Say Goodbye to Your Wallet: The Otome Gamer Import Shopping Guide

Ready to spend?
Ready to spend?

Edit on February 23, 2021: Due to Covid-19, many shopping sites are NOT shipping to some countries at this time. The only stores that I have confirmed ship at least to the US are Amazon Japan and CD Japan as well as using ZenMarket for proxy services. Pretty much any service that utilizes DHL can probably ship to your country but if they only use EMS you might be out of luck.

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Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys Dark Cherry Portable

I’ve reviewed the PC game in the past but I decided that I liked it enough to buy the PSP port.  This will just be a spoiler free review of the comparison of PC game to PSP. To read the story of the game please see my PC review.

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Android Otome Game Review: Yamanote Danshi


This game was draining my battery so I decided to finally sit down and finish it once and for all :lol:. I actually started it 6 months ago but the rate you play for free is pretty awful so that’s why it took me this long. Anyway more on that in my final thoughts. Story is about our heroine Maeko (name I randomly generated) who works at a magazine firm and she’s assigned to do an interview of the daily life of some hot dude in the Tokyo Yamanote Area. (Lol TYB anyone??) But of course as would have with any kind of hot dude, Maeko finds herself falling in love with him beyond the scope of her job.

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Otome Game Review: Get Dumped


Taking a quick break from my (partially broken) PSP, I decided to play a fan made English otome game by Macuyo called Get Dumped ! (Free download available on their site.) Our story is about Michi, your average high school girl, with a hot boyfriend named Arashi who she’s been with for 6 months. She don’t take no one’s shit and often finds herself talking back to all the jealous bitches who want to steal her man away! Though suddenly one day Arashi asks her to break up! He does promise her 1 last date though.

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