Eternal Dungeon coming this week

I should be excited for this but I’m not. Stupid game guard errors crash my game at least once a day to the point that I’ve completely given up playing other than logging in & out once per day and selling some items. I don’t think this is a challenge since it didn’t say it was. I think it’s just like a sort of grinding map I guess?

The other thing I noticed in the screenshots, the characters are wearing totally new avatars. Whether these will be rentals or permanent gacha I don’t know but I’m leaning towards gacha since MK loves those =_=; Ruko looks like she has some kind of chinese dress and Nagi has some red & white dress? Hmm I guess we’ll find out by Wednesday & Thursday. I’m busy working on my first vocaloid PV that I want to get done by Thursday night so I won’t be doing much playing. I still have 60% left until 54 so I guess I’ll be behind everyone for a bit.