Dengeki Girl’s Style February 2013

I decided I had $17 to blow into the wind

Just as an FYI for anyone who missed it in my last month’s post – I will no longer be making news posts/magazine posts unless I actually buy the magazine. And no I do not plan to buy every month. I only buy if I like the stuff that comes with it.

With that in mind this is why I bought this issue:


I really wanted that BroCon calendar lol. I’m listening to the HatsuKare drama CD since I preordered and SuzuKen’s character sounds exactly like he does in Brocon omg 😆 The CD is very silly so I think the game will be a lot of fun. Also I want to say how I have  3 starry sky posters on my wall and HOMARE ISN’T IN A SINGLE ONE OF THEM (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻


dgs04So there’s some new Urakata Hakuoki project with a different cast and heroine and………oops I stopped caring about Hakuoki because this game ruined it for me. Moving on.


I wanted to play this SO BADLY but it’s for fucking GREE again omg. RAGE. Hoping for a Nikoshoku Danshi game that is an app or a PSP rendition >_>.

Hanasaku Manimani
Hanasaku Manimani

That redjuice game. Art is lovely as always but you’re gonna need way more than art to convince me to play a 和風 game….


DGS is having their yearly awards. You can go here to vote. They posted the winners so far and its just unko no shit sama and starry sky. Please go and vote something GOOD that isn’t the same shit we see every time. Please kick Saito Hajime out of the top 3 omg (ಠ_ಠ).


Vitamin R yesss. I am looking fwd to this game so badly. It looks like the art will maybe actually be done by Maeda instead of Maeda’s designs and some random person doing the CGs ( ´_ゝ`). This time its the W6 (W for Warui lol).  Just like with the other games it’s being produced by D3P but directed by Rejet himself.

I smell Kiyoharu
I smell Kiyoharu
No Broccoli I will not play the whole game just for this (ಥ_ಥ)
No Broccoli I will not play the whole game just for this (ಥ_ಥ)
Starry Sky is having another stupid lottery yey.
Starry Sky is having another stupid lottery yey.
Shirogane pls.
Shirogane pls.
Pft why is it always YOH
Pft why is it always YOH
Tokimeki Restaurant
Tokimeki Restaurant

The system will have a poke the bishie feature and the live 2D. Seems kinda interesting but I’m worried about it being one of those “If you don’t spend money building your restaurant it will shut down and you’ll lose your progress” kind of deal. Since I’ve played soooo many phone games I’m pretty wary because 99% of them are really shitty and horrid money sinks.


By their powers combined… I actually have no idea what this game is about other than it has 3 heroines and each one has a harem of 3 guys. I’m only interested in Sugiyama’s character cause he seems like a tsundere. I’ll just walk into this blindly and hope for the best 😆

Onigokko Grand Athletics ~Onigokko Royal~
Onigokko Grand Athletics ~Onigokko Royal~

I have no idea wtf OGA is other than it was some kind of Radio, and Manga but now it’s gonna be otome game a fied. The only cast I recognize are Morikawa, Suzuken, Tattsun and Morikubou. Sarachi Yomi (arcana famiglia lady) does the artwork for this series so hopefully once they announce more info about the game I’ll take more interest in it. The character designs are pretty nice though.

Fuck yea pre-ordered this like the fist of the north star.
Fuck yea pre-ordered this like the fist of the north star.

Also Suzuken said that the game makes him “きゅん~” even though he’s an おっさん( ゚∀゚)・∵ブハッ!!


Man Karins’ art is so much better than it was but …….KARIN U PORT EVERYTHING U LOST MY FAITH BRO. /waits for DC PC version.

Ken ga Kimi cast
Ken ga Kimi cast

Rejet’s Secret Sword II game’s cast is announced, Ono Yuuki, Maeno Tomoaki, Hoshi Souichiro (his char looks like a girl)< Kenn, Okiayu Ryoutaro…and some guy whose name I totally don’t recognize.

I forgot this game existed ror.
I forgot this game existed ror.
Double Manscore
Double Manscore

Hell yea I preordered the limited edition lmfao I REGRET NOTHING. I look fwd to Tachibana ぺろぺろing my ears (◉◞౪◟◉ )

VItamin Z FD
VItamin Z FD

I was pretty excited for this game but I’m kinda….losing interest. The sample CGs I’m seeing look practically identical to the game I played last year. Like wow really after all this time you couldn’t get a better CG artist to do them? Also are they even new CGs? Some of them look like they’re the same as the original game……..(´・ω・`;) Not sure if I want to bother anymore tbh.

