Otome Game Review: Heartful Chance!

This is a free English otome game made by Studio Sprinkles. You can download it at their site. The heroine Eimi is a 17 year old high school student who’s having a midlife crisis apparently. Her friend(?) Charlotte is conniving bitch who blackmails her into writing a love letter to her crush. She forces Eimi to sneak into the boys locker room to stuff the love letter she wrote on Charlotte’s behalf into the guy’s locker. While looking for Tetsuya’s locker, Eimi runs into a half naked dude named Kouhei. Eimi drops the letter in the locker Kouhei points her to, and runs out in shame. After Charlotte successfully starts dating Tetsuya, she tells everyone with her big fat mouth and now the entire school appoints Eimi as their love letter writing princess.

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