Brief Tartaros update

The update is pretty lame so here’s a brief breakdown of what actually matters 🙄

Summer Sale: All World Cup stuff is 20% off. So now a world cup outfit for 30 days is 480 yen instead of 600. I will probably be picking up Cromodo’s Japan one (since everyone seems to be buying the Italy one…) The world cup accessories are 20% off as well. I’m pretty sure one of the sets gives you like movement speed +3 or something, it’s pretty crazy. All lottery coupons are also on sale (puke), and all safeties are on sale. (C safety is now 160 instead of 200 but I dunno what if the level 50x weapons are B rank instead of C rank then I’d be really screwed.) The 30% exp item to all your chars is on sale as well 800 yen for 30 days. If you’re desperately trying to level up multiple chars then maybe it’s worth it? Magic slotting stones (up to level 6) on sale as well (maybe I’ll pick up a few.)

Colloseum Events: I don’t care about the stupid Colloseum but here are the events coming with it. Double exp every day from 7-9PM Japan time. That’s 6-8AM EST (ew). I missed the first one because I had filled up my fatigue the night before =_=; This event will last until Sunday Japan time (so Sunday morning EST). Every day that you login you will receive 5 CP books. I’m overflowing in CP books because I haven’t done too many challenges lately. Maybe we can all pick a day and just spam Ramia or something I don’t know 😕

Stuff that doesn’t matter: The tanabata event is so fking lame. Level 4 stones? Really?? Freaking garbage honestly. I wonder if we can sell our pieces in the market or if they have any value to the NPC 🙄 The new lottery item features tesbell stuff (yes the ones that drop from the challenge) but the difference is, the tesbell ARMOR that costs money and is temporary in the shop, will now be permanent. As expected though, you’re more likely to get crap you get from the challenge than a permanent avatar so forget it.

There are new weapon avatars (chicken leg for aerlot, sunflower for Cromodo, Carrot for Ruko – with Ruko written on it lol.) They are 600yen/month for rental. You can pick bonus stats of either attack speed +5, critical +5, or max HP(SP?) + 300. I kinda want but maybe for just a week while I get Ruko & Pinko up to 48. Spending another 600 for 3 characters is too expensive ;_;. Also there’s new hair styles. I picked up the braids for Pinko. Didn’t really like Cromodo’s new hair, covered up too much of his face. Elphintos’ hair is really nice though!

Anyway that basically covers it. Hiroba is now full of those bamboos with the wishes tied to them to celebrate the holiday. Tanabada is July 7th i f you didn’t know. I’m guessing the next big update is going to either come July 1st or July 8th. My Pinko/Ruko are still level 45 (since I finally got my internet back yesterday) but hopefully with this double exp event I can get them up to 47/48. I reset Shubalman yesterday (goodbye 650 yen) and it gave me 4500 skill points back. I recommend not leveling up more than 3 characters at a time – or if you level up others, don’t take their skills just for the sake of clicking the little + button. Anyway good luck everyone with the double exp grind!


4 thoughts on “Brief Tartaros update”

  1. Yaay, I love those wish trees. |D and yes, Pinkos braids are cute. She’s like a mini braided Nagi. 😛

  2. Haha yea I know but since my Nagi is out of commission I figured having Pinko with the same hair would still be ok! This way my only pigtail char is now Ruko.

  3. Buying Italy shirt right now is like admitting that you are a looser XD They lost to Slovakia !! and are officially out of the game XD.

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