Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama Debut

Op movie removed cause Broccoli hates gaijins but that's okay this game sucked anyway and nothing of value was lost.
Op movie removed cause Broccoli hates gaijins but that’s okay this game sucked anyway and nothing of value was lost.

So after graduating Saotome academy Haruka is ready to “debut” with her dude until Saotome bursts in saying they all need to take a master course first. The master course will be lead by one of their idol senpais and the goal is to come up with a song in 3 months. If they succeed the senpai will give them a brother emblem which will be a token of passing to debuting. All the guys have to move in with their senpais leaving Haruka forever alone as she “works hard on her own”. And well they weren’t kidding because in this game Haruka pretty much tags along as the senpais give all the princes the run around with their attitudes. Not sure if this takes place before or after the fandisks but seeing how all the characters personalities get warped to horrible extremes, abandon all hope after the jump!

Shinomiya Natsuki – I don’t know if I picked a bad route to start with or what but this was a disaster. So Haruka buys Natsuki this teddy bear that he can hug when he moves in with Ai & Sho once more. The two of them don’t see each other much because they have to hide their relationship from Ai. So when one day Natsuki starts making out with Haruka on his bed Ai is like AHEM GAIZ I’M STILL HERE. He starts bitching at Natsuki saying that he’s an idol and he should be better at hiding his relationship with Haruka. So then shit hits the fan when during one of the practices, Ai’s arm falls off and everyone’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚. Turns out AI is a robot (for Artificial Intelligence). He’s a singing robot aka a vocaloid created by Saotome and since Haruka accidentally finds out his secret, the professor asks Haruka to help take care of him. He gives Haruka an instruction manual on what to do in case Ai overheats or something. And so because Haruka ends up keeping this “Secret” from Natsuki, he starts having major trust issues WHICH LEADS HIM TO A MENTAL BREAK DOWN.  Haruka watches it like some kind of fucking retard and instead of reassuring him she stands there like a log and Natsuki eventually chucks Haruka’s bear and runs out. Haruka goes to run after him but then Ai stops her GOD DAMNIT AI FUCK OFF (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻. After giving Haruka is dumb speech about Natsuki’s insecurities WHICH I KNOW BTW I PLAYED REPEAT KTHX finally Haruka runs to the ocean where she finds Natsuki playing the viola. AND INSTEAD OF FUCKING COMFORTING HIM SHE GOES “I WANT TO DEBUT WITH YOU TOO” AND SHE TURNS AROUND AND RUNS HOME TO COMPOSE MUSIC. ヽ(。_゜)ノ

Natsuki then goes to on a classical music program to perform with his viola the southern cross waltz and afterwards meets up with Haruka in the recording room. He starts thinking that maybe he’s better off being a viola player rather than an idol. Sho then breaks the news that he’s debuted on a tv program on his own.-_- Poor Natsuki is the only one who still hasn’t debuted or something =_= So then Ai says he knows Natsuki wants to enter a contest for classical music. As Ai plays a song on the Violin it’s is the same song that Natsuki’s biatch teacher who abandoned him played. Natsuki then runs off telling Haruka he needs to be alone cause he can’t let go of the past. So then Natsuki runs off to god knows where for an entire WEEK like wtf dude you need to debut what are you doing @_@. They finally find him and he’s  moping around saying he’s not good enough and he’s just holding Haruka back and that he can’t sing and that Ai should sing in his place. So then he starts refusing all his idol jobs and refusing to see anyone too. And so at the classical music competition apparently the stupid biatch teacher of Natsuki’s is there too! JFC. And after the concert Natsuki finds out that the “secret” Haruka was keeping from him is that Ai is a robot.  The fact that Natsuki COULDNT SING OVER THIS IS FUCKING STUPID. Sigh and so they make up blah blah.  Love End: Ai goes out of service because the project’s put on halt by Saotome. Natsuki performs  Top Star Revolution and then Saotome tells them that Haruka, Natsuki & Sho will debut with Ai helping them out….no idea why Sho is involved since he wasn’t around most of the time.

Natsuki & Haruka randomly end up in his room making out but we didn’t even get a kiss CG. Friend End: Sho finds out that Ai’s a robot and then gets in a fight with Natsuki. Natsuki goes to perform on his own. So then Sho shows up and Natsuki is so happy he trips like a little girl and Sho GRABS HIS HAND TO HELP HIM  UP LIKE A MANLY MAN. CUE BROMANCE SCENARIO CAUSE HARUKA DROPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH LOL. Senpai End: Haruka vanishes again as Ai pretty much takes over to train Natsuki & Sho on his own…poor Haruka…But then she magically appears just in time for Natsuki to ask her to marry him someday. So then they decide to try to find Ai’s weak point and accidentally reboot him lmfao. He then tells them he’s a “song robot” created by Saotome lmfao. Vocaloid xD. At their performance of Triangle Beat, Ai overheats but says he wants to perform anyway. The next day he gives Haruka the brother emblems and says it’s been fun as he runs off. He leaves a letter saying that his condition’s too unstable and he can’t take care of them like this so he asks them to become idols on their own. They run after him saying he’s their senpai and they can’t be idols without him!! This ending was so LONG it was clearly obvious where most of the writing effort went in this route. Haruka? Who’s Haruka? Also the fact that Sho would randomly drop & show up in between Ai hogging screentime was  weird. I kept questioning whether or not Sho was part of this unit but then he’d show and be like HAY GAIZ IMA SING TOO. I was like ORLY? Sigh.

Kurusu Sho – Fortunately compared to Natsuki, Sho’s route was actually pretty good…(aside from the boring as sin and long ass senpai ending.) There was some inconsistencies from Natsukis like how first they have to CONVINCE Ai to be their Master Course senpai :roll:. Some arra tits desu wa ho shows up  (which I later found out is Ren’s ex) named Seira and starts bitching at Haruka saying how much she sucks. Wtf man? What’s dumb is the game assumes we already know who she is lol. Sho comforts Haruka by having them play Oto no Prince-sama together lol. Turns out he was the one getting comforted because he found out that he was getting kicked off his program and replaced by others. Ai catches Haruka & Sho hugging and his circuits break and he starts repeating WHAT IS LOVE (baby don’t hurt me) until his system shuts down. The professor comes in and tells all 3 of them that Ai is a robot. I love how in Natsuki’s route keeping this a secret caused so much drama but here it’s like “yep he’s a robot.” Professor then also asks Haruka & co. to teach Ai about LOVE! Oh my god what game am I playing 😆 Everyone gathers at Sho’s place to celebrate his birthday but of course Ai comes home and starts bitching. Ai’s bitch fest continues when he wants to kick Sho out of their practice sessions because he’s “bringing the group down”. Why the fuck would a robot even know how a HUMAN BEING feels when working together in a group? He doesn’t even have the concept of love and relationships programmed in his stupid tin can head. Eventually since Natsuki loves Sho so much he says he wants to practice only with Sho so Ai is forced to agree whether he likes it or not (though he complains like a whiny bitch about it and eventually starts *gasp* SHOWING EMOTIONS!)

