Level 48 Ice dragon challenge (Ramia)

Same format as the previous post – this challenge doesn’t require any healing. Just requires mostly killing stuff in a set amount of time.

Room 1:

Room 1 is pretty basic – kill everything.  Stuff will spawn in the back at first so be careful before you go off running to try to kill things ahead.

Room 2:

Room 2 involves killing the alligator boss who bumrushes you! I know you missed him! 😆 However there’s a nice way to make him stop moving around like an idiot:

If you pull the radishes, it will stun every monster on the map. The idea is to let all the attackers/tanks attack the boss and let 1 person run around and pull the radishes. Usually I’ll summon ice and run around and pull the radishes since I get smacked around and can’t do much attacks standing in 1 place anyway. xD

Room 3:

Room 3 is just kill 70 guys in x amount of time. In the map there are these weird cavey looking things (above). If you don’t kill them right away, after a certain amount of time, really ANNOYING snakes will come out and they have a lot of HP/Defense and they attack really fast. Anyway one person has to just be dedicated to run up and kill those. I usually do this because I can kill them pretty quickly with ice/fire. Everyone else can usually just kill whatever mob spawns near by and you can get 70 guys before you know it. Once exit opens just run for it.

Room 4:

Room 4 is a little complicated but hopefully after reading this and doing it once it’ll make sense. When you first run in you can kill the guys in the front but then everyone needs to split into 4 corners like this:

You basically stay there and kill dudes until you’ll hear a sound and there will be this area that looks like a ◎ which will light up. All you need to do is just run over it and then you can run towards the top of the map. There’s no need to stand on it and kill the guys who spawn so yea just run away xP

Once everyone runs over their spot, the door in the middle will open and that Cruiser thing will spawn. Once you kill it, the portal will open for the next room.

Room 5:

Room 5 is similar to room 4. First you will kill the Cruiser mini-boss, then the portal ◎ will light up.

Once you step on it, that shiny wall at the top will disappear and you will be able to move on and kill the next mini boss. This goes on about 3 times. One person needs to stay sort of in the back and run over the portals and actually kill the guys who spawn on them since you also need to kill about 70 guys for this map as well.  Anyway once you kill all the mini-bosses and get your 70 guys portal will open to the next room.

Room 6:

Room 6 you just kill this boss thing. Fortunately he’s pretty easy to kill. If you don’t kill him fast enough Ramia will die and you will fail. I’ve never really had issues here though.

Room 7:

Room 7 is uh kill Ramia. At some point she will summon those 2 dudes which can get annoyed. She also does some deadly ice attacks right off the bat so once you run in and attack, immediately run away lol. She also does an attack which drops rocks but if you stand between the circles you won’t get hurt. Anyway you have like 7-8 min to kill her so this shouldn’t be too hard.

So yea that’s about it. This challenge drops a lot of shiny weapon/armor pieces so if you’ve been thinking about crafting stuff, you can get enough pieces after about 6-7 runs. The rare wings/tail hardly ever drops so I wouldn’t get your hopes up -_-; Also level 48 weapons drop here.