anounce of princess in the battlefield was close to Crimson Empire so they probably already dumped some hints about it since then… I made obvious enough how much I’m hoping for that game? -.-U

  27. Odd thing is that Peter is popular. He was 4th in the poll and was competing with Boris for the 1st spot for a good long time. The twins are much less popular according to the poll and yet they’re still in the game as usual. I don’t think it’s about our popular characters at all, I think it’s QR’s staff most popular characters and they don’t seem to like Peter at all, despite him being so important to the storyline. After all, if they listened to what the fans wanted they would have shut up about Lorina already and given Boris more endings instead of always shoving in that 3P crap with Blood and Vivaldi, since Vivaldi is unpopular (and yet people miss her already, I believe the new queen will be very hated by the fandom). I really don’t know what to think, I have very cool ideas for this game, like dating faceless Peter (meaning he still has a route), but QR seldom goes the direction I want with the Alice series. Being in the background my mean we only see him in flashbacks and that Alice occasionally thinks about him 😦

    And yeah, Gowland, Vivaldi and Pierce are officially thrown out used socks in this game 😦

  28. Oh I hope you get to play Oumagatoki soon, it was a great game! Not sure about school wars but looking at that pic I wouldn’t be surprised 😆

  29. after barkuoki I’m done with the shinsengumi, I don’t care if Quin Rose does it DONE lmao.
    pretty sure its a dummy head mic drama CD series so feel free to ignore it for now XD

  30. Wow, Cero D! I noticed that rating for Hyakki Yakou when I checked QR’s website the other day… and maybe School Wars, too, huh? Cool! I bought Oumagatoki. Haven’t started it yet though since I’m playing Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku. Too many games, so little time, lol. Thanks for sharing the magazine info and pictures!

  31. It COULD be a drama CD, haha. I’ll admit to rolling my eyes so HARD that I didn’t finish reading the text after noticing the big splash banner, which might not be the best habit. But seriously. Shinsengumi. I’m a history nerd and I actually like the Bakumatsu period very much, but come ON.

  32. I don’t even know if he’s the actual dad but I’ve pretty much came to that conclusion by process of elimination 😆 I think all the moms are dead except for Subarun’s so most likely just flashback fodder (which is maybe good cause it means there will be more than blood sucking? XD)

  33. Erm that’s what I said in my post? o_o; The mobage I’m currently playing with the same plot is unvoiced though.

  34. I mean I think Peter will be thee but they said he’d be more in the background this time around 😦 So yea it’s almost like not having him there =s. Maybe eventually they will port all the TMGS games to PSP i mean look how popular the 3rd one was XD

  35. All Quin Rose games pretty much follow the same formula (strong heroin with a personality and the men who bend to her wlil) so if you like one you’ll likely enjoy the others. xD At least that’s how it’s been for me. I mean BC PC had a bunch of blood, being Cero C is nothing out of the ordinary lol. I’m ignoring Otomate and Genroh looks like some crap game they’re crapping out because it feel like its being released only 4 months after its announcement.

    And yea screw the R-18 games lol

  36. I don’t know about School Wars rating yet but seeing that secks tape CG I’d be very surprised if it ends up being Cero C lol

  37. I wonder if princess on battlefield is even gonna happen anymore? I imagine School Wars is the byproduct of that idea? XD;

  38. Seeing Peter disappearing in those screenshots broke my heart ;_:
    I mean I like Elliot and I like Blood and the Twins but Julius & Peter were my fav blah :((((
    Julius looks like he might get a decent route though.

    Like I said Custom Drive COULD be interesting but I can see myself potentially getting tired of seeing the “same character act differently” tbh lol. I love customizing glasses & hats in Storm Lover but I like that I can do it on 6 guys not on 3 lol.

    I thought the Rejet thing is a drama CD series not a game ?

  39. you know a lot of the article for Diamond kept mentioning stuff about Clover so I’m getting the feeling I should get on that soon so I’ll probably get on that in August or something lol. I hope what you’re saying is true and rather “lol we just want to give popular chars routes and toss everyone out like a used sock” 😦

  40. Hooookay well Papamaki looks promising. (Apparently the fandoms name for the Sakamaki bro’s dad lol.) HERE’S TO HOPING FOR A SECRET/EXTRA PAPAMAKI ROUTE. Also I kinda hope you’d actually get to meet the moms in-game? Well obviously not all the moms since I think 2 of them like… Died? (Need to fact ihjsdf) BUT ATLEAST SUBARU’S MOM ‘CAUSE SDJKAH what a cutie <33

  41. I think Souja Crossroad is gonna be voiced? ^_^; (or maybe I could be wrong since I have zero Japanese reading skills). Check out presidiogames.com ^^

  42. lol instead of making plushies i want a tmgs1&2 remake konami (thats why i buy tmgs3 psp while i had my ds copywww) まあ、一応リメイクフラグ立っているからいいやwCustom drive me gusta im gonna buy it (^w^)Take my money d3 pubwwwOh diamond no kuni no alice will be no peter!? ;w;ノオオオオ!Hes the one of my fav characters Orz

  43. I haven’t played any Quinn Rose game but I guess I’ll be getting School Wars.Nice cast ❤

    Oh,Bloody Call is rated Cero C too,right?fhfsjhakasjkhjhgjk

    And in all Otomate games,I'm looking forward to Genroh,mostly because I love Nakamura's art lol. I hope it's good ;_;

    I'm been longing for R-18 games for a while,but none of the upcoming games attract me.Trick or Treat doesn't appeal to me,and that Bunny Cage…urgh INSTA HATE TO THE PEDOPHILE NURSE COZ NO STRANGLING MY NECK K THANKS.Still,I might be playing them lol

  44. Woah! Both Hyakki Yakou and School Wars is CERO D? ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Awesome.
    And that CG with Jesus and the heroine blushing is just JSHGFjlkhlkkfjglfs so cute.

  45. Now I’m even less exited about diamond no kuni than before… THIS is for what you are delaying princess in the battlefield for QR?!!! really sad… still will play it. ¬¬U but seriously japan stop all the S trend is getting tiring. it’s everywhere!!!!

  46. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY RE : DIAMOND NO KUNI. My first reaction was like “…oh cool, there’s a new rabbit and he wears glasses! ….wait, where is Peter? WHERE IS PETER?????” It’s kinda transparent with how the only guys remaining are the ones with ~popularity~ and they seem like they want to reset the franchise and make it more ‘trendy’, but I do hope I’m just being cynical here. MAYBE Sydney’s route would be about Peter and where the hell he went, who knows, it’s not above what Quinrose would do, and apparently he does appear in a lot of flashback scenes or something. Their similar appearances and 180 degrees personality differences can’t be coincidence. Right? RIGHT? (Also, I’m reeally worried about Elliot not being made of fail. That’s the point of his character!)

    IDK man, if Quinrose catches flak for this, they deserve it. They’ve built a core audience out of cynical girls tired of all the other Mainstream Crap, after all. Maybe they’ll get some new users this way, but I don’t think the otome gaming population is big enough to REALLY justify that risk with your main franchises, they’re not EA. I never thought I’d ever be more excited for a Quinrose standalone game than the Alice series, but there it is.

    I’m really eagerly awaiting Custom Drive. (see also : bias disclaimer for this paragraph) I think the main draw isn’t to play it a thousand times to get the clothes CGs, but to go through the guys’ different personalities and mix it up with the clothing style that you like the first times you play? It’s ‘custom made love’ for you, after all. I’d play it somewhat like I’m playing Storm Lover Kai in that regard re : clothing. Doesn’t seem like it’s made for longevity, though it seems like something you can fire up every once in a while when you need a particular fix.

    Oh and : Rejet’s making a new game, I think. It’s about Angry Shinsengumi dudes with Saitou Hajime as the main dude apparently, which makes me instantly roll my eyes.

  47. I have a theory about Peter, but you need to play Clover to get it. And as for Gray trying to kill Nightmare, it’s also explained in Clover. I also have a theory about the Queen, but it’s spoilers for Vivaldi. I think Peter will still be in the game, just not in the form you think.

