Otome Game Review: VitaminZ Graduation

This is the fandisk to the original VitaminZ game and takes place immediately before and continues up until way after the A4 & P2 graduate. Additional bonuses also include some individual “after” endings for the GTR and R+ as well. The story is it’s now the time right before the guys are about to graduate but the B6 decide to go off on vacation for 3 months so now the graduation has to be handled by Manami and the GTR.

tenNarumiya Tenjurou – Ten’s dad overworks himself and gets hospitalized. Ten is worried about him so he wants to show him a very special graduation ceremony. Kei’s like NO U CAN’T HAVE A MIKOSHI and they argue but eventually Ten gives in and begs him to let him do a big ceremony. Kei is surprised but agrees only if Ten does some volunteer work which he agrees to. but he overworks and gets sick. After he’s taken to the hospital Chisato yells at him telling him not to do everything himself and to rely on others. After Class Z wins the soccer game against class A, everyone goes on a trip to Narumiya group’s amusement park Narumi Sea. There Ten decides to ditch his friends and hang out with Manami the whole time with the rest of the A4 guys being wingmans and helping them get together XD. They make sure that the two fall out of a boat together and get stuck in an elevator together www. After they get out they watch the sunset together as Ten wraps his arm around Manami’s shoulder (✧≖‿ゝ≖). They have an appropriate graduation but to make the students less upset, Kei let Ten do his thang and let the students ride his Mikoshi. Ten lets Manami up on his Mikoshi and thanks her for everything.

ten02He then tells her that she’s his destined woman and confesses his love. Manami says she loves him back and he vows to love her for thousands of years xD. Perfect End: And so some years later Ten and Manami get married. They go to watch the cherry blossoms and lie on a blanket together while they discuss about having kids in the future. Ten asks her not to use “kun” anymore cause when they have a kid the kid’s gonna think that daddy’s whipped xDD. Dream End: Manami and Ten have been dating for a few months and to get some time alone with her, he takes her to some private island he bought lol. He shoots out fireworks for Manami that say “My Waifu” in the sky and asks her to marry him. Manami of course agrees and suddenly all of Ten’s secret body guards come out congratulating them. Just then Chisato comes raging at him for running away from his college classes and wasting money :lol:. Normal End: A month after graduating and them dating, Ten’s dad takes him overseas to do some work and he doesn’t keep in touch with Manami as often making her lonely. Eventually Ten returns to her…on a helicopter through the teachers lounge window XD. He then gives Super Flash Suits to the GTR that apparently light up in the dark lol. Ten tells Manami that he doesn’t have a suit for her because he wants to give her a wedding dress instead. Bonus: After graduation, Ten and Manami go on their first “official” date to Narumi Sea. Manami doesn’t want to ride any crazy rides and instead they do a stamp rally. Tenchan was cute as always and it was pretty funny hearing Kenn go from a hetare to a loud mouthed surfer dude after Desert Kingdom but I guess in my otome-game heart, Kenn’s real first otome role for me will always be Tenjurou.

Fuwa Chisato – Chisato gets pissed that Tenjurou’s not paying attention to himself lately. While they’re talking in front of the gate lately a baseball comes flying knocking the graduation gate over alchisa01most hitting him. Luckily only the baseball hits him but it pisses of Chisato because he feels responsible for Ten since it’s his family’s duty to serve Ten’s family. He gets so upset that he doesn’t come to the club house and goes off to think alone for a bit. Needless to say Chisato gets yelled at by his father by not being vigilant enough to protect Tenjurou. He ends up skipping class so Manami goes to find him sleeping in the club room and tells him to get his ass back. He says that she’s the one who told him that if he’s tired or stressed to take a break but she’s like NOT DURING CLASS. Somehow they end up talking about being tired and overworked and he ends up massaging her shoulders. After a few minutes Manami’s like okay you can stop now but he’s like “oh now I want to keep going you’re so soft sensei” xDDD She’s like ( ´゚д゚`)エー She eventually drags him out of the club house while the rest of the A4 tease them for being all raburabu. The stupid arch falls again and the twins blame Arata and Yakumo for it even though the 2 claim that it was an accident. Ten apologizes on their behalf and the 2 let it go. Chisato gets pissed because he says Ten shouldn’t have apologized for Arata but Arata’s like “Ten’s a friend and not a pansy asshole like you.” So the two start arguing and CHisato gets pissed and says he won’t be making sweets for the club anymore lol. He then gets in a fight with Ten saying that Ten should have ordered him to take the blame but Ten’s like “idgaf about this master/servant crap I just want to defend my friends”. He then says that he won’t talk to Ten anymore unless Ten orders him as his “master” and won’t see him as a “friend” any longer. Manami then finds out that the reason the arch fell is because Arata went to grab a ribbon that got stuck to the arch for some girls. So he didn’t mean to knock it down but he just wanted to help the girls. She talks to Chisato in his ghetto tent and he tells her how he’s always used to saving Ten since back in the day and the fact that he hasn’t been able to do lately is frustrating him.

