Otome Game Review: Pretty Witch Academy

This game felt more like an mmorpg to me than an typical dating sim but let’s roll with it :D. JP commented that it’s harry potter the otome game but I think it’s a lot more similar to Zero no Tsukaima lol xD. The story starts out with a flashback of an abandoned baby. A woman who already has a baby of her own volunteers to take it under her wing and raise it as her own child. With this she raises her real son Akito and her newly adopted daughter Yume. The two of them grow up to be happy siblings, until Akito turns 14 and hits puberty therefore starting to probably have feelings for his non-blood related sister. 😆 I see what ya did thar Strawberry Maiden xD Now at age 19, they both set off for the Silver Star Magic Academy (located in England lol) where if you pass special magical trials, you can make a wish upon the golden dragon. Yume’s wish is to find out who her real parents are. Yume’s room mate is a fat girl from China named Gyokurei, who is also already married but her husband is back in his home country. Be warned the game is R-18. Also super major spoilers and tl;dr ahead – so if you wanna skip them just scroll all the way down to my final impressions.

Kitamura Akito – Akito and Yume are both Japanese and are from Japan if you look at the game’s world map. Akito is 18, and Yume’s non blood related younger brother. He’s voiced by Hino Satoshi which made me want to play his route first, even though I normally play main guys last haha. She always cared for Akito as the “older sister” but once he found out by reading his mom’s diary that she’s not his blood related sister, yeaaa things started to change hehe. He has a lot more magic power than Yume, who pretty much has none so needless to say he got pissed when people called them “husband & wife” at the beginning of the game and he said that she’s not his family or anything to him. He basically pretended to hate Yume to get away from, in order to suppress his urges to basically jump into her panties. Even during their first ero scene, he admits that once he found out she wasn’t related to him, he’d like fap about her every day 😆 After she gets tricked by Charlotte’s groupies and spends a night in the cave, Akito finally realizes what it’s like to possibly lose her. He almost raeps her that night in his room cause he can’t hold back lolol. Charlotte knows that Akito is a strong magician so she wants to partner with him to call the golden dragon, despite the fact that she knows he only has feelings for Yume, and she’s engaged to Yuri. Akito then disappears for a few days and Yume searches for him, eventually finding him alone in the top floor of the library. He tells her he tried to get away from her, to let his raging hormones die down, but she had to go and show up and give him 20 boners all over again, geez woman, you’re a bit too obsessive over your “little brother” 😆 So yea needless to say he gropes her a few times here & there but Yume makes a wish upon her newly found magic item, Kuro and she’s able to ward off Akito from raping her…yet again.

After this he disappears again and this is all around the time of the school festival where Akito is forced to be a drag queen by playing Snow White opposing Yuri, playing the prince. Because Akito doesn’t show up Yuri asks Yume to play Snow White, but at the last minute Akito shows up and Yuri forces him to play the role of the Prince for one of the performances. Oh yea there was totally some accidental fall on top of her kiss scene earlier so the game makers recycled the same CG for the snow white play, just changing the clothes & background. Cheap. Eventually Akito is a little nicer to Yume and Yume asks him to be her partner. Akito refuses and says that she’s too scared to even be near him. It’s now time for the trials in the dungeon. These trials will decide who is strong enough to be the pair to go and summon the golden dragon. In the dungeon are some “hired” monsters who are paid to purposely lose to the students. One of the monsters, a vampire is sick of being killed by shitty spells and so when Yume and Yuri get there (again she and Akito got in a fight so Akito went to partner up with Charlotte) . The vampire grabs Yume and sucks her blood, therefore regaining his youth and causing havoc upon the academy. Because Yume was bitten by a vampire, if they don’t purify her in time she would turn into a vampire herself. To do the purification they bring her to the church but because she’s on the boundary between human and vampire, she wants blood and p0n0s (preferably Akito’s at the time cause she thinks he’d put out for her…which he would if Gerhart didn’t stop him lol.) Anyway after that Akito says he’ll be Yume’s “little brother” because he’s just happy she’s back to normal. It’s now time for break to prepare for the next exam but Yume wants to go back and visit her mom in Japan erm I mean Amatsu 😆

