Ice Dragon 48 Video

Finally got together and tried this out. It’s actually fairly easy to do, gives you a 38k exp book, great for leveling sub characters! We did the stupid sheep challenge this evening as well but after dying 4 times in a row at the loli boss I think I will give this one a pass until we level up lol. I guess for now if I do that challenge I’ll discreetly join some Japanese party where they all have ridiculously overpowered weapons 😆 At least they won’t bitch at me since I’ll have a level 10 weapon too =_=;; Otherwise I think doing Ramia is pretty good. At one point when we did it later, somebody dropped and we still managed with 3 people.

On the topic of 3 people, Tesbell has become extremely doable with 3 people now. It’s sad that Tesbell still gives great challenge rewards while the 2 new 48 ones give mostly crap. Well Ramia is at least doable for the exp book and the shiny craft pieces but at this time I don’t see any kind of value in doing Joukyuu Kessen =_=; They really need to increase the drop rate of the rares. Maybe I should send a complaint email to the staff because this is like fked up  game balance. 🙄

Level 48 Ice dragon challenge (Ramia)

Same format as the previous post – this challenge doesn’t require any healing. Just requires mostly killing stuff in a set amount of time. Continue reading Level 48 Ice dragon challenge (Ramia)