Otome Game Review: Wand of Fortune Portable

So I made a promise to some friends to play this game and we coined ourselves the #WOFSufferingTeam. Unfortunately it seems like the other 2 were casualties of the draggy system and so far I’m the only survivor who managed to fully complete the game. 😆 So anyway, our heroine Lulu’s granny gave her a magic wand when she was a loli and ever since that day Lulu decided to become a mage. She enrolls in a magic academy called Mills Claire and she must train hard in order to pass the final exam. So basically it’s like this game but without the porn.

First of all I know you’re all thinking BUT DAT SYSTEM SEEMS HARD. I was thinking I’d be like Real Rode RPG level here but it’s a lot simpler and a lot less time consuming. Still I will be honest – it’s a drag. I’ve managed to get my affection/required stats usually by the 13th week and after that it would just be repetitive study cycle, spamming the guy for dates via the 不思議な絵 (since that pretty much is like the auto-date trigger.)  Sharakael has put up a great page of tips to follow before playing and I highly recommend reading it. Additionally I followed Momokan’s guide but she also goes into showing you how to get the sad & bad ends which I skipped as they gave no CGs. As far as my own personal tips go:

  • Do Ami’s route first – get all the better cards completed, get magic items from the magic shop on Sundays because they carry over into every route and  you can spam gifts to your dude the first week to raise affection fast.
  • You have to study with a teacher at least once a week but the other 2 times can be with your guy. You need to study at least 3 times or you’ll be forced to do weekend studying and it will over ride any events you have planned for Sunday. (Only time I skipped studying was during Elbert’s route so not to raise my stats on purpose.)
  • For Elbert, I doubled his route with the All Property End route and I split it at week 19. By then, I had so many stat raising items that I could save at week 19 with about 92 stats and use the items to get up to 140 so I recommend doing Elbert + APE end route LAST.
  • Play order doesn’t really matter as all the routes are self contained but I recommend making Alvero your last guy since his route reveals a few things about the school. My recommended play order from least fav to most fav though is Est, Bilal, Julius, Noel, Lagi, Alvaro. (With Ami at the beginning and Elbert/APE at the end.)
  • Once you’re in week 17 and your affection/required stats are reached you can be a lazyass and spam 休み. Just make sure you study on week 20 so you don’t miss the Mind Candy event.

Anyway it seems confusing but doing Ami’s route first also helped me get familiarized with the game system and by the time I finished my first character I was already a WOF pro :lol:.  So yea don’t let the system deter you from playing and FYI this game isn’t long – each route took me approx 5-7 hours depending on the character.

wof009Ami – Ami is Lulu’s room mate and strangely enough her personality is what I EXPECT of Otomate heroines but instead she’s now the friend and our heroine is extremely awesome. Her house did a lot of star readings and she was always pressured to do the same which is why she used to hate the stars. She could never do it herself and when she keeps trying to read the stars but it doesn’t work and she ends up overworking herself. Lulu tells her not to overwork herself. Since by the end of the game I kinda avoided all the hot mans, Lulu ended up having no partner for her final exam. Seeing her room mate bummed out, Ami offers to be her partner. Ami ends up messing up one of her magic spells, breaking her magic ball and is knocked out cold. When she wakes up, she blames herself for being a useless bum unable to read the stars like her granny. Varona tells her she got some badass powers hidden inside of her and Ami gets the motivation to try again with a special new magical bell item. She successfully manages to finally “hear the stars” but she and Lulu are unable to successfully pass their exam together. Ami then begs the teachers to let Lulu pass because it’s thanks to her that Ami was able to awaken her powers. The teachers then give them another chance to take the exam and Lulu asks Ami to be her partner once more. In the epilogue, Ami and Lulu watch the stars as Ami thanks Lulu for all her help.

