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Otome Game Review: Storm Lover 2nd

Storm Lover 2nd is as you can see a sequel to Storm Lover/Storm Lover Kai!! This time however it features a new heroine and a new set of guys, with the exception of Nanao Shiina from the previous games. Our heroine Arashiyama Mari, has just moved to town and starts her 2nd year of high school at St. Louis High. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Storm Lover 2nd


Otome Game Review: Storm Lover NatsuKoi!!

So remember that “beach school trip” thing in Storm Lover Kai? Basically this fandisk is dedicated to “expanding” it to be more than just a 1 time event. This time you spend 3 days with your guy and you get a chance to even start as “friends” and work your way up to lovers. Additionally they FINALLY gave routes to Takashi, Chihiro & the hidden character from this scenario. Unfortunately as with the previous game, it does give you the option to NTR though fortunately it doesn’t give you CGs so it’s not a requirement! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! The gang stays at a fancy shmancy time share mansion funded by Yuuto while they have fun in the sun!

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Otome Game Review: Storm Lover Kai!!

Our heroine Igarashi Yuuna moves into a new town and transfers to Saint Louis High. As she gets used to her surroundings, she gets to meet some hot dudes at her school. If she successfully stalks them and gets them to confess she’ll get a new boyfriend however she must be careful…if she screws up in their relationship, the guy will dump her or some ho will steal him. It’s up to you to make sure Yuuna’s relationship succeeds within a span of 1 year. Welcome to Tokimeki Memorial D3P Style 😆

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Otome Game Review: Pet Detective Y’s

I’ve been meaning to play this game ever since I played Amedeo’s other games. This is an all ages game btw, something AMEDEO should just stick to doing honestly (no more juruu’s please xDDD) The heroine of the story is Futaba Yuuka, age 17, who was also Misuzu’s “best friend” character in Kare to Kare no Hazama de. Her uncle owns a pet detective agency and he goes on vacation or something so he asks her to take care of it, as well as the multitute of animals in there. (It’s like a zoo you got cats, hamsters, monkeys birds etc lol) Not to fret though, Yuuka isn’t alone because her uncle left her with his jigolo robot Barious. Apparently he was thrown out so her uncle picked him and uses him to cook/clean and stuff. xD Unfortunately Bari has tendencies to switch to jigolo mode and spray phermones everywhere lmao. And so, Yuuka’s adventures as a pet detective begin! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Pet Detective Y’s