Shit hits the fan when Natsuki & Ai are chosen to star in a musical but Sho is left out because the producer thinks his skills are not up to par. Fortunately somehow Sho ends up passing the audition and so the rehearsal for the musical begins. The director asks Haruka to make bgms for some of the scenes. Sadly things don’t go as planned for Sho and he keeps falling behind all the other members to the point that the director wants to cut him from the cast. Sho keeps feeling down but fortunately after getting some encouragement from Haruka he keeps doing his best and so comes the day of their first performance. Everything seems okay but he messes up and to cover for him Ai and Natsuki help out but then Ai’s circuits go batshit again. Fortunately they manage to do the musical alright but then robo drama ensues when Ai is like “why do you accept me as your senpai, I’m a robot!?” Orz. On top of that, some dumb ho steals Haruka’s song and creates one that sounds exactly like it BUT THEN HARUKA IS BLAMED FOR IT BECAUSE SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE CAREFUL IN NOT HAVING ANYONE HEAR IT. And so  Natsuki, Ai & Sho offer to be on house arrest for a month just so that Haruka isn’t fired. WTF. ヽ(。_゜)ノ However Saotome comes up with this brilliant plan to THROW SHO AND HARUKA ON SOME DESERTED ISLAND FOR A MONTH SO THAT THEY COME UP WITH A NEW SONG. HOW IS THAT GOING TO SOLVE THINGS LOL. Well fortunately it’s not like gilligan’s island completely and there’s an actual house with electricity & gas so they can live properly (and compose music lol.) This also gives them a chance for *gasp* ROMANCE! Sadly it doesn’t last too long because suddenly Sho gets a message that his mother has fallen ill. ┐(‘~`;)┌  At least he has Haruka to comfort him when he needs her the most instead of how Haruka ignored Natsuki until he had a mental break down ==;;. So then Haruka & Sho work hard in the rain to set off firecracker SOS symbols to try and get Saotome  to notice them so they can find out what’s the deal. Fortunately Sho’s mom is alright she just pulled a hip muscle or something but Saotome asks them not to use such a dangerous method of SOS anymore.

And so after this they continue working on their song and ichaichaing on the beach together.(*´ω`*)  Sadly the reality of how much Ai pisses me off kicked hard in when Haruka & Sho returned from their paradise. Natsuki has his debut decided and Ai acts like a turd saying Sho isn’t good enough so Sho gets pissed and says he’ll debut on his own. So then Sho tells Haruka he needs some time to practice is on his own and in the meantime Haruka works on her song for him. Sadly at the audition with Otoya, while Otoya passes and gets to debut, Sho fails. A few days later Ai tells Haruka that Sho’s chance to debut is gone and that he should have partnered with Natsuki or this wouldn’t have happened. Haruka runs to see Sho who is sitting alone in his room in the dark completely depressed. He says that he tried his best and worked hard but he’s still not good enough. He tells Haruka that she shouldn’t waste her time with him anymore but thankfully Haruka doesn’t give up and Sho himself keeps looking for auditions to enter. He continues moping (though I honestly feel for him) until Haruka & Natsuki both try to tell him that both admire the hard working Sho and tell him to not give up. Just then the idiotic agency gives Sho a packet of fanletters that they had sitting around and should have given to him a while ago. Thanks to these letters, he realizes that he didn’t want to be some big super star but he just wanted to make his fans happy. He then comes to Haruka who’s crying because she can’t seem to make progress with her song. The two of them end up comforting each other and decide to both work hard till the end.  And so they perform their song in front of Ai and he agrees to give them a chance because of their hard work & spirit by giving them the brother emblem. Love End:

Sho gets an offer for the lead role in a movie and decides to continue doing his best with Haruka. Turns out the movie script writer was the grandpa who always talked to Sho in the park when he played with the kids. (´^ω^`)  Turns out Sho was the inspiration for his movie script as well.  Saotome then breaks the news to them telling that their debut song release date has been decided and as a reward he gives them the Shining Emblem. They come back to Sho’s dorm and since Natsuki & Ai are out time for Sho to BE A MAN YEAH. He gives Haruka a bracelet and they make out on the couch but then Haruka has to get all embarrassed and crap so he stops orz. They then go to the highest place at the school and watch the sunrise together.  Friend End: Natsuki & Sho are working together to act on some nature program. Natsuki catches a giant bear and brings it over but Sho tells him to put it back 😆 They continue their activities and Natsuki even improves his cooking. In the end he has Haruka & Sho try it out and amazingly the CG actually was cute AND included Haruka in it! Sadly it all went downhill when Natsuki said Sho is his “prince” and Sho began blushing orz. (ಠ_ಠ)Fortunately Sho still says that Haruka is his partner but Natsuki is only his rival. Senpai End: Ai bawws that his system won’t let him “work together” with Natsuki & Sho and now he can’t sing wannngst. Oh noes robot pains. It was so long I actually kinda stopped paying attention since I never liked Ai to begin with blah. Ai then gets over his system limitation and performs the song with Natsuki and Sho yay. The final CG is Ai sending a rocket punch (literally his arm flies off) at Sho for acting too smug. Whatever ( ´_ゝ`). As with Natsuki’s route, the senpai ending was like 3 times longer than the love ending and I pretty much stopped paying attention halfway through. I’m glad Sho’s route wasn’t as much of a disaster as I heard it would be. Japanese fans said that Sho became “hateable” but I don’t see how that could happen at all. When he was down in the dumps, HE HAD GOOD REASON TO CAUSE SHIT KEPT HAPPENING TO HIM LEFT & RIGHT. I WOULD PROBABLY FEEL THE SAME WAY ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ. So yea I really felt for Sho and I actually liked his route a lot – stupid boring ass senpai ending & uho~ friend ending aside.

Jinguuji Ren – What I don’t get is in the end of repeat, Ren and Haruka freaking had sex in his room after the audition but suddenly it’s like IT NEVER HAPPENED. After Haruka takes  a bath and Ren brings her to the bedroom he’s like “for now I’ll just leave it as kissing but some day we’ll make lover even deeper.” Wait what. Did you guys pretend that what happened in repeat didn’t happen??! ヽ(。_゜)ノ  And then he starts blushing like an idiot when they decide to “start over as if they were each others first love” and do lame things like have an exchange diary. Wtf is this middle school? ( ´_ゝ`) So then if Ai wasn’t bad enough, Ranmaru is a misogynistic piece of human garbage who tells Haruka to fuck off the moment he meets her. 爻((╬ಠ益ಠ))イカリズムッ!!  He then basically tells her that her songs are half assed and that she should quit making music if she won’t get it right the first time. Afterwards Haruka and Ren comfort each other out in a flowery field as they roll around (and screw in my imagination.)  To prove to Assmaru that he’s good enough to sing, Ren goes & passes all the drama auditions. However, Ranmaru tells Ren that he only auditioned for the auditions he knows he can pass instead of challenging himself on something new. Ren’s like “challengeaccepted.jpg” but Assmaru continues telling them that they suck and shows off saying “THIS IS WHAT A REAL SINGER SOUNDS LIKE.” IT’S YOUR FUCKING JOB TO TEACH THEM HOW TO SING BETTER NOT SHOW OFF U SHIT. щ(ºДºщ) Ren takes his shit for a while but even he has his limit and he finally snaps and yells at Assmaru saying that he’s not half assed and that he’s trying his best. In order to prove himself even further, for his next acting role, he agrees to risk his life to do all the dangerous parts himself without having a stunt man stand in for him. So then Ren Masato & Ranmaru are called on a rock program but Assmaru of course claims it was only supposed to be him alone but the producer forced him to add 2 “noobs” to the list. Assmaru then says he wrote “the names of the 2 most useless ones” and is pissed that the producer accepted his proposal. He then tells Haruka to write a song for them to perform in 3 days or else they’re all fired. ( ´_ゝ`)

Ren and Haruka’s “reset” relationship bullshit continues and he pulls the crap like “oh oops I guess I can’t kiss you yet we just started dating!” ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ  Fortunately it starts getting better as Ren takes her to do some salsa dancing (✧≖‿ゝ≖).  It’s pretty hot but as usual this game’s PRIORITIES cut it off right as it gets good sigh. On top of this, ara tits desuwa from Sho’s route comes back as the opposing role for Ren’s movie. To make things worse, she’s Ren’s ex-girlfriend! 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ Ranmaru warns Haruka that Seira is the “Queen of Scandals” but Haruka just tells herself that this is all part of his job as an idol. Turns out that Seira requested for Ren to be in the movie with her which is why he got the role cause she’s a BBA cougar who loves them hot young studs. After seeing an interview of Seira on TV saying she “falls in love with the person she’s acting with” Haruka starts getting depressed thinking the ho is gonna take Ren away from her. Ren of course hates that bitch and tries to ward her off when she goes “fall in love with me~!” And then she tells Haruka that she knows that Haruka is Ren’s g/f and now she’s gonna try to steal Ren from her..for shits & giggles. And so basically the bitch forces Ren to hang out with her all the time going shopping and taking her to dinner and Ren writes it off to Haruka as “being busy with work.” Haruka happens to catch them on one of their dates and of course gets extremely upset. When Ren manages to catch her she refuses to talk to him until she says she saw the two of them dating. Ren tries to say that they used to date in the past but it’s nothing now and that he only loves Haruka.