wof008Elbert – Elbert is a magic teacher at Mills Claire but  is kinda frail and pathetic always covering up his face with his hood.  He became a mage because he thought they looked cool in a picture book when he was a shota.  He pulls the “oh noes we’re student & teacher” card on Lulu pretty much the entire time.  He has a flower garden and talks to his flowers foreveralone.jpg style. After hanging out with him for a while, Elbert says that he feels at ease talking to Lulu over other students but once again OH NOEZ IM TOO CLOSE TO  A STUDENT. So since Elbert babbles about student/teacher BS Lulu begs the senseis to let her take the exam alone. Meanwhile Elbert is like NO Y U NO CHOSE PARTNER but Lulu’s like this is all your fault cause you won’t be my partner! She then finds that Elbert’s garden has all wilted due to poison gasses and blames herself for it. Lulu then cries saying that she wishes she was born earlier so she could have attended Mills Claire along with him. He then stops being a stubborn foo’ and says that he was always putting a wall in front of others and he always envied how open Lulu was. Due to this he felt that she shouldn’t associate with someone like him. He then says he’ll try to solve the poison gas issue with her and asks for her to watch him kick some ass.  After he’s done Lulu glomps him saying he’s the best ;). For the final exam, Elbert tells Ivan & Vania that while Lulu didn’t fully clear the exam, she did her best and so they give her another chance. After this Lulu is totally open with her feelings telling Elbert over & over that she loves him making him all flustered ( ≖‿≖). In the epilogue she demands Elbert go on a date with her and she clings to him while he babbles that someone might see them and gets further embarrassed. (*´ω`*)  Baww Elbert was such a moecake, I’m so sad I spent most of his route skipping and doing nothing because I  really wanted to spend more time with him…and less time with OH NOES STUDENT X TEACHER. Glad that Lulu was like “fuck dat sheit you goin on date with me foo!”

wof003Noel Valmore – Noel is like the Naruto of Mills Claire cause he’s gonna be the best mage there ever was. You’ll often find him screaming at either Julius or at Pearl, the library bird that belongs to Ivan sensei. (He’s even ranked at the top of the “Would be hot if he shut his mouth” list.) He’s also extremely gullible, like one of those people who falls for every AS-Seen-On-TV advertisements, and buys the product later cursing himself for buying shit.  For example he finds a mahou shoujo magic wand set for ages 6 & Up and he and Lulu successfully do some magical girl spell. Sure it worked but I doubt that he was the intended age group :lol:.  For the final exam, Noel just wants to do everything on his own. He then becomes depressed when he finds out he can’t control the insect magic armlet on his hand and that it will eat up all his magic and eventually kill him. Their challenge is to get a stranded Poupee servant under control so Lulu reminds him that he’s not alone in this exam and she IS his partner. Noel admits that his magic being eaten is his own “Weak will” rather than the amber armlet’s fault. He starts babbling and blaming himself so Lulu gives him a big ol’ hug to make him feel better ( ≖‿≖). He manages to get that stray Poupee under control and they pass the exam. The Poupee then changes shape to look like Noel xDDDD and upon seeing it he freaks out and passes out.  Since the poupee likes Noel so much Lulu names it Lueno xDDD. With its help they carry a passed out Noel back to the dorms. In the epilogue, Lulu bitches that Noel’s being a pansy and not telling her his feelings xD. He finally grows a pair and asks her out and Lulu’s like yay I love you too and agrees. Sadly Lueno cockblocks them and Noel runs after it raging leaving a poor Lulu alone to complain about her dorky new boyfriend.  I didn’t think I would end up liking Noel because he was SOOO obnoxious at first, but Lulu handled him pretty damn well and he became really adorable near the end.

