Not interested in Capture the Flag.

I’ve had no internet since Saturday and I won’t have any until Wednesday but I figured I’d share some thoughts about this week’s update. This week is the next Colosseum (lol Corosseum) update which will basically be like Capture the Flag except instead of flags you’ll have turimons and oboroses. Honestly…I don’t care. I’ve also come to the realization, unless your guild is level 5, you theoretically cannot really max out more than 4 characters – there’s just not enough points. I didn’t think my cunning plan all the way through and now I’m scraping points just to be able to level up Pinko and Ruko. Everyone else will just have to wait. If it gets bad enough, I will have to buy webmoney and just completely reset Shubalman and Ilishia (since I never plan to use them.)

Our guild is still level 3. Level 5 is god knows how many points away. Hell level 4 is still like 150,000 points away @@; So yea once I get Pinko and Ruko to 48 (they are 45 right now) I wonder what will there be to do for me in the game? The Ramia challenge drops crap. The sheep challenge drops crap AND is extremely difficult (maybe it will be easier if I bring Pinko or Ruko or something instead of Cromodo ==;)  Otherwise what is there to do. I cannot level other chars other than maybe giving them challenge books – and I’d only level them specifically to get the points I need for the other characters sigh.

I guess the next level cap raise update will come sometime in July but until then, once my Ruko/Pinko are maxed I’m not sure I’ll be in much. If anyone wants to do challenge on a certain day, hit me up on twitter but otherwise I guess I’ll focus on my otome game backlog until further notice 😦