Otome Game Review: Glass Heart Princess

Himeno Kyoko is a rich ojousama (daughter of a wealthy company owner) with her butler & maid at her every wish. She’s in her 3rd year of high school and with graduation approaching, she realizes she’s never been in love yet! Unfortunately Kyoko discovers she has GLASS HEART SYNDROME and when her heart beats too fast – she can die. There’s no cure but there’s a way to rehabilitate the heart – by falling in love and pulling giant steamrollers. She goes around looking for a dude until she realizes HE’S THE ONE who she will force to go on dates with her :lol:. It’s LOVE OR DEATH for Kyoko but she must train her heart in order to survive!

The System

It’s actually possible to play this game without a guide but unless you know how – then it’s impossible. In fact most of the guides I’ve found for this game were either incomplete, or just completely wrong.  Hopefully the breakdown below helps you on your journey.


  1. Build up your HB-Limit – The lower your HB limit is, the higher chance you have of Kyoko getting a heart attack and dying. If you die 3 times game over.  The easiest way to do this is Running → which then unlocks → Hard → which then unlocks Sparta. That’s right if Kyoko hauls a giant ass steam roller, she can doki doki forever. You want to aim for at least 230 HB for ever guy you do. That should be enough to cover your ass (unless the game forces you to die in certain routes which is ok cause it’s part of the story.) Once you unlock Sparta, it gives the most exp (see how the +++ increases) so just spam that until you’re around 220~230.
  2. Build up your L-int – Again, easiest way is Manga Anime Gaming. By having Kyoko play otome games, she builds up her image, therefore allowing you to have more successful dates.  You can try other  things if you want but try to always unlock anything with +++ in it as that will get your leveled up most efficiently.
  3. If you fail during the training (an image of a knocked out Kyoko chibi will pop up instead of the training chibi), wait until the next scene of “talking with someone” comes up and use the PSP analog stick to scroll your way back. Or if you’re worried of failing just quick save at any point you can. You cannot save during training menu, and you cannot save during date picking menu so make note of that when you plan to save.
  4. Extra CGs – Now while I listed the most efficient ways of leveling Kyoko, certain trainings will unlock a special CG depending on the character. For Yukito & Shinnosuke you can spam Running, Hard or Sparta. For Kanata it’s 演習 and for Tenma it’s 休憩お菓子作り. There’s only 1 training CG so once you get it, you can go back to doing whatever training you want (especially since baking cookies only lowers her HBM but doesn’t do anything for int or the HB Limit.)
  5. Date Choices – Now this is useful to have a guide for but again, if you don’t just pick whatever you want, if the date result isn’t Excellent or Sweet, just use ye olde analog stick, scroll back and pick something else until you get it right. There’s only ever 2 choice selections during a date so it’s hard to go wrong.
  6. Shinnosuke’s Kuso Route – In hopes that you won’t get pissed off like I did I’m providing info on how to capture this SOB. Basically, you start off doing someone else’s route but don’t shoot the arrow at the beginning. I multi-tasked Shinnosuke with Yukito and without shooting the arrow I was “forced” to choose and so I picked him.  You basically go on dates with whatever guy you’re multi-tasking with, until November. In November you will need to first go on a bunch of low tier dates with Shinnosuke to get his date CGs (you can do this later but I recommend getting it out of the way first.) Once you hit December around Xmas time, if the shota calls you that means you need to go back and load your November save. Now continue dating whoever’s route you were multi tasking until a date for Shinnosuke comes up called 黒い鼓動. If you do not start his official route with this date, you will not get a happy ending. (And then you will be like ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)) Once you get that date, you can proceed with whatever Shinnosuke dates you didn’t go to (probably the higher B~A ranked ones) and you will get his happy end. I don’t get why they made his route so fkin’ annoying to do meh oh well.

Hopefully that will help those struggling with the game, good luck and now for some spoilertastic summaries.

ghp001Asahina Tenma – Tenma is the school nurse and for some reason nobody seems to question the fact that he has a horrible sense of hair style, pointy ears and vampire fangs.  Also he hates tomato juice, garlic and herbs (please keep the pasta sauce away from this guy.) He’s kinda like Haruki sensei from Starry Sky and he forces all the guys in the game to be singing idols during the school festival. Despite him being a teacher, he has NO problem agreeing to go on dates and getting all ichaicha with Kyoko. Of course when things get serious immediately he puts up the “I’m a teacher you’re a student barrier”, freaking cock teasing bastard :lol:. I think my moe point for him came when Kyoko goes to his room one day finding him sleeping. Seeing a piece of rice on his cheek she goes to take it off but he grabs her fingers and starts sucking on them instead (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン He then pulls the teacher card on her once again when she decides to spend the night with him in the nurse’s office but when she asks him to stay by her side, he pins her down going “don’t u do dis little girl.” A rumor starts to spread that Tenma and Kyoko are actual lovers and Tenma…….doesn’t actually deny it. In fact he does the opposite and practically confesses his love to her in front of the student body. (ㆀ˘・_・˘)  One night one of Kyoko’s friends, Manaka, gets attacked at the school.  When  Kyoko goes to investigate she gets abducted by a guy from the dark magic club who wants to become a real vampire (cause he cray cray). He cuts Kyoko’s neck and  before anything bad can happen, Tenma comes to save her in his true vampire form. He’s like “oh btw I’m a vampire” and apologizes for hiding it from her. He then says he wants to live eternally with her and wants her to become a vampire just like him. Kyoko tells him she’s happy to know he loves her but needs to think about this vampire business (while all this time she’s bleeding from her neck and it totally doesn’t hurt.) A few days later Tenma’s underlings come to see him going WE’VE SPENT YEARS LOOKING FOR U. Apparently he was the vampire mafia leader of the Testarossa Family. Great, now we got like Twilight & Arcana Famiglia crossover!

