Android Otome Game Review: Shisengumi ~Ayakashi Setsugekka~


Our heroine (who I randomly named Soho Kaori) finds herself being attacked by an ayakashi. She has no idea why they are after her but she also has no memories of who she is. A bunch of dudes who call themselves the Shisengumi come to be her saviors! They dress like the SHINSENgumi but in black and they got this modern ass spaceship station. They take Kaori there for the time being until the bad guy, Mikaze, keeps coming to try and take Kaori away. Official Site.

So okay I realize this is a free smart phone game and I should be happy BUT I’d rather pay a buck or two for something with a better story? Well the story is alright BUT it’s pretty much copy pasta from guy to guy. It’s like they literally take the same programmable text data and replace the name of the guy and maybe change one or two scenes. The story pretty much goes like this:

  • Kaori is saved from the Ayakashi by DYA (dude you’re after) and taken to Shisengumi’s ship.
  • She tries to ask who she is but nobody tells her anything.
  • They all go to the amusement park and Kaori goes on the ferris wheel with DYA where you get CG 1.
  • They visit Kaori’s house where she finds a photo of her dad then Mikaze sets her whole house on fire.
  • Mikaze then tries to attack her several times, telling her to come to the NOAH ship.
  • Shisengumi + Kaori go there and get defeated and separated with Kaori and DYA getting thrown into some deserted island.
  • They stay on the island and their feelings get ~closer~ until finally some nice boat comes & picks them up.
  • The boat happens to be a casino and DORAMA arises when Kaori and DYA are forced to stay in a room that only has 1 giant king size bed rowr!Awkwardness ensues.
  • Mikaze comes back to kidnap Kaori but she falls off the boat into the sea where DYA rescues her (and you get CG2.)
  • Mikaze takes Kaori away, makes her drink some medicine that wipes her memories. By the time DYA & the Shisengumi rescue her it’s too late.
  • Turns out that DYA killed Kaori’s father because Kaori’s father tried to kill her since in fact Kaori was just his experimental subject to try and revive his dead daughter by combining her with an Ayakashi.
  • Some time passes and depending on your choice Bad End: the DYA dies or Normal End: Kaori wakes up in a hospital with no memories of anything.

I never did get the best end even though I thought I made all the choices that “increase affection” (since you’ll see a lot of snowflake eye catches.) I even went through the routes twice but NOPE. So yea after 2 characters I gave up. So the 2 characters I did are…


Toyotomi Akihide– Aka Aki. The 14 year old shota cat boy and genius scientist. He’s not really a cat boy he just wears cat ears cause he thinks he’ll get the ladies that way. He’s kinda bratty and immature and at the casino he tries to be all tough and push Kaori on the bed to show her he’s a man! But yea he then is like “I mean I just want a hug boku” and that’s pretty much that. In the drama CD he’s voiced by Shimono Hiro.


Oda Nobihide – The gross ossan. This dude is 49 ok he’s like the same age as Kaori’s dad or something. He’s already had a wife who died and he still longs for her but somehow Kaori falls in love with him. I was like  ( ´_ゝ`) the whole time and he’s not a bad guy but why the hell would you just be like off the bat “oh btw I’m 49.” Fine you wanna add an older dude, at least make him 35 or something ugh.  During the nice boat hotel room stay it was even weirder cause she was all like nervous that he was taking a shower and had to walk out naked asking for a towel while she closed her eyes. AHHH おまわりさん、こっちです.  He’s voiced by Nakai Kazuya in the drama CD but yea the ossan thing kinda killed most of this route for me.

So yea the combination of copy pasta and failure to get the best end 3 times I kinda gave up lol. I looked around for a walk through and doesn’t seem like there is one? It’s really dumb to have the affection eye catch system too but then some choices don’t actually show if you’ve picked the right one or now so pretty much you’re stuck being like gee wiz I wonder what the hell actually gives me the best ending. Seeing how the story is like copy pasta identical with all the guys I can’t imagine that the best ends will be that much more interesting so I decided to stop.  The paid version of the game has extra CGs and endings but I think each route costs like $5? $5 for copy pasta route no thanks….


Also the game felt like it was trying to be like Hiiro no Kakera really badly (which is funny since you’d think it would try to be like Hakuoki). The monster sprites, the battle BGMs and the redhead guy being voiced by Sugita Tomokazu in the drama CD…Coincidence? I think not… :lol:.  Well if you have nothing better to do or you just love anything Shinsengumi related it’s free and available for both iOS & Android.


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  1. Haha surely enough I missed those links. /headdesk
    I’m glad to hear you don’t have to root your phone to use Japanese apps. Thanks for the quick response!

  2. I usually post the link to the apps at the end of my review (or at the beginning) so you can download them. My old phone was rooted but my new one isn’t.

  3. Hi there! I always enjoy reading your take on various games. I just got an Android phone, and I am curious as to where you get these apps. You didn’t have to jailbreak your phone did you?

  4. my old one is rooted but my new one isn’t. the beauty of rooting is you root 1 phone – download the restricted app on it – now the app can be downloaded on any phone sharing your gmail account 😛

  5. I forgot if you’ve mentioned this before but is your phone rooted? Is it a standard for otome gamers lol

  6. 久しぶり! はいいつも相変わらずですww

  7. あけましておめでとうございます(遅

    私もゴルフコンペの景品でipod touch4を手に入れましたので


  8. considering how many otome games are available for android nowdays it’s not really worth bothering with lmao. well you can always ignore the old dude lol.

