Teonep Pirate Ship repeatable quests

If you do these 5 quests – which will complete if you successfully complete the map – you will earn a little over 36,000 exp per run. It’s only 1 room so this is our new jooou guys. Warning you need at least 1 pinko and either a Nagi or Aerlot to heal.


Massive upgrade system update.

Wow okay so let me explain wtf they did to the new upgrade system. It’s good and bad at the same time. More updates after the jump =v=; Continue reading “Massive upgrade system update.”

Fireworks gathering~!

Hope to see as many you as I can!

New Challenge: Treasure Island

So along with the level 53 skills, the next update will include the level 54 challenge. It will require 1400 content points and unfortunately you will need to grind up to level 54 to do it. The weird part is they show this pirate boss man but I thought we had to fight a giant octopus!! 😆 Continue reading “New Challenge: Treasure Island”

Finally some updates..!

So finally we’re getting the scenario. In Korea it was Berto part 2 but it will be called “Arc Royal Sets Sail to the Sea of Freedom”.  The new update will raise the cap to level 54 (which is what it is currently in Korea I believe…) It will also bring us the level 53 skills (omg Cromodo & Elpintos are the best xDDDD) Also there will be the next set of C level armor/weapons (Level 52 I guess?) There will probably be new cash items as well. Continue reading “Finally some updates..!”