ghp002They ask him to come back to their mafia family cause they can’t go on without him. Tenma tells Kyoko that he was sealed by the principal in the school years ago so that’s why he was always forced to stay in the school area. However after the incident with turning back into a vampire, he realized the seal has weakened so he decides to take Kyoko out on a real date outside the school grounds. They go to a park where he tells Kyoko he loves her and kisses her on the cheek. He asks her to do the same and after babbling she’s embarrassed she does so. Sadly because Kyoko doesn’t kiss her man properly, Tenma dumps her to go save his underlings from bad guy 1 and bad guy 2 (yes those were their actual names). Tenma beats the living shit out of them and Kyoko runs up and sees the whole thing. She gets scared and runs away from him.  Tenma realizes that he can’t be around her anymore so he leaves the school. He leaves Kyoko a goodbye note asking her to take care of his Anemone flowers. So then Edwards’s Tenma’s long lost mafia enemy Jacob Gino (who just so happens to be a werewolf) abducts Kyoko to use her as bait to get Tenma to fight him (I told you this is like Twilight :lol:). Tenma comes and is like “ok ill just kill myself so let Kyoko go” but Gino’s like GRR NO WE MUST DUKE IT OUT FIRST and makes his underlings let Kyoko go. They duke it out, but I think Gino’s butthurt that senpai won’t notice him. Kyoko decides to save Tenma and get hit instead….which of course does no good cause she takes some serious damage. To save her, Tenma turns Kyoko into a vampire by sucking her blood (and smooching her because he loves her ;)). Boy this plot sure sounds familiar. Kyoko’s reborn as a sexy vampire lady and Gino gets beaten up because Shinnosuke killed his entire mob with a “friend” at the vatican he just so conveniently had! Gino loses his powers and is turned into a little puppy which Shinnosuke decides he will “train” lol. And so in the end, 4 years later Kyoko becomes a teacher at the school and her disease is cured since she’s a vampire now. Meanwhile Tenma becomes the board chairman who lets her suck his blood so she isn’t tempted to attack her students. (´・ω・`;) Okay that was silly but I sincerely thought Tenma-sensei was really adorable….which is strange seeing how 90% of the time I really hate Hatano Wataru characters. Guess Otomate did a good job for once and didn’t ruin him (*cough SYK). I think he may actually be my favorite. I must have a thing for ぺろぺろ sensei’s. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

ghp003Hoshino Kanata – HURR GET IT HIS NAME MEANS DISTANT PLANET HURR anyway. Kanata is the gap-moe of the game. He’s more clueless about romance than Kyoko is but at least he has an excuse – he’s an android robot created by aliens. In fact that alien that always hangs on him isn’t a “stuffed doll” like he claims, it’s actually an alien that pretty much watches and makes sure his robot doesn’t short circuit. If you dare do anything outside of his program (like having Kyoko dye her hair black), he goes into berserk mode (´・ω・`;A). During one of their dates he even happens to see one of his alien buddies trapped in a crane machine but they get it out and since it’s pink with a cute ribbon, he gives it to Kyoko to hang on to (this will be important later.) And so as they continue dating Kyoko starts falling for the dorky alien man (or maybe she got the hots for him the moment she landed on his d*** when he took a shower in her house.) One day, Kanata invites Kyoko to his place and attempts to get her to kiss him by having her watch a movie and make dinner together. He keeps trying to kiss her but it doesn’t work so then he explains that he read a book which said the illness he has is that he’s in “love” with Kyoko. He then tells her that kissing will “heal him” and he grabs her and lands one on her lips. Unfortunately this is too much for poor Kyoko to handle and her heart explodes. Kanata figures the only way to save her is by replacing her heart with an artificial one. He then tells reveals to her that he’s an android robot made by the aliens and that her new heart will need maintenance done by him. He tells her that she needs to do daily maintenance on it or else it’ll explode and blow up the entire planet. 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ So then they keep doing the maintenance until Kanata’s system keeps going into sleep mode so Kyoko takes him home. She explains the truth to Shinnosuke who goes into otaku mode excited about getting to work on such a WONDERFULLY MADE robot.  Turns out Kanata was powered by 2 hearts and now that he gave his other one to Kyoko, it’s been harder for him to fully function. In order for him to function fully again, he needs to go back to his home planet but he doesn’t have enough energy to send a signal for help.

