Android Otome Game Review: Yamanote Danshi


This game was draining my battery so I decided to finally sit down and finish it once and for all :lol:. I actually started it 6 months ago but the rate you play for free is pretty awful so that’s why it took me this long. Anyway more on that in my final thoughts. Story is about our heroine Maeko (name I randomly generated) who works at a magazine firm and she’s assigned to do an interview of the daily life of some hot dude in the Tokyo Yamanote Area. (Lol TYB anyone??) But of course as would have with any kind of hot dude, Maeko finds herself falling in love with him beyond the scope of her job.

teru01Serizawa Teru – Voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke, Teru is your quiet shy otaku. Though rather than being into animay and mangos, he’s actually an electronics geek and likes to build computers. You’ll often find him in Akihabara’s parts shop rather than buying oppai mouse pads at Melon Books. He’s very much a kuudere so he often tries to ignore Maeko and she has to always pull him out of his little safety zone to get him to answer her interview questions. The thing is, despite being an otaku, he’s really hot so a lot of girls hit on him but he has no interest in dem hoes. Due to this, his otaku friends are jealous of him and sometimes hate him because they of course are called kimoi and gross but the ladies want Teru instead. Teru starts falling for Maeko (and it’s really obvious cause this dude blushes like every sentence) and Maeko starts to fall for him as well….but things get awkward when she runs into his bitchy ex-girlfriend. She admits that she only dated Teru because of his looks but they broke up cause she couldn’t deal with his otaku hobbies. Maeko rages at her saying she’s just a vane bitch who only likes men by their appearance and when she’s old and wrinkly, nobody will like her back. The ho runs off crying and Teru thanks Maeko for standing up for him. He takes her home and that’s where he confesses and asks Maeko to go out with him. She agrees saying she loves him too and then they make out all night long.  They begin dating secretly while Maeko continues her interviews with him but Teru starts cancelling their dates cause he’s busy with his research at college and Maeko is unable to do any of her research on him either.

teru02One day she runs into one of the other yamanote dudes Sousuke and they hang out in Akiba but Teru sees them and gets pissed at her. Maeko then runs off crying because he doesn’t trust her and all the trust they had gained prior to this feels like it’s been erased. A few days later Maeko finds him in Akiba with a girl and after stalking them for a bit it looks like they’re kissing. She’s like WTF bro and he’s like NO U MISUNDERSTAND and Maeko just says they should break up and runs off bawwing again. He finds out from Sosuke that the reason Maeko said nothing is because Sosuke didn’t want anyone knowing he cut class that day. So then Teru calls her out to apologize and explains the woman she saw him with his his older sister and they didn’t kiss she was just fixing his contacts or something. Good End: They never get back together and the yamanote thing is over. Now 3 years later Maeko is doing her job as usual. She goes to interview the person at a big company and that person turns out to be….Teru lol. He invites her to a party later and tells her  he asked her to be his interviewer cause he wanted to see her again. He asks if they can start over and Maeko’s sure babe I still love you and they hug & kiss and live happily ever after. And as always, I fail to get best endings in games but I guess my thought process will never be in sync with a timid Japanese female player. Teru was really really cute though, and well who can resist blushing otaku mans? ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆

aoi01Hanazono Aoi – Voiced by Sakura Takahiro, Aoi is a fashion designer at MARIA, a very famous fashion magazine. When Maeko first goes to interview him she doesn’t know this but when she finds out she’s like awwhh shit because technically they’re kinda like a competitor. He seems like this laid back dude but when he’s in work mode he’s super serious. Due to this he’s a very respected designer but on his time off he looks like a hippie in the weird colored clothes he wears. So anyway he’s kinda like the yasashii oniichan type so after interviewing and hanging out with him for a while, Maeko as usual falls in love. She tries to hide her feelings but one day when she gets sick and almost passes out, Aoi takes her to his place to nurse her to health. I guess having a fever or something fries her brain that she blurts out that she’s in love with him. She regrets it immediately because Aoi tells her he’s happy for her feelings but he cannot answer them. He also says that she’s like a little sister to him and well pretty much friendzones her on the spot. Maeko decides to give up on him but she still can’t help but stalk him around so she decides to visit his house using the “interview” thing as the excuse. While being in his neighborhood she finds out from a neighbor all about his past. Turns out he had a really close childhood friend whose name was Maria, and while the 2 were inseperable they were both madly in love but never crossed that childhood friend wall. As they got older, Maria got all worried if she was good enough for Aoi because he was this rich bocchama and she was a plane Jane so she thought she had to become better fit for him. Due to this stupid misunderstanding, Aoi wanted to try to “move their relationship faster” soooo he agreed to go on an Omiai set up by his parents. He didn’t give a crap about the omiai but was hoping that the idea itself would make Maria jealous. Well not only did it make her jealous, but it apparently also made her suicidal and she bicycled in front of incoming traffic during a red light and killed herself. After this Aoi’s had horrid guilt holding him back and pretty much his time has stopped. He then created his fashion label named after Maria and that’s when Maiko’s like OOOHHH SHEEEIT I CAN’T COMPETE WITH DAT.