The next day Ren comes over to talk things over and apologizes for not taking into consideration that Haruka might be upset that he’s running around with another woman. YA WELL MAYBE IF THE 2 OF YOU STOPPED TREATING YOUR RELATIONSHIP LIKE SOME MIDDLE SCHOOL CRUSH YOU WOULDA BEEN MATURE ENOUGH TO REALIZE THAT. щ(ºДºщ) I find it hilarious too that the moment miss big tits comes on screen, Ranmaru suddenly drops off the face of the earth and when he shows up thereafter, he’s actually reasonable and gives Haruka advice. Umm what? Sigh this Seira acts like a bitch to Haruka while Ren tries to comfort her spin cycle continues for a while until he’s finally done with his movie. But then sadly Haruka continues moping around and Ren has a brilliant idea of RESETTING THEIR RELATIONSHIP ONCE MORE! Seriously dude this isn’t a computer you can’t just “reset” when it hangs or freezes on you. They go to Saotome school gates where they first met and then performs his song for Haruka saying that he loves her etc. Love End: After the performance, Ren and Haruka make out backstage and then Seira shows up and tells Haruka that she admits defeat. Haruka watches Ren’s movie and tells him that the love scene was shocking and she’s “jealous a bit”. WHY ARE YOU JEALOUS DID YOU HAVE A MEMORY LAPSE OF WHAT YOU DID IN REN’S ROUTE IN REPEAT!? щ(ºДºщ) And then the two of them  “sleep in bed together” and “pretend they are 2 childhood friends” WHAT IS THIS CERO A?!

This is so pathetic, how could they do this kind of shit in Ren’s route out of all people. Ren is supposed to be the “Sexy beast” of the bunch so what the hell is this shit (  ゚,_ゝ゚). Friend End: Masato, who dropped off the face of the earth for most of the route, magically comes back and claims that Ren is his BESUTO FURENDO and that he’d never NTR him. Ranmaru magically comes back too and Masato & Ren receive Shining emblems. It’s like ever since Ranmaru’s rock cooking program got a series he calmed the fuck down lol. Ranmaru then goes off to do some recording overseas for 2 weeks and then for Masato’s CD debut, Ren & Haruka decide to throw a surprise party. Unfortunately bumbling idiot Haruka trips & grabs the table cloth sending all the dishes flying. Masato also comes home early bitching about the mess until they tell him that the party was supposed to be for him.  Then they start having their usual arguing until Ranmaru comes back and tells them to STFU. You know things are bad when Ranmaru is the voice of reason. Senpai End: They fail the rock cooking program and fail at the debut live. Surprisingly Ranmaru is less bitchy than before and gives them another chance and they manage to win the 2nd time with their song as they rock out at their debut concert. Haruka actually felt like she had presence in this ending and it was probably one of the better senpai endings that I’ve seen. Hell there was even romance scenario between her & Ren. I was shocked! Anyway overall disappointing Ren route. You have the sexy character acting like a 12 year old and on top of that douchebags & bitches. Also the fact that Ranmaru & Masato kept dropping off the face of the earth was entertaining as they magically came back in the friendship & senpai endings.

Hijirikawa Masato – For some reason Ranmaru was much less of a douche in this route than Ren’s. It’s like he fucking hates Ren so fucking much he just lost all his marbles. Also Masato’s route revealed that he, Ren & Ranmaru apparently were all childhood friends because they were all “heirs to rich corporations” but the Kurosaki corporation folded and he never looks back. Ranmaru is mysogenistic as usual but less of a basket case and he calmly tells Haruka he refuses to perform music composed by a woman but Haruka actually says she’ll keep working until he accepts her.  Wow amazing, Haruka actually does something in this game! Meanwhile Masato begins training under Ranmaru to play on the piano one of his songs and Ranmaru is pretty strict. Masato of course always tries his hardest and he overworks himself to the point that he injures his fingers and has to go to the hospital. He then comes to Haruka’s place in the pouring rain soaking wet and as he comes inside he strips YEAAAH. Sadly this didn’t lead to anything hot even though the setup was there! So then Masato blurts out that he’s dating Haruka and Ranmaru’s like “lol this is like an obvious setup for a scandal” and refuses to sing with him unless Masato & Haruka break up. After a while Masato tells Ranmaru that he wants to succeed in both love and music and refuses to give up either one. Ranmaru stops his bitching and agrees to sing and so the 3 of them perform at their live. Afterwards Haruka & Masato begin working on their song for his drama but they take a break to go to the summer festival together. And finally as if the gods heard my prayers we get some DOKIDOKI OTOME GAME SCENE where Masato licks off some chocolate off Haruka’s face. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Sadly things can’t last calmly without drama and suddenly Masato gets news that his father falls ill. Because the father is in some kind of coma for a while Masato starts wavering between being an idol and taking over the family business. Fortunately Ren actually talks some sense into him (while Haruka stands there doing nothing as usual – that or her words just go in 1 ear & out the other.) Coincidentally, Masato’s father wakes up and Masato realizes that he needs to break off from his family chains once and for all. He decides that he will debut on his own and so he leaves the Shining agency as well as his family. So then he wants to talk to Haruka about his decision and asks to see her via email but……..SHE REFUSES TO SEE HIM. SHE LIKE IGNORES ALL OF HIS PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS FOR A WEEK CAUSE SHE THINKS IT WOULD SPOIL HIM. What the fuck!? (゚д゚) So while she’s ignoring poor Masayan, she’s hanging out chillaxing with Ren instead! Finally Masato finds her and Ren and tells Haruka that he REALLY needs to talk to her and finally the idiot agrees to listen. They go back to her place and he tells her that he wants to be an idol but be by her side as well. Haruka starts bawing and the best way he can heal her wounded heart is to PLAY DAFUQ OUTTA DAT PIANO. ヽ(。_゜)ノ And then he’s all like welp off to make my idol career come true peace out. Soo basically Masato’s missing in action while Haruka mopes around with nothing to do except be comforted by Ren. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Haruka then tells Shining that she cannot accept anyone else as her partner and decides she will wait till Masato debuts so she can reunite with him. And so that night Masato comes to her place in a tree and says I’VE COME FOR YOU MY JULIET! Haruka’s like “lol go away until you’ve debuted” and so Masato gives her a long speech that he’s READY TO SING HER SONGS BECAUSE HE LOVES HER!