ghp004This is where Shin-chan comes in saying he’ll use his connections to an alien research base (Area 51) to send a signal instead lol. They fly to Nevada and to get Kanata all setup for his departure but things don’t go as planned and Area 51 just wants to use both Kyoko & Kanata in their research. Kyoko refuses and thanks to Shinnosuke she’s saved before the leader Charles can grab her. The two of them run to save Kanata who’s out cold and they almost get caught, but Kanata’s back up battery manages to revive him and he saves them. Kanata then receives a signal to teleport to his home planet and tells Kyoko that he can’t cause anymore trouble for her and leaves without her. Before leaving he wipes her memory of him and some time later Kyoko has that pink alien doing her heart maintenance now (though she has no recollection when or how she got it.) As time passes but Kyoko can’t help but feel that she’s forgotten something…or someone. She then goes to all the places that she went to on dates with Kanata feeling like she’s been there before with someone else.  When she goes to the “tree of destiny”, where she first met Kanata (or rather he landed in her face), she finally remembers him. She asks her pink alien doll where he is and she tells him it’s on that hill that’s the peak of the town. When she runs there, she finds him there and he’s confused on why she remembers him because he thought he wiped her memories. Kyoko rages that he did this so to make up for it, he rides with her on a bicycle up in the sky プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  He then proclaims that he finally understands what LOVE is, and asks to kiss her properly this time without her dying. Unfortunately soon as they finish his spaceship comes to take him back to his planet. In the epilogue, some months pass and Kyoko receives Kanata to her home delivered in a box :lol:.  Turns out the aliens got pissed that he didn’t gather enough info about earth so they sent him back to continue doing it…for the rest of his life. They also remade his body to be closer to that of a human’s so he’s got a lot more emotions going on than before. Now Kyoko & Kanata can cuddle together and do their heart maintenance forever (while their aliens ship it up too XD.)  Kanata was really cute, also it was nice hearing Miyata after Quin Rose gave him the boot in Diamond Alice щ(ಥДಥщ). Still, for being a cero B game and having the heroine land on top of a naked guy, nice one Otomate :lol:.

ghp005Karasuma Yukito – Well unlike the 2 guys above, Kanata is pretty normal (well as normal as you can get in this game anyway.) He’s a transfer student and Kyoko uses excuse that “sensei wanted to have her help him get used to the school better” to go on dates. Of course the moment she asks him to go on a date with him, Yukito thinks that she’s confessed her love to him! 😆 Yukito’s got a younger sister and is also afraid of heights (so she shits bricks when he’s on an airplane piloted by Shinnosuke.) For one of their dates they go up to a tower lookout point and win the ○○th couple to enter award. The staff tell them to change into a wedding outfits to be models for their pamphlets lol. Just imagining this  Kyoko’s heart rate goes over 9000 and she blacks out. After she awakens her heart rate goes down and Yukito piggy backs her home asking what the deal is. She decides to tell him the truth about her glass heart syndrome. He confesses his love to Kyoko with the assumption that when she initially asked him to date her, it was because she liked him. Kyoko’s like er no but I like you now so yea sure we’re officially a couple now! XD  Yukito then offers to help Kyoko more vigorously with her rehab. For Christmas, they go to a fancy restaurant and Yukito’s extremely nervous. He loves the food and tells Kyoko that one day  he will bring her here with his own money and by then her disease will be cured. (*´ω`*)キュン They go back to that lookout tower and theres a lot of couples so they try to emulate them for rehab purposes. Kyoko links arms with him but ends up rubbing her boobs against him and hes like (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. (Sometimes I think that Yukito would die of a heart attack if he had the same GHS lol.)  One day Kyoko’s dad tells her that she has to attend a his fancy hotel party in his place because he’s too busy with work. And well it just so happens that Phantom Thief Raven aka Yukito appears lol and he abducts Kyoko before she can call for help (not knowing who he is). He flies away and dumps her in some park while he goes to do his mission. The next day Kyoko decides to surprise him by picking him up for school and she finds him in his thief outfit half opened (as she stares at his exposed man chest :lol:)