chisa02Chisato finds a message written on the arch to him from Ten saying he wants to be friends and thanks him for always keeping him in line. He goes to Narumi Sea with sensei where he and Ten look for a lost child together and they make up and become friends again. At the end of the night Chisato & Manami go on the ferris wheel together where he quietly thanks her for being with him the whole time. At the graduation ceremony Ten turns to stone from nervousness so Chisato gives a speech in his place. After the ceremony Ten tells Chisato to tell Manami his feelings. After Ten leaves, Chisato gives Manami a manju that he made and on it it says “I love you” and he confesses that he’s in love with her. He tells her that if she accepts his feelings to eat the manju xD. Manami of course eats the manju and confesses that she loves him as well and he gives her a kiss. Perfect End: A few years pass and Manami and Chisato get married which makes it easy for Manami as she no longer has to lug bags of groceries on her own. Since he’s a house man he also helps her with a lot of work around the house. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Perfect waifu. They make plans to go away somewhere together because Ten is always cockblocking them during their alone time lol. Dream End: A year after Chisato and Manami started dating has passed and Chisato’s busy with his college studies. They go hiking in the mountains one day together and when they go to take a photo together, Chisato trips and the photo looks like they’re kissing. (*´ω`*) They spend their night looking at the view of the city from above. Normal End: After graduation Manami and Chisato begin dating while he attends college.She goes to visit him at his college to see how he’s doing and the two of them return to the school to see how the old clubhouse is doing. She says she’s changed the keys to it and he says its too bad cause he wanted to use the place to ichaicha with her secretely. Bonus Scenario: Chisato and Manami go to Narumi Sea for their first date and go on various rides. She’s so scared on the roller coaster that he kisses her to calm her down (but it only makes things worse lol). Unfortunately for her, the photo that gets taken of them during the ride is the kiss scene XD. Chisato of course goes and buys the photo lmao. They go on the Ferris wheel at the end of the night where Chisato makes her sit on his lap this time. I think Chisato’s “bonus” scenario was probably the cutest one? All of the bonus scenarios involve the guys going to the amusement park but I liked this one the most.

arata01Mine Arata – Arata gets jelly that Manami’s equally nice to everyone and doesn’t really see Arata beyond “student”.  Meanwhile Manami gets a little jelly of Arata’s mass of fangirls. After this his harem antics return and the rest of the A4 + P2 ask Manami what’s wrong with him, as if he’s returned to his state back at the beginning of the year. And basically they avoid each other for a while until she finally bumps in to him and it’s rather awkward when he’s with one of his fangirls. Everyone decides to make Manami and Arata talk again so they all do a special secret plan together to have Manami tutor all of the A4, including Arata. When he shows up at the club house she starts bawwing but after they all start doing the studying everyone seems to get back to normal again. Unfortunately Manami notices that Arata feels really sick and he passes out in her arms. When he gets taken to the nurse’s office, Manami finds out that basically he’s just wanted to “please all the girls” that wanted to go on dates with him or hold hands etc so he’s overworked himself. She tells him he needs to care more about himself but he’s like “what business is it of yours? I passed the center exam so you have no reason to bother me now right?” Manami gets upset not knowing what to say back and leaves the nurse’s office in tears. Just then Yakumo comes in yelling at Arata for denying his feelings for Manami. The GTR find a crying Manami and bring her inside the teachers lounge so that the students don’t see her.  They cheer her up with their GTR gig and then she finds apology flowers from Arata on her desk. So then they all go to Narumi Sea and a rabid fangirl mob attacks Arata in order to make some lasting memories before graduation and everyone runs for it lol. While Manami gets split up with Rintaro he tells her about the flowers he saw on her desk from Arata and says the flowers basically mean “I Love you, you’ve stolen my heart and I’m sorry”.

