Otome Game Review: Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan ~Sweet Never Land~

Wendy Darling is trying to be the perfect daughter so that her mother will finally stop berating her and show her approval. Her mother used to be kind & gentle until her father died and she was forced to return to the workforce. After this the only thing that mattered was money and despite remarrying, she continued her cold hardass attitude. Wendy in the meantime gained 2 step brothers that she became responsible for in addition to being Miss Perfect herself. One day she runs into a shota in town by the name of Peter Pan and at night he bed intrudes into her room telling her he’s taking her to his country, Never Land. Not only that, but he also wants Wendy and her 2 brothers to be judges in a sweets competition that he’s holding. Wendy, John and Michael are flown into Neverland to be judges, but unfortunately unlike Michael, Wendy & John both have traumas regarding sweets and refuse to eat them. Since they are judging the sweets based only on “looks” their judging is false and they continue failing to properly judge the competition. Unless Wendy & her brothers can all successfully agree on a single winner from the bottom of their hearts, they cannot return home.

peterpan002John Darling – John is Wendy’s younger step brother, and the “middle child” of the family. He can’t handle surprises and excitement and when it comes in his face, he shits bricks.  He’s a lot like Wendy in a sense where he’s always trying to be serious and tells Michael to stop screwing around.  He’s mature and responsible and also good at sewing! When around John, Wendy feels a lot more at ease than when around a room full of stuffed animals and sometimes thinks she’s a brocon XD. Just like Wendy, John hates sweets especially pudding. He has this trauma where his mother who used to make pudding for him, one day just ran away with her lover.  While in Never Land, Wendy & John encounter some loli who makes pudding for them at her house. They don’t want to eat it but the loli starts crying saying she worked SOOOO damn hard on it and feeling bad they both decide to eat it. John then eats it realizing, that shit man, I FUCKIN’ LOVE PUDDING.  Since he starts to slowly get over his trauma, Wendy decides to make pudding for him, and in fact she decides to actually enter the contest HERSELF using the pudding. The reason she enters herself is because Tinker Bell Bitch threatens to kill her saying she’s being a half assed judge.  So as they spend more time in Never Land, Wendy & John start to slowly realize their “family affection” is not affection cause well brothers & sisters don’t make out with each other. John finally decides to change and move on from his fears. He starts by being able to enjoy pudding once more and then his next target is letting Wendy know that he loves her MORE than a sister.

peterpan003He finally grows some ballz and tells her that he’s loved her forever but tried his best to hide it because he wanted to be a good sibling. Realizing that this is the reason she’s all nervous around him lately, Wendy’s like fuckk yeaaa and they make out (・ω<).  The next day they take a walk in the flower field and John asks what Wendy’s answer to his confession is but she babbles like an idiot, kisses him and they screw amongst the flowers~.  Wendy’s pudding wins the sweets contest and then John announces to Michael that he’s in love with Wendy as a woman and Michael’s like “tell me something I don’t know ww.” After the contest ends, Wendy decides once she gets back home she’ll finally stop running away and face her mother (meanwhile John has plans to marry her soon and have her babies ww).  Best End: As Wendy & her brothers return home, she tells her mom to stop being a cold hearted bitch and that she’s changed herself for the best. Her mom bitches that Wendy’s wasting time making pudding but Wendy’s like stfu and try it. And so some time later, John and Wendy get married. Good End: Wendy has a dream where her super bitch mom calls her an inferior human being. On the day that she’s supposed to return home, she goes wandering on the beach instead. John finds her and tells her if she’s too scared to face her mom, to just stay in this world until she’s ready to go home. Michael’s like “wee I get to play some more!” and John continues doing observations of the creatures on the island. Anyway this was another GOOD Yusa Kouji role for once lol. John was really cute and seeing him freak out and shit bricks all the time was pretty hilarious :lol:.  I kinda wish we got to see a kiss CG or the wedding ceremony itself as a CG rather than just him coming into the room with Wendy and extending his hand.

peterpan004Michael Darling – Michael is the genki younger bro and the youngest one in the family. He likes sweets, he doesn’t restrain himself like John & Wendy and he’s good at baking. He’s also good at soccer and is pretty popular with the ladies. Of course NONE of this matters because his only love in life is his oneesama Wendy but since she’s  like 3-4 years older, she always thought of him as her cute younger sibling.  In Never Land, Michael goes with the flow and hangs around with Peter and his shota gang.  Michael decides since they’re not in Kansas anymore, he’s gonna pretty much be open about his feelings for Wendy but she just thinks he’s a huge siscon :lol:.  Too bad for Michael, Wendy keeps pushing him away with the “oh no we mustn’t because we’re siblings” excuse. After saving her from Tinker Bitch, Michael then kisses her trying to get her to understand his feelings and finally look at him. He adds that back in their world she’d always be looking at her mom for approval and never looking at him.  He reminds Wendy that they’re not blood related so it’s no big deal. He kisses her again saying he’s always loved her….but sigh Wendy pushes him away and runs off ( ´_ゝ`). After this Wendy stops seeing him as an otoutokun and starts going crazy. Michael also tells her to stop giving a fuck about what her idiotic mother thinks. He says because he never liked her mom in the first place but her always berating Wendy did pissed him off even further. He then gets all ichaicha with Wendy using “family skinship” as an excuse lol. He  gets her to eat her own cake so that she gets more confident in her cooking. Michael tells her that no matter what her mom says, he will love her  in her mom’s place in addition to his own feelings as he kisses her again. Wendy’s like “man fuck everything” and makes out with him back. (*´▽`*)

