RPG Review: Final Fantasy XII -The Zodiac Age-

I’ve taken a break from an MMO to play an RPG har har and so I’m going through my STEAM backlog which consists of mostly single player Final Fantasy games I bought on sale a while back. I actually began this game back in November of last year but FF14 updates kept me busy and I ended up dropping the game…until now! Unfortunately because of this I completely forgot what the hell actually happened in the story and I pretty much just stumbled my way through the rest of the game on EZ mode by increasing my stats/gil to max just to see the rest of the scenario. 😂

Kiss of Death

Princess Asche marries her husband for some political uniting reason, but it’s okay cause they’re in wuv ☺. But then he gets killed, and Rabadabanastre gets taken over by imperials and Asche goes into hiding while news spreads that both the king and queen are dead and now there’s chaos everywhere. Meanwhile this rando stereotypical FF hero type guy named Vaan is one of the random kids in the city with his bff Pennelo who is mad at everyone cause his brother also then got killed in a raid to try and save this other king or something. Anyway everyone’s mad at the imperials leader Vaayne (too many similar names I can’t keep up 😔) who has some spirit oracle thing controlling him in exchange for powers, because what else would bad guys want right? (My Summary is half assed and you should probably not take it to heart xD)

Reks more like Rekt

So anyway this game isn’t your standard hero saves princess (or princess saves the world) type of game at all. So coming after the usual Final Fantasy mindset I was really confused especially after dropping the game for 5 months before picking it up again. 😂 So honestly for a long time I sat there going “Who are you again” and “Why are they fighting again” but by the end I think I finally rememebered everything but at that point the only thing I cared about was Vieras and my Balthier x Fran OTP. Yea that’s right I cared more about “supposed side characters” than the “supposed main character” Vaan and his childhood friend (who obviously has a crush on him) Pennelo.

uwu ❤

But anyway after I defeated Roid Rage Aniue these two basically saved Rabanasty from being blown up by a tumbling imperial ship and then I don’t even get a little cut scene of them in the ending credits. HIGHWAY ROBBERY I TELL YOU! Instead they show us Penello who literally doesn’t matter and Vaan who is like a placeholder main hero, when the entire story is about Princess Waifu Asche 😂.

Since I began the game with Vaan, I had made him my tank so even when I just wanted to use Balthier instead of him, Balthier would just get instantly owned as a DPS so in the end I just finished off the game with this party of 3. The boss battles gave me a bit of nostalgia to the Ivalice raids from FF14 (which were based on this game + FF Tactics) and hearing the music again was really nice.

The other cool feature this game had was something called Gambits. The most recent update released in April allowed you to have more gambits and reset your job so since I picked MCH back when I first began I was glad to reset to Knight instead. Even though I was steamrolling enemies at the start, by the end stuff really did hurt and I actually needed Asche as a healer (though she kept whacking things with her sword too lmao). But anyway the gambits allow you to sort of set “AI features” for your team so for example “if someone in the party has hp less than 50% Asche will cast cure”. So this was really helpful when you didn’t want to sit there constantly switching between characters to have them do things like healing or esunaing. The other thing is unlike FF10 this wasn’t really turn based so the characters were pretty much whacking enemies in real time and I don’t know if it’s just the jobs I picked, but other than healing/buffing skills I found myself not really using any kind of special skills.

As seen in the image above, the graphics in the CG scenes were far better than their in game counterparts lol. It made certain characters almost completely unrecognizable 😂. I realize the graphics had a brick wall they hit at the time but damn some of those textures could really have used some smoothing lol.