arata02Eventually Manami finds Arata hiding from the fangirls and thanks to Narsea-kun, they go off somewhere so that the 2 of them can be alone together. They talk things out and he apologizes for being an ass and indirectly confesses his feelings to her promising to “say it all to her” after graduation. After the ceremony and speech that he gives he meets Manami outside where they both confess their love and smooch. Perfect End: Arata and Manami get married a few years later and he’s busy being a doctor and tennis player. He says he’s taken an interest in being a pediatrician because he really likes to take care of children. He tells Manami to stop calling him Arata-KUN since they’re married already. Also he looks extremely hot without his hair pulled fully back why couldn’t they just make him like that in the whole game T_T. Dream End: Arata and Manami go on Ten’s private island for a date after a year of going out. They draw each others faces in the sand and then Arata asks her to marry him by the moonlit sea. Normal End: One month after graduation Manami feels rather lonely. Suddenly the A4 come to visit her and cause a riot as usual followed by a mob of rabid fangirls. Bonus Scenario: They go on a date to Narumi Sea like always and he says he prefers tsun girls lol. He tells her downloaded some girl raising app which he named after Manami lol. He then complains that she won’t wear sexy outfits for him like his app girl does lol. I didn’t like how Manami was this massive crybaby in this route?? Like she’s this strong kick ass personality in other routes but suddenly she’s like some shoujo manga heroine crying at the sight of Arata’s fangirls, even though she just rolled her eyes about it in the previous game. Ah well that’s what happens when they constantly change writers oh well. Also for reasons unknown to me they suddenly made Arata really ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ for Yakumo…and had all these flashbacks of shota Arata falling in love with shota Yakumo thinking he’s a trap omfg ==;.

yaku01Tachibana Yakumo – Yakumo’s classmates pressure him into singing a solo song for graduation but Manami tries to stop them since he’s still recovering his vocal chords.  As usual Kei is against it so he gives Yakumo 3 days to come up with a song to prove that it can be worth to sing at graduation. He writes the song but his classmates say that it doesn’t feel appropriate for all of their memories and Kagami sense adds that it feels like a song about Yakumo & Manami rather than about Class Z. Yakumo decides to rethink his thoughts and rewrite the lyrics. He then begs the rest of A4 to help him out and of course they agree. He works so hard on his song overnight that he ends up passing out the next day. He then tells Manami about his memory of how he fell off a tree but some shota saved him thinking he’s a girl. He doesn’t know who that shota is but it was actually Arata ( ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ ). He gives his song and lyrics to Kei who approves of it but unfortunately the situation with his vocal chords suddenly takes a turn for the worse. At Narumi Sea Yakumo admits to Manami that his vocal chords are not up to par to sing at graduation but he doesn’t care and refuses to back down. So then Manami says she’ll sing instead and she starts singing but it’s so fucking awful that the building they’re in collapses lol. Yakumo yells for help despite his vocal chords and thanks to this the rest of A4 find and rescue them. He keeps the vocal chord pain a secret from them and asks Manami not to say anything either as he kisses her on the cheek at the hospital. Yakumo gives a graduation speech thanking Manami for everything. Unfortunately during his song performance his voice goes out and he starts coughing violently before Tenjurou and Chisato come on stage and start singing in his place.