ghp006His imouto complains about the glider which gives it away further and Satsuki & Shinnosuke come out and force him to spit the truth. He admits to being Phantom Thief Raven and apologizes for hiding it. He tells Kyoko that basically his grandpa used to be a poor painter but he never sold anything. So then some mafia took all his paintings and sold them to a bunch of museums. Grandpa was so upset about this he wanted to kill himself but he was saved by a phantom thief from falling to his doom. She told him to just “steal” all his paintings back (and then married him  :D). Gramps then became a phantom thief but when he got too old he was gonna have Yukito’s dad take over but the dad got too busy with work so the role was passed down to Yukito. The requirement of the role was to only steal grandpa’s paintings, to always give a notice card and to wear the stupid hat & cape xD. Kyoko offers her full support for Yukito. (Kyoko is awesome in this route lol.)  She even offers to buy the paintings for him being rich as fuck but he says he can’t let her do that since to him that’s a lot of money.  So then Kyoko decides to challenge Yukito by buying from an auction one of his grandpa’s last paintings. She tells Yukito to try and “steal it” from her and if he succeeds she’ll back off but if he fails, he must quit being a thief because she is sincerely worried about him. He comes to her house and hands her the warning. Turns out, the painting is replica and by going after a fake painting, he broke his grandpa’s rule and must retire as a thief. He tells Kyoko that he was gonna retire after stealing the real version of this painting anyway cause it was his grandpa’s last work. The intention is then to return the replica to the museum and trade it for the original to give to Yukito. Yukito then thanks her for helping him finish his job on a satisfying note, and goes to kiss her……until  Shinnosuke shoots at him lmfao.

ghp007Fortunately Satsuki comes & punches him for being a cockblocker and throws him into a barrel of cement. Unfortunately for Shinnosuke (who escapes like Houdini), he ends up shooting a giant hole through the replica and now they can’t return it to the museum. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Kyoko rages at him and then he gets a phone call from the museum asking to return the painting he just shot a hole through. They end up staging a plan to steal the original grandpa painting but get caught until Kyoko’s last resort plan of turning into PHANTOM THIEF GLASS HEART! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They manage to escape together with Shinnosuke picking them up via helicopter. Yukito burns his grandpa’s last painting so that they can never be stolen or replicated again. He also burns his silk hat & mantle and says goodbye to his phantom job forever. With Satsuki pulling cockblocknosuke away, Yukito and Kyoko are finally able to kiss. (*´ω`*) In the epilogue Kyoko’s dad is so proud of Yukito he tells him to call him “father” from now on and to live in their house and go to university with Kyoko. XD  After daddy disappears from being a cockblocker, the 2 of them ichaicha under the cherry blossoms of graduation. Yukito’s route actually felt longer to me than all the others and almost makes me think that he’s like the main guy of the game. I mean the opening theme is like “Steal your heart” (lol STEEL but yea) and he’s a phantom thief so! He was really cute always blushing like a dork and I think he and Kyoko had really good chemistry together. Also I think Kyoko was really great and supportive in this route (which was a huge change from her doormatty self in Tenma’s.) Also a memorable moment was during the school festival, he had to dress up as a trap for the maid cafe as a punishment. Damn he looked a bit too good in that outfit プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.

ghp008Masaki Shinnosuke – As I mentioned in my guide, Shinnosuke’s route would have been more enjoyable if the stupid confusing ass system didn’t put me in a foul mood halfway through his route. Shinnosuke is Kyoko’s hetare butler, like EXTREMELY hetare. In fact I can barely think of a character more hetare than him that I’ve seen in a while. This is pretty ironic seeing how he’s a trained army professional but when it comes to his ojousama his serious butler persona completely falls apart. What pretty much annoys me to no end is his solution to everything is “kill it with fire.” At any given moment, whips out his gun and starts shooting things including police officers, children and cats. So yea needless to say my likeability for him dropped faster than ton of bricks. At first he seemed all cute and shit then on one of their dates he grabs Kyoko from behind going “what if I came behind you and attacked you? you are too open” and she gets pissed because all he was supposed to do was put a necklace on her. She backflips him using self defense that he taught her and ends up opening one of his wounds that’s from training. She gets home and helps treat it saying s hes worried about him but he tells her not to ever trust anyone but oneself. On their last date after new years he kisses her hand saying that her training is complete…however she still has no lover and Satsuki tries to ship her with Shinnosuke but he’s like um no. ( ´_ゝ`) Suddenly Kyko’s condition worsens and she’s hospitalized.  Shinnosuke stays with her 1 night so that she can sleep better but the next morning he vanishes and goes MIA. Someone then goes and frames her father of fraud and he’s taken to the police station telling Kyoko he’ll do his best. Suddenly some Sephiroth with a braid scarf (as in his dumb hair braid wraps around his neck) & an eyepatch comes from the Kuroe group. He then tells them that Shinnosuke is the one who leaked info about Kyoko’s dad’s company to him, working for him as a spy. Kyoko’s like dafuq bro and he’s like “idk what you’re talking about I only work for Kuroe.”