Love End: And so after his debut performance, Masato ends up winning the audition and heading straight to Haruka’s place for some HOT SECKS. Sadly it was just implied with a bed in the background and the lights off lol. Cause you know, CGs of Masato in a fucking tree are a lot more important than romantic otome game Cgs. Friend End: Masato & Ren both end up scoring a CD debut. Instead of recording a new duet song together they end up arguing over and over. But then they make up leaving me with an うほぉ♂ CG of Ren with his arms around Masato. Clearly this is more impotant than a hot CG of Haruka & Masato in bed in their renai ending. Senpai End: Shit hits the fan when the director of the drama wants only Masato to sing the ending song even though it’s supposed to be a 3 person unit performance. Masato says he doesn’t want to sing this song alone because they’re a group and so he talks the director into agreeing the 3 of them to sing the song. And so they perform their song live and then Ranmaru gives them the brothers emblems and heads on his merry wait out. Ren & Masato chase him down going NOOO DON’T LEAVE US KEEP TEACHING US SENPAIII while Haruka vanishes into the background. And so the ending CG is Masato chasing Ranmaru like a crazy BL stalker. Great. So yea I guess it seems like Masato’s route is shorter and well…maybe it was? Or maybe it had less ridiculous drama (save for that shitty I’m going away~ ending.) The copout on the romance ending pissed me off more than it should have because it was like “here you go guys…LOL THAT’S ALL YOU GET m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ.” Oh well I guess I really shouldn’t expect much out of this game anymore…

Ichinose Tokiya – Tokiya seems like his usual sexy beast self but things start going downhill the moment he is extremely unhappy with the group song image Haruka composes for Gamushara RomanTIC. It fits with Reiji and Otoya perfectly though and Reiji tells Tokiya to suck it up and deal with it. It doesn’t help that Tokiya is too busy with his other work that he keeps missing out on singing practice with them. It keeps going downhill when Tokiya’s movie role gets snatched up by Reiji and Saotome tells him that it’s because Tokiya’s not taking the master course seriously. A few days later Saotome assigns all of the princes + senpais to go act like idiots at the beach and it will all be filmed and uploaded to the internet for viewing later. On the way there Tokiya falls asleep on Haruka’s shoulder but the nice moment is ruined when everyone decides to scribble on his face (and he wakes up raging.) When they get to the beach they all play beach volleyball but then Natsuki’s glasses fly off and comes the Satsuki and they have a volley battle royale :lol:. Why couldn’t Satsuki show up properly in Natsuki’s route….sigh. So then drama breaks in when they find Tokiya rehearsing his lines on his own. They tell him that he should rely on them more when he has problems but he’s like “I HAVE NO TIME GAIZ!” Otoya says he wants to help Tokiya and it turns into this dramatic BL emo scene. When Haruka wants to like get in there and comfort Tokiya, Reiji tells her to stand back and watch the BL action instead. ( ´_ゝ`) And then to make matters worse the parts that Tokiya’s team were supposed to film never got recorded because Otoya forgot to recharge the camera batteries. ( ≖Д≖;) The 4 of them end up going back to the beach house and shooting stuff over again. Eventually to try and get Tokiya to rest, Reiji punches him in the stomach and knocks him out so he can take an unconscious nap~. And so the drama over Tokiya breaking the camera, he wants to take care of any responsibility on his own despite Reiji & Otoya telling him that they want to help and that they’re a team.

After Reiji & Otoya go home and Haruka & Tokiya watch the clips from their trip, Tokiya realizes how freaking bored he looks in all of them. And so Otoya, and Tokiya flop and instead Saotome tells them to instead star in a  medical drama. Since Tokiya fits the role of the “cool doctor” perfectly, the drama is a hit. Afterwards though they have a massive homo orgy backstage with each other while Haruka watches. ( ´_ゝ`) So then in July, Saotome informs them that for the movie role the sponsors only want 1 person from each agency so it becomes a Reiji vs Tokiya battle. Tokiya starts freaking out because in the doctor drama Otoya gets higher ratings than Tokiya. He beats himself up for it along with fighting against Reiji for the movie role. It’s all because he acted like a lone wolf reading his script lines on his own instead of asking for Reiji’s advice like Otoya did. Haruka apologizes for spending too much time working on Reiji’s BGMs but Tokiya says that Haruka’s songs are the only joy left in his life. Haruka then composes a song for Tokiya and he’s so moved it helps him get out of his rut. Also turns out the reason Reiji lied about talking to the movie director was to protect Haruka & Tokiya so no one would think they’re going out or something. (I dunno I sincerely stopped paying attention orz.) Reiji then tells them his sob story about how his best friend and him had a fight and then that person disappeared from his life. Reiji has no idea if that person is dead or alive now but he doesn’t want to see Tokiya end up the same way because he reminds him a lot of that person. Tokiya says he won’t disappear cause he has THA POWAH OF LOVE! But yea this doesn’t last too long as the script writers want to make sure this game is EXTRRRRAAA depressing and they once again make Tokiya overwork himself until he starts losing his voice. He of course continues to force himself to practice with Haruka and it’s all because he’s extremely jealous of how much more Otoya shines over him. Sigh.

And then Tokiya runs into him at the studio and he’s so stressed he’s sweating buckets and when Otoya asks him if he’s alright Tokiya tells him to GTFO. Since Tokiya’s birthday is coming up, Tomo-chan tells Haruka that the only way to make Tokiya relax is to give ‘herself’ as a present :lol:. They almost don’t make it because he’s busy with his work but eventually he shows up at the last minute before the clock strikes 12 so Haruka can wish him a happy birthday. She gives him a lame fountain pen present whicih I was forced to choose to get the highest amount of affection points cause apparently it looks like a pen his grandpa used. So then Haruka’s like “will you take me to…” and then realizes wtf she said and embarrasses herself. \( ^o^)/  So in the end Tokiya does get the movie role and he runs home to smooch Haruka in celebration. The director picks him over Reiji because he is similar to the character they’re trying to portray. Once again Tokiya has trouble at his recording sessions with him being “too cold” for his role. In addition he continues arguing with Otoya and Otoya finally asks him “do you not enjoy your job as an idol?” and all Tokiya says is “I don’t know what else to do with my life”. (ಠ_ಠ)I don’t remember Tokiya being this stupid jesus what have you done debut… To make things worse, when Haruka finds an old video of shota Tokiya acting HE’S VOICED BY SOME RANDOM GUY. Not like voiced by a female voicing a young boy, not Miyano himself voicing a shota – A RANDOM GUY. What the fuck you couldn’t afford to pay him to say like 3 more lines!? (ಠ_ಠ) Anyway shota Tokiya was like “I wanna be an idol!” and so after much unneeded drama finally they complete Tokiya’s debut song. Things seem to be going well until someone takes pics of Haruka & Tokiya together and posts them on the internet. il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。  And so Haruka’s like “I’M GONNA QUIT GOODBYE EVERYONE”. Tokiya runs into her and when he hears this he’s like NOOOOOOO and starts crying. щ(ಥДಥщ)