wof005Lagi el Nagil – You pretty much have Natsu from Fairy Tail here because aside from both of them being voiced by Kakki, THEY BOTH SCREAM ALL THE FUCKING TIME. The good news is unlike idiot Natsu, Lagi only screams because he’s a super delicious tsunderella (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. Lagi is a half dragon and when he hugs a girl, he has the Fruits Basket syndrome and he turns into a little Charmander. Immediately after he gets extremely hungry and so to stop this b/s from constantly happening, he came to Mills Claire in hopes they could figure out how to “fix” him. He has 0 magic skills and instead relies on his sword for all his powers.  Since he’s half dragon, he loves really spicy food. His mother’s dead and his father’s MIA so he couldn’t ask his parents on his condition either. Fortunately Lulu, the pro man handler, knows how to handle her tsundere man and kisses him on the cheek when he starts spazzing ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ.  For the final exam, a weak little dragon who looks kinda like Lagi is going around burning everything and people are starting to mix them together pissing Lagi off. Even though Lagi is stronger, the little dragon doesn’t recognize that Lagi is fully a “powerful dragon” since his powers are so half assed and imbalanced. It turns out that the reason Lagi can’t control his shape change because he can’t decide whether he wants to live among humans or dragons.  Lagi then tells Lulu that he’s chosen to go to the dragons and Lulu is like NOOO (´;ω;`) and starts crying.  He runs off but…fortunately Bilal catches him and throws him back in front of her xDDD. Bilal is such a bro wingman.  So then the chibi dragon attacks Lulu once more, and Lagi gets extremely pissed and protects her ultimately turning into his full dragon form. Lulu cries hugging his big ol’ dragon head afterwards and then falls asleep crying and babbling that she doesn’t want to part from him. After this Lulu passes the exam. In the epilogue, Lagi no longer transforms into a dragon when a girl bumps into him and Lulu starts panicking thinking some ho’s gonna snatch him away! She then starts crying to Lagi that he’s gonna leave her but he tells her to shut up and gives her hug. He then confesses that he likes her, but when Lulu hugs him back saying she loves him too he gets so embarrassed he turns back into a dragon xDDD. ラギぺろぺろ(๑´ڡ`๑) Baww Lagi is my favorite, and well it’s obvious why but it’s hard for me not to be biased to any tsundere characters especially firey ones like that x3.

wof004Bilal asad ilhnan Faranbald – Boy I haven’t heard such a mouthful since Kajika Louisa Kugami Burnsworth! Bilal is a rich prince from some arabian country while his brother is the next in line to be king. He’s like jesus and can walk on water but mostly because water is his property and he pretty much has a good handle on it. Being a foreigner, they purpose made him 口下手 and he speaks slowly and annoyingly pretty much until the end of his route. Bilal seems like this off beat dude but he’s actually a closet perv and when he finally starts speaking properly ITS PRETTY OBVIOUS.  For the final exam, Cynthia’s 2 followers vanish and at the same time the lake is filled with red liquid so Lulu & Bilal try to get to the bottom of this. Turns out they got cursed by the water spirit in the lake and are thrown into a coma. Bilal  then says Lulu should give up on the exam because in his country there are ‘shamans’ who specialize in curses instead. Lulu’s like wtf bitch u better continue being my partner stop with the babbling about trying to break the curse with your shaman shiat. He’s like damn guurl I give in (because Lulu is awesome.) They go to the lake and talk to some water spirit ho who tells them that if she disappears the curse will pass but it will take 10 years..but thats in fairy years which is only 1 month in human years lmao. The fairy then says that she wants to NTR Bilal from Lulu since he’s only her “partner” and not her “lover”. Lulu’s like no beetch he’s mine ( ಠ益ಠ ). So then out of nowhere Bilal asks Lulu to be his waifu lol and says how he’s in love with her. Lulu agrees and I’ll just pretend they had forest sexy time even if I didn’t even get an actual kiss CG xDDDD. I mean they woke up next to each other and there was 朝チューン and he did say they bonded in a 肉体的 way www…sigh cero B game. So clearly after getting laid, Bilal’s gaijin accent is fixed and the barriers on his closet perv persona are broken!  The 2 of them then go to see the water fairy and defeat it together. Cynthia & co. wake up and Lulu & Bilal pass the exam. Bilal also gains himself a water spirit named Lian. In the epilogue, Bilal complains that he and Lulu don’t sleep in the same room together despite being engaged. Meanwhile he’s pissed off his room mate Lagi by constantly babbling about how he wants to bone Lulu. When they go out to town together he grabs Lulu and kisses her while she gets embarrassed that he’s being all ichaicha in public. See, if you ever have a foreign character in an otome game, they just need to get laid and BAM SEXY BEAST AWAKENS WITHIN. Such a waste man, he sounded so sexy after he stopped that gaijin-way-ofspekaing b/s. At that point I’m just like omg just make him speak normally the whole game (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

