Poupee Beach Event

I was waiting for this haha…but I think most of the bathing suits are really ugly!! @@; I think the ones from previous years were so much nicer… :S I dig the inflateable tubes though. That’s a great accessory! 😀 Also the little crab moves around 😆

A slap in the face by MK Style.

I woke up this morning and checked the Tartaros site for updates  from my phone (since my computer’s dead until I build a new one 😆 ) I saw some weird event and I clicked on the announcement. Since my phone can now play niconico I played the video….only to see a bunch of fucking whores spreading their legs and taking their tops off and showing their (lack of) tits.

WHAT THE FUCK!? Needless to say a few hours later the movie was removed because a lot of players have raged in multiple threads on the Tartaros forums. MK doesn’t seem to realize most Tartaros players are girls and girls don’t wanna see fucking AV porn sluts geez. Anyway just for the hell of it I decided to translate some comments from the forums. Translations below the jump. Continue reading A slap in the face by MK Style.