yaku02Suddenly the rest of the class come on stage to sing in chorus while Yakumo thanks them and cries. (Editors note Yakumo is 18 ww) After the graduation ceremony, Yakumo asks Manami to be his girlfriend. Manami agrees and everyone watches them ichaicha (and cover Tenjurou’s eyes so he doesn’t go on a rampage looking for a waifu again.) Perfect End – Yakumo continues his idol activities and he takes on variety shows as well. Manami has trouble meeting with him cause of all the reporters and paparazzi after him. After 1 of his concerts he finds Manami in the crowd, and grabs her and they run towards a restaurant where he says he wants her to marry him. Manami agrees and Yakumo yells out that she’s the girl he plans to marry while all his fangirls pass out in shock. Dream End: Manami and Yakumo have been dating for a year since graduation. He’s become more popular but Manami is a little jealous that she doesn’t get to hog him as much as before. Meanwhile Yakumo is jealous that she looks more at his idol self on TV than his real self right next to her. He decides to then kiss her but while he does it Manami opens her eyes and sees how nervous he is and starts to ε-(*´∀`|萌| xDDD. Normal End: Manami and Yakumo have been dating for a month since graduation but he can’t stand being without her so he comes to visit her back at the high school. Bonus: One week after graduation Yakumo and Manami go on their first date to Narumi Sea (like in every route lol..) and they cuddle in a poncho together. Maybe I’m just being biased here but I thought Yakumo’s Dream end was the cutest….though I find it odd how suddenly Yakumo is this “shy shota” who’s afraid to even kiss Manami? What happened to my randy asssss shota from the original game??? Yea I kinda really really missed Yonaga’s deep voice (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!

kei01Houjou Kei -Kei actually lets Ten do his thing for the graduation ceremony, probably all for Manami’s sake. So then the school substitute principal comes to check out the big ball thing Ten sets up for the graduation ceremony, and when he opens it, a bunch of rubber balls fall on his head and knock off his toupee. He rages at everyone saying he’ll cancel everything so Kei takes responsibility and blame on himself. So because of this, Kei offers not to be at the graduation ceremony so that Ten & Co. can still do their ball opening event thing. Ten & Co. won’t stand for this so they go to talk to the bald GGE and in the meantime, Nachi is raging hard because how dare his oniisan not be present at the graduation ceremony. He also refuses to read the graduation speech in Kei’s place because if Kei doesn’t read it there’s no meaning to him. So at this point apparently the only thing keeping Kei from attending the graduation is Kei himself because of his stupid pride. At Narumi Sea Nachi then begs Manami to convince Kei to come to the ceremony because his words won’t reach his oniichan. He goes on a nice boat with her but the boat tips over and they end up on land where there’s a tiger ready to attack them. Nachi then wants to sacrifice his life because he says the whole bald ossan accident was his fault for messing with the ball beforehand. Kei however comes to rescue them because turns out the tiger was just a machine lol.  After this Kei puts his hands on Manami’s shoulders saying how worried he was about her. Nachi then apologizes to both Kei and Tenjurou for everything. Before the graduation ceremony, everyone goes to the substitute principal to apologize to him for the balding of his toupee ww.  They tell him that if they don’t let Kei attend the graduation ceremony then all of the students will boycott it and it will make the school look bad. He agrees but now everyone has to run around trying to find Kei and bring him to the ceremony.

kei02Nachi jumps on his bike and decides to ride home to get Kei with Manami, while the A4 waste time at the ceremony. When they get there they realize the bike is only meant for 2 people but fortunately Ten comes on his helicopter to get them. However the only way down is via parachute so when they get to the school Ten and Nachi jump out leaving only 1 parachute for Manami and Kei. Kei straps it on himself and grabs Manami and holds her as the 2 of them jump out clinging to each other (while he indirectly confesses his love) XD. Finally Ten and the twins make it to the graduation ceremony so Kei can give his speech. Ten then opens up his celebration ball filled with colored feathers that represent a thanks and wishes for everyone’s future dreams to come true. After his speech, Kei actually tells Manami that he loves her and that he plans to take the police exam to follow his father’s footsteps. He asks her to go out with him and before she can say yes they find themselves kissing. Perfect End: Kei becomes a policeman after a few years as promised and she and Kei get married with her moving into the same house with his parents. He works alongside of his father in the policeforce while I guess Manami becomes a housewife or something meh ;_;. Dream End: Kei asks to come over Manami’s house for once and he asks her to marry him. Normal End: Kei stops by Manami’s high school and they walk around reflecting on the old times. Bonus End: They go on a date to Narumi Sea and Narusea-kun calls them a stupid couple and tells them to go ichaicha on the ferris wheel. MEEEHH KEEIII WHYYY such a disappointment. His endings just flew by me and I could barely remember what happened. Also it pissed me off how in his Perfect End Manami becomes a stupid housewife and then has to LIVE with his parents. Like holy shit old fashioned lmao I can’t stand it :S His ending felt really rushed to me too…I mean after that awesome helicopter scene it’s like ok graduation time, ok kiss the end bye.

