Imporant Change in Death Penalty

I’m so pissed off I want to break something. I can’t believe MK would pull a fucking cheap move like this. Before I rage further let me basically explain.

Before – when you are in a party, if a party member dies as long as they stay dead, the rank will not drop at the end of the game. If they revive with any scroll (cash or normal) the rank will drop.

Death penalty change – when someone dies RANK WILL DROP REGARDLESS. The ONLY WAY for rank to NOT drop is if you use one of those cash revival scrolls. So now, if you die and you don’t have a cash revival scroll you MIGHT AS WELL revive because whether you’re dead or not, RANK WILL DROP. FFFFFUUUUUU 😡 😡 😡

I’m so fucking pissed off. Now nobody is going to party with Cromodos or Nagis or Ilishias unless they’re like overpowered because let’s face it, those characters often die. This is so fucking stupid. Way to make me dislike the game even further. God damnit, when RO2 is out I’m quitting for real. I’m not spending anymore money on this game. This game is headed the same route as Megaten, and I’m done with this shit.

Sigh the only good thing is the sunflower event. The sunflower head item at least gives dodge +3 and crit +2 which would be a pretty decent item for my Ruko. Additionally you can get C stones and hey those special cash revival scrolls HUR HUR HUR =___= SIGH god I’m so pissed off about this I can’t believe MK would stoop this low. I still haven’t gotten my computer put together so I’m stuck playing on JP’s laggy laptop T___T