My computer blew up.

Well specifically I had a motherboard failure, but basically it’s the same thing. I ordered a replacement from Dell but I think it’s been caught in Dell’s replacement part delay of doom. It’s a total ripoff too ($260 for a new motherboard) and they want to charge me $80 to have some guy come in to replace it if we can’t do it ourselves.

I’m so angry at my lack of knowledge of putting together PCs. I wish I could just buy the right parts and put a computer together but I have no idea what to buy.  I don’t want to spend money on a new computer because other than the mother board, all my other system components work fine. I think my video card is okay, my CD/DVD drive I barely ever use for anything and I have 3 gigs of ram + 500 gig hard drive. I don’t want to just “sell it on ebay”. I think they can still be salvaged…but I don’t know a thing about putting together a computer, or the compatibility of anything.

I’m extremely upset about this. While I can still visit sites like poupee girl from my phone or at work, I can’t play otome games. I can’t play tartaros. I can only login to tartaros from JP’s computer to get my login count but I can’t really play properly from his laptop (I don’t know how he does it.) I thought I would be able to be back up and running by this weekend but now it feels like getting back on to a computer feels further and further away.  I don’t know when I will be back but I guess don’t expect too many updates on this site until then 😥


3 thoughts on “My computer blew up.”

  1. blyssfulstorm> Yea I actually decided to do that! I went and picked out all my parts already. It will cost me about $800 because I also plan to switch to Windows 7 Professional (been with Vista for 3 years lol) but it will be a great investment since I am getting only parts with the best reviews. They will probably last longer than any shit dell stuffs into their overpriced metal box.

    ham> Sounds like a plan. You bring the marshmellows and I’ll bring the crackers 😆

  2. Last time my computer died, someone suggested the New Egg website. I know nothing about putting computers together, but the parts I bought pretty much came with a walk-through on what goes where.

    I hope this doesn’t come off as a spam. You just seem to be in the same situation I was in. I pretty much just spent $500 (including shipping) just to play Dragon Age and an emulation of Girl’s Side Story 1 Plus.

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