Amnesia Crowd Limited Edition Unboxing

Took a little longer due to me combining other orders but finally it’s here! I’m going to finish Utapri All Star first though for anyone keeping up with my broadcasts.

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Thank you for 3 million hits!

Thank you for the 3 million hits! Thanks to all you readers, whether you’re a commenter or a lurker, I was able to make it this far.

Here’s to more otome gaming ahead!

Otome Game Review: Hatsukare☆Renai Debut Sengen!

Shinomiya Yui is tired of her average school life and feels like she wasted her first year studying and doing nothing interesting. Now that the 2nd year has started she wants to try to have a more exciting school life. She also hears from her friends that there’s a jinx if she goes to the Asumi hill and kisses the dude she loves during the fireworks, they’ll be together forever.

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SmaKare Game Review: Stalking Love


SmaKare is D3P’s “mobage” app but it’s all of their games exclusively. You make an account with access to all the games and a daily login gets you 5 tickets to read. However its 5 tickets for EVERY game so I’ve found playing 1 game at a time will get you to progress faster. So anyway I started with Stalking Love 😆 The story is about some OL (that I named Yamada Hachiko lol) who decides to get plastic surgery so the idol she stalks can marry her or something. Unfortunately for her she finds out her precious Yamada Ichirou-sama~~ is actually a manwhore who she catches with a different girl every day. Our heroine Yamada Hachiko is down but not out as she happens to meets 5 other hot guys in his place.

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Otome Game Review: Wand of Fortune II FD ~Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue~

The fandisk to WOF2 in which you meet a fairy named Bell who looks like a chibi Lulu. She’s transcended time & space and is here to let Lulu see her past, present and future! In the past section Lulu turns into a loli and runs around causing trouble. In the present, she attends a great ball with one of the guys. In the future, it’s the after story of 3 years later with both Lulu and her guy near graduation and ready to get married.

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