Otome Game Review: Get Dumped


Taking a quick break from my (partially broken) PSP, I decided to play a fan made English otome game by Macuyo called Get Dumped ! (Free download available on their site.) Our story is about Michi, your average high school girl, with a hot boyfriend named Arashi who she’s been with for 6 months. She don’t take no one’s shit and often finds herself talking back to all the jealous bitches who want to steal her man away! Though suddenly one day Arashi asks her to break up! He does promise her 1 last date though.

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Otome Game Review: VitaminZ Graduation

This is the fandisk to the original VitaminZ game and takes place immediately before and continues up until way after the A4 & P2 graduate. Additional bonuses also include some individual “after” endings for the GTR and R+ as well. The story is it’s now the time right before the guys are about to graduate but the B6 decide to go off on vacation for 3 months so now the graduation has to be handled by Manami and the GTR.

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Otome Game Review: Desert Kingdom Portable

Aspasia is a daughter of a powerful genie god in the country of EVUU. Unfortunately her mother was a human and due to this Aspasia’s magic powers are half assed. Since she doesn’t know this until later, she abuses them and then pretty much loses them by the time she’s 15. Her hipster dad Shazam tells her go down to earth and mingle with the humans, granting some wishes to learn what being a genie is all about. She bitches that her dad has enough magic to just give some to her but he tells her to STFU and kicks her out, literally. Since she has no magic powers, he sends a genie spirit in a lamp named Unbala Bopper along with her to protect her on her journey. After 2 months of wandering in the desert, Aspasia finally reaches a kingdom where she has 5 hot dudes waiting for her to grant their wishes. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Desert Kingdom Portable