nachi01Houjou Nachi – Nachi wants to help Kei with duties but Kei tells him to worry about himself so he gets lonely and goes to hang around Manami instead. Suddenly some girl gets taken hostage by some random hooligans in front of the school.  Turns out it’s all to lead out Nachi as bait. Kei shows up and Nachi of course has to lie and pretend he doesn’t know the guy cause he doesn’t want Kei to know how much of a badass he is. So then Nachi gets all upset that no one’s giving him attention so Manami finds him telling to jump into her bosom. She tells him about how she once had a teacher who always inspired her and gave her advice and automatically Nachi thinks its a dude and gets really jealous (until Manami reveals that it was Yuri sense from Vitamin X xD) At Narumi Sea, Nachi sneaks out with Manami letting Kei have attention of all his classmates since he’s already had his good times at amusement parks in the past. He then forces Manami to ride a bunch of roller coasters together. Meanwhile Nachi’s friend who he lended his bike to, gets attacked by the gang who raged about Nachi making a fool of them during some bike race and they recognized Nachi’s bike. They find out that the following day is Nachi’s graduation and decide to come crash it in revenge. On graduation day Nachi is MIA so Kei asks Manami to help find him. They find him fighting the delinquents and eventually it turns out that they’re butthurt their bike friend quit riding and decided to open a bike repair shop instead. Nachi tells them they’re just butthurt that they’re left behind, just like how he’s butthurt that his own bro is leaving him behind lol. After they go back into the classroom to treat Nachi’s wounds, Manami punches him for getting into a fight.

nachi02Suddenly they realize that inside the bat that Kagami-sensei gave her is a microphone which Nachi uses to give a speech from outside the auditorium while he cuddles Manami in his lap. After his speech, he turns the mic off and asks Manami to do a pretend graduation ceremony just for him in the classroom. Nachi then confesses that he loves Manami but he’s like “you’re already mine anyway huhu”. He then tells her that he’s going study in university abroad. Fucking lovely! What is this Starry Sky? Perfect End: After years of studying abroad Nachi comes back to Manami and also becomes a sexy teacher at her school. And he flirts secretly with her or something yea…. 😐 Dream End: Nachi returns for a visit back to Japan and comes to Manami’s house with a bunch of gifts. Manami is so happy she starts crying. He then takes Manami on the bed with him and starts kissing her everywhere. Normal End: Right before Nachi goes off to his studies abroad he comes to visit Manami in school and tells her how much he loves her. He asks her to wait for him and as she agrees he tells her if she cheats on him he’ll come back and punish her. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Bonus Scenario: They go to Narumi Sea and because Narsea-kun cockblocks them Nachi threatens to beats him down. Blah I had so many high expectations for Nachi and they were crushed…SO HARD! First of all the problem with Nachi’s route is it heavily relied on the original game which I haven’t played in 2 years so I barely remember the details of Nachi’s gang activity. However, they rely on the original game for that part but the whole part about Nachi being randy with sensei? Yea they barely touched on it. It was just “do you remember what I did to you?” Sorry babe it’s been 2 years. Needless to say extremely disappointed with both Nachi and Kei’s routes which is ironic since they were my favorite ones back in the original game. MEH D3P MEHHHH.