peterpan005They go dancing in the forest at night when Michael gets over his cold, and he asks Wendy who she loves. She keeps dodging the question and eventually they both fall to the ground with Michael landing on top of her. They start patting each others heads until Michael gets randy and starts kissing her everywhere. Wendy admits that he’s no longer her little bro  and they hump in the woods. (dat tachibana voice dayuum<●><●>) Best End: And so for the contest Wendy makes a cake and it wins because of her feelings for Michael. Peter’s like meh this sucks and returns them to their world, while John shits bricks when he finds out Wendy & Michael are lovers. Back in school Michael is good at soccer and he brags that Wendy is his lover but she punches him out of embarrassment making his teammates & fangirls think he’s a crazy siscon. Michael gets pissed that she keeps hiding their relationship, but they hump and make up later that night. And so some years later, after Michael gets his patisserie license, he and Wendy open up a bakery together. On the commemoration of their opening day, Michael then proposes to Wendy to marry him. Good End: Michael offers that they stay in Neverland a bit longer and not return home just yet. He says that in this world Wendy won’t be trapped by her mother and instead she can be trapped in his uguu cave of love. ( ´_ゝ`) Way to ruin it last moment QR. Bad End: Wendy’s like “lets not return to our world just yet lol” and she has fun in Neverland with her otoutokuns. Well aside from that weirdass yandere bad end, I really really liked Michael. His feelings for Wendy are even further proven in all the routes where she decides not to go home. (´;ω;`)ウッ… Also despite being the youngest brother he was a lot more adaptive towards a new environment than John who would freak out and just freeze lol.

peterpan007James Hook – Ever wanted to date Captain Hook!? Well now you can and despite him being this gross wrinkly ossan in most fiction, Quin Rose has turned him into Captain Moe Chocolate instead XD.  He hates Peter because as the story goes, Peter sliced off his left hand and fed it to TicToc Crocodile. Wendy visits Hook’s cabin and finds an orgel there that she really enjoys. Hook won’t let her take it but tells her if she wants to hear it at any time, to come visit his ship. Aside from always duking it out with Peter, Hook also has Scissor constantly on his ass because he’s a pirate and so technically the bad guy. Scissor is like the coast guard/sea police  always trying to capture him.  While Wendy visits him to listen to the orgel, Hook always tries to get her to eat his chocolates so that she can realize how good they are and make him win the contest. Unfortunately in this route Wendy thought it would be fun to be annoying and extra tsun like the Hyakki heroine and pretty much acts like an annoying bitch all the way down. That’s not to say that she’s annoying & useless – she at least helps out his crew during battles providing care to the injured.  Next time she visits him he has some chocolates drink prepared for her but she bitches about how she’s striving to be miss perfect and cannot drink it. She finally agrees to drink his hot choco and really likes it. He’s so happy that he starts blushing and patting her head xDDD.  So then the stupid TikTok Crocodile gets inside of Hook’s cabin and he’s fucking terrified hiding behind Wendy. Wendy takes one of Hook’s chocolates and throws it into the crocodile’s mouth and it gets sick & backs off back into the sea. Hook is so relieved he collapses on top of Wendy, and afterwards he hugs her realizing he’s now freed from the dumb gator because now he has CHOCOLATE as his defense. He then starts cuddling her and all his dudes cockblock and are like “uhh sorry for intruding *runs off”. Wendy tries to break the misunderstanding but Hook is like “lol everyone thinks you’re my woman anyway.” Later on Wendy tries to tell Hook to break up his fight with Scissor. It ends up as Scissor deciding that WEndy is now part of the pirate gang and after the contest is over, he will include her in his “hunt” of them. After Scissor leaves, Hook throws a party to welcome Wendy as the first lady pirate :lol:.

peterpan008When Hook tells her to move into the ship she says she can’t abandon her bros but he’s like “they’re not little kids” but she says its her duty assigned by her mom to protect them. Hook tells her that she doesn’t care about protecting them but protecting her “duty as an older sister”.  Suddenly he grabs and kisses her and though she keeps telling herself to push him away she likes it too much to stop 8D;;. Turns out he did it on purpose to piss off Peter who was spying on them and then he bursts through the window raging that he’ll save Wendy. Turns out he was the one who threw the crocodile into Hook’s cabin that time. Peter then starts crying that Wendy smells like chocolate and runs off with Tinkerbitch. After some awkward “you remind me of my dad” crap from Wendy, she finally realizes that she’s in love with the sexy pirate beast.  She feels like she’s being a badass by falling in love with a pirate but figures while she’s in this world – eh why not. After this Wendy finally agrees to eat Hook’s chocolates. He tells her his dream was to sail the 7 seas, but he hasn’t visited the last one because he’s not mentally ready to “complete” his journey. However during his trip to the last ocean, he got caught in a storm and was blown away to Never Land. He was happy cause he didn’t know what he’d do with his life once he completed his journey. So after this despite Wendy being all in love with Hook and them screwing multiple times, she CONSTANTLY complains about one thing or other and is never satisfied. Fortunately Hook puts up with her shit all the way until the contest and asks her to stay in Neverland with him.  Best End: Wendy picks Hook’s chocolates as the winning item and successfully completes the contest. She tells Hook that she will stay with him in Never Land and they smooch in front of everyone lol. Sadly their happy celebration is interrupted when Scissor says they’re all under arrest. Anyway that gets resolved then Peter bitches that it’s over and goes off to have his 3P with the Tinkers. Wendy moves into the ship with Hook though she prefers to be in her own room until she’s “ready” to move in with him. 🙄  She says goodbye to her brothers who wish for her happiness in Neverland but John bitches that she should come with them. Michael kicks him out of Neverland and tells Wendy goodbye, gives her a brief kiss and asks her to never forget him before returning himself. NOOO MICHAEL щ(ಥДಥщ). (and this scene repeats in every route to the point that I had to force skip so my heart doesn’t get stabbed every time ;;)

