I guess MK is desperate lol – upcoming events

On Friday morning 6-8AM (7-9PM Japan time) there will be 3x experience. Since I’ve not been playing all week because of the stupid crashing (which btw each crash increases your ram usage by a gig) maybe they will fix the crashing and I’ll actually be able to play.

The next thing is Gpara is having one of those best online game contests. If you vote for Tartaros and we make it between 1-10th place, everyone will receive a prize depending on what place Tartaros gets. Anyway to vote go here and click the first orange button to vote. Here are the prizes for everyone based on rank (please note that the prizes are for EVERYONE, not just certain people.):

1st place = some fugly red wings that increase damage +5 (??), 100 cash revival scrolls, an exp event.
2-5th place = 50 cash revival scrolls, exp event.
6-10th place = 10 cash revival scrolls, exp event.

Not that I think Tartaros should be #1 but yea revival scrolls are useful >_>.  Anyway there will probably be some other events after Thursday’s maintenance but unless they fix the stupid crashing, I will only be playing during the 3x exp 🙄