Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Dark Cherry-

And so we’ve reached the final TYB disk, Dark Cherry. This time our man lineup features Jesus, Shinnosuke & Tetsu, which in my eyes are the best guys of TYB xD. As usual Chihiro goes on dates with them and then picks her man and like with Honey Milk, they bring back the Virus/Vaccine plot which is concluded in this disk. Jump to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers as usual!

Moroboshi Tetsu – Tetsu is the mature one of the bunch, not just by personality but by age as well. He’s a baseball playing edokko from Ueno. He’s the only sane one in the group always telling Jesus to calm down and for Shinnosuke to stop being a wacko XD. On the first group date Tetsu teaches her how to dance in Asakusa. Afterwards they go to the amusement park where Tetsu says he can basically see spirits and scares the crap out of Shinnosuke. His hair even acts as a ghost radar and starts moving around when a ghost is near by 😆 When Chihiro and Tetsu go into the haunted house together, he tells her she has a massive spirit behind her and she gets so terrified Tetsu hugs & comforts her. (´^ω^`) On day 2 they go to Ikebukuro, and to a butler cafe where the guys dress up as butlers and Chihiro gets Tetsu to serve her. Unfortunately since he’s an edokko, he gives her green tea and rice crackers which poor Chihiro has trouble chewing on. Tetsu’s a gentleman though so he not only breaks the cracker into little pieces and feeds it to her, he then wipes her mouth  xDDDD ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ They get some angry Ikebukuro guys attacking them and while Tetsu protects Chihiro, Shinnosuke runs away crying and Jesus beats everyone up. They then go to Namja Town, where they all eat gyoza, along with Jesus’ dog. They go treasure hunting and Tetsu piggybacks Chihiro while running through the maze. On day 3 the vaccine killer guy shows up in Roppongi (lol this plot is a joke by now…seeing how Jesus instantly killed him in super mint.) Chihiro is so distraught by it they decide to take it easy and go to a cafe. Afterwards they go to a pottery shop and look at some rice bowls together which of course in Tetsu’s eyes means they’re like a married couple 😆 On the 4th day, on their date, Tetsu takes Chihiro to AmeYoko and there she meets his 4 younger brothers ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

They all play baseball with some shotas and then his brothers make fun of Tetsu saying that he and Chihiro are like a cute married couple. xDDD On day 5 they go to Ueno Zoo together, and it’s there Chihiro tells him that she’s awwright with him being a weirdo who keeps talking to ghosts. Afterwards they both eat ice cream and he spoon feeds her which apparently was always his dream until he realizes what he’s doing and is like (〃ノωノ). On the last day of the event, they run into a old fart that’s a friend of Tetsu’s and he wants to set up a festival to take his son to because he’s old & doesn’t have much time left. Tetsu says that even though it’s in the middle of TYB, he aplogizes saying he wants to help work on building the festival props and tells Chihiro to go with Jesus or Shinnosuke instead. Chihiro says that its awwright and that she’ll stay and help Tetsu build the props as a form of a date. Some wooden boards fall on top of them and Tetsu hurts his back saving Chihiro, but despite her telling him to go to the hospital he refuses saying he wants to continue working. Sadly this doesn’t go too far and he ends up passing out from the pain. Thanks to Chihiro asking Yuuto’s wallet for help, the festival gets setup and Tetsu’s injuries taken care of. The TYB guys from Super Mint & Honey Milk also come by and bring stuff like food and Lucy performs a free concert. Tetsu’s brothers also run booths like goldfish scooping and other games. When the Shoukichi ojisan gets there he’s surprised and then it’s revealed that his grandson died a month prior in a car accident. (´;ω;`) Just then his grandson Kazuya’s ghost shows up thanking his grandpa for the wonderful festival…and then the grandpa says it’s time for him to go and he disappears too. Omg all this for a pair of ghosts lol. (´・ω・`;) So then Tetsu hugs Chihiro and cries thanking her for everything.

