Otome Game Survey

Aksys Games is interested in bringing some Otome Games to the US. More importantly they are interested if you would buy any. So please cast your votes here! I personally don’t care since I play my games in Japanese…but considering how 90% of R-18 games are complete and utter CRAP I don’t think I’d ever buy most of the games I played anyway >_>; The only game that comes to mind that I would buy (if the fking yen to the dollar ratio wasn’t so terrible) is probably Bloody Call.

Kaz x Lucia Halloween?

Man I really wish I had 3D studio max. Moving meshes around is soooo annoying in Metasequia ィャ((´д`●))三((●´д`))ィャ So umm yea boredom led me to make something silly xD; Continue reading Kaz x Lucia Halloween?

Messing around with body movements

Messed around a bit with Arin’s model

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