  9. Crappy art? I think it’s fine, considering that it’s free. Copy+Paste story? Majide. I’d like to know who would pay for more. Sure, it’s free and all but I also don’t mind paying if it can somehow guarantee a satisfying story. I can still forgive the shota but 49-year old jiji? That’s a tall order. Srsly. It’s serious case of lolicon, like it’s bordering ‘rape’ already. Things would just get worse if this jiji’s route revolved around the “No, I’m too old for you.” or “No, I can’t!!” crap (hello Hunter-san from akazukin to mayoi no mori). I was thinking of somehow getting this (and ask help from a friend who knows Japanese because my skill is not ready for otome gaming yet. lol XD ) but meh, maybe not…?

  10. “He’s not really a cat boy he just wears cat ears cause he thinks he’ll get the ladies that way.” The dude is smart. That was the only reason I even looked at this game. Knowing that they are fake totally pisses me off though. I don’t go for no animal people wannabes. The scientist part is totally my thing though.
    It’s a shame the story is not worth it. I recently got an android phone and I thought of this game to try just because it had a cat. Since it doesn’t and there’s nothing else to it, I guess I’ll stick to trying out Love Academy.

  11. Really? I thought about playing that, but reviews on the iOS appstore aren’t promising. Might try that out when I get space on the pad, then.

    Well, isn’t that true of all things? 99% of anything is shit. It’s just that since the barrier of entry for cell phone games is so low, that 99% is a far larger market than console games, hence a bigger tendency to suck. With consoles being relegated to a more niche market among otome gamers, though, there is a bigger incentive to elevate the bar to compete, resulting in a skewed curve (natural with a bottlenecked sample space). I’ve seen it happen often enough in the gaming industry, it’s reasonable enough to assume it might happen here. It’s part of why current RPGs are soooo skewed towards otaku fanbases. :p

  12. lol well let’s face it, you get what you pay for and for the most part this game is *free~*
    Strangely enough, D3P’s Smartphone Kareshi has been really great so far. It’s also free (with the daily ticket limit thing) but I actually REALLY liked the first guy I did in Stalking Love XD;; And the CGs in that one are fairly decent as well!

    So I think in the end it just depends on the publisher and the game itself and that within piles of poo gems do exist 😛

  13. Wow, the CGs here make Quinrose’s look artistic in comparison. Who did they hire for an artist? I could’ve drawn this, for Pete’s sake.

    On the other hand! The influx of cheap crap on the phone might be a good thing for otome games on PROPER handhelds, unlike what I feared. They’ve got to be LESS shallow to compete, with the 60-70$ price. Unless they hire writers from that crappool and figure it’s good enough, and then it’s back to what I complained about.

  14. LOL that ossan’s route is ah well maybe because his age is 49 xDD But I gotta admit the arts is actually good for mobile game xD

    Btw I noticed you deleted your twitter? Do you have G+ account? I kinda miss chatting with you 😛

  15. At first I thought they might have hidden the Good end and only gave us bad end and normal end for the freeware, but I checked in Google Play and it turns out that they DO have the good end for the free version. Oh well.

  16. No, I meant I want to try playing this game but it would be pointless to play if I don’t understand anything they say.

  17. I didn’t even notice that! Wow they sure stand out by taking out an N… ( ´<_,`)

    I don't really mind ossans but the looks and the fact that he's almost 50 is too much for me.

    Phone games are cheap and easy to buy and develop. I guess they're just supposed to be fun and don't need depth so it's okay as long as it's not terrible. I guess it's not too hard to filter out the REALLY bad ones (or pricey ones lol). Have fun with your games and I look forward to more reviews, hopefully with less half shaven ossans and shinsengumi clones missing a letter!

  18. Well to be fair they did take out the N so its SHISEN!gumi lolol

    Yea I wish that dude would shave himself but I guess that would make him look less like he’s 49 😆
    You’re right though most otome games are pretty shallow and I’ve started becoming pretty selective lol. There’s been a huge influx of phone apps lately (rather than crap for mobage) and some are okay but the bad pricing is what turns me off. I’ll probably have more reviews soon since I got an entire row of them on one of my phone screens 8D;

  19. Wow things never end with the shinsengumi do they? Even if it’s different they don’t hesitate to throw the name around so it’s getting old imo what with Hakuoki and all those other shinsengumi themed games ヽ(‘ー`)ノ

    The art’s not bad but it looks kinda funny to me and the one with the ossan looks all sorts of strange in so many ways lol. The facial hair just makes it worse.

    Copy pasta scenes are the worse because nobody feels special and it feels like a waste of time. It’s probably better you gave up on this game but idk I don’t like otome games on phones because they always seem so shallow or have some kinda weird catch. ( ´<_,`)

  20. haha well seeing how I understand Japanese and I still couldn’t figure out how to get the best end I think language isn’t the problem here lol

  21. I’m kinda curious to see what happens in this game, but my Japanese skills amounts to zero so… I guess it would be pointless to play, LOL 😛

  22. ah yea if you have a G+ profile tell me the link (I can remove it later) and I’ll add you to my otome gamer circle where I post stuff here & there ^^

  23. The thing I like about it is the use of colours. Otherwise the style is kind of derpy.

    I figured the tumblr drama found you. Hopefully it wasn’t that in the least. :c Really liked getting to chat with you on there. So you can know at least one person will miss you!

  24. ah yep I did for personal reasons ^^ I post most of my stuff on google+ now anyway so I don’t really need another distraction XD;
    Artwork was OKAY but I think could be better, at least better that I’d be willing to pay for it lol

  25. Cat boys in space!! Other then the artwork looking decent here and there, it sounds pretty shitty. Especially when the guys you listed were either grandpas or annoying shota boys. :V

    On a different note, you delete your twitter? :c

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