Android App Review: Nego Danshi Live Wallpaper

Ok you’re probably wondering wtf this has to do with otome stuff but…

These 2 nukos are voiced by Shimono Hiro & Tachibana Shinnosuke which are in a lot of my otome games. Basically it’s just a live wallpaper of the cartoon kitty walking around your phone but if you poke it, each seiyuu will say “meow” (or nyaa) in 3 different ways. I couldn’t really recognize Tachibana as much but if you hear Shimono you will surely realize that it’s him 😆 Both cats are free to download from Google Play and if you like hearing seiyuus meowing then you can also check out the drama CDs.


11 thoughts on “Android App Review: Nego Danshi Live Wallpaper”

  1. OMG, I totally forgot that they’re making the android app. I just saw this last week at ponytale and kinda jealous at those using iPhone until I saw that they’re making the android app.
    Thanks for sharing the links *goes to grope the neko*

  2. it must be country restricted then orz. I actually usually look it up on the web store (via link i provided) and install it that way so I can see everything on a bigger screen.

  3. Oh cute! I wanted to use this! I tried looking it up in the google play store but its not popping up O___O! What did you type to find it?

  4. yea the only limitation with android is without rooting some Japanese apps won’t let you download them but if you’re rooted you’re good to go! 😀 (which is a huge reason behind why I don’t want to switch carriers anytime soon lol.)

  5. Yeah pretty much that’s it, cat 1 or 2 walks around the screen and wait for u to poke it. I wanted to delete it before but decided to keep it, in case I feel like I wanna hear a nya every now and then lol. Yeah so much limitations with iOS I’m seriously considering android once my 3GS retires.

  6. isn’t it because iphone has wallpaper limitations or something? 😆 What does the stand alone app do? just walk around until you poke it? Lol. Tbh the app is cute but since I bring my phone to work I don’t think I can have it running – at least not with the voice turned on 😆

  7. There’s an iPhone version of this too, but it’s just a standalone app. U guys get all the fancy live wallpapers and stuff (−_−;) Tachibana’s nya seems a bit ero to me? Lmao. And it would be nice if they could say some brief one-liners from the CD’s. But yeah it’s pretty cool ^_^

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