Poupee Fairy Event

First June Bride then….Fairies? Wut. I liked how last year followed with a honeymoon event and I expected that this year too. So much for that 😐


7 thoughts on “Poupee Fairy Event”

  1. Bell, I have the ocarina up for sale on my poupee for 21 ribbons. >_>;; You don’t have to waste ribbons on the catcher unless you want EVERYTHING in there. I’ve got 3 ocarinas, lol.

  2. Yeah, I’m just trying to get the fairy catcher for the ocarina. Not gonna waste ribbons on this event. xD

  3. Not a member so I haven’t seen all the items, but I have seen the dress ups of my friends (and none of them have wings either,are they expensive? One bought the antennas though) and your outfits. And still, all the dresses don’t say “fairy” to me. They look more like normal summer dresses to me (though some are a bit quirky I admit). I guess I was hoping for something more elaborate.

    For example the dress you have in this post could be more fairy like to me if it had a shape at the waist and maybe the ends of the skirt could be petal shaped. Then it could look like a prettier version of tinkerbell’s dress. As it stands it looks normal. But I admit it’s hard to look like one when the back ground sucks so much. Without any accessories the poupées just look like they’re in a normal summer day. At least in other events you can just buy a Kimono/wedding dress and you’ll look like you’re participating in the event. Bottom line, she should include at least wings in all the outfits. And make a better background.

    Also was I the only one who thought some of the coloured wedding dresses looked like bridesmaid dresses? Guess I’m also traditional. But meh, not a member, so I shouldn’t complain much. One question is the DS game worth it? Cause at least there I don’t have to worry about wanting pay items.

  4. there are wings – i just didn’t wanna blow money lol. the fairy items are actually fairy like – did you see them? i just bought the flower and did 1 run of the poupee catcher. the flow glows which is the only redeeming item in my mind lol

  5. Still feels like a waste of ribbons, because the character looks nothing like a fairy. Is that hard to include some wings in the dress(or are those accessories to take more ribbons from you)? Make a background with huge flowers so you feel you’re one of those tiny fairies like tinkerbell?

    I mean this is the first time poupée has this event right? So she has no excuse, it’s not like she’s out of ideas or anything. There’s many of works of fairies to take inspiration from anyways, so it just reeks of laziness.

  6. Not to mention the outfit does not make the character look like a fairy, and the background does not remind one of a fairy setting. I’m guessing those sort of items are jewel items, or does the all set suck?

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