(  Д ) ゚ ゚
(  Д ) ゚ ゚

Dayum dat sexy beast above is Shiina from Storm Lover Natsukoi!!!  And he’s been redrawn to look extremely hot (also he’s prolly like 17 or 18 now). SL 2nd is totally on my must buy list for 2013 *v*

Forgot this game existed too lol...
Forgot this game existed too lol…

Hey Rejet stop releasing wolves and swords and release my NYC police game pls.

Some Oumagatoki 4 komas :3
Some Oumagatoki 4 komas :3 Keigo my baybay ♥
.......QR pls.
…….QR pls.

Anyone feel like dating the old geezer? I mean he can change and look younger if he wants ror. ( ´_ゝ`)……

Hyakki FD
I see Musashi is as randy as ever
Diabolik Lovers dice game
Diabolik Lovers dice game

I played this. It wasn’t really that interesting. It told me to read the lines in the pic but I could barely make out the text.


I feel like this game kinda went under the radar. I have it in my PSP but I thought it was just cooking mini games…I DIDN’T KNOW THERE BE SOME RAAANDY SHEIT GOING ON BRAH. I need to play this in my spare time and see all the sexy time. (I hope it’s sexy time and not just a troll hand holding accident/fall on top CG.)

Well there was some Toki no ZZZuna and Tiny x NoReleaseDate comics at the end but overall I’m shocked at how small and crappy the magazine is. I have older DGS issues when it was still bimonthly and they’re a lot thicker and with better content. For those who want to buy B’s Log or DGS I would recommend B’s Log over this unless you just want to buy an issue for a poster or item or whatnot like I did. Otherwise a DGS sub is a total ripoff and not worth it. The only thing DGS covers more than B’s log is TxM and any of their exclusive series like HatsuKare , Brothers Conflict & Prince of Stride.


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  1. yea you’re right DGS sucks lmao I only bought the issue since it was 800 yen since I didn’t have to pay crazy shipping for it while in Japan lol. Otherwise from now on if I buy anything it will only be B’s Log (but I’m already running out of room on my shelf..I should probably either try to sell my old issues or scan them and throw them out XD)

  2. Ahahahahahaha… You know what… I had a subscription of DGS last year and I was waiting for the September and October issue to come (yeah, it took incredibly long and I thought that they already forgot it), but what did I got instead?? YEAH, the January and February issue from 2013!!! 😀 😀

    I thought it would be nice to have that BroCon calender and the Hatsukare drama CD, but I never thought I would actually get it!!! xDDDD The shop totally screwed up with the subscription… LMAO

    But seriously… The posters in DGS are so crappy… It’s always Uta-Pri or Starry Sky or Hakuouki… I want something new!!! It’s soo depressing… Well, luckily my subscription is over now… 8D

  3. yea I just picked up the March one in Japan so I plan to do a post on that soon as I stop feeling like the room is spinning around me 8D;;

  4. Just bought this issue myself. So many nice freebies this month >w< (The drama cd, in particular!)

  5. Yeah, I know 😀 Take your time! I’m going at snail’s pace for now. TT.TT *Runs off to pick up my PSP and start to play again <3*

  6. I’m playing the game now to complete the Arcana Famiglia series. I’m planning to write a guide myself and post it in my blog cause I cannot find one too. You can check it out after I post the guide in my blog if you want ;D (I’m still on my first route playing Ash… orz)

  7. I’m pretty much on google+ due to me not getting along with much of the tumblr fandom that seems to have spilled into twitter so I don’t think I’ll be coming back anytime soon (or ever at this point seeing how google integrates with everything in my phone.)

    onigokko is kind of like a tag/hide and seek game so what you said seems legit lol.

    I am actually playing a few otome phone games but they don’t make me spam missions or anything. just read my 5 chapter per day thing and that’s that. so much easier. most shit on gree makes you gamble or do missions yuck lol. and when I played the DL game I had to go back 5 spaces at least 3 times rofl.

  8. Missing you on twitter ;_; to bad you decided to close it.

    I lost interest in Spencer when they revealed him to be a GGE… but B’slog showed him liking sweets and that kind of warmed me up, it seemed cute, now if they made his wrinkles consistent that would make me happy (I mean sometimes he looks in his 40 and somethimes like he is reaching 80!). It gets bonus points since GGE Spencer gives us SHOTA ROY!!! and Roy is a cute shota (now QR give us loli Odette to round it up.).

    OGA I read somewhwere was like extreme tag game or something (which totally cracked me up) but yeah it seems interesting.

    I’m interested in the Hakuoki game… ok no, I’m interested in the Sakurai Character the rest, not so much, Otomate should let it rest in peace and move on.

