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Otome Game Review: VitaminZ Graduation

This is the fandisk to the original VitaminZ game and takes place immediately before and continues up until way after the A4 & P2 graduate. Additional bonuses also include some individual “after” endings for the GTR and R+ as well. The story is it’s now the time right before the guys are about to graduate but the B6 decide to go off on vacation for 3 months so now the graduation has to be handled by Manami and the GTR.

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Vitamin Z Graduation Animate Set Unboxing


It’s been a while since I played Vitamin Z but I really do love both the X and Z characters (and unlike X I actually fully completed Z because NACHI AND TENCHAN :lol:).

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Otome Game Review: Vitamin X to Z

So concluding my Vitamin Tour will be the fandisk for both Vitamin X AND Z! That’s right D3P decided to shove everyone together into one game and throw it on to the PSP! The good news is since both games have already been ported to the PSP this included adjusting some of the stand in pics for X as well as adding new ones in. The game came out this year so the artist has significantly leveled up and so the CGs were quite pleasant to look at. Best part of all – each guy’s route is only 4 chapters and *gasp* NO STUPID EXAMS! Yippie! The story takes place “in the middle” of the scenario of the original X & Z games but the endings then take place AFTER the endings of X&Z. Basically the gang of X go to a winter lodge for a week before new years while the Z gang then go visit the same vacation house in the summer along with GTR, Kagetora & Kamijou + the bears. Both Yuri & Manami are in イケメン heaven as they get to いちゃこら while enjoying a relaxing time in the hotsprings or going wild at the summer festival.

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Otome Game Review: Vitamin Z

So continuing from the previous game Vitamin X, our former heroine Minami Yuri decided she wants to teach the fuck out of the entire world so she decides to go traveling. Due to this her position opens up, and a girl who just graduated college and is looking for a job gets an offer from her. This girl’s name is Kitamori Manami and she’s now the new teacher in charge of the reject class at that school. Fortunately for her there’s only 4 idiots this time, the Aho-4 and our favorite B6 (beautiful 6 now 😆 ) guys from the last game are back as teachers to help her out! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ On top of that she has the 3 senseis who form the GTR – Great Teachers R (all their first names start with R) that help her with the crazy principal who looks like a vampire, with his little butt kissing assistant to drive her crazy. If that wasn’t bad she also has 2 twins from the student council to deal with. Manami’s got a lot on her plate, so will she be able to fill in Yuri’s shoes?

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