And so Haruka returns back to her family’s house and after some time passes she receives tickets to Tokiya’s concert where he says he will sing the song she composed.  Love End: The song is a huge hit and Haruka’s like “oh I’m happy I made his  dream come true” when Tomo-chan asks if she’s really alright with being apart from Tokiya. She then gets an email  from Tokiya asking her to meet him by the clock tower near the Saotome school. She runs into Tokiya in the same place that she originally met him in the first game instead though. Tokiya says that no matter he still loves her and they start ichaichaing under the tree. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ IT SURE AS HELL MADE ME REALIZE HOW MUCH I MISSED MY RANDY TOKIYA BABY. I was like “WHY CAN’T THE WHOLE ROUTE BE LIKE THIS SCENE” щ(ºДºщ). And so they then go to the clock tower where Tokiya babbles on about how Haruka was always there for him and he can’t live without her ….songs. ( ´_ゝ`) Friend End: Tokiya & Otoya baww and beg for Haruka to come back and make beautiful music with them. So then Tokiya & Otoya argue about how they will be like in 10 years. And then….TOKIYA WRITES A FUCKING LOVE LETTER TO OTOYA ABOUT HOW THEY WANT TO BE TOGETHER SINGING ON STAGE IN 10 YEARS. Holy christ I know the game had BL undertones but this takes the fucking cake. Man even Haruka like disappeared and prolly hid behind a tree watching the BL go on. il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。  Even the CG was the most BL foddery thing I’ve ever seen orz. Senpai End: Tokiya starts bitching that he’s not fit for the movie role even though he gets chosen. Reiji like GRABS HIS COLLAR FORCEFULLY and yells at him to stop being a whiny bitch. Sadly since Haruka wasn’t in this CG (well I don’t know where she disappeared to in this scene anyway) it looked like it was from some BL game. THESE TWO ENDINGS RUINED TOKIYA FOR ME I WANTED TO VOMIT AFTER FINISHING THEM. Fucking Tokiya BLUSHING AND STUTTERING over shit Otoya says WHAT THE FUCK!? This isn’t Tokiya are you fucking kidding me WHAT KIND OF BL GAME IS THIS トリャ!!|┛*`Д´|┛。・*・┻━┻:・、。▽. Seriously I felt so sickened after playing this route and how they fucking ruined a character in just a span of 1 hour for me. I seriously just wanted to chuck my game out the window and rip my PSP sticker off and throw it in the garbage. (Though I will wait for a sale and then replace it for real….)

Ittoki Otoya – Otoya’s route starts with him affectionately plucking food off Cecil’s face…….( ´_ゝ`). Unlike Tokiya though, Otoya and Reiji get along well right off the bat although it’s stupid and unfair that Tokiya doesn’t complain about the group song at ALL in Otoya’s route (like he did in his own.) So then the usual drama hits when he does  an impromptu concert in the middle of the street and then Saotome bitches at him for doing that.  As a punishment he tells Haruka she’s not allowed to accept any composing jobs except for Otoya’s upcoming concert and if they don’t succeed she has to quit the agency. While it seems like Otoya gets along with Reiji there’s still a bit of tension between them and Otoya gets jelly a bit of Reiji and Haruka together. He  also wants to do his best for the concert so when Reiji tells them to go “play around on the playground to relax” Otoya is frustrated feeling like he’s wasting time. (What are you Tokiya?) Fortunately instead of getting his butt budies comfort, Otoya actually goes directly to Haruka saying he wants to spend more time with her. (*´ω`*) He then ends up spending the night sleeping in bed with her though he holds himself back from doing anything randy. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン He tells her that if she’s ever lonely without him, to press a button on this cell phone strap which says “I love you~” from Otoya xDDD. Reiji catches on that Haruka and Otoya are going out but acts like he doesn’t know and offers to help the two of them. Fortunately when he’s not around, and since Tokiya’s missing in action most of the route, it gives Haruka & Otoya to get all ichaicha when they’re alone together. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

At the end of June, Otoya has to beg Reiji & Tokiya to perform his song along with him but Tokiya’s like “whatevs too busy with my own work.” But then suddenly everything was fine… I dunno I mean I tried to pay attention to all the music job drama but it’s just so uninteresting I kinda gave up keeping up with it especially after all the draggy routes before this -_-. Before giving Tokiya & Otoya the brother emblems, Reiji tells them to make a song that will impress him first. In July, Otoya and Haruka  have some raburabu time when they go on a date together in order to get some inspiration for his song. They get back to Haruka’s room where they smooch and Otoya says he’d love to hit dat sheit right now but he wants to “savor~” it for later 8D.  After Otoya goes on a trip with Reiji, he comes back and buys Haruka some earrings as a present. When they get together a few days later at Otoya’s place, he accidentally spills coffee and almost burns her hands while ruining all the “debut” messages he, Tokiya & Reiji wrote. He feels so guilty about it but Haruka fortunately listens to him spill all his stress out on her as they cuddle on the couch. (*´꒳`*)  After this Haruka’s determined and she works her butt off to make Otoya’s new song. Otoya decides to sing it but he has trouble getting motivated because Reiji and Tokiya are often busy doing jobs leaving him to be all alone. Otoya gets really lonely so he often runs to Haruka for comfort instead of focusing on his work as an idol. ლ(இ e இ`。ლ) When he receives the script for his upcoming drama  he starts spacing out as well. It’s all because the drama he’s acting in has to do with family and he starts missing his mother. After the scene take is over, he gives a speech to his mother and hopes that his song reached her because its the anniversary of her death. (´;ω;`)

After this he’s really down in the dumps and has trouble properly singing to Haruka’s song. Reiji promises Tokiya that if he does well either on his drama or on his live performance, he will give him the brother emblem.At the climax drama scene which involves Otoya seeing his character’s mother dead, he starts crying and continues even after the director cuts the scene. (´;ω;`) Afterwards he tells Haruka how he’d try to think about his past and end up crying himself to sleep. And how he visited his mother’s old house but there was nothing there and all of his childhood memories gone. WHAT IS THIS SUDDEN OTOYA ABUSE, WAS SHO NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU GUYS.щ(ಥДಥщ) He’s so depressed that he says he can no longer bring himself to smile or properly sing Haruka’s song. Haruka hugs him and then sings (?? or something) her song for him and IT FILLS HIS HEART and he stops moping around. Actually I was just happy Haruka actually did something for once instead of watching from behind a tree and not saying anything.When Otoya returns to go sing on stage, Saotome tells him to GTFO because he doesn’t need people who will “run away from their stage”.  Otoya demands he be given a chance so Saotome agrees to give him 2 weeks to sing properly but Otoya ends up overworking until his throat is sore. Haruka lets him come to her room and gives him some comfort sex as he tries to get over his emotional hurdles. (It’s like Otoya’s relationship with Haruka is the only one that didn’t get reset in this game or something.) Love End: Otoya successfully performs his song on stage as promised and they come back to Haruka’s place and have some celebratory humping. Sadly as expected, we get no CG! Sigh.

The next morning Otoya tells Haruka that he knows that Saotome is his dad but his place is now beside Haruka. He’s rather that Saotome understand his feelings through his singing. A few days later, Haruka takes Otoya to a sun flower field because when he was waiting for his mother to get better, he was growing sunflowers in his yard for her.  Otoya tells her that he’ll become the best idol ever and sing love songs for her, as they kiss in the sunflower field. ポワ━━━━【●´Ι`●】━━━━ン Friend End: Otoya’s song and drama end up succeeding and becoming a spinoff drama as well. His CDs kept selling as well as his concerts and he got more and more fans. Otoya then asks Reiji & Tokiya to join him to sing their group song together on his upcoming concert. After the concert, Haruka vanishes as usual as  Tokiya & Otoya bro fist each other to be the best idols ever or something. Yea I guess you could BLfy this but it wasn’t as bad in comparison to the atrocity in Tokiya’s route. Senpai End: Otoya decides to take on the 100 song challenge and sing 100 songs in a span of 1 month. He then tries to “beat” Tokiya & Reiji in order to convince them to sing on stage with him. After their concert, Reiji takes them down to the beach to run on the sand into the sunset to be YOUTHFUL! Haruka vanishes as usual….( ´_ゝ`)……..Well ignoring the dumb senpai end and not being bothered by the friend end, I actually thought Otoya’s route was probably the best one in the game. It had enough otome elements, and it actually made Haruka “exist” as a character because Otoya relied on her a lot for comfort as well as his work. She wasn’t just this “music composing machine” who would only show up when they needed her to compose a song and she was properly there for Otoya when he was at his weakest moment. And well for some reason Otoya was the only one whose relationship didn’t get “reset” since the first game. They had sex twice and it wasn’t all like “kya I can’t believe we’re doing this” it just happened like it was natural to happen between 2 lovers…unlike some people above *coughRencough*.