aoi02So due to this Aoi now tells Maeko that he’s unfit to love anyone but everyone and their grandmother is telling Aoi to move the fuck on from this shit it was like 15 years ago. For Christmas, Maeko finds Aoi moping alone at the church (thanks to her coworkers trying to set them up) and she tells him that she’s okay being with him even if it’s a 1 sided love. (This of course is all a huge lie cause she’s upset as all fuck that he won’t answer her feelings.) So one weekend Aoi asks Maeko to hang out with him and they have some dorky date together. At the end of the night a heavy rains comes so they run to Aoi’s house because it’s nearby. While drying herself off she babbles how she feels immature and that since she’s younger than him she feels like a child in comparison. For some reason this makes him ずきゅ~~~~~~~ん! and he grabs Maeko and kisses her. Realizing what he just did and having the guilt from years ago punching his head he tells Maeko to GTFO cause he needs some alone moping time.  Maeko runs off and pretty much doesn’t see Aoi for a while until her boss Natsuki tells her to do 1 last interview with him. She does and after she tells him it’s the last one she also informs him that she’s planning to go work overseas with Natsuki and he realizes he’s missed the bus. Turns out Natsuki gave him Maria’s old diary and thanks to reading it he finally had a freaking catharsis and was able to move on from his guilt. He tells Aoi to come see him in 3 days at the park but every possible thing that day stops her from going and by the time she gets there she finds that he’s passed out from waiting for 3 hours for her in the freezing snow.  He gets taken to the hospital where he confesses to Maeko that he’s in love with her and due to me getting Good Ended again, the 2 of them go off their separate ways to do their respective work. However 3 years pass and though Maeko and Aoi have had a long distance relationship, he surprises her by coming to her apartment (in what I assume is America?) They hug and smooch and agree that despite the long distance which will last for god knows how long, they will still continue their relationship~ or something.  Lol Aoi was so frustrating and he’s such a hippy with those clothes lol but Sakurai’s voice acting was pretty good. The rain scene made me ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ XD.


This might have been the only event I unlocked from the Roulette and it was just...a CG lol
This might have been the only event I unlocked from the Roulette and it was just…a CG lol

I didn’t do the other 2 guys because while the game is fairly enjoyable the system is crap. You only get to read 1 free ticket per day and if you were to go ahead and buy tickets you’d have to throw away like $12 per character and for a mobile game….no. The other thing is, ok say you go ahead and pay the money (and I did pay like $6 to read the rest of Teru’s route) but then that’s it. You pay the money, you read it and well that’s that. You can’t see the CGs because they force you to pay money AGAIN to see the CGs in the gallery (so I went and screencapped during my playthroughs thank god.) If you want to get a best end at the end, you have to pay 30 tickets which is like $3 or something? You can buy a full route with a full good end for that much in some mobile games what gives?? The roulette system is really stupid and pointless. I’ve tried that thing for a month daily and I never once won any scenario from it. After that I pretty much stopped bothering with the roulette all together. The only up side is that you can login daily, get your ticket and then collect a bunch of tickets so you can read all the scenario at once. That’s pretty much what I did with Aoi’s route but that also meant I just logged in daily for like 3 months and played other games instead. The worst part of course is the battery drain. Even after you close the game, it still runs in the background and drains your battery. I tried killing it with a task killer but it STILL COMES BACK. It’s really a pity because the art and voice acting is great in this and the stories are fairly interesting to read. Unfortunately due to technical frustrations, I’m done with this game and it’s getting kicked off my phone lol. If you want to give it a whirl though, here’s the Google Play link though you may need some method to jump through the racist Japan barrier to get it to work on your phone.


8 thoughts on “Android Otome Game Review: Yamanote Danshi”

  1. yea it’s a shame isn’t it?? They have another game called Last Precious which is also available via PSN mobile or something but it has the exact same system so I never even bothered trying 😐

  2. Artwork looks fantastic. They got some good seiyuus too! 😀 Although I don’t want to have a game that wastes my battery and the system being stupid as heck. I’m going to pass on this one but great review ;D

  3. ah I feel you on that one, it gets so annoying when there’s no default heroine name so I have to go use some name generator to give her a name xDD I can never self – insert myself either but I do like to at least “understand the heroine’s feelings and sympathize with her” so when she makes really SHITTY decisions I’m like ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  4. I somewhat feel kind of ashamed for not picking up on that, seeing as I’m part Japanese and I was raised by a Japanese mother. Then again, she never pays any attention to “that side” of Japan, so… Now I know why Akiba is called the “electric town” now!

    Yeah, I realise good heroines do exist, but it’s exactly as you said- few and far between. I guess the appeal is to put yourself in their shoes, rather than watch a story of two different characters developing a romantic relationship. Still, I’m not into that self-insertion thing and can’t help but assess a heroine as their own character.

  5. Teru is basically what Otaku were in the 80s – electronics geeks that’s why Akiba is known as the “electric town” though now it’s just known for its animay and mangos. Lol hey good heroines to exist, they’re just few & far between XD The good news about mobile games though is most heroines are over the age of 21 which I guess is the appeal to me for them? Though that doesn’t mean that all the heroines make “bright” decisions for their age lol. But yea the system was really annoying (but mostly the battery drain is what made me pull the final plug lol)

  6. Thanks for the review, as usual. 🙂

    Silly systems are one of the many reasons I don’t bother with mobile games. It’s a shame, since this particular game seems alright- especially Teru’s route. It’s nice how somebody realised that an otaku can be so without liking anime and manga. Well, it’s still not a polite term, but for once, an otaku that ISN’T into anime and manga was nice to hear of. I don’t quite like the idea of a dude that can’t even defend himself from verbal shit-canning (I’m assuming Teru was there if he thanked Maeko)… but I guess people tend to be somewhat taken by surprise if they run into a bad ex. However, good on the heroine for telling that vain ex off- for once, my thought patterns matched the heroine! GASP! The sky is going to fall!

  7. It’s actually pretty common nowdays…instead of paying for a whole route you pay for stupid throw away tickets to “read faster” which is why I only stick to games that let me at least read 5 chapters per day ^^;

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