I’ll take door number 2 please….😂

Since I’ve been maining a Viera in FFXIV, the Viera village was a pleasure for me. I loved seeing all the different Vieras and seeing them talk about traditions vs becoming free. In the credits there was even a really cute picture of viera girls 🥺

So overall I guess the game was okay? I probably shouldn’t have taken a 5 month break and completely forgotten the story to truly enjoy it but it wasn’t too bad. I just wish it didn’t put the supposed main hero into basically the background to be the annoying guy that everyone rolls their eyes at lol. I also wish things like side quests/quest log was a little more obvious. I flew right through the MSQ but I’m sure there was some nice Viera side quests I missed out on because you couldn’t really tell NPCs apart – on whether or not they had a quest for you. It’s obviously a problem with older FF games but I got tired real fast of having to click like 20 NPCs to figure out if they had a quest or were the correct NPC for one of the story quests (looking at you idiotic chops quest 😒).

Van causing everyone to roll their eyes again
All the bunny moogles were so cute 🥺

For anyone who missed my broadcast (ayy I’m broadcasting again since I’m on my PC) you can check out my highlights over at my Twitch channel. Now on to the FF13 trilogy! 😎

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9 thoughts on “RPG Review: Final Fantasy XII -The Zodiac Age-

  1. Whooo looks like we’re both going through our FF backlogs lol I finally got to X’s endgame and I want death…I absolutely hate Yunalesca. I’ve not touched it for a few weeks since she wiped my team over and over lol. Congrats on finishing XII though!! I only played the Switch port so I can’t really compare anything but yeah, I just don’t know why we stuck with Vaan. I get why he was important for the first few hours but his purpose was done and over with. I wish Fran and Balthier had been the main characters. Larsa would’ve been great, too. Good luck with XIII. I liked the games for what they were but Vanille’s hentai voice was awful and Snow shouldn’t have been a character rofl.

    1. lmao honestly whenever someone is like FFX IS THE BEST GAME EVER I question their sanity or childhood memory accuracy because playing it in the last couple years was so mind numbingly painful lmao.
      All the cloysters can kiss my ass!! I don’t recall having problems with Yunalesca, I think I had a video in my twitch channel on how to beat her?? I forget honestly lol… I think my PC Steam version was pretty much the same as the switch port so should’ve basically been the same for you.
      Overall I felt like the “true” main team would be Basch, Asche and Balthier because of how the end story pretty much revolved around them or people related to them (apparently Dr. Cid was Balthier’s father -a detail I somehow forgot along the way until I read wikipedia lmao)

      Vanille’s Japanese VA actually voiced this sheep girl Nagi from Tartaros Online that I played a while back so now every time she talks all I hear is 回復を任せて~! in my head 😂

      I’m only at the beginning and I have no idea wtf’s goin on lmao

      1. Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s just nostalgia speaking but as this is my first time playing the game to completion (my dumbass didn’t grind Lulu’s spheres enough to beat the crawler boss and I just gave up but now I’m at the finish line lol) I’m not enamored with it. It has some great ideas that are bogged down by the limited tech it had at the time but it’s nowhere near the best FF I’ve played. And lord I may need to watch that lol I’m so done with her xD
        And agreed! That was my main team for the game though Fran was great. Yeah Cid’s whole thing was different lol at least the character was just wacky. And PFFT I doubt Vanille’s gonna be doing much of anything xD
        Yeah, the in-game “story guide” they have is your best bet of getting the idea of it all but I just had to youtube that crap it’s worse than KH’s plot haha

  2. Loving these FF reviews! I’m honestly looking forward to hearing how you feel about Hope/Vanille or Noel/Serah in the XIII trilogy, they’re my XIII ships. xD

    1. I’m all for Hope and Vanille! No idea who Noel is yet though lol, guess Snow’s gonna get NTRed….😂

  3. I had tried to play this game when I was around 10-11 on the Ps2 but sadly never finished it. And when you mentioned your Fran x Balthier OTP that brought me this strange sense of dejavu where I remember that I shipped them too 😂! I also shipped Vaan with Penelo though (I don’t think I got very far into the game to actually realize Vaan gets sidelined lol).

    I had fun reading your review, and I’ll be looking forward to your FF13 review 😆😆!

    1. lmfao yea at first it seems like Vaan is the hero but as you go further it’s like why does he even exist? xD My 13 review is up now so I hope you get to read that, I’m on FF13-2 now ^^

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