peterpan009Hook fixes the music box for Wendy (it was broken before) but complains that she won’t live with him in the same room. She says she wants to learn sword skills being a pirate lady after all but Hook would rather get randy with her as he drags her into his bedroom. After they hump he makes her some hot chocolate and then he tries to get her to move into his room but she continues flooding him with excuses about why she shouldn’t bah. She babbles if he lives with her for too long he’ll get bored of her and he’s like ROR NO. So then he goes to hump her and even tho she complains and bitches she shuts up cause its captain fucking Hook yeaaa (Wendy pls.) She finally becomes dere in the end when Hook tells her to stfu and be loved (again.) Hook decides to leave Neverland and take Wendy all over the world but they get attacked by Scissor. The TicToc Croc comes again but Wendy makes it go away with some chocolate and Scissor runs after it crying. By then its night time and Hook says he’ll show her the world~ as Wendy kisses him. Good End: Wendy decides to return home with her brothers. Hook’s chocolates win but she tells him that while she loves him, she can’t abandon her family.  Right before she’s supposed to return home though, Hook kidnaps her and brings her to his ship :lol:. And so while Hook has Wendy, her brothers join Scissor to try and get her back while Scissor chases Hook XDD. Wendy tells Hook that eventually she plans to return home but he’s like NOPE lol.  Bad End: Wendy returns back home with her brothers but she’s still in love with Hook. She decides to move on with her life. Dead End: Wendy & Hook get eaten by the crocodile. Here’s my problem: I love Captain Hook, but in his route Wendy is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Okay I understand at first she’s a bit resistant to falling in love with a pirate leader but OKAY you’re now in love, you’re a couple, you’ve had sex like 10 times…..WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM (#^ω^)!?  Needless to say I felt really really bad for Hook and I think he deserved better than what he got…cause he sure took a lot of her shit and loved her despite of it. Or maybe he just loves dem TSUNNNNNNderes.

peterpan010Scissor Gavialwatch – Scissor is the owner (or shall I say creator?) of TicToc Crocodile. TicToc is his beloved pet who he feeds his favorite biscuits to. He’s the leader of a battle ship that’s always after Hook  and he’s a cold hardass jerk sending fear into his poor crew members (though mostly they fear being eaten by his pet..)  Wendy takes “interest” in him because I guess she sees him as competition since he’s more tsun than she is. She watches him eat biscuits, get crumbs everywhere, and then she starts raging that he’s a pig and immediately stars cleaning up his desk (and wiping his face) like his mom :lol:.  One day she goes to see him and he’s drunk in a messy pile of crumbs from his biscuits. He tells her to stop being miss perfect because perfect humans don’t exist. He tells her that her mom may seem perfect to her but in reality that’s not the case. He walks her home at night and then in the forest starts babbling about some dream he had  about parting with her. She’s like wut and suddenly he grabs her and kisses her and then says “don’t be caught by the military” and shes like BUT UR THE MILITARY. He calls her “Sylvia” then he runs off leaving a sad & confused Wendy (who then starts crying.) She then realizes she’s in love with him. The next day Wendy is pissed and wondering who da ho is that he confused her with but he doesn’t remember anything. He tells her to GTFO but she refuses until she’s done cleaning so he’s like fine and pushes her down on the couch being like “you need to realize there are things more important than cleaning woman lol.” He then tells her that all she has to do is eat candy as a judge in the contest but here she is cleaning his room and putting blankets on him when he’s sleeping.  He kisses her going “after doing this if you still wanna come go ahead.” Wendy slaps him and tells him she’ll come back anyway lol.  Like I said, tsundere competition. As in every route, Scissor saves Wendy from being sliced by Tinker Bitch.  Afterwards he starts babbling how Wendy is as easily “breakable” as Sylvia was. He then babbles that if he kills Wendy and he dies it’s better than being miserable and living his life now.

peterpan011Wendy slaps him being like I’m not Sylvia, I’m Wendy Darling beetch!  He’s like “oh..right Sylvia’s dead and you aren’t her…” and babbles that it’s his fault Sylvia died. After this both Scissor & his pet croc start to warm up towards Wendy, even letting Wendy feet his pet some biscuits. While cleaning his room one day, Wendy  finds a photo of Sylvia and asks to know more about her. Scissor tells Wendy that he and Sylvia used to battle it out as enemies but somewhere along the line they fell in love. One of the days when they met secretly, one of his underlings followed him and when they were about to part, the dude came out of the bushes and killed her. Scissor felt responsible for it even though it was indirect. Once it was revealed that he was dating a pirate it was a huge embarrassment on the army and thanks to someone’s pity they kept him alive. So yea after that he lost his marbles  and that’s why his biscuits and croc were his only pleasure in life. SCISSOR DONE A LOTTA HARD LIVIN’. Wendy tells herself she has no intention to be Sylvia’s replacement and wishes he’d love her for who she is. She comes into his room while he’s sleeping and he pulls her into bed. She babbles that she’s not Sylvia but he’s like I KNOW and after they hump he’s like “I only hump the one I love.” And finally Wendy’s like “oh you love me???” and he’s like DURR NO SHIT WOMAN.  He then tells her that she was able to “start his time moving again” because he was stuck in the past since he couldn’t stop thinking about Sylvia. Wendy tells him that she’s done striving for Miss Perfect now because she figures Scissor likes her the way she is now. He finally starts being deredere for her now that they’re lovers |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  So it’s hilarious too since he was like SUPER TSUN the whole time but now he’s like SUPER DERE.  Eventually the crocodile gives Scissor’s clock back to him and disappears because he was a symbol of the time that stopped for Scissor after Sylvia died.

peterpan012Now that Scissor’s time has started moving again, his role is over. Scissor then says that the Crocodile is not a creature but an illusion that he himself created when he “tried to stop time” after Sylvia died, so that’s why he cared about it so much. He then tells Wendy he wants to be with her forever and start a new “time” with her. He begs for Wendy to stay in this world with him and not return home promising to make her happy. He then tells her if she leaves him, his time will stop and he may create 3 more crocodiles xD. Wendy decides to stay with him and they do the mattress mambo.  Best End: Scissor’s biscuits win the contest and her bros go back to their world as usual. Wendy stays with Scissor and random pirates keep trying to kidnap her to grasp a hold of Scissor’s weakness. Fortunately for some reason TicToc Crocodile comes back and pretty much becomes Wendy’s bodyguard. Scissor & Wendy cuddle it up in bed as he babbles about being worried if he can protect her or not in his sleep. Unfortunately they get cockblocked by pirate attacks but he’s like WEE I GET TO DESTROY SHIT and gets all excited telling her to come watch him blow shit up. Peter, and the Tinks then show up saying they love destroying shit and want to see more too (´・ω・`;). Wendy still complains about him eating crackers like a pig and then he asks her to live in a house together with him, and their pets :lol:. He then tells her that this is all because he wants to marry her 8D. His dudes come to cockblock once again and congratulate them on their engagement saying they didn’t think he could ever marry lol.  Good End: Scissor’s biscuits win the contest & Wendy tells him she intends to return home. He refuses to accept this and decides to destroy her way of getting home lol. She ends up moving in with Scissor on his nice boat and they take naps using TicToc Croc as their pillow. Wendy never does find out what exactly TicToc is and why he has clock sounds coming out of him.  Scissor’s route felt like a damn shame cause he annoyed me the first half but the 2nd half he was SO CUTE (*´▽`*)!! Now I kinda wish he was cute the whole time but I guess there wouldn’t be any character development (Hey QR why don’t you make an FD for this game instead of shitting out kaidan romance crap??)