wof002Julius Fortner – Julius is a mad scientist and all he wants to do is magic experiments to discover some kind of new spells. His magic skills are extremely high which is why Noel is always asking him to compare powers but Julius refuses knowing he’ll just win easily. His first charm by Lulu is on the day they meet she accidentally blows something up and it immediately catches his eye. Julius is also kind of a diva in where he refuses to say eat an orange unless someone peels it for him or he can magically make oranges peel themselves. He relies on magic a bit more than he probably should.  Fortunately Lulu tries to get him to relax and stop staying up to wee hours experimenting and she forces him to take a nap in her lap. Man how many heroines offer their lap to their dude with no shame eh??  She’s like a super ike-woman in this route. For the final exam they try to catch some magical COCK. When they manage to get the medal off it to pass the exam, Julius is like DERP LEMME STARE AT IT SOME MOAR and it attacks him…so Lulu jumps in the way to save his stupid ass and is partially turned to stone. Fortunately the curse wasn’t complete because they had already removed the medal, so pretty much all she can do is move her face muscles to talk and see but her body is stuck in bed. Meanwhile Julius feels like an asshat so he spends time researching on how to break the curse. He then comes crying to Lulu going that it’s all his fault and asks why she took the damage for him. Vanya decides to be a wingwoman and casts a spell on Lulu that allows her to move draining her wind propery so Lulu runs to see Julius. The catch is also it only lasts for 3 days and Julius starts freaking out that there’s no time and he hasn’t found a way to break the curse. He works all night without rest so Lulu grabs him and hugs him telling him there’s still time and he should rest. He finally falls asleep and clears his head and the next day he manages to kill the cock which breaks Lulu’s curse. Of course this is all thanks to Noel’s insect amber armlet (though he kinda breaks it lol.) With this both of them pass the exam. In the epilogue, Julius realizes he’s in love and he can’t stop himself from smothering Lulu with his feelings :lol:. She starts babbling all the reasons why he shouldn’t like her but it’s no use because HE LOOOVEEES HER. (ノ´∀`*)ノ Mr. Srs Mage has turned into a love baka. XD Julius was rather weird for me. I like him when he’s in his baka mage/love baka mode but when he’s in his diva mode I wanna slap him (and throw that orange/banana in his face and be like PEEL IT URSELF U LAZYASS.)

wof007Est Rinaudo – Est is a massive kuudere and while I will usually like these types, I really just couldn’t stand him. The problem is he’s 99% kuu and 1% dere in the whole route and at first I’m like yea yea come on derify but eventually my patience..ran out. He’s a genius mage shota and due to this often other classmates get jealous that he’s only 14 but pretty much better than all of them.  He is a master of 放置プレイ and will often ignore Lulu to the point that she’s running behind him screaming his name but he just continues walking. Lulu finally pats him on the head going “good boy” for working hard on his own and not relying on his family. SUDDENLY ずきゅん~-♡→!Unfortunately his derefying process is as fast as a snail crawling on sand so it takes him until the last 5 minutes of the game before he becomes a moecake like Lagi.  I had to suffer through all of his really annoying and boring dates with him constantly going “We’re just going to the library. It’s no big deal. You can leave now.” Omg =_=;.  For the final exam they try to catch some kind of dark knight and Est insists on doing the bulk of the work himself since he doesn’t think Lulu’s competent enough.(Just like Julius sigh.) So since Est takes everything on himself LITERALLY, he summons some ghost portal and it  absorbs him into itself. Lulu manages to follow him into there (and it looks basically like a ghostbusters version of Mills Claire) and they split up to look for the dark night.  So then the game made me wander around aimlessly into empty rooms of Mills Claire until finally I found Est who was half naked and covered by a million weird seals. Turns out his parents were religious wackos who gave up their baby to be used in experiments to become one of the great “ancient mages” (like Ivan & Vanya) or some shit. In the end though, he was just a fake and never as “good as the original” but due to this his magic was still  above the average bear. This is why he tried to avoid contact with anyone since he figured they’d think he’s a freak etc. The reason he was enrolled in Mills Claire is so the religious wacko group could brag about their lab rat and how amazing his magic powers are. After Lulu’s ready to return to their world with the exam medal, Est tells her to return alone because unlike him, she has people there waiting for her. Lulu’s like NO U COME WITH ME but he’s like NOO BUT IF I DO THAT I’LL BRING U INTO THE DARKNESS WITH ME NOOO. As he sends her off he says he’s going to seal himself in the darkness and Lulu’s like NO SON and drags him out of there with her while yelling that she loves him\( ^o^)/. In the epilogue, Lulu tells Est to stop being depressing and confess that he likes her. He finally gets DERE and confesses to her sigh (´ε`;)ウーン… I heard Est isn’t as bad in the other games but he was so difficult to deal with because of his situation + the immaturity of a 14 year old lol.  Good thing as always, Lulu is an extremely awesome heroine or for all I know they’d both be stuck in ghostbusters land for the rest of their life.