ranmaruGTR, R+ & Omakes – In the GTR section it’s like 1 route but each chapter is kinda dedicated to Manami helping each one separately…while they try to hit dat. Depending whose affection you raise you get their short individual ending. Rintaro asks her to go out with him for the prospect of marriage. Some years later they get married and become a family with his 2 sons. Motochika’s ending he asks her not to tell anyone but he plans to transfer to France to attend Seitei’s sister school there as Kagetora’s assistant. Before he goes he wanted to tell her that he’s in love with her and Manami says she feels the same way and she will wait for him. In the epilogue Manami still talks to Motochika on the phone and via emails but she misses him a lot and hasn’t seen him since he left for France. Suddenly he returns to her babbling in French saying he’s visiting for a short term. He says he didn’t plan to see her because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to leave her again when returning to France. They hug in the street and babble their love to each other. Kagetora’s end he tells Manami that he’s going to teach in France at Seitei’s sister school. He then says he’s not fit for Manami and gives her a kiss on the cheek saying he’ll come back to her when he’s a better man etc. In Ruriya’s ending, after he confesses to Manami she starts bawwing. They go on a date to the aquarium together and he says he has to protect her from all the other dudes who are still trying to hit on her. They then eat some donuts at the cafe together and he promises to get randy with her later when they’re alone. In Ranmaru’s ending, he says he wants to  deliver his feelings through music just for Manami. He then tells her he loves her in his tsundere way as usual ε-(*´∀`|萌| (lol yea Ranmaru’s my favorite sensei ww.) They go on a date to sing karaoke as a gift from Tenjurou so that she will stop singing horribly lol. So when they go singing he cuddles with her while they sing a duet together (and he compares it to his dating sims wwww xDDD).  Seeing how he’s too confident Manami decides to kiss him and throw him off again ;D. In the normal ending, Manami plans to go on vacation before the new school year but GTR decides to tag along lol. In the main dude omake, A4 & P2 have a sleepover at the club house where they all admit that they love Manami ww and make fun of each other. They basically make fun of Chisato and Kei for being closet perverts xD. Also wut, the only real kiss CG in this game? Stolen by Rintaro sensei, a dude who has 2 sons. Also Kagetora got at least a cheek kissing CG. The rest of the CGs in the game are just ~implied~ meh lol. Is Rintaro the only reason this game is even Cero B? Might as well have been Cero A sigh. Ranmaru was my favorite though, dat tsundere otaku ε-(*´∀`|萌|.


shotasI am just extremely disappointed to the point where I’ll go ahead and say that this fandisk was pretty much unnecessary. The original game and this game have completely different writers (and so does VitaminXtoZ while we’re at it) so things that I came to expect in the original game were just not there. Things like Nachi being the randy bro not really there, adding ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ to Arata & Yakumo, making Yakumo just a plain old shota without too much of his awesome haraguroness like before. They even took out the B6 guys and sent them off on some “vacation” what a bummer! Meh. I loved the GTR omakes even though they were ridiculously short and it was a sudden “oh btw I love you, oh really? I love you too” kind of deal at least it was cute? I felt like the A4/P2 endings were rushed (especially P2 omfg..) and it’s like the end bam. Also there was pretty much copy pasta with the Normal end and bonus omakes in a sense of “okay and now X years later and now X months later and now the date at Narumi Sea” where I just got sick of writing the same thing over & over in my notes. -_-  As I mentioned before, why is this game even Cero B? There is literally ONE kiss CG in the whole game. One of the fun parts about VitaminZ was like “hey I’m with my ex-student but it’s still kinda naughty” or whatnot but here it was like playing some PURE~ Koei game lol. I mean if that was the essense of the VitaminZ game I’d be like ok fine this is what it is, but it was totally not like this when I played the original game. The original game was hell with all the exams but I completed it anyway! Why because it was fun and I got a decent reward for my efforts. Here there wasn’t much of a challenge but along with that the rewards were pathetic. I enjoyed the funny dialogue within the route itself a lot more than I enjoyed any of the endings. (´・ω・`) I originally didn’t expect much from this game but once I saw my favorite characters again I guess I got my hopes up only to be crushed with the CeroA boulder by the time I reached everyone’s endings orz.  I think the only real saving grace was the ChibitaminZ limited edition omake that came with the UMD. That was SO CUTE and that is in essense what makes the series & characters enjoyable. So I guess ultimately for a “fun and cute game” it works but for the “otome romance” factor, it pretty much fails in my book. Oh well VitaminR is being directed by Iwasaki (who also directed the original Z) so I have a breath of hope that it will be a better game.


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