peterpan013Tink Bell – It’s Boris! j/k Tink is too serious to be like my favorite Wonderland nuko. Tink is Tinker Bell’s older brother and was created by the “will of the world” to be a little more “special” than the other fairies in Never Land. Just like other fairies, all he wants to do is have fun and since he’s only 100 days old, he doesn’t know any better. In Never Land, fairies are born out of flowers, and they are born in their “final form” and do not age. If they do die,  they are immediately replaced with another fairy.  Additionally, fairies are like the “puppets” of Never Land and they must only love Never Land. If they dare break this rule and love someone else, Never Land will abandon them which is pretty much the equivalent of death.  Since Tink is only 100 days old, all he knows is how to have fun and anything he does he has 0 responsibility or thoughts behind his actions. That’s why the town folk run in fear because he kills mercilessly since “murder” has no “bad consequences” in his head. If something entertains him, he’ll play with it, but if it bores him, the immediate reaction is to destroy it. Wendy has to pretty much constantly tell him to stop killing things and teach him NO like a puppy who keeps peeing on the floor :lol:.  When Wendy says she “likes him” he’s shocked cause no one’s ever said anything like that to him. She even tells him he’s cute and he’s so surprised he doesn’t know how to react XD. He gets so interested in these new emotions he experiences that he wants to know more about them.  In the past he’s always made people scared or upset so no one’s ever thanked him or been nice to him. Tink begins to take more and more interest in Wendy to the point that he spends a lot of time with her – enough to piss of Peter who becomes raging with jealousy.   Of course these motions are love and when he acts upon them – by kissing Wendy – both he and she realize there’s something pretty damn nice about the experience. ( ̄ー ̄)

peterpan014Tink tries to get Wendy to be his lover since it seems to him like the only way she will “put out and make him feel good” (ror) but she has to constantly explain to him you can’t just “be lovers” and that she will never be in love with someone who has no “feelings”.  Tink keeps teaching Wendy how to fly but she can’t fly on her own and her constant guilt about her mother almost makes her drop to the ground.  After Tinker’s attempt to kill Wendy part 5, Tink says he’s never been afraid of anything in his life until he thought of the idea of Wendy dying. He then takes Wendy to sit on a rainbow near a waterfall a few days later. He goes away for a moment and Peter comes around bitching that a puppet should just act like a puppet and not have a will of its own. He does admit that Tink & Tinker are a little different from the other fairies but in the end they’re still just puppets. Tink comes back but Peter’s like idgaf come with me but Wendy’s like “dude NO” and then says she likes Tink more than Peter.  Tink gets terrified and grabs Wendy running to hide in some cave. While there Tink says he doesn’t want anyone else taking Wendy even though he’s supposed to be loyal to Peter.  Wendy’s like ain’t no thang and they make out and screw in the cave acknowledging that they are now both in love with each other.  Suddenly after this some black blob keeps chasing Tink around. Turns out that it’s because Tink pretty much “stepped out of line” from his role by having a will of his own and now the world’s will is trying to kill him.  Tink tells Wendy that he isn’t afraid to die because if that’s what the world’s will is then so be it. Wendy gets upset saying she’s tired of having loved ones die so he says he’ll try not to die so he doesn’t make her sad. He tells her that the black thing is just “a time waster” and that if the world wills it, it can get rid of Tink with the snap of a finger. He tells Wendy that he’ll keep running until Wendy returns to her world and then it’s pretty much over for him. (´;ω;`) After this Wendy has a dream where she pretty much realizes she doesn’t want to live in a world feeling suffocated by her mother’s expectations. When she wakes up she realizes she can’t remember anything about her mother at all and she thinks that black blob that’s been chasing Tink is responsible for it. She runs to look for Tink and finds him under a tree hiding from the rain. She tells him she thinks she may have forgotten about her mom because of the black blob, and he says that its possible the will of the world is trying to kill her too.

peterpan015He then tells her that it’s best that Wwndy stay away from him from now on so that the will of the world won’t try to kill her. Wendy’s like FUCK NO and tells him that she doesn’t want a world without him. They end up making out and screwing in the rain. Wendy tells Tink a few nights later that if her leaving this world will make him disappear then she wants to stay in this world with him. He tells her that as long as their feelings are strong he won’t die cause as long as fairies have a reason for existence they will continue to live on. They have some sexy time and then Wendy asks Tink to take her flying through the night sky. Unfortunately they end up falling because he admits to having been caught by the black blob and he’s losing his fairy powers. Before they fall to their doom, Tinker catches them telling Wendy that it’s all her fault.  Tinker tells Wendy to take responsibility for what she’s done but Tink just says “I’ll be happy if I can be with you until the contest is over.” (´;ω;`)ウッ… Best End: Tink’s ice cream wins the contest and Wendy decides to stay with him in Neverland. His fairy powers return and he says as long as she “believes in his existence” he will never lose them again. After the brothers go home, Wendy spends time with Tink who wants to have her babies (though he’s not sure how プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.)  They fly out of Neverland into some random town and when the humans there see Tink floating around they shit bricks. They give him gifts and ask for handshakes because they think he’s… Peter Pan lol.  After this Wendy & Tink go back to their room where they try on the outfits they got and then Tink is like “lets screw while wearing them yay!”  Wendy and her personal man fairy then live happily ever after. Good End: Tink begs Wendy not to return to her world. Wendy can’t decide so she agrees to stay in Neverland. Dead End: Wendy and Tink fall to their doom.  At first Tink’s route was like バカジャネーノ( ´_ゝ`) but once you realize why he acts the way he did I just felt so bad for him. Once Peter started bitching at Tink and threatening to END him it made me feel even worse – and  made me want to punch Peter for the umpteenth time =_=.  Tink’s ending was really sweet though and despite Tinker being a super bitch for most of the game, she somewhat redeemed her stupidity in this route.