wof006Alvaro Garay – Alvaro is a troll and a liar and everything about him is b/s including his fabulous green hair. He constantly trolls Lulu and sadly she constantly falls for it /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Halfway through the game he says Lulu is entertaining and that he loves her and wants to kiss her or some more lies that he’s spatting.  I mean I kinda liked his flirty personality at first but I guess once I knew the truth both me and Lulu wanted revenge!  For the final exam,  Alvaro knows some top secret info on it that only the teachers know so Noel tells Lulu to get away from him. Turns out ALvaro is some spy who’s been spying on the  school and he takes the medal Lulu needed to pass her final exam. Lulu is so shocked she doesn’t say anything but the next day she comes to ask the teachers about him. Ivan tells Lulu that Alvaro is from an underground organization called the GUILD.  Alvaro then gives Lulu 3 days to get the medal back but puts a temporary seal on her hand. The seal basically shares her life with his and if he dies – she goes with him and vice versa. This is to protect him from getting killed by the teachers since if they kill him, they will also kill Lulu. He basically starts acting like a hug dick and Lulu gets depressed because everything up to now was a lie, including his fabulous hair and face tattoo! Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン She tries to think of ways to get the medal back but all she does is think about the good times with him and starts to cry. She realizes the only way to get her medal back is to beat him at his own game, so she challenges him to a duel and goes to study her ass off at the library beforehand. The spell that Lulu planned to use would basically destroy them both and Alvaro catches on and grabs her trying to stop her. Lulu tricks him and uses a different spell which basically binds their souls permanently, kicking his ass YOU GO GUUURL and the teachers show up congratulating her. Needless to say she passes the exam and earns Alvaro’s light property as a bonus ;D. In the epilogue, since the seal is permanently on Lulu’s hand, Alvaro sticks to her like glue since if anything happens to him, she will be affected & vice versa. Lulu then kisses him and tells him it’s not that she’s gonna fall in love with him, but she’ll make HIM fall in love with HER!  m9(^Д^)プギャー  She figures if you can’t beat em join em and decides to troll him back FUCK YEA LULU IS BEST HEROINE. And this is why this was my favorite route – because I think Lulu handled Alvaro better than anyone ever could 8D.

wof001All Property End – Lulu asks to take the final exam alone and because her power level is over 9000 and the teachers agree. So then she meets the founding father of Mills Claire, Fatta Morgana (and not the statue but his spirit) who tells her she can control ALL the properties like a PRO. After she comes back to the teachers, Vanya orgasms about how she wanted to see Morgana too and Ivan then measures her power levels and they are indeed over 9000, so she passes the exam. In the epilogue, the Morgana statue no longer talks to her but Lulu ain’t mad cause she has a harem of dudes who want a piece of her and her awesome new magical powers.