Again after another squabble between our love..square, Yume, Akito, Yuri and Charlotte all end up going to Japan. There we find out that Akito’s hair color is just a dye job because his real hair color is a lot like Yume’s since his father was a foreigner. He dyed his hair because he was teased a lot in school when he was younger for being a gaijin. Poor shota. Anyway there they get into another craazzy adventure where they get captured by some undersea Chinese princess who wants to find a husband. Since she only wants sexy mans, she throws Yume and Charlotte into a dungeon. Charlotte will have none of this so a major bitch fight and magic battle prevails making Charlotte the winner. All of a sudden it turns out the princess, Otoha, is actually Gyokurei’s childhood friend. She’s angry because she actually was childhood friends with Gyokurei’s husband but she wanted to marry him. When Gyokurei showed everyone photos of her husband, he’s this fat Chinese prince and well I think he fits Gyokurei a lot more than Otoha roflmao. Everyone goes back to the academy and says goodbye to Hanako (Akito & Yume’s mother) who tells Kuro that it’s good to be with a “milf” once a while. Yes I am serious she actually called herself a milf.

So finally Yume grows some balls of steel and decides she will confess her true feelings to Akito, that she loves him as a woman not a sister. That night though, Charlotte had asked Akito to go shopping with her and the two of them never came back. The next day she finds out that Akito has chosen Charlotte as his partner and she passes out from the shock. Yuri stays by her side and asks her to be her partner and explains that he and Charlotte are pretty much over. Yume reluctantly agrees and on the day of the exam confesses to Akito anyway. Akito just smiles and says “thanks, sis.” During the trial Akito loses some of his magic because he still has feelings for Yume and is unable to fully partner up with Charlotte. He gets really hurt and after Yuri and Yume save the two of them, Charlotte says she’s giving Akito back to Yume. After the cave they walk home together and they tell each other their reasons for coming to the academy. Both want to make a wish upon the golden dragon. Akito wants to find out who killed his father and Yume wants to find out who her real parents are. The moment of disclosure turns into love confessions which turns into them sexoring in some random hotel room. I was kinda disappointed, there was no kiss CG, it was just “chu” sound effects and that recycled CG of overhead Akito that they used 2 times before but with a different background 😕

Anyway now we move on to part 2 of the story. Part 2 introduces 2 new characters, Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is Charlotte’s obsessive childhood friend, while Juliet is his obsessive slave/stalker/maid. They go on yet another trip as part of the dragon summoning trials and during there they do it again in some hotel room. They then meet Ariadne, who is the sort of gatekeeper/dungeon master that they have to defeat. Turns out she’s a human who once wished eternal life upon the dragon but regrets it because now she’s 200 years old and is extremely bored of living the same life over and over again. She gets mad that Akito choses Yume over her and then they fight and feat the Minotaurs. She admits defeat and it seems like a victory for Akito and Yume but then suddenly Akito is stabbed through the chest. Turns out it’s Romeo and he wants to be the one to summon the dragon, even though the true victory goes to Akito and Yume. Yume then wishes upon her hat, her last wish, for Akito to be saved so Akito is saved and instead Romeo is stabbed in his right eye permanently blinding him there. Kuro disappears and it’s obvious from here that he is her father.

Suddenly war breaks out between Amatsu and Conron (China and Japan lulz). Gerhart tells Yume to forget about her mother because she was a “criminal” to the 7 Colors School. The school principal and Belinda sensei tell Yume that if she wants Akito to be freed, she must stop being his partner. It turns out that because of Yume’s mother, the dragon got split into 2 parts. One part became the staff that’s in that cave and the 2nd part basically took the body of Yume, while she still in her mother’s womb, so technically Yume IS the dragon. Yume gets exiled into the same dungeon where Ariadne is and the two of them play boardgames until it’s time for summon the golden dragon. The school elders want to summon the dragon so that they can create world peace and stop all the wars. Suddenly we’re brought into a flashback of Yume and Akito’s parents. Hanako and Kurogane both came from Amatsu. While Kurogane was a rich prince, Hanako was a poor girl and while they were initially supposed to be partners, but Kuro had no interest in summoning the dragon. Hanako’s only wish was to have money because she was poor all her life. When they get to the school they meet with 2 siblings, Vincent and Margaret Bloomfield, who while they look similar, aren’t actually related by blood. (Whew, incest flag not raised!)