peterpan016Peter Pan – Well Peter’s the man guy of the game and the shota who is obsessed with Wendy for no reason. He wants her to keep failing the judging so that she can stay with him in Neverland forever & ever. He’s very immature and bratty at first basically saying it’s his way or the highway. Due to this he often plays pranks on Wendy which are nearly life threatening (like letting her fall off a tree but catching her last minute.) He thinks by doing this she will have fun but he quickly learns it’s not the case. He’s also an incredibly randy ass shota and a very jealous one at that. When Hook kisses her to troll Peter, afterwards Peter pushes Wendy on the ground saying he has to “cleanse her” and starts kissing her and moving his hands up her thighs (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ).  One day during a picnic Wendy sees Peter turn into an adult for a brief second and shits bricks.  A few days later Peter takes Wendy to a cave where they touch a mushroom that tells them that they’re lovers (though it really does it because everything in Never Land goes Peter’s way). Wendy continues to deny this but on the night of the new moon Peter comes crying to her saying he doesn’t want to be alone and asks Wendy to spend the night. He continues babbling that they’re lovers and kisses her. Wendy is all like DAYUM dat shota can kiss and suddenly he turns into his adult form again. He then explains to Wendy that because she now sees him as more than just a child, he appears as an adult to her. Now that he’s big the first thing he wants to do is hump but Wendy punches him cause she’s still tripping balls trying to figure out dafuqs going on. There’s a place in Never Land Peter where candy drop trees bloom. They all represent Peter’s feelings and when Wendy eats one (forced by shota kiss ww) she starts crying. He thanks her for understanding his feelings and hugs her. After Tinker tries to kill Wendy, Peter saves her by stabbing Tinker and telling her she’s useless trash and to disappear. After this Tinker really does disappear and Peter completely forgets her existence. After a while Peter just stays in his adult form more often since Wendy starts to see him more than just an annoying child. One night he comes to her room giving her a black candy drop which is one of his “emotion” drops and it reminds her of all the sadness she had to deal with her mom.

peterpan017Peter says that he’ll never treat her like that because he loves her and asks for her to become his~.  Peter then takes her to this weird warped part of town where he said he used to live alone. He then takes her to the center of the forest, where they do the judging for the candy contest. Inside the “Heart Room” there’s a a mirror which allows one to look into the heart of any person. Peter tells her that when she met him in town back in her world it was DESTINY. Basically she had WANTED to meet Peter and come to this world which is why she was able to see him. She hated her world and wished to come to Never Land deep inside. He says that he was always wandering and lost and thanks to Wendy he was able to find his way out. He gives her a drop that has  “no feelings” because it was the feelings his mother left him before she abandoned him. Because he felt like Wendy shared a common feeling with him regarding her own mother, he thought they could both pretty much fill each others’ lonely gaps. He then demands Wendy tell him if she loves him or not, and she knows she already loves him but if afraid if she tells him, she won’t be able to return to her world. They end up having sexy time in the mirror room. Best End: Peter’s happy candy drops win and Wendy decides to stay in Never Land with him. She complains that his shotas cockblock and demands that they live in a place where she and Peter can have some privacy. Peter offers to move in with just the 2 of them but the shotas baw baw that he’d abandon them so they all end up moving into the giant building where they held the judging for the candy contest. After they all move in together time goes by with Wendy teaching Peter various stuff while all the shotas want to know what he and Wendy do “every night”. Wendy isn’t ready to tell them about the birds & the bees  though XD. Since Peter slacks off on his studies and goes to battle with Hook, Wendy gets upset saying she’s worried that he’ll get hurt. Peter says ain’t no thang and that as long as she’s with him she’ll be safe too and they smooch & live happily ever after. Good End: Wendy tells Peter she wants to return to her world and face her mother. She returns home, and a year passes but her mom’s still a bitch and nothing has changed. Suddenly Peter shows up through her window saying he was lonely without her. Wendy hugs and kisses him because she missed him too and is still in love with him. Peter then takes her back to Never Land with him, despite protests from John. He says that he was born in this world but because it “abandoned him” he put it behind him & flew to Never Land.

peterpan018Truth End: Wendy has dreams of flashbacks to Peter’s mother and how she abandoned him. In the meantime, Tinker actually acts nice & helpful to Wendy for once. She tells Wendy that everyone has a role and Hook’s role is to provide Peter entertainment while Scissor’s is to make sure Hook doesn’t destroy everything. Turns out Peter’s mom was forced into an arranged marriage with a rich guy because her parents were desperate for money. She was pregnant with Peter from her boyfriend that she was in love with, but she had to hide him or else it would ruin her arranged marriage. So basically he became a thorn in her thigh and all she wanted to do was get rid of him. She then wished that Peter would never be born or would be born into the “shadow of the moon” so he could live in “another world”. And so Peter’s soul realized that he’s not wanted in this world so he created Never Land for himself to live in – therefore making him the “will of that world”.  That’s why in Neverland everyone likes him, but he then created characters like Hook so that way he’d have someone who dislikes him for entertainment purposes. He also added candy to the world because when people eat sweets it makes them happy and he wanted a happy world. Now that Wendy knows the truth, Peter tells her that the contest is over and if she wants to return to her world, he’ll take her back. And so the reason he loves Wendy is because he feels she’s similar to him in regards to the whole “our mom hates us” thing and his only wish is to be loved by her back. He says that everyone in Never Land is “created” by him so they have a “fake” love for him but with Wendy she would be the only REAL person to love him. Suddenly Never Land begins crumbling and Tinker tells Wendy if NeverLand falls apart that pretty much equals Peter’s demise. In addition to this, Wendy finds out that her mother is actually not her real mother. She’s the daughter of her father and his former wife who passed away before he and her step mom got married. Once her father died, Wendy’s mom tried to go out to work but kept failing and getting fired. She then began taking her anger out on Wendy and saying that because of this “daughter that isn’t even hers” she has to go through this work shit. Stupid worthless parent. ( ´_ゝ`)