final thoughts


So yea I actually enjoyed the game despite the grueling system but I really would have preferred that there be more than…2 kiss Cgs in the whole game (;´Д`)… I know it’s cero B but I’ve played CeroB games where there was boob grabbing so a kiss is all I ask for!  Only Bilal and Alvaro got the kiss CGs so I hope anyone planning to play this doesn’t get their hopes up. Fortunately it seems like all the future WOF games are more “romantic” shall we say so I’m looking fwd to making up for the lack of romance there. The characters were all charming and the bulk of the “story” seemed to pretty much take place at the end so throughout most of the game I’m pretty much grasping for straws trying to interact with the guys (especially apparent in Elbert’s route orz.) The music was kinda bootleg and sounded like something I heard in Hiiro, Hakuoki and SYK :lol:. I think the best thing for me was LULU. Like wow she should be Otomate’s model character, why can’t all of their heroines be like her? I actually even like her more than some Quin Rose heroines because she’s a lot more positive while QR’s tend to be pretty negative most of the time (and often ruin romantic moments *coughUicoughShizukacoughAlice*.) Either way I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of the WOF series, if not for the missing romance in this game but for the extremely awesome heroine. Stay tuned for more! 😉


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  1. Once I figured it out it was more draggy rather than “hard” lol. I’ve had to play worse I think with Real Rode so it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be.

    See other ppl are telling me WOF2 system is easier so I’m not sure what to think. Well I’ll get to it once I clear my immediate backlog as I really like Lulu and the way she handles her mans (particularly Alvaro XDDD)


    how did u like the assrape game system? dwbi it gets EVEN MORE HARDCORE IN WOF2!!

  3. hello and thanks for commenting!
    yess tsunderes are the best :333
    I plan to play W&M eventually but I’m flooded with new releases so I won’t get to it for some time ^^;

  4. Hi Hinano! Been following your blog for a while and first time commenting — how do you do! (bows

    I’ve heard about this series quite a bit, so I always wondered what you thought about it. It’s great to know that it seems to be a good game with a kickass heroine! It also looks like Noel and Lagi are my type of guys, the annoying/tsundere-but-turns-out-sweet type of characters, lol.

    I’ll look forward to your review on Wizard and Masters, since it was one of my first otoge~\^o^/

  5. I originally thought Lulu was like Louise from Zero no Tsukaima since they both had pink wavy hair and were mage girls xDD
    Alvaro’s a jerk yea but I always seem to like these badasses especially if the heroine owns them later one 8DD;;

  6. once you go Cero D you never go back! 😆
    I plan to eventually play Hanayaka but it hasn’t really sparked my interest that much so it’s not really a huge priority for me.

  7. Man, I’ve always wanted to play this game! It’s a shame that I can’t speak Japanese and can’t afford to get it. >.> sigh~ Maybe some day.

  8. Glad that you like WoF – it’s a great otoge once you get over it’s tedious gameplay. ^^; Lulu is the best heroine I’ve ever known – she totally kicks ass no matter which route she is in. I own her along with Luka Megurine in my dreams (they can be the best crossover sisters ahaha). This is still my number one favorite otome game series I’ve ever played lol XD

    I like most of the guys’ route except Alvaro ’cause he’s a jerk (like you I only like his route because of badass Lulu =w=), but Amy and Elbert’s routes felt rather empty to me (like, I can’t help feeling why the hell do I have to go through their routes – it’s pointless). My faves are Est, Lagi and Bilal though.

  9. So in 2009 we were all so so pure and could just manage with all the fluff. 2013 we are all horny and demanding of kisses. lol

    I was thinking of trying this game too, but saw you were gonna do it so I waited to see your review first. I also managed to watch your gameplay a few times to get an idea of it. The characters who I thought I might be interested in (Bilal, Julius) were not what I expected, but instead Lagi, and for some reason Noel.

    Speaking of older otome games. Im currently doing Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku which came out in 2010. I never had any interest coz the opening sucks and the characters are all super Tsun. An anime OVA and 3rd game is in the process so I thought I finally give in and try it since it had amazing reviews. But seriously this game also has only 1 kiss per person…but god this game is pretty long, on first play, it took 17 hours! But the reviews are true, the game is good! Recommend this one.