ghp009The dad loses his company and due to this Kyoko, her dad &  Satsuki are forced to move into some beat up apartment temporarily as their house gets possessed. Sephiroth then turns into a pedobear and  says that if Kyoko marries him, he will save their company and pay for all their expenses. Kyoko agrees figuring she’s gonna die from her heart disease soon anyway so not like she’ll have to deal with him for that long. Turns out Sephiroth is a gross pedo who had a crush on Kyoko’s mom in college, but since Kyoko’s dad took her, the pedo decided to plan revenge for like 17+ years and abduct the daughter instead! Someone needs a new hobby! When Shinnosuke finds out Kyoko has to marry he realizes his plan to make a deal with pedobear has backfired. He originally made a deal with him to leak Himeno family company info with the agreement that Sephiroth would heal Kyoko’s heart disease..but he didn’t agree to having her get married to the pedo. So then we get a flashback of Shinnosuke’s past and how 11 years ago, when Kyoko was 6, shotanosuke kidnapped her. Shinnosuke is an orphan who was dumped in an orphanage and never knew his parents. He was then forced along with other kids to take military training. His first mission was to kidnap Kyoko but when he kidnaps her, he does stuff for her like give her tea, help her with homework and she goes you’re my new butler cause I told daddy I wanted one for my bday :lol:. Some days later, Shinnosuke receives orders to kill Kyoko so he decides to give her 1 last request and she asks to go visit her mom at the hospital. The mom’s barely able to speak but she gives Kyoko & Shinnosuke 2 matching heart pendants. The next day a squad comes to rescue Kyoko and she and Shinnosuke almost get killed by the bad guys but then Kyoko’s butler Masaki saves them. Kyoko then orders her butler Masaki to save Shinnosuke as well. Kyoko’s dad spares him because he let Kyoko see her mother one last time since the following day she passed away. And so from that day forth Shinnosuke becomes Kyoko’s official butler and even goes to England to train. Since Sephiroth calls Shinnosuke a traitor for being against his marriage and throws him in a cell.

ghp010Fortunately he babbles ojousamaa over & over in his sleep and Satsuki pretty much figures out Shinnosuke’s not a bad guy (just a hetare butler). He tells her the truth that Kuroe asked him to join him many times but Shinnosuke always refused – until Kuroe said he’d gather a team of researchers to try to find a cure for Glass Heart syndrome.  Satsuki tells a wangsting Shinnosuke to go and save his princess like a prince on a white horse. Shinnosuke then realizes he’s in love with his ojousama and agrees to go save her not as a “butler” but as a man who loves her! (It only took 11 years Shin-chan.) And so on Kyoko’s 18th birthday she’s forced to attend an engagement announcement party with pedoroth. Fortunately Shin-chan comes to save her on a white…motorcycle :lol:.  Kyoko’s pissed and she lets him have it going how DARE You just SHOW UP like this after treating me and betraying me before!? XDDD She finally stops raging and agrees to go with her hetare prince. Meanwhile Satsuki unravels all this guy’s secrets all over the internet from his office. Shinnosuke also gets his former army buddies to come for backup as well.  After he takes her out of Pedoroth HQ they go to the beach where he glomps her babbling about how much he loves her and how sorry he is for being a failure as a butler. Kyoko says she loves him as well and he promises to never let her go. In the epilogue Shinnosuke is fired as a butler,  but rehired to do menial tasks like cleaning of the house reporting directly to Satsuki.  He grumbles that he can’t spend too much time with Kyoko and go on dates but while he cleans he manages to sneak in a kiss behind a curtain. ( ≖‿≖) At first I liked Shinnosuke but then the combination of shitty system + random gun mania + the traitor thing kinda put a damper on things for me. However he WAS able to redeem himself in the end but I can’t help but feel I might have enjoyed the route more if it wasn’t for the few roadblocks in the beginning. (Remember a good game can be ruined by a bad system.) Though I guess the gun thing was a huge irritation for me, as if I didn’t have enough of that crap in Elliot’s route in Diamond Alice right before this -__-;. I think the most redeeming part of this route was the Beastmaster parody (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.

ghp011Doumyouji Gai – Gai is the 10 year old shota (ew) who is asked to be Kyoko’s fiance. Apparently Kyoko’s dad and Gai’s dad were long time partners and he promised to let his daughter marry the other guy’s son….completely disregarding the fact that they’re 7 years apart!? I dunno who this route is targetted for except shotacons/cougars but it was really short and not that sweet. The poor kid goes on a date with Kyoko and when he sees Shinnosuke help a lady get her stolen purse back, he thinks Shinnosuke is his hero. He asks to be Shinnosuke’s disciple and the two them start training together. In order to see the fruits of the training, Shinnosuke sets up a scenario of having some bad guys come and attack Kyoko and Gai during one of their dates. All this accomplishes is 1. Scare the shit out of Gai making the poor child cry 2. Force a 10 year old child to use tazers, knives and GUNS and 3. Piss him off so that he grows up to be a massive do-S milf lover. And so after telling everyone that he hates them for making a fool of him, he pretty much cuts off contact with Kyoko for 8 years. And so 8 years later when Kyoko’s 25 and the new boss of her dad’s company she receives a letter from Gai saying he wants to see her. He surprises her by showing up to her house, beating up Shinnosuke and forcing Satsuki to put Kyoko in a wedding dress or he’ll burn her entire shoujo manga collection. He then tells Kyoko that he intended to STEAL Kyoko away from Shinnosuke but underestimated Shin-chan’s hetare level cause he didn’t dare hit on his ojousama for all those years \( ^o^)/. He pretty much tells Kyoko she has no choice but to become his, and well I didn’t either cause even when I say no, the answer is yes :lol:. Anyway it was interesting hearing the guy from Sakurasou voicing the shota and I hope this means that he’ll consider doing more otome gaming roles. A few friends really liked Gai but I just felt sorry for the poor kid and I can’t help but feel that he might have become a proper gentleman bocchan instead of do-S military maniac on levels worse than Shinnosuke. (At least Shinnosuke is a hetare lol.)