    I had 0 interest in kamigami until I learned that the MC knew martial arts, that kind of got me interested.

    Norn 9 must be the game I’m looking foward the most (save for 0ji and AD) mean the music is going to be glorious and the 3 heroines… 2 of which I’m really looking foward to their guys!

    Also getting tired of all those releases for phones (fucking gree to make it worse), I’m not wasting my money in a game I won’t be able to keep if anything happens later.

    loled at the last box in the DL game being go back to the start XD as expected of the S game.

    thanks for the post.

  9. Nope only credit card or Japanese bank transfer. Didn’t know you didn’t have a data plan. Guess that explains why you can’t play all those mobile games xD

  10. thanks for the help~ they dont accept paypal, do they?

    besides me being an absolute idiot at SNS except for twitter, if i had g+… i’d lurk since i dont have a data plan lmao i depend on free wireless a lot

  11. I’ve only preordered it so far so I haven’t been charged or given a shipping quote but I used my credit card and I believe the shipping is ems. Since you’re buying directly from comicomi there’s not going to be any fees. Oh for foreign address there’s a gaikoku option and I wrote America in katakana.

    P.s. come join us on Google+ xD you have an android phone anyway might as well!

  12. so.. i’m toying with the idea of buying Double Score but of course amiami doesnt plan to sell it. so i’d like to ask you about buying it from Comicomi (that’s where you’re getting it from right?) 1) is there additional cost i.e. commission 2) do they accept foreign address 3) payment and shipping choices. sorry for asking so many questions m(_ _)m

  13. ごめんね色々嫌な人があってしばらくアカウント消したよ(;´Д`)

    VitaminZはどうしようもないww キャラが好きなのにどうしてこうなったみたいになってるwww

  14. 久しぶりにtwitter覗いたら、ひなのさん居なくなっててびっくりした!



  15. Oushiro totally didn’t get enough screen time even tho he had the best route in after winter lol

    I’m not sure when SL2 will be out but they said 2013 so sometime this year!

  16. honeybee, as if never enough ‘exploiting’ SS Series, but if there’s Oushiro in it, I AGREE! XD

    and Oushiro chibi version so cute (//w//)

    Shiina ! ! ! He’s my favorite in SL Natsukoi….
    I’m waiting SL 2nd like crazy ._.
    did they describe when SL 2nd release?

    Thanks for this post btw..

  17. oh right that guy xDD maybe in a fandisk….I somehow doubt they’d throw in a route for him (though it would be extremely awesome)

  18. I think they just take “concepts” and then do whatever they want with it lol.

    Yea I get it at Kinokuniya in the magazine section o.o
    I’m not sure which one you go to but the NYC one has it where all the shoujo manga magazines are. Other kinokuniyas may not carry it. the NY one didn’t carry them for a while (they were subscription only) but now it seems like you can pretty much buy them off the shelf.

  19. I guess otomate doesn’t really study up on history or something. Too bad cause I love historical stuff :<

    Btw, do you get this magazine at kino? I feel like I'm either looking in the wrong sections all the time or it's just not there.

  20. I’m new, so I’m still learning the ropes. But it’s good to know about ComiComi, I’ll keep it in mind when I get frustrated with AmiAmi. 🙂

  21. I don’t like AmiAmi because they never tell you if an item is “guaranteed to be in stock” even for preorders. I’ve been ordering PC games from ComiComi studio. Their site is in Japanese so you need to be able to navigate it but they do ship overseas.

  22. I’m kind of new to this genre. So, your loyalty may be to CD Japan, but also was having a difficult time getting PC games shipped to me (US). Until I read a note in the Otome’s Love Corner (tumblr) about So, far I’ve had a couple of successful shipped PC games sent to me.

  23. haha yea Kayunne told me she convinced you 8D;; I thought the system looked really cute with all the chibs so I figured eh why not!

  24. I see you’ve ordered HatsuKare as well lol I was trying so hard to resist but it was futile orz

  25. lolol chihiro sensei ;A;
    and oh wow college student?? I thought he was going to be a senior at st. louis :O
    but yea I’m looking forward to the game a lot x3

  26. OMG!!!!!! (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Shiina is available in SL Second?! FUCK YEAH!!! I’m SO gonna buy this game!! Hopefully they will give him a proper route this time! I thought that he was attending St. Louis High as a first year, but NO, he’s actually a college student!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

    You know what would be awesome? Meeting Chihiro-sensei again. 8D 8D Can I hope for that to happen??

  27. Yeah, the TxM music is good. If it just didn’t have MikiShin I would be looking forward to it. As for KamiAso I’m pretty sure my only reason to look forward to it is my biases for red-heads and the VAs.

