Otome Game Review: Glass Heart Princess -PLATINUM-

Decided to catch up on some old backlog and realized I still never played this fandisk! I’m glad I picked it up since it really reminded me of how much fun the GHP team is and well now I’m really looking forward to their upcoming game (Trigger Kiss). Anyway the FD is split into a few sections – vacation trip, after story, 3P routes, side story and a story for Satsuki. For the vacation trip, because Kyoko was busy training her heart last summer she missed out on her high school summer activities. Her friend offers her special tickets to a private island resort and worried about her heart Kyoko wants to refuse….but Satsuki grabs them and says THIS YO CHANCE GUUURL. And so Kyoko and all her mans fly down for some hot summer events by the sea. The after stories are events immediately following the endings of the first game.

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Girl’s Style Premium February 2013


This is actually a bit old and came out in December but I picked it up in Stellaworth because I really enjoyed the GHP game. Unboxing gallery after the jump!

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Otome Game Review: Glass Heart Princess

Himeno Kyoko is a rich ojousama (daughter of a wealthy company owner) with her butler & maid at her every wish. She’s in her 3rd year of high school and with graduation approaching, she realizes she’s never been in love yet! Unfortunately Kyoko discovers she has GLASS HEART SYNDROME and when her heart beats too fast – she can die. There’s no cure but there’s a way to rehabilitate the heart – by falling in love and pulling giant steamrollers. She goes around looking for a dude until she realizes HE’S THE ONE who she will force to go on dates with her :lol:. It’s LOVE OR DEATH for Kyoko but she must train her heart in order to survive!

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