final thoughts

The Best Butler
The Best Butler

Well aside from that bump in the road with Shinnosuke’s route, the game was fairly enjoyable. It was short but the art was really pretty and while at first I thought Kyoko would be this doormat, as I went through the routes, gradually she became more and more of a fun character (especially in Yukito and Shinnosuke’s routes.)  The game is loaded with Otomate parodies so if you’ve played a bunch of their games you will definitely be pleasantaly surprised (and despite me always ragging on them I did play a bunch of their games lol.) As far as I could catch I saw parodies from Hakuoki, Hiiro no Kakera, Beastmaster, Armen Noir, Natsuzora, SYK, and what I think is Tantei Gakuen steel wood (though I have not played it yet.) They would do things like make references during the “special guest training” (so be sure to read those carefully) and in the backgrounds they’d have cast of LGS, Amnesia and Beastmaster (´^ω^`). The other joy of the game was Kyoko’s maid Satsuki which was pretty much a direct representation of the player playing the game. The chibi CGs were really cute and the opening theme was really catchy. I hope they consider doing a fandisk for this game since the cast and characters were a lot of fun. I pretty much liked everyone but I’ll just push my bias towards Tenma and Yukito ( ≖‿≖). Also during the broadcast we were coming up with titles for this game if it were to be a light novel and I came up with: グラスハートのお嬢様が嫁になるまでドキドキした理由 :lol:.

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  1. am I the only one who thinks Shinnosuke’s protectiveness looks like Sagara Sousuke from Fullmetal Panic?! o_o

  2. Even when im on Yukito’s route now i still got Shinosuke’s festival date … there has to be something im doing wrong… orz

  3. ……….I don’t think I even got his, I kept getting Shinosuke’s. (Oh well time to retry those months again…)

  4. I found a cg gallery online and figured out what I didn’t have. It is indeed a cg from the school festival. Tenma’s dressed in the Matsuri…jacket thing (forgot the name) and looks to beat a game booth with dolls displayed on the shelves and holding a toy rifle…thing.

  5. Ah sorry I have my cgs saved in a folder so I don’t know which one you’re referring too. Try searching Google for a cg pack maybe?

  6. Oh no I have that already. For example, after finishing Shinosuke’s route I saw that the CG that in the same place for his route was the one he was… freaking out during the school festival. The problem is that it isn’t under a date and I have no idea what should I do if it’s the same case on Tenma’s route…

  7. I did. Look as my tips said you need to go on this date in December (Or November I forget when it pops up) 黒い鼓動
    If you don’t see that date with Shinnosuke that means you may have missed something along the way.
    That’s the only way. Sorry I really don’t remember the exact way I did the route as like I said I go through games so fast I start to forget what I did x games ago ^^; GOod luck

  8. Probably I’m guessing you missed his CG during the training? Per my quote

    Extra CGs – Now while I listed the most efficient ways of leveling Kyoko, certain trainings will unlock a special CG depending on the character. For Yukito & Shinnosuke you can spam Running, Hard or Sparta. For Kanata it’s 演習 and for Tenma it’s 休憩→お菓子作り. There’s only 1 training CG so once you get it, you can go back to doing whatever training you want (especially since baking cookies only lowers her HBM but doesn’t do anything for int or the HB Limit.)

    This might be it? Its a CG of him and Kyoko having tea at a cafe during the training. Try that?

  9. I found your advice in the beginning of this review really helpful m(_ _)m I definitely would not have been able to play this successfully if not for your advice :3

    Then when i looked at my gallery after completing Tenma’s route and found that i have one CG missing. I hope you can help…? Its the CG that is supposed to be placed inbetween the final CG from the epilogue and one in the kamakura with nabe/cake.

  10. Apparently, I can get into his real route but I just can’t get the happy ending. Do you pick his date on the school festival?

  11. I see… So that’s what you mean by shooting the arrow. I never thought we can do that. Sorry, I can’t read kanji well to understand the instructions.
    So, all this time I’ve been playing the characters route without shooting the arrow.
    But I still can’t get Shinnosuke’s happy ending.

  12. How do you not shoot the arrow? I know pressing the hold button shoots the arrow, but pressing any other button doesn’t produce a result. Do I have to flick the analog stick? I broke mine T___T so if that’s the case, gah.