peterpan019Once Wendy realizes that no matter what she does her mother will never accept her, she starts crying but Peter comes and gives her a hug. щ(ಥДಥщ) Wendy says she has no idea what can make her happy anymore now that striving for perfection is obsolete. Peter then tells her that Never Land is just 1 huge lie and it doesn’t make him happy either. The only happiness he receives is from being with Wendy, and this is why Never Land is crumbling down as it’s no longer needed. As Wendy tries  to convince Peter from making Never Land crumble, her love for him creates a candy drop that he eats. He starts crying saying it’s the best candy he’s ever eaten. He then kisses Wendy so they can “share the love drop” together but unfortunately it’s too late to stop Never Land from crumbling. Never Land is reduced to nothing but darkness, and Peter says he’ll send John, Wendy & Michael back home while he rebuilds everything from scratch. He says that thanks to Wendy he realized that everyone wasn’t just his “puppet” and despite being created they still had some will of their own. He promises Wendy that someday he’ll come back for her and he kisses her goodbye. (´;ω;`) Back in her world, Wendy finally tells her mom to STFU and stop being a stupid miserable bitch taking her anger out on her step child. Shocked that Wendy knows she’s not her real daughter, the mom shuts up and runs off while Michael and John take Wendy’s side. After this, Wendy’s relationship with her mom improves and then one day the mom says she’s going to change jobs so she can make time for her daughter. And so as time passes Wendy starts to lose memories of her time in Neverland, including her memories of Peter. He comes back to Wendy that night in her dream saying that he’s remade Neverland but took a blow to his powers so he can’t come see her for a while until his powers return. He leaves her with a candy drop and says he wants to eat it together the next time he sees her. When Wendy wakes up, she finds the candy drop he gave her and realizes it wasn’t just a dream. A few years later, Peter finally comes to see Wendy and take her to his rebuilt Never Land. I kept thinking something horrible and sad is going to happen in the truth end but surprisingly it didn’t so it was rather anti climatic. I mean Peter’s not even a born existence – his soul flew to Never Land before he was even born so even if he takes Wendy to Never Land theoretically it won’t work out right?? I don’t even know. It’s kinda like “Man do you want to keep this in a fantasy ever after setting or do you wanna make it all realistic & shit QR!?”  So yea I guess that’s my only beef. Also it makes me a sad panda to know that aside from Michael & John pretty much everyone else is just a figment of an unborn fetuses’ imagination. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! Oh and I skipped Tinker’s yuri end because she’s so fucking annoying the whole game, that’s the last thing I needed tbh.

final thoughts

We're off to Never Never Land~ ♪
We’re off to Never Never Land~ ♪

This game’s system is in the stone-age compared to QR’s newest releases. We still got ye olde rubber banding for skipping, no BGM gallery, no screenshot feature, no jump to next choice and most importantly – being forced to sit through copy pasta scenario and then keep switching to force skip all text because you are 99% certain you’ve heard this line before. This was apparently during pretty much every contest judging scene, every  Tinker attack scene and throughout most of the truth end. Sure there were some scenes I didn’t mind seeing twice but I really didn’t feel like seeing the same scenario 6 times just because there may have been 1 sentence that was different. (ಠ_ಠ) Systematic gripes aside, I really did enjoy the game and the story. Even though at first I really wanted to smack Peter upside the head for most of the game, once I did his route I pitied the little turd and felt pretty bad for the poor guy. (´;ω;`) My favorite character ended up being Michael though. I think I’m starting to develop a liking for those step-otoutokuns or I’m just heavily biased towards Tachibana omg \( ^o^)/.  John was a great non hateable Yusa Koji character (plus he was a cute hetare). I really liked Hook and Scissor/Tink were great once you were half way past their routes. Peter was a huge brat but he also ended up growing on me so I really don’t hate anyone in this game. As far as heroine, Wendy was okay for me. I mean I can seriously relate to her with the whole bitchy mom thing unfortunately and Peter DID get pretty immature so she wasn’t annoying for no reason….EXCEPT in Hook’s route zomg. I understand at first she’s resistant towards a pirate dude but in the end, when they’re both lovers and even she admits it, she acts like such an annoying wench lol. She even says to herself “Wtf am I doing!?” So yea I was having some bad Hyakki flashbacks there but otherwise I thought she was a pretty decent heroine and more a victim of circumstance and poor child rearing. BGMs were okay I guess? There’s only 1 that I liked but since there was no BGM gallery god knows what it was called lol. Now that I’m done with Peter Pan the only other Quin Rose  game left in my backlog is Wizard & Master which I will get to sometime this year  (✧≖‿ゝ≖).

The below feels like the most appropriate song for this game (I bet some of you weren’t even born when this came out /oldfogey):

Even more appropriate:

And now as promised, I will go suffer through Wand of Fortune _ノ乙(、ン、)_.


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  1. Oh yeah, I saw that movie when it came out. What an odd coincidence. I remember the cat being super cute in it, even though I was initially against the green colour scheme.

  2. which is funny since in the Alice in Wonderland Hollywood movie in the end, the only character out of wonderland who came along with Alice was the caterpillar (aka NIghtmare) who was now in his butterfly form

  3. I think the friend is faceless due to ye olde laziness syndrome (like her friends in toybox were), but I don’t know why they made Alice faceless too. Maybe because it’d look too much like wonderland if she kept her face? Or maybe it’s some deep symbolism crap, like, to show that in our world she’s not important, so she’s faceless. Wonderland being something her soul created does explain why she can still hear Nightmare’s voice in the real world, without her having to trip balls.