After she picks Tetsu as her boyfriend for TYB, they celebrate by having a BBQ with Tetsu and his brothers. The brothers all hate vegetables and only want to eat meat while they tease Tetsu calling the 2 of them a married couple again ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ He then tells his brothers to buzz off so he can make out with ohimesama. In Tetsu’s true end, on day 5 Chihiro runs into the TYB lady who fainted after the contestant results. The lady, referring to herself as “Mother” takes Chihiro to where the TYB president is, forcing him to tell her what TYB is really about. Just then the vaccine she created for Creeping 6, Mr. Killer Nightingale shows up to kill Chihiro, but before he can Tetsu shows up and saves her. For some reason Killer Nightingale has been beefed up in this disc so Tetsu can’t fight him off and he says he will die with Chihiro. When Mother sees Tetsu’s devotion to Chihiro, he gets in the way and gets stabbed by Killer Nightingale, giving the 2 of them a chance to escape. Also the President was like killed earlier and so the Mother started babbling about how she wishes she could hold his hand before she died. So then Yuuto takes Tetsu and Chihiro to one of his mansions and gives us the break down from Honey Milk about Creeping 6. We then see a flashback where Mother first started working with the TYB President years ago as researchers right out of college. President’s ideal was for world peace, and after working together for a while the 2 started dating. However he wasn’t done with his way to “cleanse the world” and he wanted to only make it a world full of people with “pure hearts” and so nobody would fight each other and he would achieve his world piece. He then asked her to become the “mother” of the virus and because she loved him she agreed. When they began injecting the virus into her, she asked him to hold her hand. However, he didn’t hold it until the last moment and then the virus didn’t complete…and this was because one of them didn’t love the other. The Mother then realized that President didn’t love her, he just saw her as his partner in crime.

After realizing this, she decided to leave his lab and leave him forever. Man, this guy wants everyone to be full of love, but never had any himself, what a typical mad scientist. So since she left him, he needed someone else to put all his viruses on, and that’s why he created TYB. Feeling angry and betrayed, mother then opened up her own research lab and decided to make a vaccine to put a stop to President’s virus. Unfortunately Killer Nightingale, created from Mother’s feelings of love towards the President, didn’t go just as planned and he broke loose killing  anything in his path. When Chihiro attempts to run to Mr. Vaccine Tetsu stops her saying she doesn’t need to sacrifice herself. When Mr. Vaccine shows up, Tetsu talks to him like he would talk to any of those spirits, saying that he knows he’s a good guy. Apparently this works and we find out that Mr. Vaccine’s name is Kurusu Kyouhei, and Tetsu tells him to remember who he really is because he wants to save him. So then Kyouhei starts saying “I don’t…want to kill…” and he telepathically tells Tetsu that he can save Chihiro by stabbing him in the heart. Because Tetsu is a nice guy, Kyouhei feels bad making him do the stabbing, so instead he stabs himself and asks Tetsu to give his blood to Chihiro to kill the virus within her. Tetsu kisses Chihiro giving the blood that way (lol Yuuto flashbacks) and then he cries on her shoulder and says he loves her. A month later they go to the summer festival and afterwards they make out. The funniest part was the kiss CG if you touch his pants he’s like “oh my god where are you touching! My brothers haven’t even touched there! Well ok if you wanna go there…bring it on..” (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Alright let’s face it, Tetsu is adorkable. From those dorky glasses, to the whole edokko persona to his adorable shota brothers. The only thing I feel like he coulda been more edokko-ish like Tenjurou from Vitamin Z. I mean that guy was “gattendei” at least twice every 30 minutes. I dunno maybe Kenn is just better at Edokko’s than Toriumi Kousuke but I still liked Tetsu overall. He was the only sane and mature one of the bunch and a good character to begin the game with XD.

Hamada Shinnosuke – Shinnosuke is the rich bocchama from Shinagawa, but he’s also a freaking hentai always calling the heroine honey-chan. He’s the son of a famous hotel group owner so he’s got unlimited money works.Everything out of his mouth will be something to bed Chihiro or he’ll shove all sorts of slutty clothing in her face to wear 😆 On day 1 he takes over Asakusa with the Hammernival and makes some girls wear embarrassing outfits saying they do it for him – when they’re obviously doing it for the money. She then ends up riding an elephant with him lol. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ When they go to the amusement park, she goes into the haunted house with him and of course he’s more terrified than she is and hides behind her most of the time xDDD. Instead of saving the heroine, all he can do is cry for help while waving his wallet around. When they go to the butler cafe he sucks at serving her so badly he can barely hold trays in his hand. He makes her some nasty coffee too but Chihiro feels bad telling him it’s bad because he tried so hard lol. At Namja town, Shinnosuke refuses to eat Gyoza because he hates veggies, but to make Chihiro happy he orders a bunch of Gyozas with nothing in them..and then almost pukes lol. That night, Chihiro gets attacked by that jealous ho Marin but thanks to the virus, the ho runs off in pain and then is killed by Kyouhei. The next day when they eat at a cafe, Shinnosuke admits that his butler takes his exams for him, and Chihiro tells him she doesn’t like cheaters which shocks him lolol. Later on they go to a furniture store and he buys her a FREAKING SOFA (he almost bought 10 プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵). On day 4 when they go on a date together some jealous hoes get pissed that he isn’t giving them money for Coach bags, so he gives them credit cards to use so they’d leave him alone. Lol wtf I’d tell them to fuck off, but then again this is Shinnosuke who solves all his problems with money!