Aijima Cecil – Since Cecil’s a “foreigner” they decide to stick him with the only other foreigner in the agency – Camus. In April, Saotome sends Cecil & Haruka running through the school trying to get the keys to his master course suite while avoiding oponents like trap Masato and a raging Satsuki. Though entertainingly enough I picked a choice where they end up making out in front of Ren during this 😆 Eventually they get the keys and Cecil gets this fancy European style room to live in. I never liked Cecil to begin with but the game thought it’s SO HILARIOUS to have him refer to Camus as the “White Devil”. WOooooooooow can you get anymore  blatantly racist? LOL yea of course Broccoli doesn’t expect any WHITE people to be playing this game so this is totally ok! Later in the route I found out that the White refers to the white in snow but  JFC way to be culturally ignorant. To be honest I found Camus’ strictness with Cecil long overdue. He came off as a douche at first but all the advice he gives to Cecil is actually right. He basically tells him to stop acting like an ignorant idiot because this is Japan and he needs to learn Japanese culture not just “act as he pleases.” I LIKE CAMUS FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS. Camus pretty much tells Cecil and Haruka that their song sucks and they had to keep working on it until he finally accepts it. Cecil complains that Camus is fake but despite his fakeness he can still “Shine” on TV. Eventually after their stage performance,  Camus accepts their song. Camus is not all too cold though as he does notice Haruka over working herself and offers her some vitamin supplements. He even comes over Haruka’s place later to teach her some relaxing exercises but when Cecil finds out that Camus was with her, he gets all jealous. Lol Cecil you getting NTR’ed m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ.

I was kinda mad in Natsuki’s route when Ai was NTRing him but in Cecil’s I just lol! How you like the white devil stealing your womenz now Cecil? 😆  In August, Camus announces in one of his stage performances with Cecil that Cecil’s going to solo debut. He then gives Cecil & Haruka the brother emblems and everything seems fine until one night Haruka passes out after taking a shower. She wakes up to find herself trippin balls and going through various places in the school and Tomo-chan telling her that she’s said horrible things to everyone. Cecil comes to see her and she starts crying not knowing what dafuq is going on. Cecil tells Haruka he just wants to work on his solo debut song together and that he’ll try to clear up the misunderstanding. So then it starts snowing in Haruka’s room and she gets posessed by some ojousama spirit and when she goes to see all the princes she says horrible things to them like calling Masato a kappa atam, saying she hates ren and calling Sho a midget. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!  So then Camus shows up and informs everyone that Haruka body is now in posession of the SILK PALACE QUEEN. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵  Despite all the insults she spats at Cecil, Cecil can tell that her heart doesn’t mean this and that she’s posessed by someone else. What’s hilarious though is I found Haruka to be more entertaining posessed by a dominating woman than being a chunk of air like she has been for most of the game. Turns out it’s Saotome who placed the curse on Haruka to get Cecil to sing better /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.

Both Camus & the queen tell Cecil that he’s gonna have to sing some amazing song in order to break the curse and that his “love” crap isn’t gonna cut it. The queen then tells Cecil to give it up because he’s powerless but Cecil cries and says he cannot give up his singing or on Haruka. Love End: Cecil’s magical song breaks the curse and splits the queen out of Haruka’s body taking Camus somewhere along with her. So then Haruka & Cecil go to make out at her place but get cockblocked by a phone call. Friend End: Camus admits that he’s the one who placed the curse on Haruka from the start but it took a while for th Queen to get used to Haruka’s body. There’s a flashback to when the Queen and Saotome Mitsuo met when they were younger and she obviously had the hots for him /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. She even referred to him as “Micchana”. The queen then rages and tells Camus to attack Cecil with a massive blizzard but then Camus stops and is like “alright enough everybody go home.” 😆 Eventually the queen gives in and leaves Haruka’s body as Cecil hugs. It’s a miracle, a friend end where Cecil actually HUGS Haruka in the CG instead of some BL intonation. Senpai End: Because Saotome tells him, Camus is forced to agree to sing with Cecil. Cecil then continues chasing Camus around demanding he sing & practice with him. They eventually do perform their duet on stage but then Camus goes MIA. He then comes back and tells Cecil he hates him and GOODBYE FOREVER! Cecil bawws like it’s some bad BL breakup. I almost forgot about the homo intonations in this game thanks to Cecil’s wacky route but then his senpai end made it ALL COME BACK TO ME. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Oh well it was certainly a way to end the game with a “bang”.

Wow so where do I start. Let’s start with the system. Compared to  Repeat, the system was only 6 months and make note the fandisks were 4 months. So you practically have fandisk level length but each month felt REALLY LONG. They kept adding extra unnecessary dialogue and prolonging scenes and I just felt like doing cartwheels around my living room to pass the time instead. The system seems smooth but if you’re playing from the UMD, it FREEZES while skipping. Fortunately there’s a feature that lets you “skip to the next choice” which made this less painful, but without it I mighta strangled someone. All the sprites are the same except for a few new outfits and in some characters’ routes despite it being summer, the outfit never changed like it did back in Repeat.  Now let’s talk about the “story”. So instead of Mr. Crazy Goat writing everything, they decided to hire a light novel writer, a doujin eroge writer and the guy who’s writing KoiSentai Love & Peace to do all the writing. This means you have a shit ton of inconsistency and for reasons unknown to me a WHOLE LOT OF GAY. The biggest complaint from Japanese otome players is “why is this game full of BL intonations?” Unlike the first game where you had the MajiLove end, Love End and Friend end, this game only had 1 love end and the other 2 ends were “Friend” and “Senpai” ends. You may as well call them the homo ends because in all of them, Haruka would “vanish” into just being a “descriptive 3rd party camera” while the guys kyakyaufufued with each other in front of the viewer. The only time Haruka felt “involved” was in Sho’s friend ending where she was actually in the CG. In Tokiya’s friend end she was in the background of the image but SHE LOOKED LIKE A YAOI FANGIRL CHEERING ON TOKIYA & OTOYA’S BL FANTASY TIME. ヽ(。_゜)ノ The senpais, aside from Reiji, were all assholes or douchebags or both. Ranmaru was a woman hating asswipe, Ai took over Natsuki’s route and kept cockblocking over & over, and Camus was a natural douche (but I hated Cecil so I lol’ed tbh.)  Also what the fuck is with Cecil and the “White Devil” saga. You like dem racial slurs Broccoli? Also Cecil’s entire route felt completely out of place compared to how SRS the rest of the game was. Also lol NOT A SINGLE KISS CG. They weren’t kidding about “music more beautiful than kiss” KISS HATERS.

ホモォ…┌(┌ ^o^)┐

The moral of this game was “If you partner with Haruka, only horrible things will happen to you.” Whenever you did the guy’s route he was often  way more miserable in his own route than when he was doing his own thing without her. Haruka’s hard worker supportive personality was thrown into the background and for the most part she was like a “fly on the wall” without any real input or support for her man. The only time she actually did anything good was in Otoya’s route but the rest it’s like she wasn’t even there. The fact that suddenly in this game all the guys’ relationships with Haruka being reset was another wtf moment for me. She and Ren fucking screwed in his dorm room after his audition but suddenly in this game we’re back to “let’s hold hands”. The seiyuu talks in the end were too long that I just kinda stopped listening to them half way through. The music game was the same but it felt a lot harder than anything prior. The stories were just depressing shit over and over with no real satisfying resolution and when it resolved it resolved into gay. That’s strange, I believe I bought this thinking it’s an otome game but seems like I was trolled in a similar fashion to Double Reaction+ (though at least with that one I walked in expecting it because the heroine really was a yaoi fangirl :lol:.) The drama CD that came with the preorder bonus was 1 14minute track which was senpais acting like their idiotic selves.