    I never remember to buy any issues unless I subscribe. Someone needs to hit me in the head and remind me. But the only one that possible could do that would be my cat and he couldn’t care less if I buy some magazine he isn’t allowed to tear apart, as long as I’m home a lot, lol. If I, for some reason actually remember, I also seem to always be lacking money. Like right now – I spent all extra cash on games and new glasses, lol.

  28. I don’t care much about KamiAso but I love TxM’s music so that’s one of the charms of the game for me ;A;. I also like MikiShin so xD;;
    I think CD Japan and have magazine subscriptions but I had a B’s Log one and I didn’t find it worth it? A lot of the content repeats from issue to issue so I decided to only buy if I want the extra stuff that comes with it 😛

  29. I forgot about Kamigami no Asobi and TxM until like last week. Well, my interest with TxM is like in the bottom because of MikiShin, but whatevs.

    I was planning on starting to subscribe on some otoge mag because only place I know you can maybe buy them is in this tiny store in Stockholm that only offers subscription on manga and fashion mags unless you pay up like triple the price. And I’m not gonna take an expensive flight there and back just to check for B’s Log or DGS if I even find the store… Yeah, not gonna do that even if I should shit out the money for that. But I guess I should consider B’s-Log, lol.

  30. ah sorry I had to delete my account for personal reasons with no current plans of making a new one xD;;
    If you have google+ though I’m using that pretty actively, let me know!

  31. When I say GREE I am referring to Japan GREE which blocks foreigners anyway (since you’re required to have a japanese keitai address) It’s really annoying to be honest plus most games on GREE eventually trickle their way to mobage and I just play them there.

  32. OMG “Fall in love with carnivorous guys~!” I’m so waiting for this game but when I saw the GREE word… ( ´Д`)I feel for you, I really hate the their level-up system… it’s so darn confusing ( plus blame their passes thingy!)…though the theme is more likely interesting; perfumes, business and Romance (^ー^)イェー♪ , I’m hoping that Gree would not dissapoint me here again~ and ooh, thanks for the info //^^`

  33. ok I have to disagree with that because there’s nothing wordier than like Genroh or Hiiro no Kakera so I’m not sure what games you are comparing them with lol.
    oh well to each their own i guess lol

  34. i think the jyuuzaengi team is working on this game so supposedly it will be good? otomate’s games are hit or miss but they’ve had a few hits in 2012 (and when I say hit or miss I mainly mean their 和風 games are usually tl;dr misses)

  35. Yeah, I find QR games to be much more wordy than others that they have never failed to put me to sleep. Every time I get excited about their games and decided to play them, I’ll end up leaving them aside. Up till now, I’ve never finished one QR game. xD Even though that’s the case, I admit the plot of their games are interesting.

    Oh, really? Okay! I shall make it a point to finish SL and Natsukoi before 2nd comes out!

  36. Btw the music’s done by some foreigner dude and NOBUO UEMATSU. I just peed myself a little. BRB PREORDERING THIS.

  37. Looking forward to Norn9! From the official site, it looks to be of high quality so i hope they won’t disappoint. I think the thing I like best about this game is that there are 3 heroines so at least we get our choice of personality and out of the 3 guys they each get, there should be one that’s likeable or at least tolerable X)

    The 2nd heroine Kuga looks to me like a total tsundere, guess we know who’ll be winning the favorite for the heroines.

  38. I hope you’re going to play Norn9. That game took me in an instant interest, and I can’t possibly wait for you to make a review of it if you will get the game. (`・ω・´)”

  39. lol yea I went in and voted like a bunch of Quin Rose games in there though I’m sure it’ll be a minority compared to all the barkuoki and utapri :S
    they posted an apology in December about Danzai no Maria DC but I don’t know if that means they won’t make it anymore or its on indefinite hiatus. Either way I will never buy their games again because I don’t trust them anymore lol.

  40. What the-? Seriously, we get tons of new otome games every month, and crappy sky and BL no prince sama are still at the top? Don’t those people play any other games? Especially since 2012, despite all the problems like delays and disappointments like Custom Drive, had a lot of good games this year. This is getting absurd *goes in and doesn’t vote for anything Honeybee or Brocolli related*
    And speaking of Honeybee, how about quitting the stupid lottery crap and work on your new game?

    And as for Karin, I can’t even defend them anymore. Where is the DC’s cut of Maria for PC? Glad I bought the PSP version. As for their new game, I’ll buy it….after like an year and a half to give them some time to port it.

