Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys Dark Cherry Portable

I’ve reviewed the PC game in the past but I decided that I liked it enough to buy the PSP port.  This will just be a spoiler free review of the comparison of PC game to PSP. To read the story of the game please see my PC review.


So here’s basically the list of things worth mentioning regarding the port:

  • The text is the same as the PC game which makes it REALLY hard to read. It’s like white text on a light gray background which burns my eyes in other ways. I wonder if Rejet will ever get their PSP port text right, it always makes my eyes burn in unpleasant ways 😆
  • Auto-mode has been fixed that it’s actually appropriately fast for me? In the PC game I found it to either be TOO fast or TOO slow but on the PSP port it’s just right~.
  • There’s no built in screenshot function so you need to have a screenshot plugin installed unfortunately.
  • Bonus voices don’t require you to have bought all the previous games to unlock like the PC ones did. The final set of bonus voices however DOES require you to have fully comped the game, including getting every keyword and secret tale which is pretty much impossible to do without a guide.
  • Secret Tales are voiced ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Some of them were kinda boring but others were a lot of fun to watch. They were almost like seeing a bonus scenario between Chihiro & her dude or seeing how much suffering poor Kyohei went through.
  • CG Click has a little question mark thing now so that when you hover around the CG it actually tells you WHERE you can click. Before I had to blindly poke around and hope enough crotch poking got me some lines 😆

Now regarding the new extras in the game:

  • The new CGs are SO FUCKING ADORABLE 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 especially Jesus and Shinnosuke. Unfortunately for Tetsu I only found ONE of his new CGs cute but it only made me wish he ALWAYS looked like that I mean holy shit:
  • The scenarios that accompanied the CGs were great as well and they really helped add on to the love route. Before in the PC game the love route felt like this sort of fake waste of time thing and then you were only supposed to care about the ~true end route~ but in the PSP port I found myself enjoying the love route a lot more with all the added scenarios & CGs. (*´ω`*)
  • The limited edition came with a Special Disc which has PC & PSP OP movies, a PSP custom theme and a mini drama (which was like a drama CD rather than a visual on screen thing).  Rewatching the PC OP made me realize that I like the PSP one more in terms of visuals and song.


I just set the theme on my PSP really cute! xD I had the Hammer only one before but now I have the other 2 cuties on there too (*´ω`*).


Overall I’m very pleased with this port. I’m really the kind of person who hates replaying old games (lol yea I have games sitting around god knows when I’ll ever replay them) but I really enjoyed replaying TYB. I think if you’re new to the series though, skip the PC and just play the PSP versions and if you have some money to spend, definitely opt for the limited edition just because the presentation of it and the little extras are all really nice. 😀


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  1. Hehehe i’ll probably buy Heart version 2013 if they include the add/new scenes from Anniversary like you post in your fc blog or wallpaper of 1920X1080. If they remake the Clover oh pls.. add more lovely scenes not creepy.. After the heart release oh pls Fujimaru need a little rest awhile too and think nice concept for Spade. Spade is final since their heart, clover and diamond already XD. I wish they give their best to making Spades a great game like their previous alice game.
    I’ll laughing/congratulate quin rose if they gonna create snow white and 7 dwarfs..

  2. yea quin rose is stuck in their templates. they copy the template for their games too from 1 game to another cause I once found their templates from other games in their CG packs lol. I think the remake is cool and all but I don’t want them to overwork the artist and have the artist run away =_=; Also as much as I liked Heart & Clover I would also prefer a new game…..but I’ll probably get heart anyway. Though honestly I feel like all my hard work & effort in Anniversary will never be understood by new players 8D;;

  3. I agree with you in this psp port. Especially Tetsu cg(w/o ponytail and glasses), omg he more cute w/o ponytail and megane…..Also Hammer funniest secret tale and love end… and main guy Jesus Rudo XD.
    Regard in Quin Rose what you post in your fc blog i agree with you even more especially number 3. Please make some long vertical link banners and wide screen wallpapers (or psp theme/wallpaper, twitter pic(only diamond alice and school war fd) and 200X40 banner starting to today and their future games)..Why Quin Rose can’t leave the old fashion way? Why they can’t create the new to make customer little entertainment their website. It was like bro it 2013 you still in 2005. If they can put up the idea of otomate and rejet yandere why they can’t make it something new in their game website. XD And Expect their will Clover And 2 Alice FD Remake “ART of 2013-?” by art designer Fujimaru (50% chances Like Cinderalla lol younger to older) until they will think a concept for Spade

  4. Alright. I understand perfectly. ^ ^
    I kind of was expecting an answer.
    Anyway, in any case, I will accompany your Blog. I like the way how you give your opinion regarding the Games. ^_~
    Nothing of translations.

  5. Hi I would prefer you not to translate my reviews into your language.
    I take the time to summarize/write commentary and since a lot of my reviews are based on personal opinion, I don’t want people thinking that your translations are “accuare representations” of the game. The only thing I don’t mind you translating are things like my actual translations (like the diabolik lovers 24 hour CDs).

    You are free to quote bits & pieces of a post (like using WordPress’s reblog feature) but please don’t translate the entire post. Sorry and I hope you understand.

  6. Hello, 3
    Well, I loved your site! Seriously, it’s perfect.
    And well, I was seeing that you comment on about various games. And then come here to ask you if I could translate them into my language (Portuguese) and put them in my other Blog. Sure, giving due credit to you. ^ ^
    Well, that’s it, I will be monitoring your website starting today. *0* *It is perfect*
    Kissus. ;*

  7. lol yea I had the same reaction when I first saw it XD
    I agree Tetsu looks wayy better. I’m willing to forgive the glasses but the hair’s gotta go!! XD

    Yea Morikawa ALWAYS sounds bored when he’s yelling korosu lmao he was prolly pissed like “wtf u hire me to just yell korosu like an idiot/ fine. /yells like hes bored” haha 8D
    And yes the new CGs (like the ones in this post) were never in the PC game

  8. Do you need to have a modded psp to have a screencap feature? If not I may have to look into finding one myself. The CGs are too cute not to nab. ;n;

  9. Oh my goodness, I literally screamed 萌え when I saw that Tetsu CG!! I don’t normally do that but that face…it was just so precious dawwwww. \(;A;)/ It’s a darn shame really. I’m usually okay with that hairstyle (like Tsubasa from Starry Sky), but in this case he just looks 1000x better without that ponytail/hipster glasses. Just…why Rejet why. ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

    Having never played TYB before, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your playthrough! This game is so hilarious, including the parts that I wasn’t supposed to find funny (i.e. Morikawa’s “award-winning” acting like he was only paid $1 to say his lines lol…has he always sounded this bored when saying “korosu”? xD). I’m definitely adding this to my to-buy list when I go to Japan in August.

    Out of curiosity, when you mentioned new CGs, does that mean they weren’t present in the original PC game at all? Sorry if this is a stupid question. OTL;;

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