  4. I do like your theory about Alice tying in with this because I also felt the same way though I liked how Wendy was able to leave it easily but with Alice it seems like she can never really go back? At least when she does the whole faceless thing throws me off (like is she really back or is she trippin balls thinking she’s back etc.)

  5. Ah, this game. This was the last QR game I ever really enjoyed, other than the Arabians Lost and Wizard remakes. A nice selection of guys, everyone had a route, and an excellent story to boot.

    I have my own theories about Never Land and if it exists or not, and I think it does. Thought they never explain how it works exactly, it’s clear that souls have the power to create their own worlds, and the more powerful and the more complex they, the more real they become. That’s why, even though Peter created all the other characters, they were real enough to have will of their owns, to kind of escape their creator’s AI programming to put it in more technical terms (kind of like Real Rode). And it’s clearly real enough that it can sustain living beings from earth that have nothing to to with Never Land, that are not its creator. But, it’s main source of power is still it’s creator, so if that creator’s soul disappears the whole thing crumbles down, because even though the beings in it have overcome their basic “programming” they still need their original code to function (you still had the basic plot and battles in Real Rode after all, and without them the characters wouldn’t function). How the creator can die, is another thing they don’t explain.

    I think this theory also works with the Alice series beautifully. There’s always an argument if wonderland is real or not, and with this theory I think I can say that it’s both. Wonderland is the place Alice’s soul created, some it’s characters have enough free will, but very few, which is why there’s so few role holders and so many non nonsensical rules compared to Never Land. Plus the only real person we ever see in it is Alice, who is its creator, so the world is probably not strong enough yet to withstand other people from the real world in it, so so far it is only real for Alice, no else will ever see Wonderland- or maybe Alice doesn’t want to, since Peter has to bring Wendy and her brothers in Never Land after all. Both Never Land and Wonderland have “doors” to the real world that it’s creators can see, but Peter knows he’s unwanted so he can visit the real world in a sense and come back with no problems, Alice has that stupid responsibility thing in her head so if she sees the real world she will totally leave Wonderland for it. This might also explain why Never Land is more powerful than Wonderland, because Peters devotes his whole being to it and Alice doesn’t, which also explains why the Wonderland inhabitants want to keep Alice in Wonderland so badly – the more she stays and dedicates herself to it the more powerful Wonderland becomes.

    For me, it also kind of explains how Alice and Wendy can wake up in the same place and day after being technically in other worlds for so long. Time passes differently for souls, so a long time in either these places doesn’t mean anything to their own bodies. I think it kind of goes against your “Alice is dying ” theory though, but it does go with the original true end in heart, where she is seen perfectly fine after spending so long in wonderland. It does change what Julius means in her head though, but more on that in another post, this one is getting long.

  6. If I made thru Crimson and Wizmaster, I can make it through Arabians lost! Hopefully before Arabians Doubt. And take your time, whenever you want to do it. 🙂

    Im glad youre doing Wand of fortune, Ive been meaning to check that out too. They say its like Otome Hogwarts. By the sounds of it, its turning out like a good game so Im expecting youre gonna do Wand of fortune 2 and the Fan disk.

  7. I already played School Wars, and very enjoyed it but I think they should give more story and show Shiori’s fighting more ^w^ . QR games I still don’t play are Cinderella series, Mother Goose and Wizard, I finished Crimson Empire & Royale using a friend’s complete save data though :D. And yes, no matter how I loved Kaidan Romance, I can’t believe they released 5 games in less than one and half year, especially because they postpone another game for that. I love Oumagatoki because the feeling I got after finishing true ends is too complex >_<. That's why I don't like Hyakki Yakou too much, the true end is not that good :(.

    Actually I have half finished games, but because I couldn't wait for Tasogaredoki, I replayed Oumagatoki and forget the others XD.

  8. lol no problem 😉

    I think Grimm is under rated, the heroin was at least a lot more likeable than Hyakki :V
    Arabians Lost is like turn based and rpg attack based so uh good luck with that one lol.
    Cinderella and Hyakki are both pretty short so you should finish those in no time!

    Wizard & Master’s system is very similar to Arabians Lost so I don’t expect there too be too much confusion from my side. It’s just a matter of making time for it but now that I’m deep in Wand of Fortune I think it will be a while (though I could have a “magical school otome game” marathon immediately after lol)

  9. Oh boy re-reading my post major typos and errors. No edit button lol Pretend you didnt see lol

  10. Yay! Done and done! Like this I have this on my back log ever since it came out. I just played the opening when I got it. Im stuck doing the more recent ones. Ive still got to do the Hyakki series, Cinderella one, and Arabians Lost. I wont bother with Grim the bounty hunter, your review was enough. But now that this game is done, I will wait patiently for you to play Wizard and the Master! Although it will take much more time since its based on the TURN system. I guess its fun in its on way.

    Im gonna def try and do Peter Pan this year, since your review has given me renewed interest. Well, to tell the truth I restarted playing otome games ever since I started reading your blog. Its hard balancing it with life and work, and Im no where up to your pace. Its around 1-2 guys per week. But my back log is just getting bigger and bigger.

    Keep up the good work! 😀

  11. Congratz for finishing Peter Pan, and just I have said, you are fast xD Time for #WOFSufferingTeam xDDD

    And Michael is my fave here xD

  12. Yea I don’t know why Fujimaru made Alice’s eyes the way they are. I think her style changed and Alice looked like a loli with that coloring style lol.
    I’m excited for the SW FD as well since I enjoyed SW a lot xD I will definitely buy limited edition!!
    Crimson Empire eh…hmm…maybe not lol.

