Tripple Experience, set your alarm clocks x_x;

Ugh they suddenly announced these events while I was sleeping so I missed one of them Dx These events are only on the 9th and 10th Japan time.

Event 1: Tripple experience 9th (already over) and 10th from 7PM – 9PM Japan time. (That’s 6AM – 8AM EST.) If you’re dying to get to 48 while getting only 3% from the breasted dildo poker in Kishidan, I recommend you seriously get up for this event.

Event 2: Login event. Login on the 9th and 10th (and also logout) and you will receive a perfect level 6 tios and 5 CP books (which you will need for the new challenge anyway…)

Event 3: Colloseum from 9PM – 11PM Jp time. Whatever colloseum. Although I’m curious just to try it once while I’m at it since I’ve never done it before. Don’t think I will have time though.

If you login to the MK style portal, you can redeem 150 cash present for free. Anyone who logged into the game in the month of April/May basically gets one. You can buy either a hair color/hair style or a 7 day cash outfit with 150mk points so what are you waiting for?

Also while I was in the hiroba this morning I ran to a mob of a bunch of people standing there. Curious as to why they were all there it turns out GM Grad was running around I guess for the noob event  or whatnot.

He’s the Shubalman with the black hair in white. I think this is the first time I was ever this close to a gm lol. (I’m the Elphintos wit the fish on my head 😆 ) Don’t forget there is another maintenance tonight at 10PM EST – it is to implement the joukyuu version of the level 23 challenge. I’m guessing there will be some stupid sheep to save!


2 thoughts on “Tripple Experience, set your alarm clocks x_x;”

  1. well ill be joining a rat party but if you’re around i can make one for others to join so that you get in as well.

  2. awww, if only they could have gift those MK cash before, I would have save some ruris I used for Ruko’s hair style/color ;_;
    I guess i’ll save them ^^

    Maybe I can try getting 40 during tomorrow triple xp event…Dunno. I didn’t even checked what hour it is for me, I may have classes é_é

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