Android Otome App Review: Soine Kareshi ~Kakeru~

Good news my fellow Android otome gamers! The Soine App that was hogging the iphone market, has finally arrived to Android! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

The first release is Vol. 1 – Kakeru voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke. He’s 26, and he’s got megane and HE WHISPERS IN YOUR EAR VIA DUMMY HEAD MIC OOOOHHHH YEAAAA (◉◞౪◟◉ )!!

If you’re awake you can open up the app and press talk. He’ll dummy head mic your ears with random phrases which are translated into English at the bottom! That’s right for reasons unknown to me this app is actually in English! All the menus are in English as well so if you can’t read Japanese, no problem! I listened to about 5-6 of the phrases and for the most part, the translations were okay (only 1 or 2 were a bit odd.)

When you’re ready to sleep though, press the Sleepy Mode button and he’ll put on a randy pose for you and take his glasses off. (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟) You can then press talk again and he’ll dummy head your ears some moar. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) There’s a memories album (?) section where you can basically listen to the phrases over & over again if you want to hear a specific one. I’m not sure how they unlock as I was able only unlock about 6-7 of them though there appears to be a total of 60. Maybe you have to buy more I’m not sure. The app itself is actually free so if all you have to pay for are dummy voices SHUT UP AND TAKE MAH MONEY (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ.

Needless to say I recommend this a lot lol. I haven’t tried the alarm function but I probably will  later! This company is the same company that released the English version of the Starry Sky soine apps, but unlike that crap this one is voiced & dummy head so dump your SS apps and get this instead!  Available from Google Play here.

26 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Soine Kareshi ~Kakeru~

  1. OMG OMG OMG I had no idea you were gonna get this app next. Ok, so I got it a long time ago (iPhone user loooool) and holy crapola it’s super super good (except for some grammar errors that make me kinda pissed). On the iPhone there are 12 dudes. I guess they’re gonna add the other 11 later to the android version? Anyways, I can’t wait until you see all the other dudes. They’re so freaking hot. So… Yeah. Your blog is great! KEEP IT UP. I can only read a hiragana, a little katakana, and barely any kanji, so I’m relying on your for my otome game obsession! 😀

    1. yea most likely all the other guys will be added to the android version. I don’t know if I’ll bother reviewing the other guys since essentially they’re all the same just different voice actors xD;; Thank you for reading the blog!

  2. You’ll hate to know that the iphone users just get them all bundled together. So we get twelve lovely mens to whisper sweet nothings in our ear as we sleep. イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン

    Reo is the best in my opinion since he makes cute kissing sounds while saying he called you over in the middle of the night for a reason. (*´д`*)ハァハァ

    It may take a little bit but it seems for the free stuff you can get five pre-sleep verses and five sleepy verses. Also seems from the store you can buy a sweet or naughty pack for a couple of dollars.

    1. Well it was free on android so I guess its no big deal? Oh a naughty pack lmaooo I’ll have to take a look. I’ll wait till all the other seiyuu ones are out and decide which one I wanna blow money on. At this point i’m also holding out for the VitaminX soine apps which I know will probably suck my wallet dry 😆

      1. Ah shucks. xD Posting from my phone is stupid.

        Neither the less I was just gonna say the initally app is free on iphone as well. Only ones that cost money are the Starry Sky ones.

        1. no prob I deleted your other comment 8D
          yea the starry sky ones are lame, they’re not even voiced. I don’t know why anyone would buy that lol

  3. I have this and the other volumes for the iPhone and yup, unless you spend some money, you’re limited to only a couple of phrases that’ll just keep being repeated. I’m not complaining though since it IS free and all. 😀

    1. Thanks for the confirmation, that’s what I figured. I’ll wait till the other guys are out before I decide who I want to spend money on -though I already do like Hirakawa Daisuke to begin with 😛

  4. I grabbed the two pay packs before even trying the app (what, its my favorite character from hiiro no kakera). You get 2 extra alarms along with the new phrases. I lo~ve the alarm function especially with the spicy pack alarm. Set it once and you get a full blown skit every two minutes in your ears where he is trying to wake up his princess with kisses tch. At least thats how my sleep addled brain interpreted it this morning. I don’t know which pack I like better the sweet or spicy ~ thats probably a lie. The spicy pack refers to the scene on the cd where he rolls on top of his girlfriend and doesn’t want to sleep…

    I’ve unlocked all but 5 lines and theyre all really good. Can’t wait for the next guy to show up since there all different character types ~ the alarms should be pretty interesting. Also, I pretty sure the app will work on most types of android devices ~ works great on my tablet when many otome apps don’t. Great when your working late and need a refresher ^_^

    May need a disclamer about unintentional blood loss and blushing fits

    1. What I don’t like is you have to have the app running in order for the alarm to go off. There’s no plug near my side of the bed so I have to rely on my custom kernel and hope the battery lasts until morning. 😦 It sounds interesting though but do you sleep with headphones/earbuds? I don’t so I guess the dummy head thing doesn’t really do much for me in terms of alarm xD;

      1. Imma a ditz ~ forget to check back :p

        I tend to fall asleep with my headphones on listening to cd dramas (and such) anyway, so I found out about the alarm by accident (I set alarms automatically, its a habit). I use jlab ear buds ~ they stay in through pretty much anything short of a deliberate pull with the right fitting cushions and block out a good amount of noise. J3 on up pass my manly voices test once burned in ~ tranfer all the good tones and parts that make you squishy (which is oddly hard to find in ear buds. J1-2 are also good but lack a kick when it comes to the really deep voiced guys.)

        For battery life, besides having a really good kernel, a couple of things can extended battery usage. Checking the battery use to make sure no weird company specific programs are running in the background, using a screen filter app to lower the light on screen (it’s night I don’t wanna flash light all up in my eyes), and putting your phone in airplane mode (stops any searching between tower usage). Those last two can take half a battery easily in a few hours, though I wouldn’t recommend the airplane mode if you know children or pregnant women. I tend to lean towards the someone better be pregnant or… aprroach while sleeping and stick to wifi texts in case of emergency ^_^. Or get a $5-$10 battery/charger set and carry some backups (my charging port fried, so it’s a neccesity =_=)

        Sorry if I was rambling there. I don’t want to seem like I’m spamming your site, so if you don’t mind I’ll ask my unrelated question here.

        Do you still have a problem with your Hakuoki app? I’m not sure, but I think the problem lies with the alarm function. I only had a problem once, before I set all 6 alarms (yeah, I use a lot of alarms, including vocaloid’s len saying the time every 20 minutes ^_^; ) and changed the calender function to the third setting (the one without otomate’s schedule). I don’t know anyone else with the app so I thought I’d ask here.

        It’s either that or chikage kazama is just well behaved ~ which would be weird.

        1. I did change my kernel actually – after i rooted my phone. however sprints speeds are such crap I plan to change carriers to a nonrooted phone which will probably pose problems to me once more. airplane mode is probably a good idea though. but yea my issue is im a light sleeper so even something like headphones/earbuds will keep me uncomfortably awake XD;

          regarding hakuoki, I ended up uninstalling it for 2 reasons:
          1. dumb alarm doesn’t go off unless i keep the app running
          2. the dumb app would RANDOMLY POP UP out of nowhere – sometimes in places it needs to SHUT UP in. it was rather embarrassing and unless i specifically went in and killed the task every morning, it kept popping up. however killing task means that if i didnt turn it back on before bed no alarm the next morning. oh well kusomate quality.i regret buying both hijikata & chikage since they both had this problem.

          i had it set to otomate’s schedule though i wonder if that’s the issue? i dunno but lol im hoping maybe the vitamin x alarms won’t be as terrible? though im guessing without a rooted phone i may not have access to them anyway. we’ll see I suppose.

  5. he looks charming, too bad i can’t play it 😦
    umm… sorry if this question is kinda private, but may i know how old are you? 😀

  6. THIS IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE APP ON MY iPOD TOUCH. I think I might only have a demo, but it includes like all the guys (Kakeru, Jin, Tomoya, Sosuke, Reo, Kazuya, Sei, Ryo, Takahiro, Yuki, Tohma, Satoru, and Masaya).My favourite is probably either Sosuke or Yuki~~ I love this app so much, I wake up to Terashima Takuma breathing in my ear XDXD Which can either be really creepy or really awesome.

    1. I guess the iphone version is different. On android you download each guy separately but since i don’t sleep with headphones the dummy mic effect is lost. also idk about iphone version but on android it lagged/crashed for me so I actually haven’t been using it since ^^;

      1. To be honest, I’ve only woken up to the alarm once, because my earphones never stay on all night except really rarely, when I don’t move at all. I have some problems with mine too, it starts up and then it crashes for some reason, but when that happens, all my apps stop working and it’s so stupid. =.=;; I have to go and buy a new app to make them all work again. While it is my favourite app, it’s really annoying sometimes.

        1. oh okay so I’m glad to hear im not the only one it gives grief to lol. there’s some great otome apps out there but the makers never bother trying to make them compatible with more than like whatever device they used to program it.

  7. am i the only one who cant set the alarm on my iphone. for some reason, its select>select voice>but nothing happens>only can click return, then its back to default 😦

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