  13. Thank you for commenting!
    I also love QR games though I think recently their game focus has been too much on kaidan romance series and they aren’t as good as oumagatoki :/
    and lol 3P end with Tinker argh lol I can’t stand her so I just skipped it T_T;;;
    I hope you also play school wars xD I wish I had time to replay games, trying to clear out my backlog~

  14. Thanks for the review ☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆
    I love this game a lot, the story’s good, the art’s nice and I think Wendy’s eyes more beautiful than Alice.
    Adult Peter’s so sexy O(≧∇≦)O and Hook’s crews are hot bishie too
    I kind of feel bad for Wendy’s mother but still the way she treat her (  ̄д ̄;)…
    Getting excited about School wars FD ( at first i thought it’ll be Alice FD╮(─▽─)╭ ) and looking forward to your Wizard & Master’s review
    Do you plan to finish Crimson Empire ? or not XD

  15. Hello, it’s my first time comment in this blog, so nice to meet you, Hinano-san!
    Thank you for reviewing this game :D. Peter Pan is the first game I played with my PSP, so it bring back memories ^w^. I remember that I told myself to only “take a peek” but ended with playing until the end only one week before my exam lol. Reading your review make me want to replay this again, though now I am replaying Ouma ga Toki for 3rd times while waiting for Tasogaredoki. All the characters are so brilliant that I don’t know who are my fav chara, I can’t even hate Tinker after true end (her ending actually more like 3P Wendy-Tinker-Peter than “normal” yuri end), because I know why she is so obsessed with Peter >_<. The side characters also brilliant, I always enjoyed Hook's crews interaction, they are so funny lol. Sorry for long rambling, I am a QR fans, because their games are the reason why I started play otoge, so it's nice to see a site of QR games' review 😉

  16. School Wars was a great game though and if it means a route for the seito kaichou then I will gladly buy limited edition lol. I’m buyin Hyakki FD cause it was an unfinished game orz but staying away from Shinigami :s

  17. That’s true, having seen that their latest announcement is a fandisk for School Wars…;; Lmao I think that I may end up playing Shinigami for Ishida, but it’ll be sad knowing that it’s a half-hearted effort (with chances that a fandisk is being planned already).

  18. I feel like QR just releases games now with the intention of doing an FD from the start for any of their newest stuff….they seem to pretty much be ignoring all their old releases 😦 I don’t think we’ll ever see FDs for Peter Pan or Grimm… I wish they will move away from the stupid kaidan romance obsession I’m tired of it all the games/heroines are starting to look the same but the guys get more and more crazier (the cast of shinigami is horrific lol)

  19. Congrats on finishing the game~ I didn’t bother thinking too much into Peter’s background ‘cos it’d be such a headache lol. But it’s sad to think of how much longer Neverland could’ve continued to existed if Wendy ended up with Hook/Scissor/Tink.

    In the LE booklet’s comic, you get to see again how Michael is such a supportive brother of Wendy sobs.

    My wish for this to get a fandisk is almost dying out but yeah, still wishing. ;;

  20. it was mostly about the system. I kinda get it now, but as most stat raisers I think it’s time consuming more than anything else? We’ll see how it goes 🙂

  21. sorry for asking you this question here and not while you were broadcasting the WoF game… T.T

  22. do you not the first “Wand of Fortune” game specifically because of the system or the series in general? cuz i heard in reviews of the later games they fix the system and the games get better as the series progresses

  23. Haha, yeah, they keep releasing new games and its really hard to catch up with it since we need to balance between our work/study and games. Good luck on your WOF marathon! Looking forward too it♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

  24. hello and thanks for commenting! don’t be shy you can comment any time 😀
    Yea I feel you on the having too many games in the backlog thing! So many new ones are coming out now it’s hard to keep up 😆
    (9`・ω・)9頑張リマス.+゚*。:゚+ on my WOF marathon lol!

  25. lol yea that scene was so sad but by the time I was on my 4th route I had already mentally figured out what stuff was just copypasta repeat so I kept switching to force skip lol.
    I kinda get it (because I feel like I’ve seen this scenario somewhere else before) but I wish they kinda expanded more on it? XD

  26. As usual you’re fast! And yay you’ve finally finished this! \o/

    T-that scene with Michael kissing Wendy before going back to their own world was really heartbreaking ;A;. I didn’t know force-skip (xD) that time so I had to read it again…and again DD:

    Peter being a soul of an unborn fetus is still a big mystery to me. I just don’t get it. XD;;; But whatever, I still loved him. XDD

  27. Hello, Hinano-san! Great job on completing the game!お疲れ様でした( ´∀` )ノ

    I can’t believe I finally gathered the courage to come out from my hermit shell and introduce myself! I love your style of blogging and it never fails to crack me up!

    Otome games are my favourite since years ago, but sadly no one shares the same interest as me in my hometown… I’m a 16 years-old Malaysian Chinese, and I can speak Chinese, English, Malay, some local dialect and Japanese(Though I’m still weak in it エヘヘ(*´・∀・`*)ゞ).

    Abt this game, I love the sweets theme and I got this too, but I still haven’t touch the game yet. I have too much games I want to play_| ̄|○ Anyways, 宜しくお願いします(*・ω・)*_ _)ペコリ and (ง •̀_•́)งファイトーー! on your otome games marathon!!!!

  28. I am I am /cleans house tomorrow to prolong the inevitable C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

  29. Seeing how I played many games with this system I guess I was able to adapt pretty quickly lmao.
    Yea the parenting in this game is horrid. It’s like every female in this game is a victim of circumstance but then takes her shit on everyone around her.
    I had the Alice flashbacks too since instead of having a sister complex Wendy had a mother one lol.

    LOL HOOK TOTALLY LOOKED LIKE BLOOD. xDDD Fortunately they had totally different personalities but yea having played Alice recently I couldn’t unsee 😆
    Good luck with school, I’ll be suffering in WOF 8D

  30. “I only hump the one I love.”
    Anyways I never played this game because I just didn’t have time. But glad to see the routes weren’t terrible haha even though the actual system sounds like it was a bit of a pain in the ass lol… It’s okay I guess QR learned? xD lmfao
    And omfg the parenting or lack there of in this game just depresses me lol… Also I kept getting Alice flashbacks the entire time I read this post www I like the two brothers but that’s probably because I’m a brocon //bricked and Hook’s character design is very nice, even if it does remind me a lot of Blood with an eye patch LOL (and missing hand www)
    I probably won’t play this, I think reading your review was enough for me xDDD I like the premise of the storyline and stuff but no time with school starting up soon ;w;

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