A sneak peek at Tartaros season 2

So apparently the Kaver Shard update is the “final update” of season 1. MK Style has given a sneak peek of season 2:

It will be called “The Disappearance of Ilishia”….bah why is she the most popular character! I don’t even use my Ilishia, she’s like level 13 e_e;;.  I want some Soma updates!! He’s so mysterious lol.

The new systems in season 2 will be:

  • Guild expansion system
  • Colosseum Mode (probably a free for all battle)
  • New map, story & missions
  • Raising the level cap (probably to 52 like Korea?)
  • New clothing, new items
  • Game balance regulation (whatever that means)

New map will be called Castle Delio (and you can guess who you’re gonna be fighting there…). Since it deals with knights & armory, most likely the final character (female knight) will be released in that season as well. I’m still 32…so I’ll just enjoy Kaver Shard for now (whenever the hell I get to it xD)


2 thoughts on “A sneak peek at Tartaros season 2”

  1. yea I don’t particularly like Ilishia’s attack style and in the scenario she hardly ever says or does anything interesting so I don’t find her as an interesting character.

  2. Not a problem if it’s focusing on Irishia. I dislike playing with her but all the chars are so hot and likable it’s just unbelievable XD;

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