  13. just follow Momokan’s guide – I think that will be easier for you? sorry I don’t exactly remember I’ve played several games since then ^^;

  14. Actually, he’s the last character. I tried his route almost 10 time already. Do you mean, take any character, but in the first date don’t get excellent or sweet?

  15. i can’t really explain it any clearer than that…if he’s your first route, play someone else’s first so you can get familiar with the system.

  16. I still can’t get Shinnosuke happy end
    I don’t understand what you mean by don’t shoot arrow at the beginning.
    Can you help me….

  17. lol oh wow I thought you’d be done with the game by now xDDD Yess Tenma is a babe!!
    I added you on google+ btw! (also removed your link so you don’t get spammed x3)

    Yea Google+ seems easier to keep a topic conversation going (we had a whole mass discussion going on last night about WOF XD)

  18. I’ve only completed Tenma so far (playing at sloth speed www) but ajdhgughjwhjfkgas he was the cutest thing ever ❤ His ending made me lol though. Also I knew Tenma was a teacher, but I didn't know he was a scool nurse ww Though that explains his white lab coat 8D;;

    I'm liking this game a lot more than I though I would, and I'm looking forward to the rest /o/

    Anyway, I came to tell you that I've been lonely since you deactivated your twitter (´;ω;`) And so, I made a Google+ so that I can keep in touch with you \o/ My profile is right over here~ **

    So now maybe we can keep #TeamSufferingWOF intact >8DDDDDD

    I really do miss talking to you, so hopefully we can keep in touch over there /o/

  19. I LOVELOVELOVE your game reviews because of how u add that extra humor in it.
    I’m so glad i found your blog because it’s so entertaining to read. Since I can’t understand japanese very well :((, i just read about the games from your reviews.
    Anyways, Tenma looks so cute :3 heehehhe

  20. *erased my URL for privacy*~ Added you back too 😀
    If you don’t have an account you can always just send me a message to my twitch tv account too (since I”m logged in/broadcasting daily lol)

  21. I agreeeee aldjaskjdhsakdhasjds he looks so sexy in the ending too so no complaints here! 8DD Oh, and what’s the best way to contact you now aside from commenting on your blog? E-mail? Google+?

  22. Tenma’s route was so cute akdnskadnaskn but THAT ENDING just left me LOL. It felt like it came out straight from Scary Movie or something. xDDD

  23. like I said when I look back now – its not so bad but trying to figure the system out was a bit annoying to me.
    what you mentioned is the reason I multitasked and did Yukito’s route first and then loaded a save to do Shinnosuke’s (but then that’s what could have thrown me off into confusion lol) I had left Shinnosuke for last seeing how he had a lot of stuff connected to the heroine’s past but I guess you can play in whatever order you want!

  24. I’m still playing and so far I’ve completed Shinnosuke&Yukito’s routes, now I’m going through Tenma’s one *-*. This game is really pretty, even though at first I thought the plot was a bit silly lol. I didn’t have any problem in getting into Shinnosuke’s route (it didn’t even need that much of an effort lol), the only one thing that bothered me is that I had to spoil myself another guy’s dates (in my case Yukito’s). The system isn’t really that bad, this coming by a person who (usually) doesn’t like game where you have to raise your stats.
    Anyway the most epic thing in GhP is Satsuki ahahahah xD She’s EXACTLY me playing otome games, it’s funny xD

  25. It was confusing indeed but now that I look at it in retrospective the system isn’t as bad as some other stat raisers. Then again I often think most stat raisers are conquerable once you get the picture XD;

  26. Sounds interesting! specially when I read the part that she has a “Glass heart Syndrome” that could endanger her life… sounds so thrilling~(^o^)/
    Judging from your review, i predict that this was a challenging+confusing game right? I find it similar to Love Revo’s game system where the heroine needs to do some building up (*≧▽≦) hehe, I can’t wait to play this! BTW, awesome review~ And ooohhh~ Gai-kun I’m obsessed with 10 year-old kids! i’m such a lolicon O(≧∇≦)O

  27. I will read in on the details later, since I’m in the midst of playing this on the side of BWS, but lol. I might just completely fail getting Shinnosuke. Also, I love Satsuki. So much. So so much.

  28. いやアレは私じゃないww
    私のプロフィールリンクは ***
    分からないことあるならここ読むと良い http://impresario.me/howto_googleplus/

  29. ****:猫抱えた人のアイコンでいいのかな?使い方がまるでわからないので、時間がかかると思う

  30. It’s hard to compare since Diamond was more of an interesting story plus the characters I liked, while GHP was a whole new cast with a more colorful atmosphere. I think if GHP didn’t have the annoying system confusion, it might have been more fun than Alice since I liked the characters more but since Alice’s system was much smoother I guess it pretty much puts them at an equal?

