I can’t believe MK took my suggestion O_o

So for that MK-Style survey I suggested “vocaloid collaboration” avatars for the characters…I can’t believe they took my idea seriously:

I believe this avatar is permanent and you can get it if you purchase one of M.O.V.E.’s albums animove or whatever. You would enter the serial code from that. I don’t know why Shubalman and Ilishia always get avatars and all the other chars get ignored. Like with the skii outfits, blue marine wear, Ilishia, Ilishia, Ilishia. I don’t even use Ilishia. God whatever 🙄

Instead of taking my suggestions for stuff that would make money, I wish they would listen to my suggestions on improving the game -_-. We’ll see how Eternal dungeon turns out this week, but I’m not keeping my hopes up.