Sooo needless to say, I will be selling this game. I’ve bought some pretty crappy games this year that were disappointing, but this game just pissed me off. I almost wanted to throw it out the window but I figured some yaoi fangirl may wanna buy it up so I held myself back. (#゚`Д゚) I went back and replayed some songs in UtaPri Music and it made me realize it’s not UtaPri that I hate, it’s this piece of shit game. They bastardized all the characters, made them deal with complete bullshit misery and then erased Haruka’s existance on top of that. Amazon Japan pretty much gave this game 2.5 stars because despite people thinking “only yaoi fangirls buy this” a lot of OTOME GAMERS bought it thinking its an OTOME GAME. This is not an otome game, its a piece of garbage with BL undertones. Well congratulations Broccoli, you’re now on my “to never buy list” along with Otomate and Honeybee. Good riddance. ( ´_ゝ`)


49 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama Debut”

  1. This is a big disappointment!! Goshhh!! I wanna watch the second season of this anime and look what broccoli did “BL” even though I LOVE BL I still can’t believe that broccoli betrayed US and I thought it was an otome game (cries).

  2. I almost feel like they threw in Ringo & Ryuuya just to get people to buy the game but I really don’t want to bother (it’ll probably be half assed anyway.) I’ll wait to read amazon reviews. If someone says that it’s BETTER than Debut I’ll think about it.

  3. Um, sorry to bother you when you seem to dislike Broccoli now. but will you play all-star? it has the senpai’s routes and stuff in it. seems good enough.
    LOL when I played Otoya’s route it was like “NUUUUUU OTOYAN IS CRYING! DO NOT FEAR! I SHALL BE YOUR MOMMY” and yes, told my friends and received this look (ಠ_ಠ).
    Tokiya……..such wastage………. my rage could not be contained……… why so gay…….why……

  4. can you tell me which program you use to play this on pc?
    i think the game is fine but it also is my first game like that and i don’t understand japanese but i think it’s cute, but some of the background music can be like @.@

  5. Otoya actually is the only one that has a decent route so maybe in that sense you won’t be as disappointed? Can’t speak much for anyone else though ( ´_ゝ`)

  6. And I was just planning on buying one…
    My friend liked Debut so I’m still going to borrow it and try it out. At least I won’t be THAT disappointed when I play the game.

    And I was planning on having my rabu rabu time with Otoya… >.<!!

  7. I see, thank you for your reply. ( ‘u’)b
    Since I found the group songs kind of boring besides the one you mentioned I think I’ll skip playing this one. I’ll stick to Uta no Prince-sama Music.

  8. all the songs are the same ones as from the Debut pre-game drama CDs for the “group” song. The song for each guy is the 2nd track that was on their anime CDs..so if you like those I guess? I only liked Gamushara RomanTIC and none of the other songs really appealed to me..but I guess to each their own? If you like the songs and just want to play “music mode”, once you do each characters route you will unlock all their songs in the music mode so you can enjoy the game for that factor. Sadly since I didn’t really like any of the songs it wouldn’t even serve as entertainment for me in that factor either.

  9. The only reason I remotely care about the Uta no Prince franchise is because of the music.
    Could you please tell me how it is regarding that? Are there any new songs?

  10. I don’t care if the fujoshis stick to their BL games but even some of my friends who like BL games didn’t want to see BL in the otome games. It’s like we don’t put girl x boy stuff into BL games so why you put BL into my otome games (´・ω・`;) and yea I agree this is a scam…but BL aside I think the fact that they basterdized all the characters personalities and added asshole senpais probably made the game even worse.

  11. This is unforgivable! I do not understand the idea of ​​selling an otome where at the end you see that both characters are transformed into homosexual love. It’s a scam for all of us consumers! If this is true I think it would be a good idea to complain to the official youtube channel and campaign claiming it tumblr, because honestly this is a scam.

    sorry for the bad English but i’m from Chile u.u

    my goodness…i really hate the all fujoshis in the world ._.

  12. yea this is nothing like repeat at all, good thing you didn’t buy it….what a waste of money this was….

  13. I’m kinda glad the copies ran out when i was about to pre-orfer the limited edition of “Oto no prince-sama” LOL
    reading Natsuki’s and a part of Sho’s route made me stop reading the rest of the post except for the notes part…such a big DISAPPOINTMENT… I was expecting a lot from this ’cause i rly liked repeat…

    so now i can just focus on BroCon PP…

  14. yea I’m under the impression that some TRUE BL fangirls don’t actually want to see BL in their otome games. It’s like keep the BL in the BL games really 😆 Glad you enjoyed the site xD

  15. I dunno but I sure as hell am not paying for it. After they hijacked Debut who’d wanna date those assholes? Lol

  16. Wow, sad to hear this game was terrible. I guess UtaPri BL was a hit or something. OTL

    Broccoli is releasing another UtaPri game though – All Stars, focusing on the senpais. I wonder how will that go. XD;;

  17. Hi, first I got to say that I have been snooping around your site for a week now and I love your reviews on the otome games you play, they are so funny. I don’t really play otome games myself ( only Hakuouki and UtaPuri ) and I buy mostly BL games.

    Anyways, I was really looking forward to Uta no prince sama debut. I loved all the other utapuri games, so I thought I should purchase this one also, but by reading your review I’m glad I didn’t. This games doesn’t really live up to my expectations.

    Despite the fact that I love BL games, I also think that the Blk hints in this game is unnecessary. It’s like adding a girl as a love interest in a BL game. I hate that I am saying but I think broccoli really messed up this time.

  18. was I playing UtaPri or some kind of weird game based on Dr. Slump? XD

    ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ LOL GOOD ONE

    yea it was really really boring, the drama wasn’t even interesting and just dragged ON and ON orz.
    yea this is so upsetting, I wonder if anyone will even buy my used game T-T

  19. THANKS GOD IT WASN’T JUST ME! While playin’ the gamd I was feeling kinda “WTF, I’m bored!”. I even felt sleep on Natsuki’s route… It’s like Broccoli put UtaPri mixed with some cheap soup opera drama ajd sell it under ‘Debut’ name.
    I love UtaPri, in fact is my favourite otome game. I loved the fandisks… a lorlt of rabudabu moments :$, so I’m going to pretend that this gake never happened (part of me even hoped that the sempais would have their own route)
    What a pain:C


    Pd: seriously… a robot?? I was so LOLWTF?! I barely passed out from shock…xD was I playing UtaPri or some kind of weird game based on Dr. Slump? XD

  20. The thing is, I don’t think this is supposed to be a fandisk… 😆
    It’s just like SO SHORT that it may as well have been a fandisk I guess? But then it just goes to show you the “quality” of Broccoli.
    Even as a stand alone game I don’t want BL overshadowing the otome romance. I know in the original utapri they had a few natsuki x sho scenes but it didn’t bother me because there was enough romance with Haruka….this time it’s like they just flipped shit around to please all the yaoi fangirls

  21. Otoya was probably the least terrible route (if you ignore the senpai ending lol) Yea I wish they’d keep their BL in their BL games lol

  22. Oh wow.

    Disclaimer : I am a fujoshi. And even so, inserting BL sub(?)text in a FANDISK for an otome game just seems like a gigantic market disconnect/dick move. There IS a sizable cross-section between BL and otome gamers (although for the most vocal part they seem to hate each other, whoops), but this is really not the way to serve either of them. I’d be pissed of if this happens in any fandisks, to be honest. BL subtext in the original games? Sure. Have at it. Het subtext in BL games? Eh, why not. Yaoi/Yuri in eroge? I’d like some coffee with that, please. I really am laid back about this issue. But in a FANDISK? Where you’re supposed to be rewarding/thanking fans by writing fluffy things about your ESTABLISHED COUPLES THAT PEOPLE SHIPPED? What the hell, company? What on earth are you sinking ships for??? I understand that boys have friends and life and such, but that is that and should not make their relationship with girlfriends take a backseat.