  31. This game actually sounds a lot of fun. I’ll definitely play this when I get enough rest from LH. That scroll back feature sounds so useful. LH had a similar one, but I was pissed over them getting rid of the skip to next choice system. Does this game not have that too? Their systems would be good if they included that.

    So in the end, what game was more enjoyable, GHP or Diamond?

  32. lmao グラスハートのお嬢様が嫁になるまでドキドキした理由 >> ツンツンしてた小悪魔妹が嫁になるまでデレた理由 I see what you did there! It’s perfect can’t stop laughing!

  33. I’ve been looking for a review everywhere. You’re so fast!
    Up till now I only finish with Yukito’s route, but how come I didn’t get the cherry blossom graduation CG thingie ><!!

    I wanted to try the butler next, but after reading your review, it seems the system is making me headache. @@

    Good work for the review! Really appreciate it!

  34. Well if I recall you didn’t have issues with custom drive either right? That game made me flip a ton of bricks too 😆

    I liked the bunneh from Beastmaster but something about Gai was creepy and at the same time depressing (I wanted him to be a gentleman shota T3T;;)

    Yea Yukito’s route was really really cute, I’m glad they got to confess early on and kinda go from there rather than last minute I love you~ before the climax. And yea I loled at cockblocknosuke xDDD;;

    Can’t wait to start PP though I need to dig out my olde’ Quin Rose rubber band ww

  35. ミクのアイコンの人なのかな? とりあえずGoogle+でCircleに入れた! 名前は****」で使ってるw

  36. Gmailの新しいアカウントとったらGoogle+できたw 名前:***

  37. I feel as though I was one of the few who didn’t have too much problems with the system. I guess I got lucky. ^^; The Tantei Gakuen Steelwood parody was when Yukito mentioned that 4 detective students from a school in Harajuku were hired to track him down too lol.

    Damn I feel guilty for liking Gai ‘cos he adds to a row of other shota-adult characters I like. Considering how 10-year-old Gai could use all those weapons…he really is like an upgraded version of Shinnosuke as you said lol but I’m sure he’s more educated than Shinnosuke in terms of romance.

    I think Yukito has the best route, especially with the nice development from friends to lovers and how they eventually opened up to each other about their own secrets. The fake credits roll was a surprise too pfft.

    Other than that, looking forward to your review of Peter Pan!

  38. yea this is a lot less terrible than brocon (and a lot easier to fix if you screw up unlike Brocon which is extremely unforgiving)

    Lol seems like everyone thinks Tenma was supposed to be the shota xDDD I guess I was the only one walking into the game knowing he was gonna be SOME kind of a teacher 8D;;;

    GOod luck with playing this game :3

    And here I thought this game was going to be a pile of trash lmfao glad to know I was wrong! xD and I guess I was expecting it to be longer as well but I suppose the fact that it’s short isn’t bad either :3 the stat-raising system scared me at first but I’m going through BROCON right now so I guess it’s nothing I can’t handle? LOL
    Looks like the game is fun though and the heroine has some character progression as the story advances, which is really nice ^^ I sort of skimmed through your review cause I didn’t want to spoil too much for when I play (●ゝω・●)
    Thanks for that mini guide at the beginning, I’m definitely going to need it lmfao I failed my first time around with BROCON even with a guide because uh I didn’t actually read through everything I was supposed to derp LOL but with your guide hopefully I’ll be okay xD
    Also, Tenma is the infirmary nurse? What is this lol I thought he would be a kouhai for sure LOL

  40. No problem, dodge them spoilers 😛 I hope the system part at the beginning at least helps you out as far as getting started ^^ Have fun!
    And yes Tenmakyun looks like a shota haha 8D

  41. ah yea no problem I hope the guide at the very beginning comes in handy when you jump into it ^^

    B’s log did say he was a teacher but I didn’t know he was a school nurse 8D;; In some CGs he really did look like a shota lmao xD

  42. Omigod your so fast, sorry I don’t read it in detail since I am planning to play this game xD The arts are really pretty to look at ^-^/

    Gosh I almost shocked when I saw Tenma=infirmary nurse LMAO, never expected it, I thought he will be a shouta character xD

    Thanks for the reviewm glad you enjoy it and definitely will play it this weekend, hopefully the system won’t scare me lolz xD

  43. Thank you or the review! I was planning to play it after i’m done with life and didnt read it in details so that no spoilers, this game seems pretty fun! 😀 i thought its foing to be like mei no shitsuji but lol at the vampire and robot dudes xD and raising BH? Not my thing but i’ll just overlook it -_-

    Gosh Tenma is the infirmary nurse??? I was so sure he’s the kouhai or her osananajimi! How dare they make him looked like shota lmfao 😀

    Yes I agree pretty arts and colorful to die for *A* anyways, great review! (Trying to catch your other reviews www)

  44. “Unfortunately Kyoko discovers she has GLASS HEART SYNDROME and when her heart beats too fast – she can die.”

    So in other words, it’s Katawa Shoujo bah dum tish

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