So then they go to the aquarium where they both change into swimsuits and go swimming lol. So then a shark comes and attacks them but instead of killing them, it like bites Shinnosuke’s head and then licks it…like a dog…. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Omg man I THOUGHT IT LIKE BIT HIS HEAD OFF LOL. And he thought it would ward the shark off becuase he gave it FISH AND CHIPS LOOOL omg Shinnosuke you’re so dumb xDDD. On day 5 he gives her a painting of her  he painted with GOLD and says that he’s an artist because he takes art in school lol. So while they’re shopping for clothing a bunch of delinquins bump into them raging that they should get a room. So then Hammer grows wings out of his bag and tells the delinquins to f off before he smashes their face into a wall. He also uses dat sexy suwabe voice and Chihiro was like (;゚д゚)ェ…. When she takes his hand, he suddenly turns back to his scaredy pants self and says it was all subconscious lol. On day 6 he takes her to a “model” room he prepared just for her full of rose petals, weird indian masks and totem poles 😆 He says its the room that they will live in, in the future and then he takes her to a wedding chapel owned by his hotel lol. Later on he gets her a cheap necklace but she’s happy for his effort and hes so tired they go into his weird room to rest. Shinnosuke then realizes that just being together is good enough and that he doesn’t need to buy expensive things for her. So after she picks him as her boyfriend, they go to tokyo disneyland for their date. He still has trouble holding her hand but when they go to the evening light parade, he tells her that he loves her a lot and asks if he can kiss her. The kiss then transforms him into BAD BOY HAMMER (*´д`*)ハァハァ ….BUT NO KISS CG lol come on. Well at least Suwabe gave us dat sexy voice again (/ρ\)いやーん

In Shinnosuke’s true end, on day 5, Kyouhei shows up threatening to kill Chihiro as usual. So then Yuuto shows up to rescue them but instead of going along with him, Shinnosuke’s like “go away Yuuto I got this handled” 😆 When Yuuto calls him trying to tell him that she has the virus inside of her, he just hangs up on him ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ When she falls asleep and hears the voices, she wakes up with Shinnosuke saying that he heard about her disease and that it hurts other people. So here’s where shit hits the fan and sends my eyeballs flying. He brings Chihiro to a room thats like COVERED in photos of her and stuffed dolls of her. I’m fucking creeped out. Okay fine maybe it’s just one of his silly love gestures. But then he tells her that the room is like virus proof and she can’t leave but no one other than him can enter. He says there’s like the freaking coast guard out there and anything he wants he will bring it to her. The room even has special sunlight in it so that her body doesn’t wither. SO BASICALLY IN THE EPILOGUE, SHE’S STILL IN THAT FUCKING ROOM AND HE’S PRETTY MUCH LOCKED HER IN LIKE A BIRD IN A CAGE. AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME HE SAID “I WANT TO LOCK YOU UP” BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST HIM BEING SEXY OR WHATEVER….OH MY GOD DUDE HOW IS THIS A TRUE END!?!?  Omg man why would you take such a fun and adorable character and GIVE HIM SUCH A CREEPER ENDING. On that note, his true end didn’t even get a kiss CG. It was like “lips about to touch” bs like with his normal route. Oh my god why Rejet why! I’m frankly terrified to be honest. Shinnosuke was so adorable and I was about to say that he’s my favorite Dark Cherry character but this…THIS..WHY! WHY YOU DO THIS (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ dsfsdfhlksjdfjhdfljhdfjh. l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il And here I was thinking he was the best character because in most of his CGs he said funny stuff if you poked his crotch.

