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6/29: I updated the information about the room with Jinelias

I’ve done the 48 sheep challenge about 7 times now in public parties and I’ve only failed once. I’m pretty much using Cromodo with my level 40 +10 weapon and most people I’ve partied with had +10~11 weapons. I’ve had a mix of parties with Shubalmans, Somas, Aerlots, Rukos, Pinkos and Ilishias. The one failure party, we still succeeded at least twice – and at the time it was like the 2nd day of the challenge and I was a noob anyway. I hope this guide helps so maybe eventually we can all do the challenge together as a guild and succeed as well!  ^_^

Room 1:

Room 1 is simple. Kill the 5 evil magicians (the big ones). The room starts out with some sheep fighters at the beginning but all the magicians spawn at the end. Basically everyone leaves the sheep alone to fight whatever spawns there, and the party focuses on the stuff in the back. The evil magicians are cake but the hardest are those evil sheep dudes in white. They hurt a LOT and have a lot of anti-knock back defense. If you’re like Cromodo or Ilishia or something, I recommend doing distance attacks if possible, they are quite deadly. I try to summon some ice cubes as you can see to at least get their attention away from the party members. Basically for about 4(5?) minutes this continuous spawn of magicians/evil sheep will continue. The mission says “if 10 sheep die you fail” but the sheep at the beginning are actually pretty beefy so you don’t need to worry about going over there & healing them. If it seems like it’s getting bad, you can run up, blow the sheep horn and that will activate an HP regeneration on everyone (including party members.) Once the 5 evil magicians are killed, the exit will open and you can leave whatever spawned here and run for it.

Room 2:

If you look at the top of the screenshot there are these catapult thingies. Well supposedly at some point they begin to fire rocks at the gate and if the green bar above goes to 0 you fail. So some people think you should go kill the catapults. From the parties I’ve done so far, this isn’t necessary. The gate has a LOT of beef and can take a hit or 10.  Edit: After doing this with the guild, if you DON’T have a party full of level 10+ weapons, then split up and get at least 2 catapults down.

Killing the big boss is your aim here. He’s got that same stupid spinny attack that the boss in Lost Fortress did and if you get caught in it (and you’re  Cromodo or Aerlot or Ilishia) you will probably die. He is spawned with 2 big guys near him but their attacks aren’t as deadly and they are pretty slow so you can run away from them. The sheep soldiers will help you but overall you want to really just focus on killing this boss. Once he shows up a red bar will come up above the green bar in the first screenshot. Also if it feels like it’s getting bad just blow the sheep horn so everyone can get HP recovery. Usually your Nagi should be the one to do this.

Room 3:

Room 3’s basic goal is to 1. kill 70 guys and 2. make sure no more than 14 guys enter into the exit. What usually happens is 3 people will run up to the front and kill the guys in the front that spawn. I’ll summon some ice to keep them busy or put up a magic shield as seen above. One person who’s good at mob clearing (Ilishia, Ruko, Pinko) can stay in the back and help fulfill the 70 guy requirement. Once 70 guys are killed exit opens and you can run for it. Remember that over 200 guys will spawn so even if it feels like you aren’t making a difference, you’ll get to 70 pretty quickly.

Room 4:

Room 4 is where you really gotta get on sheep protecting. If you have an Aerlot great. If you have a Nagi even better. If you don’t have either, this is actually still doable. I’ve done this challenge without a Nagi at least 4 times and succeded. Obviously with a Nagi it’s easier because not only can she heal the sheep in this room but she can heal party members fighting in the other rooms as well. In this room there’s no timer so first you kill everything on the map and break down all the walls (so the sheep don’t get stuck.) Once this is done, someone goes all the way to the exit and pulls the horn.

The horn will make the sheep move (initially) as well as do HP recovery, but in addition it will spawn shit all over the map as seen above. I’ve tried spawning some ice on the sides to keep the enemies busy while the sheep limp to the exit. You have a leeway of 8 sheep dying, and unlike the level 23 sheep they can take a few hits. The best thing to do is have 2 people in the back killing. One person in the middle killing anything that stops the sheep from moving, and one in the front blowing the horn and clearing the front path. I’m usually running around the middle and spawning ice so the weaker defense people should be in the middle and the tanks need to be in the front & back. Fortunately as you can see most of the sheep move in sort of a herd (harr) so once you get 5  in, the exit will open before you know it. In my opinion this is way easier than the 23 challenge since everyone’s headed the same way so it’s easier to follow rather than having them split up into 3 parts of the map.

Room 5:

Room 5 is where it gets pretty hairy. See that thing on the right with a yellow ring around it? That’s a rock catapult. The basic idea is “kill the boss in 4 minutes”. Seems easy right? Well wrong if the boss does his stupid recovery skill and recovers 100% of his HP! Here’s the pattern. You will fight him, then he will teleport usually into the center and begin recovering. When he is recovering there will be some status icons next to his HP bar at he top as well as a yellow ring around him – like the ones around the catapults. When this happens 1 person needs to grab the catapults at the top, and one at the bottom. The 2 other people need to stand around him and wait until every single status icon is gone. This is very important! If you do even ONE attack while any of the status icons are on him, he will FULLY RECOVER HIS HP. You must NOT attack him while he has status icons. You can attack any monsters around him ONLY if your attack isn’t an area attack that will also hit him. Catapult assignments can be designated to your Nagi and your fast running characters like Ruko or Ilishia. Characters like Pinko, Cromodo, Aerlot etc. should stay with the boss.

When you enter the room, what I’ve seen some Nagis do is lure the boss into a corner and let him run around while everyone else kills any mobs in the area. Mobs make killing the boss difficult and until the boss is attacked, the timer doesn’t start. This way you can clear out any birds that are in the area and once the room is cleared out, the only monsters that will appear will just be the 3 bird dudes that Jinelias summons. The wiki also suggests that if you stun him with Ruko’s mousou (the mimi stun thing), Cromodo’s shield or Soma’s lightning paralyzation, he will not go recover his HP as often. Anyway the key here is to make sure not to attack him while there’s icons near his HP bar or he will recover too many times and the time will run out which will result in the challenge failure.

Room 6:

Room 6 is the grand finale. Basically you have 6 minutes to kill the old jiji boss. It’s a bit deceptive because he can do either an SP, MP or HP drain on you. MP drain will make Cromodo completely useless and HP drain actually killed me in like 3 hits last time so be careful. He will also spawn a mob so ice dust or Ruko’s kawarimi will help in this situation. The bastard also likes to teleport and run around like Yulius in Lost Fortress so you need to grab him and sorta stun him in place. Problem is because he’s running around and there’s like 20 guys on screen it’s hard to tell on the map where he is, especially since it’s dark and he tends to blend in with the background. I’ve never run into trouble (except when I died from an HP drain lol) in this room so it shouldn’t be that hard.

And so this is the challenge basically. The exp book you receive from this will give you 42k which is great for leveling sub characters. Unlike tesbell it doesn’t require a “book” just 1500 contents points. The rewards include face items, wings and tails that give critical and attack bonuses as well as defense & HP bonuses. I’m still trying to get one. All I ever get are crappy weapons or crafting pieces ;_;.


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