Brief Tartaros update

The update is pretty lame so here’s a brief breakdown of what actually matters 🙄

Summer Sale: All World Cup stuff is 20% off. So now a world cup outfit for 30 days is 480 yen instead of 600. I will probably be picking up Cromodo’s Japan one (since everyone seems to be buying the Italy one…) The world cup accessories are 20% off as well. I’m pretty sure one of the sets gives you like movement speed +3 or something, it’s pretty crazy. All lottery coupons are also on sale (puke), and all safeties are on sale. (C safety is now 160 instead of 200 but I dunno what if the level 50x weapons are B rank instead of C rank then I’d be really screwed.) The 30% exp item to all your chars is on sale as well 800 yen for 30 days. If you’re desperately trying to level up multiple chars then maybe it’s worth it? Magic slotting stones (up to level 6) on sale as well (maybe I’ll pick up a few.) Continue reading Brief Tartaros update