  10. I’m not a casualty! I told you I’m going to finish the game if you give me 2-3 years. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* Congratulations on finishing this….. thing though! Can’t wait when you’re done with all the FDs while I’m still snailing around the first game. LOL. I’m not sorry for dragging you into this because you ended up liking the game!

  11. I saw one of the walkthroughs for WOF2 but I guess until I see the game myself it’s hard to tell? I’m so used to the original system that I hope I don’t find the 2nd one more confusing XD;; I think Julius CAN be charming when he gets his head out of his magic books lol. Lookin fwd to more of Alvaro’s trolling in the other games! 😀

  12. I’m a great fan of WoF series, I played the last episode (WoF 2 FD) one month ago and I really miss this game ;_;. WoF took me ages due to the system and I didn’t even feel satisfied in the end. Fandisk aside, the 2nd episode’s system improved a lot so it was really easy compared to the 1st one lol. Imho WoF 2 and WoF 2 FD are the best episodes of the series! Also I love Alvaro cause his route, and not just in WoF, is different from the others and I think I’ve got a thing for pgs like him XD Actually I like every pg except Julius, not because I dislike him or anything but he always felt too plain, maybe boring too sometimes.
    PS: yeah WoF 2 FD is Cero C and you won’t be disappointed lol

  13. Nah, the gameplay is actually easy once you get to know the basics. It’s just that I’m dang lazy to make any more progress regarding the routes because I’m currently filling up my guide with the ingredients and recipes. I’ll just hope that after my CNY holiday, I can settle most of the details and finally post the guide and a couple of routes review 🙂

  14. well seeing how this game came out in 2009 originally and we’re in 2013 now, looking back it seems like this was a one time thing cause most of their other heroines are your typical personalityless mary sues ww

  15. Lolol starved caveman 😆
    Is it really that annoying? I haven’t even looked at it yet but I thought it would be easier to get through. But maybe that’s why nobody’s posted a guide for it lool

  16. Hahahaha XD
    I laughed “what I played, what I expected, what I got” XDDDD
    Ragi *–*
    I love him

  17. ((*´ゝз・)ノ゙お疲れ様♪ great job on completing this game! I want to try WOF after reading your review but I’m now still stucked with Festa Regalo… I haven’t make much progress in the characters’ route because I’m currently busy cooking and hunting for ingredients like a crazy starved caveman >3<

  18. Wow, sounds like Otomate finally learned how to write a decent protagonist. Let’s hope they keep that up!

  19. I haven’t played WoF1 and WoF2 yet but only WoF2FD and I really like it so much with full of sweet romance after 3 years~ I kinda like all characters in WoF2FD since everyone has their own good endings. I totally agreed with you that Lulu is the best heroine and she’s so cute~

    I’ll try to play WoF1 since the system is kinda hard same goes as WoF2.

  20. I thought you were gonna hate this game, but glad you liked it. I look forward to seeing more of wand of fortune

  21. Aww you should do at least Lagi and Alvaro since their routes were pretty great but yea I can understand it can really get draggy and you have to really force yourself through it 8D;;

  22. hah yay I can’t wait!! Cero C means there will be kissing!

    lol ok ok you’re not a casualty but more like a prisoner of war who’s still captured awaiting release 😆

  23. lmao I told you you will be the first ti finish this game, man I only finish Noel so far :w: Alvaro is a total troll but I guess it’s one the reason why I like him a lot lolz. And I gotta agree with you Lulu is awesome, why otomate can’t make more heroine like her :w:

    About the CG Kiss, don’t worry I think the sequel and FD have more of it? xD

    Anyway congratz for finishing the game ^-^/

  24. I-i-I-I’M NOT A CASUALITY it’s just with work school and the system I’m progressing at a snail pace orzzzzzzzz But I’m still playing it and hope to finish it……. sometime this….. year /kicked

    Congrats on finishing first~ (which is actually kinda sad seeing as me and Teruru are the ones who dragged you into this lolllllllll |D;;;) Hope you enjoy the rest of the games /o/ And yes there are more romance, remember WOF2 FD is Cero C 8D And WOF2 was pretty high for a B game lol

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