Rudou Jesus – Jesus is the TYB badass from Roppongi, and every other word out of his mouth is “shut up or I’ll kill you.” He has a doberman that follows him around for no reason so he gives him food once in a while. He calls everyone by random nicknames like Megane (glasses), Wakame (seaweed) and Saru (monkey) 😆 When they go to the haunted house he scares the ghost cosplayer away and when Chihiro hurts her foot, he tells her to stfu as he carries her out…while telling her to lose weight lololol. Rather than  be the prince on a white horse, he’d rather watch her be terrified and cry cause apparently that turns him on ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ He never calls Chihiro by her name and always refers to her as WOMAN. At the butler cafe he tells her to bring him 10 glasses of water or he’ll kill her so Chihiro immediately runs to get some. Unfortunately she almost trips and spills them all but Jesus is pro, so he catches her and the glasses together while bumbling about how its so うぜぇ. Jesus also has really good grades, even better than Tetsu, so he aces all his tests and never comes to school otherwise. XD After the cafe, Jesus and Chihiro go to a pet shop where he buys her a stuffed dog and then blushes furiously saying not like he LIKES ANIMALS. LOL WHAT IS THIS SUDDEN TSUNDERENESS |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ On their 4th day, Jesus takes Chihiro to a club that he owns and they go to the VIP room. She lies saying her mother is a drinking fairy so she can take a bottle or 2, but Jesus can see through it so he tells his server dude to bring her orange juice xDD. After Chihiro goes to the bathroom, as she comes out some guy starts hitting on her and it pisses Jesus off so badly he beats everyone up and breaks everything in the club. Everyone gets pissed off at his “attitude lately” and leave the club, and he just says that he’s always alone and that’s how it wll always be.

So then his dog comes by and Jesus says this guy is the only one who’s always by his side. He then tells Chihiro that the the TYB crap is over and not to pick him on dates anymore. Chihiro of course does anyway and the next day she asks why he entered TYB if it’s so uzee, and he says because an annoying guy told him to (Kyouhei before he became the Vaccine.) He also says the reason he’s always so lonely is because he was messed up ever since he was born and the only way he could connect with people is to be..violent lol. His parents abandoned him and are overseas somewhere and he lost touch with Kyouhei when he disappeared one day (prolly became the Vaccine.) So then the guys from the bar the day before decide to band together and beat Jesus up saying his reign is over, but of course Jesus kicks all of their asses lol. He tells Chihiro once more to get away from him and to stop with the TYB joke, but she refuses saying she finally got to know more about him. Jesus then grabs and hugs her saying she’s even dumber than he is |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ On day 6 she goes to Roppongi to look for Jesus but she finds his dog instead who then leads her to where Jesus is. He’s in a bar called Vanquish and sleeping half naked on the couch. When she comes near a him he grabs her and pulls her in like a body pillow until he wakes up. Before they can get into a conversation, Chihiro’s stomach growls and he offers to make her some pasta. (´^ω^`) Afterwards he realizes how happy Chihiro looks eating his cooking, that he suddenly goes into dere mode and then quietly confesses to her. When she’s like “did you just confess to me?” he goes into major tsundere mode and is like NO NO ILL BREAK YOU and Chihiro suddenly is in awesome mode with her “its okay if its you” and he’s like “man I really love you…>NO I MEAN AHHHH ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ ” LOOOL IT WAS SO FUCKING CUTE |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

In the epilogue Jesus attempts to calm his violent ways by getting into less fights and saying “I’ll kill you” less. When Chihiro starts teasing him, he starts blushing & stuttering and saying ころころ (roll around) instead of kill xDDD When Chihiro starts laughing he pushes her against the wall and kisses her saying this is what she gets for getting out of her place. xDDD ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ In Jesus’ true end, it shows how Kyouhei and him met  (and Kyouhei looked normal…not a crazy killer lol.) Jesus realized that he and Kyouhei had the “messed up” personality thing in common and just like with Chihiro, Kyouhei was able to tame the wild beast lol. So on day 5, Kyouhei attacks Chihiro and then Jesus comes to save her, but he says that he only stayed with her because he knew Kyouhei would come after her. As he fights Kyouhei he keeps going “what the hell happened to you!?” as Chihiro starts hearing voices. Yuuto then comes to pick them up telling them to get in the car, and while Jesus refuses at first, seeing Chihiro in pain he gives in XD. Yuuto gives us the usual  Creeping6 speech (which thankfully they let me skip through this time around) and then elsewhere, Mother goes to Woodlink, shoots the President and kills herself. There’s another flashback to when Iori’s sister got hurt in the building accident, and it was because of the kimodameshi traps set up by Kyouhei and his college buddies, she got the liquid splashed on her. When he tried to apologize to shota Iori, he of course told him to GTFO and that he’d never forgive him. On top of that, Kyouhei’s dad then tried to cover up the details of the event, since it was the police’s fault and he refused to let Kyouhei come to the hospital anymore or discuss this event with any of his coworkers. It was just around that time when Kyouhei met Jesus, who was in a fight with some random guys as usual and that’s where it all began. Also the liquid Itsuki was splashed with, is apparently from experiments done by President/Mother and Kyouhei found it one day. He found out that a human body is needed in order to put the vaccine in action, and thinking he could save Itsuki, he decided to give his body for it..and that’s how he turned into the Killer Nightingale.