  41. Lol WORTH IT 8D
    Yeah I liked Danzai no Maria but it didn’t interest me as much as Eikoku and that’s mostly because I’m so obsessed with Sherlock Holmes //shot but yeah I mean we all know they’ll probably release a DC version of it lmfao and I’ll probably buy it omg my wallet why do I do this to myself ;;;;
    Yeah I wasn’t expecting the 3 heroine thing in one game so I’m interested to see how that will all play out in norn9 8D and eugh let’s not talk about OZMAFIA thinking about it still upsets me lol >_>
    Yeah I guess I should have expected it from Rejet haha they do love doing things differently xD and wow I didn’t know CDJapan didn’t sell them o.o that’s lame D:<

  42. yea its like I paid $17 for a little calendar with CGs Ive seen (except for the Natsume & Iori ones xDD)

    I remember I preordered danzai no maria PSP last year then it got delayed so I cancelled it then I heard news of a DC version and I was like WELL THANK GOD I CANCELLED. So yea unless Karin fixes their track record I prefer to play their games in nice 1024 res xD;

    lol yea pretty art is always tempting but Norn 9 will be interesting since I expected them to release like 3 games rather than 1 game with 12 routes I mean that’s like Quin ROse level! (And even they don’t do that anymore)

    OZMAFIA slipped under the radar cause they announced it like 2 years ago and haven’t released it yet ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
    I think most of Rejet’s games are initially for the PC (they love to break the norm) but then its a pain in the ass for ME as a customer cause CD japan won’t sell them! D:<

    I’m really glad the world didn’t end in 2012 or we wouldn’t get to play any of these 2013 otome games 8D I’m so excited for Mysteria I preordered the LE for like way too much money and even if they port it I DON’T CARE I REGRET NOTHING
    I’m also looking forward to Storm Lovers 2 omg lol my body is ready xD
    I’m a little disappointed that Tokimeki Restaurant is on the phone, I’d rather have it on PSP…. and I’ll be upset if they decide to port it to 3DS or something cause that crap is region locked isn’t it? Lol ;_;
    Also, Norn9. I have no idea what’s going on with that game but I like the artwork so at this point I’m just like WHY NOT? LOL Kind of like the same thing w/ OGA 8D This is probably why I’m broke all the time //shot
    Also THE ARCANA COOKING GAME wow I totally just skimmed over that cause I was like nah don’t feel like playing mini-games mebe someday but wao dat CG I am down for that.
    TxM has been like floating around for a while I feel like but like OZMAFIA & Eikoku Tantei just sort of slipped under the radar w/o any real significant info lmfao but I’m pretty excited for it, the artwork is pretty nice haha 8DDD Ken ga Kimi looks pretty nice too. I was actually surprised when I found out TxM & Ken ga Kimi were for PC lmfao I was expecting them both to be on PSP lol

  44. yea I had the same thought too but wtf yea I’ll need to maybe tinker with it during my commute as I haven’t seen a guide for it anywhere

  45. ok so what exactly is pain in the ass about QR games? Every game they released in 2012 is a straight VN where you just pick choices ?_? Or are you brave & playing Crimson Empire or something 😆

    You should finish storm lover and natsukoi especially since natsukoi is so short XD

  46. There are some I wanna play =3
    Ringo with short hair *-*
    I prefer that way for sure XDD
    Thanks for this!!

  47. OMG! Quite a few games that have gotten my interest! First one is Norn9. The moment the site was up, I was wondering just what the heck the game is about, and wao! 3 heroines in one game. That’s pretty cool to me. I’m definitely looking forward to Storm Lover 2nd even though I didn’t complete the first and Natsukoi. I have given up on QR games. They are somehow pain in the ass to me. And omg I totally lost it at the last image. >/////<

  48. Oh my god I haven’t played Festa Regalo cause I thought there were only minigames but wtf is that! ( ꒪⌓꒪) I’m gonna give it a try (◉◞౪◟◉ )

  49. lolz I’m not so sure about Genroh, but I kinda like Toki no Kizuna 😛 And Toki it’s easier to digests than Genroh (*´∀`*)ホケェ

  50. lol I’m starting to think maybe I should just permanently kick Genroh & Toki no Kizuna out of my backlog they’re totally not games I’d ever take interest in I think XD;;;;

  51. Thank you for sharing this ^-^/ Omg this month’s Issue have lots of interesting games xD I’m kinda looking forward at Hanasaku Manimani, Ken Ga Kimi, Norn9, Tokimeki Resto, Cinderella, Vitamin R ^-^/

    Art for Hanasaku Manimani looks good, but I think I’ll pass this game since My Jap is not that high lols, just like *coughGenroh*, I still need to finish that game xD

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