Vincent asks Hanako to be his partner since usually magic partners in this game end up screwing each other and he can’t do it with his sister etc. But it’s obvious he’s a big siscon, just like Akito (well he’s Akito’s dad after all!) and he’s always been infatuated with Margaret who I guess is not related by blood. I’m not sure if they explained why she wasn’t related but I didn’t really catch it. Vincent also says he likes masochistic women rofl. Anyway Hanako wants Kuro to go back and save Amatsu as the “prince” but then he drops the bomb and tells her he knocked up Margaret and made a promise with her, a magic one, that if he ever leaves her, he’ll turn into a hat. Later on Kuro and Margaret have a bootleg wedding at the school and Hanako catches the boquet. Right then and there Vincent proposes to her but I think she rejects him at first lol. Later on though Vincent tells Hanako that he feels he and Margaret are cursed and he thinks he’s gonna die soon so he wants to leave something behind, so I guess he knocks up Hanako lol. Soo now another war breaks out in Amatsu but the 4 have nowhere to go because they were associated with opposing countries. Because they touch the staff, it angers the dragon and he kills Margaret and Vincent, but Hanako survives and Kuro’s turned into a hat. She makes a wish for herself to be saved and the staff breaks – splits into 2 and Hanako is now brought back to Amatsu and everything is ok…except for the fact that now the dragon can’t be summoned and it took them 20 years to restore the damn thing so they could perform the ceremony again. Well now they have a slight problem since Yume IS the other half of that dragon lol.

Anyway Yume agrees to become one with the dragon and she allows Yuri and Gyokurei to summon it. (Charlotte got abducted by Juliet since stalker Romeo wasn’t done with his revenge.) They go into the cave where the summoning is happening and Akito saves Charlotte. Romeo then shows up and kills Belinda. Since Charlotte is freed she then goes and kills Romeo and out of shock and anger, Juliet then stabs herself to make Charlotte feel guilty for the rest of her life. Akito then goes to save Yume. In the meantime Yume is floating in an unknown space talking to Mr Golden Dragon. He tells her some story about how he was in love with a mage (who has the same hair clips as Yume). I Didn’t really pay attention (sorry this is like really long as you can tell) but something about how he stayed behind with the mage even past her death while all the other dragons in his family went to the ends of the world. He also points out that this is probably the last time anyone will be able to ever summon him. Yume says she’s ready to join with him but she still has feelings for Akito. She then makes a wish upon the dragon to “fight” Akito and in return for her love with Akito to be saved or something 😕 Anyway Akito fights him, in a very anticlimactic fashion (I mean the battle was over before it even started) and then the dragon disappears and instead snow fall covers the island.

It’s some sort of miracle snow and it brings some people back from the dead like Belinda, Romeo and Juliet. Belinda says she will take care of Juliet who’s bawwing about not wanting to live anymore. After Yume wakes up in Akito’s arms he immediately tells her they should fuck 😆 Yume punches him and tells him Gyokurei and Yuri are right there but they tell her not to “mind them” lmao. In the epilogue Hanako drags them on top of the mountains on the 7 colors school island. Turns out she wanted to place a grave stone for Margaret and Vincent. She calls Akito a hentai for hitting on his sister and then tells them to make some babies for her. Kuro then revives on Akito’s head saying that even though he doesn’t have 5 luck, he clears all the other requirements so now Akito is Kuro’s new master. That’s pretty much it for Akito’s story. I think I may have made some errors so feel free to correct me. I’m honestly disappointed that in the end there was no romantic CG between Akito and Yume. They had CGs for like turtles and staffs and other dumb shit, but no CG for like hugs or something?? Come on 😦 So yea kinda disappointed in that sense. Most of the romance was “off” the CG and the actual CGs weren’t really for scenes that I could have cared to see a CG for.