As usual Chihiro tries to go out to Kyouhei and Jesus stops her, knowing she’s just going to suicide. She says she will go anyway, but then Jesus hugs Chihiro saying that when Kyouhei left him, he was lonely and now that she’s replaced that loneliness he doesn’t want her leaving him as well. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ She then makes a pinky promise with him that he won’t kill Kyouhei in order to save her. Jesus however goes to kill Kyouhei the next day to get some of his blood for Chihiro, but she comes to stop him soon as he runs into Kyouhei. Since the virus weakens her, she just falls on the ground while Jesus stabs and kils Kyouhei. He then kisses Chihiro giving her Kyouhei’s vaccine blood which cures both of them, and then he tells her to be by his side forever. (*´ω`*) In the epilogue, Jesus and Chihiro visit Kyouhei’s grave and afterwards return to his bar. Chihiro tells him that since he doesn’t have a house, she’ll wait for him at the bar from now on so that he always has someone to return home to. This really turns him on and he pushes her down on the couch and makes out with her. (*´д`*)ハァハァ Man Rejet just read my mind. I was like PUSH HER DOWN ON THE COUCH— OH HELL YES キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━(。A。)━(゚∀゚)━(。A。)━(゚∀゚)━━━!! So anyway, much better end than the last one e___e… The ending shows a brief video that the President left behind saying “oh if you’re watching this it means I’m dead lol! I hope this world burns in hell HAHA.” Well thanks to Shinnosuke being ruined for me, it’s no doubt that Jesus is definitely my favorite of Dark Cherry, and possibly the entire franchise since aside from his and Shinnosuke’s routes, nothing really made me きゅん. In fact in Super Mint & Honey Milk I think I was pretty bored out of my mind most of the time so this was a nice refresher xD. I was like (*´д`*)ハァハァ  in all of his CG clicks. Damn Namikawa…he needs to do more roles like this… or maybe not since my heart won’t last (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. It was nice to see the whole Vaccine/Virus thing resolved, but it’s almost like a sad love story between a mad scientist and the woman who loved him. Kyouhei and Itsuki were just victims of their heartbreak.(´・ω・`)

As expected, Dark Cherry was very enjoyable. The plot wasn’t much different from Super Mint or Honey Milk but it’s obvious TYB is all about characters, and I can’t stress enough of how much better all the guys in DC were better than the other disks. If you didn’t play the other disks I’d at least recommend playing Super Mint for the story details but yea Honey Milk can pretty much be skipped….but then you’d miss out on Yuuto’s golden thong 😆 In all other disks I pretty much ignored the secret tales, but I read a lot of them in this one, especially Jesus’ |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . While Tetsu was sweet and Jesus was a cute tsundere (even Chihiro thought so xD)….Shinnosuke…what. Didn’t see that coming at all. I liked him being a cute hentai, not a creepy stalker. (´・ω・`) I guess I should have taken the warning signs even back in Super Mint when he kept stalking Chihiro in other routes. System wise they improved the CG click system and this time the cursor would turn into a “hand” where you could click for a voice so you didn’t have to blindly click everywhere. For some reason, Shinnosuke had a large amount of CGs where you could click his crotch….and he liked it プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Tetsu and Jesus each had 1 CG that did that so if you see an exposed cock shot, be sure to click on it, most likely something is there… xD Whatever happened to Tetsu’s monkey Einstein? It’s like after Honeymilk we never saw it again…Even Jesus kept calling Tetsu “monkey” but his monkey was nowhere in sight. I’m glad the last disk finally closed the loose ends on President and Killer Nightingale but I kinda wish Morikawa put more effort into sounding like a killer during those scenes. Most of the time whenever he would come on going “Korosu korosu” it just sounded like he was bored out of his mind or something. The bgms for all the guys were really nice this time around, and I especially liked the ED theme sung by Namikawa. Omake voices were hot as usual, but like with other disks I don’t get why the official TYB site had sample CGs that were never in the game. For example the CG of Shinnosuke handcuffing the heroine on the site…not in the game. Why? (´・ω・`;) If you’re collecting CGs be sure to take note and get the missing CGs from the site. As far as play order I’d recommend Tetsu and then Jesus back to back but Shinnosuke…it depends whether you want to get him out of the way, or finish the game being fking creeped out \( ^o^)/ . If you don’t want DC to leave a bad taste in your mouth play Shinnosuke’s route first. Anyway that was a fun ride Rejet, here’s hoping for a fandisk! (´^ω^`)