    I’m kind of glad that I never really connected with UtaPri now. It felt like missing out on something, but at least I’d never end up feeling betrayed.

  23. 乙女ゲームとblゲーを混ぜるなって言ったのにwうたプリオワタな…。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。I’m not touching these game even I love otoya ;w; I don’t wanna see him go ウホ♂ in my face ウワアアアアアン In my opinion these fujoshi must go play their games not otome games if each otome franchise will go like these

  24. I might be an occasional fujoshi, but I don’t want the 2D mans I’m going to date to be gaying over each other. I’m not much of a BL game fan either. I’m already feeling terrible complicated feelings about this game, as I’m sure I’ll like UtaPri when I get to play it.

  25. I can do without the angst, haha. I guess Utapri really isn’t my thing.

    Now that I have the fandisk I do intend to play it though. I’ve made a rule that I can’t buy any new games unless I finish an old one, haha. (The amount of unfinished games on my shelf is becoming alarming (T^T)

  26. If you didn’t like repeat then I’m sincerely doubting you will like the fandisks as they are very similar (but have worse art because they use the older sprites.)
    If you want rewards for stuff like playing hard/easy/pro then you need to play UtaPri Music instead.
    Additionally UtaPri is supposed to be a light hearted musical love comedy. If you were looking for something serious & angsty, then actually you might enjoy debut. I however enjoyed Repeat for what it was and Debut pretty much came and shat all over that concept.

    So yea it’s really up to you but maybe UtaPri is just not your thing?

  27. I guess I’ll leave this alone then.

    To be honest though, I already felt like Repeat was the most unrewarding game I ever played. The guys fall in love with you not matter what you do, and when you get a bad ending they still act like they are falling in love and then suddenly go “OMG no I can’t handle this!!” or someone cock blocks you.

    There is no reward for playing on hard either, and a lot of moments that should have been CG’s if you ask me were just normal text. *sigh*

    I still need to play one of the fandisks. It is standing on the shelf, unopened.

  28. “I just felt like doing cartwheels around my living room to pass the time instead.”

    Hahaha XD

  29. ouch that sucks. well maybe you can sell it without opening it and get more for it than me who already opened everything. I honestly feel like if I can’t sell it online I may just see how much BookOff will take for it

  30. …ouch. And my copy hasn’t even arrived yet… orz
    …I guess it’s probably one thing you can watch out for… if the original game is good but they change the team/writer for the next game, tread with dread… and don’t pre-order.

    …I haven’t even received my game yet and I already want my money back orz

  31. oh you did buy it! I’m so sorry! lol I hope you can sell it and try to get at least some of your money back!

  32. HAHAH POS 😆 Thanks 8D I’m already enjoying the ossan route tremendously in comparison to debut which says a lot seeing how I usually don’t like ossan characters xDDD; I still recommend for you to play the fandisks for UtaPri, they’re pretty hot (and while there’s the homo friend ends at least we get sexy love/majilove ends to make up for them lol)

  33. I’m willing to give it a second chance IF Broccoli can redeem itself in the next game. I was looking forward to my private doki-doki moments with my Princes but the not-so-subtle gayness in the convos and cgs totally blew me off =.=

    I know rightt, I’m feeling really really bitter right now cos I bought the dear darling box lol.

  34. WTF is this POS lol. Where did the lighthearted love comedy in the original Utapri go? xD As if the ホモォ…┌(┌ ^o^)┐ isn’t bad enough, they make the routes extra depressing by raining problems on everyone. It sounds Starry Sky all over again where they just have to make unwanted problems to advance the plot.. and what the heck is wrong with the relationship reset. I thought this is an otome game where you get to be all RABU RABU with your dude lol.

    In any case, congrats on surviving through this crap lol. Now you can go back to Wonderland and heal yourself. xD

  35. yea it’s true lmfao 8500 yen for limited edition grimm the bounty hunter preordered xDDD;; yea all the 2ch matome blogs were like “fujoshi daishouri!” hahaha

  36. crappy can’t even begin to describe the shit level of this game 😆 yea I’m pretty much sticking to QR and D3P stuff myself!

  37. lolol I ALMOST wanted to get the dear darling box from animate but via third party it woulda cost me like $150…thank god I didn’t…

  38. yea the first 3 utapri games were totally fine and it’s what made me like utapri in the first place….this is just fujoshi money fodder bleh

  39. They tone down the lovey dovey and tone up the GAY lmfao. I’m totally not watching the 2nd season of the anime and in fact I think I’m ready to graduate from the utapri franchise (waiting for a skinit sale to replace my PSP sticker…)

    Yea the relationship reset pissed me off too. Honestly if they’re gonna make a BL intonation game just SAY SO. B’s Log, Girl’ Style all made it seem like its a romantic game with your princes as they try to debut etc not a fucking depressing BL festa lolol. Maybe I’d be less bitter if I didn’t actually buy the game lol

  40. Ok first things first…Broccoli pretty much cockblocked all the princes in this one. I wanted to see MOAR action especially from my Ren & Tokiya. I was pretty much cursing through every route cos I specifically remember some of them went all the way with Haruka in during the love endings in Repeat. I suppose Otoya fans would more or less feel satisfied. But overall this is a HUGE let down.

    Honestly in terms of timeline I think this game is deliberately toning down the lovey dovey-ness in conjunction with the second season of the anime. I assume the second season will be based on Debut. That’s my two cents.

    I love UtaPri, I love the songs, I love the characters. I just don’t understand why Broccoli chose to fucking mess it up with Debut. Resetting the relationships between characters sucked balls and if they were going to do something like then don’t even bother with the MAJI LOVE endings in Repeat cos most ppl assume that they’re gonna continue where they left off!!

    I’m going to pretend this is just a hiccup and put it in the same category as the anime. I did like the group songs but hell I’m not even gonna start ranting about it cos its not worth airing out my frustrations.

  41. Another game to stay away from. If I like the rest of the UtaPri series though I will have complicated feelings about owning this game, as I prefer having as complete collections I can get. (ಠ_ಠ)
    But this game seem really crappy. I don’t want to play it.

  42. Good thing I read your review because I was about to buy this off animate ‘-‘ I’ll just be replaying the old games, yeeeeah.

  43. I have no word for this game except crappy. Seeing your review I don’t think I’ll touch this game ever. The original Utapri is good because of light romance but this… such a disappointment (ಠ_ಠ)
    I guess I’ll stick with QR game too for time being ಠ_ಠ

  44. On the bright side, that leaves more money for Quinrose’s games and since they are already expensive this is a good thing!!… ok but seriously I saw several yaoi fangirls left and right for the anime and got tired of telling them that this was from an otome game… guess there’s nothing to stop them now.

  45. Wow….what a dissapointment. Is quinrose the only good one left?? Though I like some of rejet’s stuff too. I hate what they did to my baby Sho. I guess the writers were Otoya fans.

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