    That said, I won’t miss Peter that much but I won’t like having him gone for an hateful fag instead. Pretty sad about having both Gowland and Pierce gone too. I do wanna see Boris work though, he’s been a bum on Gowland’s shoulders for 5 games now so it should be interesting. And he’s pretty big on the cover along with Nightmare and Blood, so hoping for at least 3 ends. Also hoping for a real Joker end this time since he’s the only one who seems to remember her and they’ve been teasing us with him for 2 games now, so gimme Joker already. Blood being even more S pisses me off though, I already disliked that attitude in heart, I don’t want even more of it now. I was liking the sweeter direction he was going for in the recent games, why do you gotta ruin that QR?

    Heh, lots of things to dislike and lots of things to worry about. But if this game is about what I think it is and goes the direction I’m hoping it goes, it should be a pretty interesting game. Plus they finally got a good artist to work on this series, so we might get decent kiss CGs now. I’ll at least play screenshot the CGs.

  48. HAHA I CANT HELP IT also looks like bad amazon reviews are still coming in on Amazon Japan lol. I can’t wait to see the sales numbers on Broccoli’s next game. Surely it will not be 60k like Debut.

  49. Custom Drive looks cute. I wonder what the game’s about…?

    And as expected, you’d be most excited for Diamond no Kuni no Alice ^_^

    Nice to see you looking forward to something, your hatred towards UtaPri was kind of contagious (and amusing) /bricked

  50. I don’t even know if the parents are still alive? The sprites could be for flashback purposes for all we know 😆
    I think all the moms are extremely appropriate to their sons personalities lmao ARRA TITS DESUWA is perfect for characters like Raito lmao

  51. I want a secret route for the dad too!! aaskjfgklskg

    And the triplet’s mom. THE TRIPLETS’ MOM. No wonder asfnasklndkg

    Shuu’s mom looks as deceiving as her son, Subaru’s mom looks so tiny and delicate.

    Daddy Sakamaki seems to have diverse taste in women.

  52. +。:.゚ヽ(*´∀)ノ゚.:。+゚ァリガトゥ
    Yea I am worried it will be same scenario but different hair clothes/a few lines. I’d rather have more characters with diff personalities than the same guy I just change a few things here and there..that’s why I’m hesistant =s
    Lol yea I try to keep up with Otomate but when the game actually comes out I just shove it in my backlog lol

  53. Aw come on you know it’s gonna be LMAOOO xDDD I remember Atsumori moaning it was pretty hot lmfao DONT LET ME DOWN REJET xDD
    Haha secret dad route lmaoo. A lot of the pics in this issue had Kanato crying in them it was really sickening lmao.
    You should play Storm Lover! At least it’s a fun game XD;;

  54. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT ECSTACY IN DIALOV = PEROPERO. I bet Rejet + Otomate will be a gigantic troll like with Gekka. Ecstacy for the vampires more like it.. so the bloody end.. LOL.

    If that guy is the dad.. I WANT A SECRET ROUTE /bricked. His design >> Kanato’s lmao. I can totally see where Kanato got his purple hair from.. but where the heck does Ayato and Raito come from? LOL.

    As always, thanks so much for the review on B’s Log although I’ve been like.. very scarce on the otome field lately. I don’t even want to say what I’m looking forward to because I think I’ll just be shoveling my back log out.. or.. attempting to LOL.

  55. おつかれー~~旦_(´ω`*)☆☆ノホホーン

    The guy below Hana-Awase’s pictures is Toyonaga Toshiyuki, the seiyuu for Custom Drive’s Riito. Speaking of which, Shion’s CG from Custom Drive looks meccha cute.. but not sure how things will turn out. If it’s the same scenario with different hair / clothes / accessories then screw it. Maybe I’ll try it first before deciding to buy it or not. 8D

    Also, LOL at how Otomate is producing Cero B (and delayed) games while QR is announcing Cero D ones. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ After seeing their recent delays, I stopped caring about when their games will come out. Let me stay in D3P and QR land in the meantime. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Thanks for the scans!

  56. AH!!!!! TOYONAGA TOSHIYUKI!!!!!! (the seiyuu in the poster lol) He hasn’t really been in otome games. LOL BUT HE’S IN CUSTOM DRIVE! THE OSNANAJIMI!!!

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