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  1. I just completed DARK CHERRY and I have to agree with you, Jesus route is the best! The game will probably be even better if Shinnosuke didn’t have such a freaky and creepy ending…When doing his route, I was laughing and then when I got to his true ending, I stopped laughing. He doesn’t make me laugh anymore!!! Look what you did Rejet!

    This may be stupid, but I think I’m going to forgive Yuuto, especially going through Shinnosuke’s route hehe ^^;;

  2. LOL visible dark stain 😆
    I feel your pain I was like “omg I love shinnosuke” then like a few hours later.. l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il

    jesus is the best though lol, even if he’s like a porcupine at first he softens up like a baby nuko later on ;d

  3. Oh God, MY HEART ❤
    I can't even – I don't – holy mother of –
    AGH! Lol that was great!! Tetsu was so freaking cute, I can't even handle it lol Dark Cherry didn't disappoint (other than Shinnosuke, he's like a stain lol a large, very dark and visible stain you can't ignore </3)
    Shinnosuke's route made me sad, because he was so cute and my heart was doki doki-ing all over the place and then…..that ending. lolwat. (ಠ_ಠ)
    But at least Jesus was as fantastic as we all thought he was gonna be xD when he pulled out that tsundere-ness my heart nearly exploded into a million pieces hahaha I'm surprised I'm still alive after all that 😛
    I hope they make a fandisc… we need more of Jesus and Tetsu!!

  4. あーいやこっちは大丈夫でしたよ(´^ω^`)

  5. 記事には関係なくすいません

  6. Yeaaa Tsundere Jesus is the best ♡
    Yea honestly this is the only game that really MOVED me in the whole series. I feel like Rejet really put effort into this one more than their other ones (save for maybe Iori and Takumi’s routes)

  7. Seriously the DC guys are way too adorable! Especially Jesus ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ I didn’t expect him to be such a tsundere BUT IT SUITS HIM VERY MUCH.

    Thanks for the review! I was looking forward to this one and am so glad that it doesn’t disappoint! (sans creeper hammer) >3<//

  8. Yea Shinnosuke was just….wut. I was so disturbed by it myself because I liked him a lot when I was playing the game..until I did his ending T_T. At least Jesus makes up for it, his route was just adorable (*´ω`*)

  9. Waaah this was the one I was waiting for (I pretty much only like the DC guys lol)!

    But uh that whole Shinnosuke thing is making me cry on the inside. I was looking forward to it, I like him as some weirdo stalker but that’s just…TT3TT

    Thanks for the review, game looks great and at least there’s all the other endings lol.

  10. PFFF— DANG MY HIDEOUS TIMING SKILLS– I still can’t believe I missed Jesus’s adorable confession. (ノД`)・゜・。 And then those cock pokes, too bad it was only with Shinnosuke (And one with Tetsu) Ahahaha. < 3 Shinnosuke would've probably been my favorite too (Shinnosuke, why so retarded? Lolol), if it weren't for that creeper end. ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ

  11. Yea that’s the one! Oh wow I guess all those “middle” cgs on the site are from the prologue disk. Lame! Thanks for the heads up though xD; Yea playing him first might be a good idea XD

  12. For the missing CG, are you referring to this one? If so, it’s in the prologue disc. They really should have included it somewhere else since not everyone can play that disc lol. Too bad about Hammer’s creepiness though, since I really liked him up until now.. ;_; I guess I’ll play him first to kick him out of the way.

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