Double Exp and Double Money Campaigns!

On June 12th & 13th from 9PM – 11PM Japan time (8AM – 10AM EST) there will be a double exp and double money drop campaign! (Woo no more waking up at the ass crack of dawn!!) I guess MK really wants us to level up our sub characters 😆 Hopefully I can get Ruko at least halfway to 43 and Pinko at least halfway to 44!

Login campaign serial items are now available to redeem in the support/serial page. Additionally there’s a survey out asking the usual your age/gender/favorite character. There was 1 question asking which map you found the most difficult for the first time. Naturally I answered Delio’s Castle, because thy has no hell like Touzokudan, Light tower and the fking alligator bumrushing bastard. 😡

That’s about it for the updates, hope everyone levels up this weekend!