Otome Game Review: The Exorcism of Maria ~Complete Edition~

Mary Crow is a young exorcist and she’s sent to a Japanese priest school from the Vatican to further enhance her studies. I don’t know why the hell anyone would send someone to learn about western religion in an eastern country BUT LET’S ROLL WITH IT! When she comes to Japan she’s given the name Maria, but Maria’s job isn’t just to study. Her job is to help exorcise demons that keep attacking the school, as well as attacking her. Turns out Maria is a demon magnet because she has a cursed blood flowing through her which is a curse that’s been passed through thousands of years in the Crow family lineage.  Fortunately the secret of Maria’s exorcism powers are the fact that she has contracted with a demon named Uriel when she was a loli. He’s like her pokemon who will go out, beat up the demons and then eat them as a tasty snack. All Maria ever does is just throw some holy water or smack them with a bible 😆 Unfortunately these little low rank demons are just busywork for Maria who’s now the target of an organization called Hellfire, as they are trying to use her as a sacrifice to summon the great demon Azazel.

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Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama -All Star-

OP Movie removed cause Broccoli has a stick up their ass about foreigners watching their youtube videos

So I ran a backlog poll on my blog a few weeks ago and All Star was the top choice so while waiting for my Amnesia Crowd to arrive I figured it would be a good way to kill a week. Surprisingly the game took longer than a week but ultimately – I REGRET NOTHING. Those who read my Debut review may remember my SCATHING words towards UtaPri and Broccoli and the many tables that were flipped during broadcast. Fortunately, Broccoli listened to their reviews on Amazon, kicked out all the fanfic writers and had Mr. Crazy Goat handle the storyline this time around. With this, the game went back to being a fun game about a hard working music composer and the idols she composes songs for. Our story this time is Haruka has no partner and she ended up graduating all on her own efforts (fuck yea screw those men Haruka you don’t need them!) She wasn’t able to take the master course cause all the guys were busy BLing up with each other and leaving her forever alone. Haruka’s new job is to compose a song for the Christmas concert featuring the special shuffle unit with the 4 senpais: Reiji, Ranmaru, Ai and Camus. In addition, after this she must partner up with one of them and compose a song to enter into the music festival competition. If she does not win the competition she will not be able to debut and will be kicked out of the agency.

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Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama Debut

Op movie removed cause Broccoli hates gaijins but that's okay this game sucked anyway and nothing of value was lost.
Op movie removed cause Broccoli hates gaijins but that’s okay this game sucked anyway and nothing of value was lost.

So after graduating Saotome academy Haruka is ready to “debut” with her dude until Saotome bursts in saying they all need to take a master course first. The master course will be lead by one of their idol senpais and the goal is to come up with a song in 3 months. If they succeed the senpai will give them a brother emblem which will be a token of passing to debuting. All the guys have to move in with their senpais leaving Haruka forever alone as she “works hard on her own”. And well they weren’t kidding because in this game Haruka pretty much tags along as the senpais give all the princes the run around with their attitudes. Not sure if this takes place before or after the fandisks but seeing how all the characters personalities get warped to horrible extremes, abandon all hope after the jump!

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Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-Sama♪ -Sweet Serenade-

Op movie removed cause Broccoli doesn’t want gaijins feasting their eyes on their 2D men

Well again same as the previous fandisk but this time the routes are for the Class S guys + Ringo & Ryuuya sensei. Class A guys are starring in a movie so they’re too busy to hang out with you until Ringo’s route.

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Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-Sama♪ -Amazing Aria-

OP movie removed cause of Broccoli’s anti-gaijin policy

This is the first UtaPri fandisk that came out featuring Class A + Cecil (and one more who I won’t spoil in the intro paragraph x3.) While Class S is busy doing recording for a new drama, Haruka gets to have fun with the class A dudes overcoming whatever random drama comes their way. Not going to be too much here as each route was only 4 chapters but more after the jump!

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