Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-Sama♪ -Sweet Serenade-

Op movie removed cause Broccoli doesn’t want gaijins feasting their eyes on their 2D men

Well again same as the previous fandisk but this time the routes are for the Class S guys + Ringo & Ryuuya sensei. Class A guys are starring in a movie so they’re too busy to hang out with you until Ringo’s route.

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Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-Sama♪ -Amazing Aria-

OP movie removed cause of Broccoli’s anti-gaijin policy

This is the first UtaPri fandisk that came out featuring Class A + Cecil (and one more who I won’t spoil in the intro paragraph x3.) While Class S is busy doing recording for a new drama, Haruka gets to have fun with the class A dudes overcoming whatever random drama comes their way. Not going to be too much here as each route was only 4 chapters but more after the jump!

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Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama♪ REPEAT

So a few years ago Broccoli released a game called Uta no Prince Sama. However not realizing how popular it would get, they didn’t give a damn about the artwork and released it with graphics that were half finished with backgrounds that looked like a tyedye T-shirt from 1960. So then after they released 2 fandisks where the art was a million times better and suddenly felt horrible about the crap that was the original UtaPri game. With that in mind, they decided to re-release UtaPri adding REPEAT at the end with completely redrawn character sprites and CGs, as well as adding some bonus omake extra stories. And so Uta no Prince Sama REPEAT was born. Our story takes place in Saotome Gakuen where students go to become either idol singers or song writers. Our heroine, Nanami Haruka has enrolled to become an idol song writer, and lucky for her, she gets to be paired with one of 6 hot men to make her dreams come true. Sadly, the school principal Shining Saotome has made a drastic rule that you are not allowed to fall in love.

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