Yury Lindbelle – Yury is the nice blonde bishie who is like the exact opposite of Akito. Unfortunately like all perfect mans, he’s already taken and has a fiance named Charlotte. He’s only engaged to her because of status and the money it will bring to his not so rich family. Because of this he takes abuse from charlotte (who’s kinda a cross over between Louise and Montmorency from Zero no Tsukaima). There’s a reason he takes all of her abuse though. It’s because he once used a charm spell on her and had his way with her, so out of guild he lets her treat him like shit no matter what. The biggest problem with Yury’s story is it was basically the clone of Akito’s, but the difference is, in key scenes Akito would be replaced with Yury. In this route they even had multiple scenes where Akito would hit on/mollest Yume despite this still being Yury’s route. This was really annoying and I ended up skipping through 90% of the entire thing because I just didn’t want to read the same dialogue. Yes they even used the same dialogue, talk about cheap 😐

Yury is also a yandere character. He pretends to be nice but he just wants to use people to make himself feel better. He expects that girls fawn over him and so he’s really annoyed that Yume isn’t doing the same. For the school play Akito ends up playing the princess and they adlib to tickle him instead haha. There’s all this drama between Akito and Charlotte since Charlotte still has feelings for Yury even though Yury thinks that he’s been thrown away by her. They make a bet before going into that cave and since Yume and Yury save Charlotte and Akito (in this one Charlotte’s the one who loses her magic), Yume wins the bet and Charlotte demands that Yume “take care” of Yury for her. Yury confesses to Yume that his dragon wish is to become more humane and less like an “emotionless doll” and Yume says she’ll be his partner. Immediately of course being someone’s partner = doing it. I have to admit that sadly Yury’s eroscenes were probably more amusing than his actual story. He would tease Yume a lot lol and he was a lot more confident than Akito – probably because he was “experienced” 😈

The rest of the events are the same. The difference starts when the war breaks out and then Yury is forced to marry Charlotte. Charlotte thinks that she can control whatever she wants regarding this but her grandpa instantly puts her in her place. He even degrades her and forces her to beg Yury to take her back, right in front of Yume. Yury takes them both out of the room crying and he tells Yume the story about her parents. There’s a couple flashbacks regarding Yury’s past. Apparently his mom was a gold digger who slept with some rich guy and then ran away with his money. Later I guess she was killed and Yury was adopted by a maid of his real father. He was then taken care of by a man named Kain who acted as his foster dad but he always forced Yury to do as he says, which included learning magic because Yury had a magic talent and Charm level 4. Anyway during the dragon summoning basically Akito has to tell Yury what a pussy he is and Yury then has to stop Romeo & Juliet from making a crazy wish. He then “fights” the dragon as Yume wished and defeats him (and just like in Akito’s story he wants to do it right there..lol) In the epilogue Kain shows up and they give him some cuff links as a present. The whole Lindbell thing’s been solved and Yury is free to do whatever he wants. Kuro shows up and makes Yury his new master….JUST like in Akito’s end. Blah, it’s a shame Yury was just a stock replacement character for Akito 😐

Carlos Seagle – The first time they meet is when Yume’s trapped and being attacked by a slime in the cave. Carlos uses high level magic spells to save her and get her out. He tells her that he never really attends class but he’s in the same year as her because he got held back so he’s repeating. Now I really wanted to like Carlos, I really did. In fact in the first half of the game he was my favorite character. Gyokurei coined him as tsundere senpai ☆ and while he had some personality similarities to Akito, he was a lot more laid back rather than constantly being a whiny pussy bitch about things.  The downside is he likes to tease Yume a lot, but obviously cause he’s tsundere for her, and he often calls her pettanko (flat chested). During the school festival the play this time is Cinderella, and Yume ends up playing Cinderella while Carlos plays the prince. At the end Carlos tells her he loves her and kisses her but she thinks it’s all just an act for the play. Akito of course doesn’t like the idea of Yume seeing Carlos so he forces her to be his partner. As usual this fails and Yume loses her magic in the cave so then she becomes Carlos’ partner.

