Tartaros is getting lottery happy e_e;

Uh yea so the latest lottery features basically the currently available outfits but in permanent form. Additionally unlike the crappy NPC outfits, these give additional bonuses such as magic defense +100 (for the armor) and con +8 (for the weapon). When you win the avatar the stats on it will be completely random. Even if you only win one or the other it still beats nothing, and it also beats the tesbell weapon avatars as well. Unfortunately they only come in certain colors so I’m upset that its the fugly blue for Ruko and the fugly black/pink for Pinko. On the other hand, I absolutely love Cromodos so maybe I’ll try to win something for him…oh who am I kidding goodbye 2500 yen! ヾ(;´Д`●)ノぁゎゎ

This lottery will be released on Thursday. One box will be 250 yen and you can save some money (buy 10 get 1 free…) and buy 11 for 2500 yen. The lottery part stinks but other items you can win from this lottery are level 6 con/critical/etc stones so I guess the consolation prizes aren’t that awful (except for the high chance you have of winning wing portals =_=;)

Otome Game Review: Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru

The game has 2 “routes”. Either teacher route or student route. Obviously if you’re a student it’s the typical otome high school story, but if you’re the teacher you got young boys hitting on you 😆 But anyway…I started out with the student route, Nanako since I figured I’d get the stereotypical story out of the way first. In addition, the 2 characters Momoe and Nanako are also sisters so while doing Nanako’s route I also got to interact with Momoe since they live in the same house and are in the same school. Nanako’s best friend also has a thing for 40 year old men, despite being a high school girl which is pretty creepy. I swear to god someone at AMEDEO has a jiji moe. That’s why they had Yuka end up with that old geezer in Pet Detective Y’s!! 😆 Momoe’s “friend” is just the gym teacher lady, but I’d say it’s more of a co-worker relationship than anything. Anyway on with the usual story/spoilers. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru