SeeD Memorial Page in English

seedmemorialAs I mentioned in my post 2 weeks ago about the Japanese Seed memorial page, it looks like an English page has gone up. It’s still very sad news to this day. Please leave some nice comments for him on it. May you rest in peace Seed-san.


5 thoughts on “SeeD Memorial Page in English”

  1. I stumbled upon his website a few years ago and saw his RO fanart and Rose Online concept art. A few years later when I picked up Pangya, I realized he was the same artist who did those illustrations and I loved his work ever since.

  2. it depresses me because I still remember the first time I stumbled on to his page and I was like “oh wow he did RO art too!” and I used his images as a reference to try to develop a new CGing style 😦

  3. I’m still sad. It’s not like if I really knew him but…a little >_>;
    I think that’s the same impression whichi follow any death of a great artist.

  4. Мне очень жаль, что теперь этот мир без такого талантливого человека. Вокруг столько отбросов, не заслуживающих на жизнь. Я буду помнить тебя SeeD.

    Я так же давно уже оставил там сообщение.

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