What pissed me off a lot about Carlos’ story is they basically just took Akito & Yuri’s story chunks and then just shoved Carlos in there. Because of this basically Carlos’ lines were the only new lines but everyone else’s were repeats. This was irritating because it’s like you want to skip through everyone’s lines but not his but you can’t so I had to just go and skip through his as well because I wasn’t about to read the same damn dialogue for the 3rd time. Every single event was the same except for Carlos’ stupid original arc of Magical Thief Pink Tulip where there’s this crazy magic stick and she takes over whoever owns her. This happens first to some loli named Wendy and then happens to Yume. I barely paid attention because then they had some kamen tiger guy and well it just went into some inside joke land that I had no interest in. I never found sentai to be amusing, maybe its a Japan thing, but all I remember is how dumb the Power Rangers were.  😆  Carlos’s history is that his mom disappeared after he was born and his dad died trying to summon the golden dragon on his own – in order to wish for money so that Carlos could become a mage.Lucky for Carlos, he’s just naturally born with magic talents which is why unlike everyone else, he has a spell that’s level 6.  Carlos was basically raised by his 2 devil tsukaimas Frits and John, and while they manged to scare away most of his ex-girlfriends, Yume comes to like the two of them. Frits and John also make special pastries which is how I think they pay the rent lol.

The reason Carlos got held back is while in the academy he was rooming with Romeo who is an asshole as you can tell from the previous routes so he kicked Carlos out of his dorm. He then took Carlos’ top spot in the academy (probably with threats and money) and so Carlos stopped caring and quit. Additionally Juliet is apparently a slave who Romeo’s famliy bought to be his maid/servant and so of course she thinks of Romeo as a life savior which is why she does everything possible for him, no matter how much he kicks her in the face.  Anyway the ending is pretty much the same as every other ending so I skipped through most of it. Carlos’ exg/f briefly shows up and tells him not to give up when Yume’s thrown into the dungeon. In the epilogue Yume’s mom visits Carlos’ place to see what kind of man her daughter had chosen. She says it’s ok since they will “get married eventually”. I was hoping for some kind of shocking revelation that Yume got pregnant because he totally spooged inside of her in the 3rd eroscene, but it didnt happen. Now here’s what ruined Carlos’ route for me. After the first ero scene and them becoming a couple, Carlos is still afraid Yume is gonna pick some other guy over him (Yury or Akito). So…he makes her come to class with a vibrator in her cooter and he turns it on & off while she spooges all over her seat. When it seems like she can’t take it anymore, he says he’s sick and goes to the “nurses” office with her and then gives her a “reward” (and by that I mean he fucks her.) GOD DAMNIT THE WORST PART IS, THE GUY WHO VOICES HIM, VOICED A CHARACTER IN JINGI NAKI OTOME WHO DID THE SAME FUCKING THING ASHFLAKSJFHAKLJSFHAKSJFHAKSJ (屮゚Д゚)屮  So yea, needless to say it was pretty much skipville in the 2nd half for me. If it wasn’t for this vibrator shit, I woulda maybe had more patience but I was completely enraged at how they could pull this kind of shit off. To me, its like the equivallence of rape, especially when the whole time Yume said “I’ll put up with it because I want him to see that I love only him.”

Soi/Krishna – Soi is from the middle east/Indian area of the game’s world map and he’s also a prince of whatever that country is, in this case they refer to it as Shigurui. Anyway Soi is actually the child form of prince Krishna who is hiding away because his country thinks that he’s dead. In the meantime he wants to find secretly try to sneak up from the shadows to straighten things out. He knew Gyokurei from the past because he met her when she came to Shigurui as a spy from Conron. One of his gods that he’s in contract with Rakshumi, used some of Yume’s dragon powers which allowed her to create a ring that will turn Soi into his adult form Krishna for about an hour. Krishna was betrayed by his younger brother Barata, who obviously wanted to be king turning the entire plot into international intrigue over oil & wealth by the end of the story. 😆 Unfortunately Soi’s route also suffered from the “character replacement” syndrome so a lot of stuff was similar to Carlos’. So yea due to this I skipped a LOT of dialogue, I just didn’t have the patience. For example they shoved in that stupid Pink Tulip arc again but this time it had an original ending where the stick turned into a girl named Akari who was in love with the prince.

