More Kaver Shard stuff

I think you guys are getting tired of me flooding with all the Tartaros spam but this may be the last of it lol

Besides a new map and new character/scenario the update brings in new junk to spend cash on (but of course MK Style doesn’t want my money!)

The difference is now the cash items will actually give you additional stats, rather than just be for the looks. This includes all the old items. I’m pretty sure the old items gave stats in closed beta as well so I was kinda thrown off as to why in the OB they didn’t give any. Oh well my outfit expires in like 3 days anyway and then my shota will be so hideous I may not want to play with him anymore xDDDDDDDDD

Also this. Why the hell do we need this? It brings back flashbacks of Daisy’s misfortune, it’s not cute, its facking hideous lol. =_= I expect some people to pay money for this thing though sigh lol. 😆 Currently my characters are 32 Soma, 24 Cromodo, 25 Nagi, 17 Shubalman, 19 Pinko, 14 Aerlot and 12 Ilishia. Trying to get the rest of my team up (except Ilishia and Aerlot because I really only need 5 active people for scenario). Aerlot is weak but he does have a skill that wipes out status ailments (such as stun) at level 20 but ugh leveling him up… 😕

Pangya’s having Valentine’s Day update this week so I might be busy with that, this will give those who are behind an opportunity to catch up to me xD


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