Gyokrei later tells Soi that she doesn’t think he’s good enough for Yume because he’s had so many hoes back at the palace but he says that Yume is the first girl that he’s ever “loved” rather than…fucked. Anyway after all the same plot we saw before and they get to the first eroscene, and Soi uses his ring to turn into Krishna so they can do it properly. Of course they half assed the CG so even then they were doing it, his body was so far away, the only way this would be possible is if he had a 2 foot cock. The 2nd ero scene was when Yume jacked him off in the church…in his shota form. She even thought to herself that she’s a hentai for doing this to someone who looks like a child…but yea that obviously didn’t concern her when in the Ariadne’s string arc she had sex with him in that form as well. =_=; Neeedless to say, it was worse that when Soi finally turned back into Krishna after gaining the golden dragon’s powers, Yume said she liked him better as a shota. Freaking shotacon weirdo lol. In this story the difference at the end was that Charlotte and Yury called the dragon and Gyokurei played a more important role since she knew Soi from the past. In the epilogue Krishna has a brotherly talk with Barata and then Rakshumi and Kuro come back. Bleh, I think this route woulda been better (besides the obvious identical story issue that’s plaguing this game) if Krishna was able to turn into his adult form more often. Krishna = hot, shota Soi = ew, do not want.

Gerhaert Bargob – Gerhaert sensei is the teacher of the school so of course he has to have some devious angsty past route. On one hand this made the story more interesting because I actually wanted to read some stuff instead of skipping through everything, on the other hand, the story I got sucked balls so I felt like I wanted those 8 hours of my life back. You know how every otome game needs a rapist? Well the rape with Akito wasn’t nearly enough I suppose so they gave that job to Gerhaert. One of his angsty traits is he has a stigma, the evil eye. He always wears glasses to cover it up, but if he takes them off and uses it, anyone who looks him in the eye will do what he says whether they like it or not. Yea you can guess where this is going in an 18+ game. Yume falls in love with him and since he can’t be her partner, being a teacher and all, most of the partner stuff ends up being covered by Akito, which landed more skippage. After the cave arc where in all the other guys’ routes would be the first ero scene and the moment where the two characters admit their love to each other…Gerhaert was all like I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. And then he proceeded to force her to suck his cock until she had to like literally beg for his dick without him using some vibrator. (Wtf??? 😯 )

I guess Yume wanted to be like the heroine from Ijiwaru My Rapist so despite this crap she still agreed to let him do anything he wanted sexually with her. This of course included continuously sucking his wang until he finally screwed her…in his office. Sigh. Thank was thankfully the last eroscene and during the Ariadne thread arc, she just roomed with Akito and there was nothing erotic there. The big complex with Gerhaert is that when he was a shota at the academy, he had a massive first crush on Yume’s mom Margaret. So when Margaret died because she wanted to bear Yume, he pretty much hated Yume from the day she was born. He even hated to call her Yume because her mother wanted to name her “Flower”. Obviously Yume was given to her by Akito’s mom, Hanako. I took a lot of notes for his route but I don’t think it’s even worth writing about honestly. The ending is the same, he decides to show up, save Yume but even after he does, all that we get is a “kiss” but the CG is just of his face bleh. I was hoping there’d be some like romantic ero scene to make up for all the rape…but nope. And even in the game epilogue, he never even once said that he loved her. There were a few differences regarding the ending like how Yury killed Romeo and that Juliet killed Belinda to try to save Yume because the academy knew that she’d eventually be “one” with the dragon. Blah I don’t even wanna retype any of my notes I’m too disappointed to give a damn about this route at this point -_-;

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Final Impressions~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Seriously, wtf is the point of this being a CG??

All I can say is, Akito’s route is the only one worth playing. It’s like no matter whose route I did, Akito always played some important role. He would either be an asshole, or the really nice guy (like in Gerhaert’s sigh) but in every single route, he always admitted his feelings for Yume and always thought of her and her feelings by the end of the story. This was really annoying especially when I was playing a route where Akito was a hell lot nicer than the guy I was aiming for. Additionally I’m fking annoyed that in Soi’s route he was mostly a shota, I didn’t fking want a shota game wtf is this shit *puke* I don’t care that he’s “really an adult”, I don’t wanna see CGs of that shit goddd. Leave that in the yaoi games please! The CGs were alright, as usual the ero scenes had lopsided stuff in them but it didn’t bother me. What bothered me is their CHOICE of CGs.For example, why the fuck do we need like 5 CGs of bloody Romeo or Juliet instead of like 1 CG of Yume kissing the guy’s route she’s doing? Every hug/kiss scene in this game consisted of a black screen…but yes let’s have CGs of some old people and sad turtles. 🙄 Also they would constantly reuse the SAME CG of a guy but just change the background. For example the scene of Akito hovering over Yume (usually for a kiss scene) but holy geezus they reused that CG like 20 times.

I forgot what game I was playing.

Music was okay too, nothing special though. I think the thing that sticks out about this game is probably the detailed story and very developed side characters. I mean in most otome games I play the side characters are nothing but support for the heroine and a shoulder to cry on. Here they were even rivals and sometimes enemies lol so I guess that was interesting. The worst thing in the game as I mentioned is the repetition of story. It’s as if the game makers just made Akito’s story and then went through the whole thing and replaced names and lines here & there to try to make a story for the other guys. I suppose this is ok except when you literally just move names around and I have to read the SAME dialogue by every character except whatever guy’s route I’m doing. Hell even the guys would have the same lines as each other because I would clearly remember what they said in certain scenes. Anyway I don’t regret playing this game, but if anyone is thinking of playing it I would only recommend Akito’s route and then just pretend the other routes don’t exist. They honestly don’t really do anything to the story and if you feel you’re missing out, just go read the spoilers in this post xDDD


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  1. Ewww shota H-scene, wtf were they thinking. ):
    Haha, alright, I guess I’ll just do Akito-niichan’s route then (after I finish Trollcats EP6 anyway). 😆

  2. Taiyaki> LOL have fun!! xDD Yea shota H-scene was so fucking weird on many different levels =_=;; Also lots of spooge in every route but Akito’s so yea…Akito’s prolly the best route to do lol.

  3. Digi> I thought that they might be too but I’m pretty sure in the flashback arc, Hanako mentioned that Vincent isn’t Margaret’s blood related brother, so that x’s out the possibility of Yume and Akito being cousins.

  4. Yay another review! 😀

    I can’t believe i read that allllll lmao. It was hilarious! I was likin’ that Carlos guy up until you got to that vibrator stuff…… yuck. <_<

    And i thought it was going to be a super interesting game after reading all the detail in Akito's story, but it was disappointing that you pretty much skipped everything since it was all repeats. :/

    But anyways thanks for the review, you made my day lol. Keep 'em going! ;D

  5. Snowy> Haha yea that’s how I felt about Carlos too. I really liked him until the 2nd half of the game…then it’s like god wtf now you ruined it Strawberry Maiden ==; lol

    Glad you like them xD I’ve got like 8 more games in my backlog so expect more reviews on the way (*・ω-)⌒☆*。゜

  6. Correct me but…
    Half the dragon is Yume.
    Yume’s mother broke did something that split the dragon.
    Hanako wished to be saved. And staff splits etc2


  7. I guess I should have been more specific.
    Yume’s REAL mom died, the baby was then turned into a piece of the dragon (Yume)
    Yume’s STEP mom (Hanako) was the one who wished to be saved.

  8. Wow XD I think that reading your reviews is more fun than the games themselves would be! I only found this place today and I’ve already gone through all your otome game posts just to read what you had to say – they were all very amusing.

    Have you thought about playing “Ouran High School Host Club”? I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the game (damn Japanese text =_=) but it seems like it’s really cute and slightly more realistic than the loli-S&M-raep that goes on everywhere else.

  9. Welcome! I suffer through play the games so you don’t have to! 😆

    unfortunately I don’t have a DS/PSP/PS2 or whatever platform that game is for lol. I only play PC games for now. I plan to mess around with some emulators once I get through my backlog though. My next few games will be all ages so hopefully no raep for a bit xD

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